1111 number synchronicity and the Twin Flame Union – Awakening after the Dark Nght of the Soul.

The most surefire sign of twin flame reunion is the appearance of the twin flame number 1111.

This number can appear anywhere – on clocks, your phone, billboards, channel numbers, absolutely anything! Your attention is being drawn to these numbers because of synchronicity, which is the method by which the universe and your spirit guides deliver messages to you.

1111 means twin flames, unity, and new beginnings. It foretells the beginning of a journey with your twin flame, of unity and represents the split soul that will one day come together.

Work on yourself, prepare for the journey ahead and be patient. One of the signs of twin flames union is that you will just know deep inside you that this person is your twin flame. Trusting your intuition is the first step to meeting one’s twin flame, the twin flame energy will never make any sense in your physical mind, but intuitively you will just know.

2016 and well into 2017 there was massive support from the heavens for Twin Flames to come into physical reunion and in the Twin Flame Union of the soul. No matter how bad things have been between you and your twin, things are about to change with these new energies to support your Twin Flame union. Things will be getting easier.

Do you keep seeing 1122

The number 1122 is the carrier of an energetic blueprint that holds the secrets of your highest spiritual path. It tells you about your most important purpose in your life.

Seeing this number means you are now aligned to achieve your soul purpose, as twin flames are part of one soul, it indicates they are going to reach higher life goals together.

Number 11:22 could appear in any form in your life. To understand what it means, let’s check both numbers 11 and 22 separately.

The Master Number 11
The number 11 is the combination of two 1’s. It represents enlightenment and awakening.
This number delivers a message that you should connect with your light within you because now is the time. With your power, you can inspire others and in this case, your twin flame.
This number tells you that your soul is aligning with your true self which will help you attain love and joy in your life.
It is also an indicator that you should be bold to fulfil your desires instead of being afraid of the results.
Your intentions will play a part in how you are going to achieve your life goals. Aligning your thoughts positively will, in turn, create positivity not only for you but others as well.

The Master Number 22
The number 22 is the combination of two 2’s. It is a powerful number. This number indicates that you should work on your dreams to fulfil your desires.
Seeing this number assures you that you have the power to manifest your dreams.
You can achieve a higher balance in life by using your energy correctly. The number 22 says that your mind and heart have the right directions that will lead you towards your highest path.
For the twin flames, this number brings the invitation to work together to build the collective dream. It tells you that the time is right to create your own world.

11:22 number reminds you that you have met your twin flame. When together, you have the energy and power to achieve your higher life purpose. It indicates that you should leave your past behind and think about your future.

Twin flames vibrate at intense levels. Their connection is stronger than thunder and lighting, and all the forces of nature combined. Plato, Shakespeare and many others have all foretold the stories of the fated ones!

They feel guilt, anger, joy happiness and the whole spectrum of human emotions together, even if the experiences that evoked these feelings aren’t mutually shared.
They are mirror souls of each other, and this duality imparts in them similar mental and spiritual characteristics. They hardly feel indifferent.

Sure, they’re flawed, but even their imperfections are unbelievably similar. Twin flames can exhibit powerful telepathy that transcends human logic. Inconsistencies and spiritual variations mark twin flame relationships.

It is speculated that one of the twins is a psychic, and can pick up signals of its twin flame. They can know for sure what they are feeling, and what they are going through. Not only are they more spiritually ascended than their other half, but they are also in harmony with the universe. In the meantime, the other twin barely moves in their life.

They wear a façade, which drowns them in their self-inflicted pain. They can’t come to grips with the illusions of this deceptive world. They are still trying to seek a higher self. They don’t vibrate at the same spiritual level as their more spiritually enlightened counterpart.

When a man goes through the initial stages of twin flame awakening, he tends to do so from a position of ignorance and denial of anything other than the physical plane. This is perfectly natural. This is because the masculine energies with which men are more abundantly furnished with are particularly suited to life in the physical realm.

Men are just inherently less suited to spiritual life and have more trouble than women in accepting the existence of the spiritual plane.

Therefore, if our twin flame is a man and we are establishing that first connection, we might find that he is entirely ignorant of the whole concept of twin flames and the spiritual plane on which we all might exist. We have to introduce him to his spiritual self.

You would think that living side by side with your twin flame is the perfect fairy tale, but it rarely is. The phrase, ‘opposites attract’ is highly applicable when it comes to living with your twin flame. There is no balance, both energies fuse to even out with each other.

Everything is countered to the point of it becoming overpowering and suffocating. A twin flame relationship is magical – it’s spontaneous and destructive at the same time. You go from being on a pedestal to being so low you can’t even comprehend it. From sexual bliss to maddening chaos, you take on a universal life force of your own. Passion, pleasure and pain!

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