It’s 11:11, Again!

11:11. 12:12. 8:08. 1:00. Do you keep seeing the same numbers everywhere you look? License plates, clocks, billboards, restaurant menus, shampoo bottles, street signs?

You’re receiving guidance.

It’s your own intuition trying to get your attention. You can call this an airy-fairy message from angels, an energetic wake up from the quantum field, or just plain old verification from your subconscious. It all adds up to this: When we perceive a repetitive signal from outside our mind, one that “feels” significant, it is. Our higher wisdom knows non-physical cosmic information that our conscious mind filters out because it isn’t considered essential to physical well-being. Yet on the most subtle of levels, such information is vital.

Every day we make decisions that create our future. Sometimes we aren’t certain if our choices are the right ones so we replay the factors in our mind and use logic to guide our life. It’s what we are conditioned to do.

We gotta quit doing that! Our intuition and “gut feelings” are the true and wise guide. Yet it’s difficult to get in touch with the very “quiet whisper” of the sense of things, when we’ve been conditioned to justify decisions based on logic.

Find Intuitive Guidance from Signs

Note any numbers you see repeatedly.

Numbers hold a vibrational frequency. You can search online to look up what specific numbers mean. Angel Numbersis one helpful reference. Almost everyone I know sees numerical patterns. Some people have seen the same numbers for years.  1:11 and 11:11 are common these days because that message is prevalent in many of our lives. According to Doreen Virtue, these numbers mean “keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”  This message is essential to survive gracefully in our current chaotic world.

Follow the number’s guidance.

For example: The number 120 tells you to let go of old habits of thinking – to let go of the old so there is room for the new. In this case, examine what is not working in your life. Is there a relationship that is no longer healthy? This number tells you it is time to say good-bye so new people can enter. Are you in a toxic job? It’s time to look for another one. For your life to move forward, you are to take this action.

Another example: If a number suggests that you build community with others, it’s time to find others you can connect with who are like-minded. Invite friends to join you at an event or for a movie. Start a Facebook group for a special interest of yours and invite friends to join. Find a Meetup group with similar interests in your area. It is your responsibility to take action. Life won’t change until you do.

Don’t blindly follow the numbers.

Numbers that show up are not in control of your destiny. You are. Repetitive numbers  give you feedback, confirmation, or clarity on what you already know but have been hesitant to see. If a number seems significant but doesn’t resonate, let it go. It’s a mismatch. You’ll receive guidance in another form.

Recognize your personalized signs.

Each person has unique subconscious image connections. Seeing significant numbers, animals, or other omens is a reflection of your own subconscious, seeking to get your attention. It is never an outside source that is in control.

My personal journey has included a variety of omen signals.

Driving to work on a cloudy, rainy day, filled with fear from financial woes, seeing no possible way out of my money morass, a blue crane arose from a mud puddle in the midst of an ugly construction zone, and flew directly across the hood of my car. Omen? New life construction can arise from the mud. Hope arises in the midst of the muck of life. Recognizing the omen, my heart lifted up along with the crane. Solutions showed up and life moved on.

I began to see 555 constantly. I walked into a room and the clock said 5:55. Suddenly I noticed 55-mph speed limit signs that usually blended into my surroundings. I saw a billboard advertising 555 down payment on a used car. Pulling up to stop signs, 555 kept showing up on car tags. I looked it up. It meant to prepare myself for a radical, major change. This was perfect, because at that time I was involved with a career situation that was deteriorating and I needed courage to make the change. I steeled myself and considered my financial resources. Within a few weeks the situation came to a crises and I removed myself. This shifted my life in an entirely new direction which proved far better.

Mom taught me the universe has a grand sense of humor. This next omen is hilarious. When I finally shared this omen with a friend, she blurted out, “That happened to me once, too!”. One day I began to find nearly empty toilet paper rolls each time I went into a restroom. No exceptions. At work, I constantly had to replace an empty roll. Grocery store. Movie theater. Restaurant. Either there was a global toilet roll conspiracy, or I was seeing an entirely new brand of omen. Yet I immediately recognized its message: I was almost finished with my current career and it was time to make a change. Time for a fresh start. The craziness of it caught my attention and it worked.

What do you want or need to change in life?

Intuitive guidance is reflected in events and signs all around you. Take heed and listen. It may be the proverbial hummingbird is hovering around your head, eager to lead you in a new direction.

Take life into your own hands and make it happen. It’s your life. Lead it. 

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