Your Portal for Adventure, Insight, and Growth: Now that you are out, it is time to explore. Let’s visit the Akashic Records!

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The Astral Insider Show with Fernando Albert - Your Portal for Adventure, Insight, and Growth: Now that you are out, it is time to explore. Let's visit the Akashic Records!Your show where it is all about getting out of your body and visiting amazing worlds.

It is time for adventure, insight, and growth. You will find all of it in every single show ๐Ÿ™‚ So, make sure not to miss any shows, but if you did, I welcome you to listen to the older ones too!

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After the show, you will feel more prepared to astral project, and ready to try a lot of new things that maybe you did not imagine you could do “up there.”

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Astral Projection is incredible, and I want to bring you closer to it. Everybody can astral project, and here at The Astral Insider, where we talk all about astral projection, you will receive all the tools, tips, advice and even promotions that will get you out from your body!

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