Pop quiz time.  Which would you prefer…

A. Walking like a zombie down identical aisles of a big box store, searching for the best toy for your child by reading the mindless marketing hype that is on every toy box?

B. Visiting your unique and whimsically laid out local toy store, letting the kids play with a curated selection of the best toys, taking part in fun craft activities and talking with certified play experts on exactly what toys would have the most play value for your children?

If you answered A… you may actually have become zombified and you should seek immediate medical attention.

The humans in the house who answered B – we have great news.

November 11th, 2017 is Neighborhood Toy Store DayClick here to learn about all the fun activities going on and to find your local participating toy store.

Why Shop At Your Local Toy Store?

In this day and age where we can order anything with the click of a mouse, why bother shopping at your local toy store?  It is a fair question and because we are psychic and knew you would ask that question…or are we psycho, always get those two mixed up… in any case, we made a whole video on why you should shop at your local toy store…

When Was The Last Time Shopping Was Fun?

Think of the last 50 times you went to a big box retailer…was it fun?  Did you wish you could stay longer?  Of course not.

Compare this to your local toy store – where you play games, chat about favorite toys, do some crafts and probably see some really cool rocks and geodes.  Huge shout out to our local toy store in Northampton, MA – A2Z Science and Learning Store – the place is just insanely fun.

Use the handy local toy store locator feature on the ASTRA (American Speciality Toy Retailing Association) website to find your own awesome toy store.  While you are on the ASTRA site, check out their 2017 Best Toys for Kids Award Winners.

Find Your Local Toy Store

A2Z Science and Learning Store in Northampton, MA

ASTRA 2017 Best Toys for Kids Award Winners

Our video on Neighborhood Toy Store Day and Why You Should Support Your Local Toy Store

Disclosure: We were compensated for producing the video, all thoughts and opinions are our own.