Clear Away Emotional Debris For More Happiness and Health 11/11 by Coach Cafe Radio

Coach Cafe’ Radio is THE Self Empowerment Place to meet where you get your weekly cup of inspiration with Certified Master Life Coach Kathleen Martin, LOACC. Listen to ‘Enlightened Conversations” with top personal development coaches experts and authors about what matters most and learn proven and effective life coaching tools, techniques, and processes to help you live your best life! We cover an eclectic variety of topics from happiness, wealth, health, relationships, love, sex, and career to the law of attraction, EFT, energy psychology, angels and beyond! Call in with questions and comments to 646-649- 1015. Everyone has accumulated emotional debris that is getting in the way of real happiness and health. Learn where emotional debris comes from and how to release this trapped energy using simple and effective techniques so you can feel happier and healthier starting now with Coach Kathleen. Meet your Host Kathleen Martin- Receive your Quick Coaching 5 Part Audio Series download your Expand Your Success Coaching Wheel Tool and sign up for your Balanced Life Coaching Discovery Session. Visit Coach Cafe’ Radio- – Sign up for your Self Empowerment gifts.