What is Astrology Signs

Through an understanding of astrology we can learn to see our place within the universe and how there is an interaction in our lives between fate and free will. Fate brings us circumstances and situations to deal with and yet at every moment we have freewill in our choice of how we react. The planets with their pre-ordained movements, activate in turn different areas of our birth charts, showing us the nature of the energy which is at the root of our current issues. This allows us to make better informed decisions, giving us more opportunity to exercise our freewill.

Astrology can shine a light on some of our darker, more difficult areas and help us to see where fear of these hidden depths is limiting and constraining us. Despite the emphasis of 21st century Western life on the importance of youth, beauty, brightness and happiness at all costs, we all have intense, shared interactions with others/death and rebirth/taboos (the 8th house) we all have fear, discomfort and total, unavoidable transformation (Saturn and Pluto in our charts). We all have an unhealable wound (Chiron). We all have planets in challenging aspects to each other, if not natally then by transit. This is what makes us human and fallible. Through understanding and acceptance we can forgive ourselves and each other.
Astrology can help us with our relationships. It can’t make our love lives easier or more perfect, but it can help us to understand where the other person is coming from, how we may be exacerbating the situation and why we attract into our lives the people that we know and love and also those for whom we feel a strong dislike. Maybe we are using them to supply energies we are lacking or maybe they reflect something of our own back to us that we cannot see ourselves. Astrology can help us to see where we may be giving our power away and to make sense of the pain we cause each other.

Unconsciously we are pushing ourselves to grow. We can see how we have attracted these painful situations to challenge ourselves and develop. This means we can let go of blame and learn tolerance.
Astrology can help us to understand our family, friends and enemies – it gives us a new language to express our strengths and weaknesses, joys, challenges, needs and ambitions. And when we lose control of our lives and fate takes over, Astrology can give us a time frame of events and some clues as to what the universe may be asking of us.

It’s not just in our personal lives that Astrology can be useful. When it comes to looking at world events we can see life on earth reflecting the movements of the planets in worldwide political situations. Some Astrologers specialize in a study of the Financial Markets, others are Medical Astrologers and use the chart to gain a greater understanding of the origins of health and sickness. We don’t yet know how any of this works but we can see that it does. There are still many mysteries that we humans cannot understand – this does not make them false or unreal it merely brings us back to a sense of where we are now – limited and yet aspiring, deeply flawed and mortal and yet with a sense of destiny and meaning.

Astrology has been studied in an unbroken tradition for as long as humans have looked up at the skies. Its history goes way, way back and some of the earliest writings we still possess are birth charts. Astrology was behind the placing and construction of the Great Pyramid and the stone circles, the symbolism within Gothic cathedrals owes much to Astrology. Astrology shows us the bright light of meaning which runs through the web of life and its seemingly random events. Through studying Astrology we become aware that we are the microcosmic reflection of a universe which ultimately has order, pattern, meaning and wholeness. In the current world where there is so little that provides us with true spiritual nourishment we need something to keep our feet firmly on the ground and our souls reaching for the stars.