The Jesus Synchronicities Continue | 11:11

Some of you may recall from my last synchronicity post that I had strongly requested the most blatant Jesus-related synchronicities to manifest so that I could make sure what I am seeing is real and not just a delusion. In this post I will be reporting a few more that occurred just today that I am being guided to share below. This will again be a personal synchronicity report and if that is not your thing then you are free to disregard this post per your free will.

It is important to note that my birthdate April 10th the 100th day of the year except for leap years, which this year isn’t:

I have discovered just today that the amount of minutes in 100 days happens to be 144,000:

It is interesting to recall the show ‘The 4400‘ where the man who would ultimately play the role of Jordan Collier (AKA depiction of Jesus) who would go on to lead the 4400s into the Golden Age (the show appears to be referencing the 144,000 from the Xtian Bible). His disappearance date by the Blue Spheres from the future was April 10th:

I would also add that at the hospital we do 12 hour shifts which would equal:

12 hours x 3 days a week = 36 hours x 2 weeks = 144 hours per month = 1728 hours a year = 1728 in military time = 528 = 528 Hz Love Frequency

The door indentification to the room I may or may not work inside also happens to be 4400, the designated number for this room has 444 in the sign. I know the 4400 is hard to see, I will get a better picture of it when I go back but it is 4400. Imagine my surprise when I was watching this show and noticed the 4400 on the door where I may or may not have been working for years:

Since I refused the flu shot, they required me to wear these masks. A small price to pay  though for not consenting to my own genocide.

I will be using some more Gematria here which I will quickly explain for those who are not familiar with yet:


“The concept of gematria numerology stems from the idea that mathematics is the universal language of nature and within it may be the keys to explaining our universe or evidence of a supernatural power.

In Hebrew, every letter is given a numerical value and those values can be added up to achieve the numerical value of a word. While some might think that this is a system of drawing arbitrary connections, practitioners of gematria believe there to be an intentional context to the sounds of the vowels and consonants that we use in language with an interconnected mathematical meaning.”

There are different kinds of Gematria which can be employed which I have been using on a couple of different websites. Now with that said let’s continue.

After finding out that the Gematria value of ‘The Son of God’ is 410 I found a movie title on Netflix with this very name, without the ‘The’:

Per iMDB the release date of this movie was February 28th, 2014:

Synchronistically, this is today’s date:

The runtime of the movie is 138 minutes:

This happens to be the numerical designation for the street I live on:

228 also happens to be the Gematria value of my full name:

I would reiterate here that the bathroom we use has an identification number of 228 on it:

8 divided by 22 happens to be .36363636… with the number 36 being a sacred geometric number. It is also the amount of hours I work each week:

The synchronicity show ‘Touch‘ also makes many references to ‘The 36’ who are a group of people who are helping to change the world:

Upon entering ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (Glory in the highest to God) into the Gematria calculator I was greeted with a 205 which if multiplied by 2 = 410. I was guided to this piece by Vivaldi to use for my ‘Ode to Source‘ video:

I got a couple more hits with adding in the spelling of a few numbers and one of them was 515 which in Gematria is Jesus:

Interestingly, if we add 410 into 701 we get 1111:

Which we also get when we divide 410 by .369:

After typing in ‘Four Hundred Ten’ (410) into the Gematria calculator I was greeted with several numbers of interest:

74 = 11 four times

1172 = 11 number appearing and 72 which is a sacred geometric number

1038 = 138 = Street identification number

1230 = 123 = Full name in Gematria

66 = Jesus related/sacred geometric number

165 = Reduced to 111

822 = Reverse of 228 (See 228 meanings above)

232 = Military time = 1432 = 432 = Sacred geometric number

540 = Number which appears on my debit card / 540 x 2 – 1080 = sacred celestial geometric number

The Gematria value of ‘Truthearthorg Blog’ got a couple of interesting hits:

Here we see the 205 x 2 = 410 and 1839 military time = 639 = 3, 6 and 9 appearing which we have already calculated as equaling 1111.111111111…

And after adding my name and Truthearth into this calculator I was greeted with a set of 100s which I would reiterate that my birth date is the 100th day of the year:

I will add that after going over the article I have finished it at 1:44 PM:

Thank you to those who felt guided to go through this post today. I wish each of you much love!

PS I would also add that this particular post happens to be number 21540 so here we see the 540 again, which if multiplied by 2 is 1080 which is a sacred celestial number: