Synchronistic Native American Contact | 11:11

Ho! Thank you for sharing your experiences, Jonathan and the little miracles showing up in the change of your energy, while juicing. I recognize this process of finding yourself in a different state due to a change of diet, entering new experiences, finding synchronicities, nudges and wayshowers in people and circumstances. Even in dreams. They can increase enormously, while changing one’s diet, I’ve heard this often from those who discussed matters of nutrition with me, sharing their experiences.

Like yours, my connection to North American Indians is strong and I remember the moment when I read about the ceremonial gesture to place tobacco in a hole in the ground, where a plant is harvested or where fruit is picked from a tree. It struck me how deepl I felt the beauty of gratitude.

In the 80’s I met a woman who told me of a connection she had in one of the North American tribes, who needed assistance and I felt the impulse to investigate this opportunity. I had quite a romantic image about such a life, I think, now that I look back at it, expecting a lifestyle unchanged since hundreds of years.

I discussed this subject with my classical homeopath, during a consultation and I told him of this opportunity. He fell silent for a while, looking at me and said “I’m afraid you won’t find what you expect to find, when you decide to go overthere. I feel you’re getting in touch with the Indian inside of you.” That was a very new approach to me, to explain my eagerness in such a down-to-earth way and a little blow of course, to my expectations. He knew me very very well!

From that moment I’ve let go of the idea to visit North America and actually gave my attention to that Indian inside of me. I don’t regret ever having done this, for I can be connected now to the tribes in North America without having to live with them. The Water Guardians at Standing Rock are close to my attention, as you may understand. And the veterans asking for forgiveness, in the name of the United States government, kneeling in front of an elder, brought me to tears.

Coming back to the subject of diet change, I think that the knowledge of our body is often much underestimated, in the functioning of our digestive system and how that’s related and influential to our emotional balance and mind/brain activities.

Unfortunately, the connection between our emotions and eating habits is shown in the damage to our health more often than in the conscious choice of one’s own individual diet securing a state of wellbeing, learned from personal experiments and experience.

I’m a holistic nutritionist and health-coach since 1973. If I’m in company of a person who wishes me to offer advise or a diagnose, I only have to witness behaviour, body posture, facial characteristics and the way that person walks, specially observed when walking away.

It’s an experience, after much practice, with many pieces of a puzzle falling into place, in the way I interpretate the signals and signs. It’s an effortless way of informing myself and very helpful, also when I’m not dealing with matters of diet. I can read someone’s whole body and behavior and know a lot more than from what’s being said or shown, to improve appearances and status.

Not that I’m never fooled, for there’s always blank spots in my awareness that choose an expectation to be true by mistake lol