Prophetic Wake Up Call: 11:11 and Seismic Waves? Double Judgment (Christian530) – Light has Come

Something unusual happened on 11/11 2018 that went pretty much unnoticed, but in view of the signs of the times it did catch my attention. I wanted to post about this event and ask if anyone has any thoughts about it?
There are quiet a few number of people out there that say 11:11 is catching their eye very frequently. Many have no explanation, others even bring up new age ideas. As Christians, however, we know that the number 11 represents judgment. And many Christians also say that 11:11 means “double judgment” in alignment with these scriptures:
A few weeks ago I saw a video from a watchman saying the Lord is saying that 666 will become 11-11 because the evil of this generation is so great. However, I can’t seem to locate that video anymore. I also noticed Elizabeth posted a video on this topic too:
Nobody felt it, few know about it, but it covered much of the planet and lasted for close to 20 minutes flaring up consistently at 17 second intervals. Scientists are lost, but many news organizations reported on this unusual event. You can Google it too, but here are some of the titles of the news stories:
2) Scientists are baffled by a strange seismic ripple that traveled around the globe the morning of November 11. Seismic waves buzzed sensors from Africa to New Zealand and Hawaii for about 20 minutes, but it seems no humans felt the bizarre ripple, National Geographic reported.
This strange event would probably have missed me completely, had these un-explainable seismic waves that rippled around the world not have happened on that number of God’s double judgement of 11/11.
It is one thing to share thoughts and scriptures about God’s judgment, but when you see the Almighty God causing a ripple of seismic waves travel around the planet on a day that in his book represents double judgment, that none of the wise scientists can explain, well, that really gets to me. This is God Almighty, and He means business. This just humbled me and brought me to my knees. It is also a sign to me of how dreadful these coming disasters will be, and how desperately we need to seek Jesus Christ every day. As it was in the days of Noah when it was time to enter the ark, I feel it is time to get into the cleft of the rock (Jesus) and hide in HIM constantly.  He is the way, the truth and the light, and without HIM all of us would be doomed. He deserves all the praise because he redeemed us and we did not deserve it, and as Elizabeth said: he is organizing a rescue mission (rapture). Praise Jesus! I feel like putting some Terry Macalmon worship music on and praising HIM when I think about all of this..