Lots More Big Synchronicities (Law of One, Pi & Others) | 11:11

I apologize in advance for the length of this article. I’ve found a good handful of things that I think ‘they’ want documented. As always discernment is advised.

This is just going to be a random assortment of things I’ve found/been guided to.

The biggest thing was the number 115. This number has been appearing more lately and today I decided to dig deeper and see what could be found.

January 15th (1/15) was the day that the channelings from the group memory complex Ra began which we know of as being ‘The Law of One’:

There are many personal and Jesus connections to the Law of One that I documented previously, all of them appearing in the first book. The Ra group claims to have ‘thought’ the Great Pyramid into existence and we hear from the Cayce readings that Jesus was initiated in this pyramid. The Great Pyramid contains within the architecture of its hallways and passageways the years of the birth, baptism and death of Jesus and Cayce goes on to say there will be the return of the Great Initiate AKA Jesus. All of this and more can be found at this link.

Interestingly the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘Prepare’ (להכין) is 115:

The Greek word for ‘Master/Teacher’ (originally Hebrew) is ‘ραββι’ and this has a gematria value of 115 also:

I can’t prove this obviously because I am not in contact with my dad but his birthday is April 25th, and this is the 115th day of the year:

Interestingly if we plug 425 (April 25th) into Pi we see it takes position 821. This was a big number that I did an article on recently:

821 is the gematria value of the following words; ‘Lantern’ (in Greek, Phanos), ‘Carry the Light’, ‘Light is an Energy’, ‘Light Transformation’, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’, ‘Christ has Come to Earth’ and ‘Sunday’.

The index of the first Law of One book contains several interesting personal connections:

At the top left we see the first questions about Jesus starting on page 162. Then questions about the Second Coming start on page 165 and this is all on page 228.



The gematria value of the date that the Law of One channelings began spelled out ‘January Fifteenth Nineteen Eighty One’ is 377 and contains 33 letters (the number of years Jesus lived):

The amount of days between the date the Law of One channelings began (January 15th, 1981) and my birthday (April 10th, 1990) is 3373 (so here we see these magic numbers 3 and 7 appearing again):

So here we see another combination of the sacred 3s and 7s. As was previously mentioned the number 410 is well-connected to these numbers:

410 – 37 = 373
410 – 73 = 337

If we reverse the number we got from the date calculator above 3373 to 3733 we see that this is the 521st prime number:

And 521 is the gematria value of my name in Hebrew (יְהוֹנָתָן):

Some might remember that QAnon posted a bible verse with this number (Thessalonians 5:21) along with 410 in the signature of a post from last year:

The verse is as follows:

And the gematria value of this verse in Hebrew is the sacred 369:

(בחנו כל דבר ובטוב אחזו)

If we add 410 plus 521 we get 931, we even see a 115 in the amount of search results (see arrow):

This number 931 has been coming up more lately and I just documented this. The gematria value of the sentence ‘It’s the Most Important Time in the History of the Universe to be Alive’ is 931:

And 931 takes position 440 in Pi. 440 is the amount of cubits in each side of the Great Pyramid. See this link for more information about these numbers.

If we plug in 440 into Pi we see it takes position 511, which is 115 backwards:

Interestingly if we reverse 521 to 125 we can see that 125 meters is equal to 410 feet:

If we add 314 (Pi) plus 410 we get 724. When I decided to look up 724 as a date, this would be July 24th, I found that it was the 205th day of the year and 205 is half of 410:

And today’s synchronistic bible verse has some information in it as well:

The gematria value of this verse is 638:

And if we plug 638 into Pi we see it appears right after the magic number 628. (314 + 314 = 628):

And if we drop the zeros from my birthday 4/10/90 we are left with 419. And this number just appeared in a big way recently. 419 is the gematria value of ‘I Am Mashiach’ (אֲנִי מָּשִׁיחַ) (Mashiach = Hebrew word for ‘Messiah’), ‘Unity’ (אַחְדוּת), ‘Son of God has Returned to Earth’ and 4:19 was the length of the latest Final Battle VI video (after you click on it and open it):

Today is December 27th 2018 which is the 361st day of the year:

And if we multiply 115 times 3.14 (Pi) we get 361.1, the day of the year:

If we reverse the number of the day today 361 to 163 and plug it into Pi we see 410 appear:

And finally this particular post ends with 955:

And amazingly the meaning of this number was posted on 3/14 (Pi day). We even see a 419 in the view count (see previous gematria values for the number 419 in this article):

This is everything for now, much love all!