The 11/11 Portal Is Here!

Welcome to 11/11!  What an amazing energy day it is! 

I woke up this morning with an energy headache! It’s really important, if you get these, to do your best not to medicate them! It only makes it worse in the long run! Allow the energy and the pain to flow through. The more you can let this happen, the better off you will be!

This is such an amazing day for creative energy! I hope all of you are taking the opportunity to create something special for yourselves. Stay focused on what you want to create and do that! This is setting us up for 2019. What happens here is following you into 2019. Make it special!

2018 has been so much about beginnings and endings. As humans, we get stuck on the endings. They are hard to handle sometimes. For many, 2018 has been nothing short of painful and traumatic. This is necessary. It can be hard to see when it’s in your face, but the endings are necessary to make way for the beginnings.

Many souls chose to transition away from their human forms this year. We aren’t quite done with that yet. Why was that such a thing this year? Because the energy made it easy to do. Souls were realizing that they could be more helpful to their human friends in spirit form, so they transitioned back. 

As I’ve spoken about before, we are transitioning to a 5D earth. On this new planet, the negative energy won’t be available. None of us will be able to take our baggage with us. This requires healing. The reality will be two very distinct variations of our planet. There will be those of us that have done the work, done the healing and transition to 5D successfully. There will be those that dig their heels in and stay stuck. They will stay in the 3D we currently all reside in. 

Those of us in 5D will be in a very different reality from those in 3D. We can’t make people transition however. We can’t force anybody to heal and move forward. They have to do it in their own space and time. The trick is, we all have to be offering our help to those just waking up. People are waking up by the thousands right now. They will need support. They will need help. Those of us that are already making our way down the path need to extend the offer of help. Do your thing! Put your services out there! They are needed! They are wanted! You are necessary!

Spend today, 11/11, creating what you want to see in the world. Spend today offering to help others. Spend today shining your light just as brightly as you can. It’s important and it’s necessary.

Today, I’ve decided to take my own advice and create a Personalized Tarot Energy Reading for 2019!  The reading will allow you to see where your energy is in terms of your spirituality, home and family, career, money and romance.  I’ll use my tarot cards and intuition to help show you where your energy is and give you a path forward for 2019. This is not a predictive reading. There is no doom and gloom here, only an opportunity for you to recognize where your energy is, where it’s going and make the effort to change it if you wish to. 

Check out the Personalized Tarot Energy Reading if you feel like this is something that might help you in 2019!

Happy 11/11! Make the most of today!

Love to all!


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