Rare Divination Tools: 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild (Author) – Jan Deelstra, Winged~Women Business & Life Coaching

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I have in my possession, a set of rare 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild. In case this means nothing to you, I’ll tell you that these 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild sell from between $275.00 and $10,416.80 +  shipping US dollars.

Yep. These are rare, and sought after. In fact, as a part of my due process, I searched the Internet to see the value of this deck of rare 11:11 Divination Cards by Zera Starchild and found them listed on Amazon for as much $10,416.80 (weird amount right?!). I found exactly ZERO for sale on eBay. I did locate a deck in the UK, reported to be new. The deck was listed at $2,572.99.

This month finds me clearing a lot of “stuff” from my space. In part, I clear to move the stagnant energies, and in part, to open the way for the new that seems to constantly show up.

As part of my clearing process, I decided that I really don’t need the dozens of divination tools that are seldom used. I will, of course, keep some of the precious divination tools that I use on a fairly consistent basis. And I will release the rest to the new homes.

One of the divination tools I am releasing to a new home is my personal set of rare 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild. I am selling them for $1111.11 (A bit less-weird, ehh?)

These rare 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild came into my possession while I was the sole-proprietress of Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Zera Starchild, and her then partner, Timotek Schneider, came to Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium first, peddling their divine wares, and then as friends. Zera presented an absolutely fascinating psychic seminar, and the attendees became instant fans. She is, “the real deal” as far as psychics go. And believe me when I tell you, I met hundreds of people in my “angel store” who claimed to be psychic. MANY were charlatans who barely made it past the front door. They’re fairly easy to spot. Zera, well…Zera Starchild did a reading for me that I still recall. It was that accurate.

I turned the keys to Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium over to the new owners in 1997, and moved to Southern California with a broken (read that as SHATTERED) heart, only $3000 in my purse, an over-stuffed U-Haul truck, and towing my prized sports car.

I was running away to greener gardens….

Over the years, we’ve lost touch. I think about both Zera and Timotek quite often, always with a big smile in my heart for each of them. They are two of the most cherished acquaintances of my life, and we all know, those kinds of connections don’t happen often!

Anyway, I do realize these are not for everyone. I do know, however, that a lot of us resonate with the 11:11 alignment call. Maybe you see it often on your clocks a home, or when you’re out. This sighting inspires you to take notice. It’s a call to align mind-body-spirit. In other words, it’s your connection with the Universe.

If these are for you, I know you will love them. You will also feel the energy come off of this deck. They are astonishing divination cards.