Tips To Achieve Astral Projection

Tips To Achieve Astral Projection


It is not easy to induce an out of body experience (also known as astral projection). It takes a trained mind, and a very relaxed body to achieve success. For those of you who have already mastered the fine art of relaxation, and are now ready to take the leap towards having a real out of body experience, these tips below will help you fulfill this spiritual journey.

Seven Tips To Help Induce An Out Of Body Experience

Lie on your bed and imagine that a rope is suspended over your bed. Picture your Astral Self taking hold of this rope. Now, placing one hand above the other, slowly pull yourself up towards the ceiling. Be conscious of the rope sliding through your hands, the way your body feels as you pull yourself off your bed, and the strength in your arms as you slowly pull yourself up.

This method of inducing an out of body experience is so easy that even those who have had trouble reaching this level in previous attempts will have success.

For those who lack the strength to pull themselves up the imaginary rope, there is the ladder technique. Using the same visualization techniques, slowly climb the ladder, being aware of the physical and mental sensations in your body.

This method of producing an out of body experience involves one’s self becoming very aware of the workings of their own body in conjunction with visualizing the surrounding area. Intense concentration is required to produce results with this method.

Once you are relaxed, and have visualized your surroundings, you may feel yourself floating a few inches over your bed. Visualize your room from this new vantage point.

Some force may be needed, but you can further rise out of your physical body if you have achieved a state of utter relaxation. This method is harder to master than most, but is the easiest to use once you have mastered the technique.

The trick to this technique is learning to create a body-double. Sit, or lie down, in a room that you are very familiar with. You then start to visualize your body, starting with your feet and working your way clear up to your hair. Include any detail that would help your body-double become more real to you.

Once this visualization is complete, you are ready to allow your body-double to sit or stand up. You may feel pressure in your chest or head; this is normal, and means that you have reached the state of out of body experience and should now be aware that your focus is coming from your projected body.

This method is often used in conjunction with methods that have failed in previous attempts.

Lie on your bed and visualize your body rolling back and forth on the bed. This is a normal motion made during sleep, so it should be easy enough to visualize. While doing so, feel the movement and the pressure points as your body touches the bed and then rocks to the other side.

Using this method with other methods will help you achieve a successful out of body experience. For some reason, this method is pretty ineffective when done alone.

People who drive, or play computer games where they drive, often find themselves driving in a trance-like state. It is easy to lose track of where you are, and how long you have been driving. Many times you reach your destination without remembering a thing about the journey getting there.

Using images related to driving – the motion and changing landscape – will help you reach a deep trance in no time at all. Then you can use one of the other methods to make your actual projection outward.

This method is rarely used because of the obvious reason: it is much too easy to get into this trance state; associating it with real driving can be dangerous to the health of anyone on the road with said driver.

This technique actually brings you into a world of virtual reality. Instead of just having an out of body experience where your body goes to a specific place in the Astral realm, you can enter virtually any picture and feel the life within it.

Once you are fully relaxed, take a picture or painting and picture yourself within its landscape. Gently push your conscious body-double into the picture and enjoy exploring this virtual world.

This technique is hard to learn, but most satisfying when successfully done. Not only do you have an out of body experience, you get to explore virtual worlds within your own world.

Source: Spiritscienceandmetaphysics

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