Astral Projection And Mom’s Message

Astral Projection And Mom’s Message

First, a big thank you to Miracles for the help and encouragement regarding sharing this experience. This isn’t a typical ghost story, but I hope you’ll find it interesting regardless…

A little background; I started astral projecting almost 5 years ago. The first time it happened was completely spontaneous (as were the following 2-3 times after this). Definitely mind blowing stuff. I remember the first time it happened, I thought “Oh my God, it’s real! This is amazing!”. I don’t know why, but I knew exactly what was happening while it happened. I had no fear. I had previously thought that out of body/astral projection experiences were not real and bogus stories. Boy, was I (thankfully) wrong. Since then, I’ve gotten a tiny bit better at control and initiation. However, I am not an expert by any means and wish I could initiate it more frequently. Many of my experiences have been short and sometimes hazy (difficulty with vision). However, I have had some beautiful, very clear and personal experiences that have further cemented my belief in the existence of life after death.

This experience took place 2 years ago, in 2016. I intentionally went out of body and immediately entered what I would describe as some type of warehouse. I walked down a hall to investigate, turned a corner and saw my mother standing there. My mother passed away almost 17 years ago (in November). I’ve encountered her a few times while “out” and our interactions are usually brief with lots of hugs and her reassurances that she is with me and loves me (I am very lucky).

This time, I immediately asked her if the voice I had heard (it sounded like grumbling) while exiting my body was George (George is what we nicknamed the spirit/ghost in the house I grew up in. I have mentioned him in previous stories on this site). I don’t know why I asked that. After I had asked if it was George, she made this “Mmmmmmm” sound as if she debated on telling me. I asked again and she said “Listen, pay attention. You need to remember 50 10”. I asked what that meant. She replied, “Just remember, 50 10. Pay attention. Something will happen next week and you will know what it means”. That was it. I was back in my body, awake, trying to figure out what that meant. It nagged at me, so I called my father and explained everything. He does believe me as far as my AP experiences, but has a hard time understanding it. I don’t blame him.:)

He wondered if maybe, it had to do with the date of May 10th (50= May, 5th month, after taking away the 0 and 10 as in the 10th day). I do understand the confusion as far as 50 equaling May, but can’t explain why it was related this way. This took place on May 5th or 6th. I thought, maybe, but it seemed too easy, right? So after brainstorming on it for awhile, I figured when the time came, I would know what 50 10 meant.

Fast forward a few days later. My cousin, who I’m very close to (we are 4 months apart) called uncontrollably crying, trying to speak. Finally, I understand her. She was saying “He’s gone! He’s gone! My brother is gone, he’s dead!” For privacy reasons, I will call him Ray. Obviously I was shocked; her brother was 31 years old, his death was sudden and a total surprise. I jumped in the car to go to her house and be with her. While driving, it hit me: The date was May 10th. I called my father to deliver the sad news and to start rallying the family together. Then I said “Dad, it’s May 10th”. He said “Oh my God. It is! It was true!” To this day, I’m still flabbergasted over this. It’s hard to imagine my mother giving me a piece of information this serious. One more thing that happened just prior to her phone call; my left ear started ringing (very loud and high pitched). I remember I stopped what I was doing and felt uneasy. I don’t know if it’s connected, but thought it worth mentioning.

The only thing I could and can think of is that I was given a sort of “heads up” message regarding Ray’s death. I know it seems too crazy to be true. My reasoning is this: Our family was not meant to intervene, but to understand that family on the other side was expecting him and for some reason it was meant to be. That thought has comforted me since it happened and gave me the strength to help with the arrangements and support his siblings and father (Ray’s mother, my mother’s sister, also passed away, about 6 years ago).

I can tell you, this incident was very clear. No haziness, trouble seeing or hearing. Any input, thoughts or similar experiences are appreciated. Thank you so much!

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