Get Ready for the 11:11 Solar Eclipse in Leo — a Fresh Start and Major Turning Point to the Rest of This Year.

A wonderful 11:11 Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo on the 11th of August, 2018, will trigger a powerful Finger of God pointing directly at the Sun and the Moon. You are letting go during any solar eclipse. Something was eclipsed in your past, and now you are starting completely new. The last of the three consecutive eclipses is actually special because it opens the 11:11 portal on the 11th of August, at 10:58 a.m. UT in London, 5:58 a.m. EST in New York, 2:58 a.m. PDT in L.A. Your life will also be in a state of renewal: August 2018 is a 19/10/a universal month; 2018 is an 11 universal year; The 11th of August is a universal day. It is already affecting us – eclipses are usually felt a few weeks before they happen, and many months after they happen too. Lunation: Total Lunar Eclipse. As we already mentioned, a Finger of God points directly at the Sun and the Moon. Sun-Moon-Mercury eclipse conjunction is fortunate square, Jupiter. Some strong mystical forces are also at play, and a lot of experiences will feel destined. Rare alignment. The Finger of God, or also known as Yod, is one of the rarest sacred geometric shapes in astrology. It is an indication that some powerful mystical forces are at play, so the experiences, as well as meetings during this period will feel destined. Something hidden can actually come to the surface. The Finger of God will actually create an awakening, opening u your awareness, creating a wonderful and safe feeling which amplifies spiritual transformation, as well as growth. Pluto will empower, and Neptune will spiritualize. At the bottom of the Finger of God, two planets, Pluto and Neptune, are sextile each other and they are also focused like a laser beam on the Sun/Moon Solar Eclipse. During this period, you will have the courage to speak the truth, to love, and to embrace all of life. This is actually a big moment – the 11:11 portal will open, clearing the past, permitting you to forgive, as well as forget, and move forward. A New Moon eclipse is also a sign of a fresh start. So, this moment will initiate a major turning point which is going to take you through the rest of 2018. Listen deeply and find your sweet spot of inner peace. Also, create something which feels playful – joy is coming through your heart. The Sun and the Moon will join forces at 18° Leo, and you will get clarity on the gifts that 2018 has for you. The planet Mercury going retrograde is conjunct the Solar Eclipse. Now, your internal dialogue will add deliberation and attention to your inner voice, so you should only engage and actualize what inspires you. You should also remember that this eclipse actually occurs in the sign of Leo, which will rekindle your capacity for exuberant self-expression, joy, as well as courageous and passionate engagement. During this eclipse, every planet is going to be impacted. This actually means that your entire life is also activated. Every part of you will be stimulated and awakened.

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