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You can’t stop now. They say teamwork makes the dream work, but that’s not it.
You do have connections, and people may help you, talk it through, talk it out.
All the same, each one of those kids staring up at the fox is you, and you only.

Does that make the fox also you, looking down at your potential selves?
Your possible solutions. A tiny army.
If you close your eyes will they ambush or disappear?

In someway, you are off on your own. It’s not that you are misunderstood, not at all.
It’s more simply that no one else feels what you feel and no one else has to take the fall, where and when you do.

Not that you are falling. Not yet.

It’s coming. Or is it?

Is there a way out that doesn’t involve your canoe over the waterfall?
Maybe. Maybe, if you play your cards right.

An awareness of the vast possibility of failure, and simultaneously some success lurking just around the corner.
Now where did you put those cards?!

Ah! Here, here they all are. But which ones to play?

On April 17th Mars begins a retrograde that will see him journey from Sagittarius to Scorpio.
From 8 degrees Sag. to 23 degrees Scorpio. Backwards motion lasts from April 17th to July 1st.

In July Mars re-marks his territory. Once again poking the bruises, I mean revitalizing the territory that Saturn in Scorpio affected not so long ago.

For the retrograde, Aries and Scorpio may feel a bit low energy, weak motivation.
Or even the opposite, revved engine, nowhere to go!
Don’t think it will last forever, because it won’t.
Come July, you are going to be fine.

It’s a chance for internal exploration.A moment to do things differently.
Do you need a Mantra?
Try this: I have nothing to prove.

All signs, but especially people with personal planets at 22-30 Fixed,
0-12 degrees Mutable, and 22-27 degrees Cardinal are about to receive both support and agitation.
Neptune plays an undefinable role, and that’s his superpower!

There isn’t one right answer, a series of improbable inevitabilities is likely! And you can’t guess which one wins!

It’s not a panic that’s going to work for you, neither is it a burst of superhuman strength.
Rather, the right word at the right time. The correct perspective. Taking the long view. Building to win. Endurance, not passive, instead heroic endurance. A compromise as a catalyst.

One of the strongest things Mars does on his journey is trine Chiron in Pisces while he is in Scorpio.
When Mars is trine Chiron all cardinals, but especially Mid-degree Crabs and Fishes and Scorpions that works double time for you!

(AND one of the craziest things Mars does is to Square Neptune in Pisces right off the bat!)
Don’t pretend. If you need a fantasy element, build it out of reality. A dream come true? Only for the very practical dreamer, but be sure you know where your hands are when the lights come on.

As you know, concepts change. & our understanding changes with them. You want to make a move, and indeed you have to.

Can we take some advise from a Jean-Luc Goddard review?

Apply everything he says in that video, not to movie making, but to your life!
I mean it! It’s the Mars we are looking for. Casual, real, improvisational, visionary and deep.

How about this?

~ beware the quicksand ~
rework, rethink, detour, discern.

~ Why ask art into a life at all, if not to be transformed and enlarged by its presence and mysterious means? Some hunger for more is in us – more range, more depth, more feeling; more associative freedom, more beauty. More perplexity and more friction of interest. More prismatic grief and unstunted delight, more longing, more darkness. More saturation and permeability in knowing our own existence as also the existence of others. More capacity to be astonished. Art adds to the sum of the lives we would have, were it possible to live without it. And by changing selves, one by one, art changes also the outer world that selves create and share.
– Jane Hirshfield ~ Via whiskey river

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