Astral Projection Technique: Phasing 

The first time I ever heard the term phasing was with the mages’ spell in the memorable computer game Diablo (the original). You would cast the spell and your character would disappear and reappear somewhere else, all at random. Usually you would phase right into a huge grouping of monsters and die so phasing was a good way to die fast. Worst Diablo spell by far.

In real life, phasing is an actual concept. Anybody can phase but it’s really not like in Diablo. You don’t actually physically move or change location and when you success, you don’t end up surrounded by monsters who are waiting to rob your spoils of plundering. Unless that’s your thing and in that case, go nuts and phase into a room filled with Diablo monsters who will surround and attack you. The possibility is up to you.

Phasing refers to the concept of changing your dimensional perception. Right now, you are perceiving the dimensional reality where you are reading this post in whatever way you are doing that. If you were to smoke DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) right here right now for example, you would change your dimensional perception to wherever that DMT takes you. Likely some place of colourful fractal and machine elves, according to the late and great psychonaut Terrence McKenna. You would be changing the frequency on which you are perceiving the universe, but done with a substance, DMT. The concept of phasing refers to changing the frequency at which you perceive the universe. This can be done at will but like astral projection or lucid dreaming, this is no beginners experience (unless you’re gifted). The majority of mystics and initiates practice their whole lives to be able to develop such spiritual and perceptive agility. You may see this discussed casually or nonchalantly in many areas online but it takes a lot of practice for most to develop these skills. No need to be hard on yourself while learning.

I first learnt of the concept of phasing in the context astral projection and mind altercation through Robert Monroe and his second book, Far Journeys. He describes many dimensions of reality that are just as real as our own and some even parallel to our own. Some that are almost identical and some that are vastly different. The biographical piece speaks of Monroes’ exploration across this and many other dimensional realities. He refers to the transit across perceptive reality as phasing. Tunning your mind to a place, time or another frequency, then appearing there or at least perceiving it. You essentially move your perception.

Phasing has nothing to do with your actual senses. They’re just input mechanism for your current reality. You may sense other realities with only emotions or even what would be indescribable senses that don’t really exist in our current reality. Phasing is letting go of the physical universe so you can explore all that could, would and should be. The rest…

As mentioned, phasing like astral projection and lucid dreaming is not something you learn overnight. You learn it over nights and days. It may come to fast and if so congratulations because you’re the minority. It’s like the guitar, some people pick it up fast but no one likes a boaster. In order to be able to achieve this mind state and build the spiritual dexterity to be able travel dimensions regularly and with precision you need to be able to properly quiet your mind.

Start meditating regularly 

Build a routine of meditating twice a day. Meditate once at some point in the day and every night as you are going to sleep. There is no better way to go to sleep than to consciously observe yourself falling into it. Meditating every day twice will change your life forever regardless whether you can phase into the catacombs of Diablo.

Adjust your life for greater harmony 

This will start to mean more to you the more you start meditating because balance is different for everyone. This also isn’t regular thought pattern for most people.  Balance for me is how I invest my time and energy. It’s what I feed my body and who I surround myself with. Often a good tell to your harmony and life balance is your level of happiness. Most are typically happiest in harmony.

Your philosophies are key 

You are both the creator and participant to your reality and so, you determine what is possible and real and what is not. If you are on the fence about this as a concept and are reading this, than maybe the only way to convince you is DMT. All joking aside, I don’t have DMT for you and am not necessary recommending it but psychedelics have shown to be an effective bridge to alter perception. Studies have linked psychedelic use to profound transformations in subjective philosophies. Maybe these dimensions are real? Terrence McKenna seemed to think they were but he also talked of robot elves. Maybe you should determine what’s real.

If you are looking to do phasing as a novelty trick of conciousness just because, then I think you got some work ahead of you. Phasing is going about perceptive reality change with mental and spiritual agility. This takes practice. Enjoy the practice because the experience is in the travel, not the destination.