11-11-11 Heart-Center Gateway/Activation – Divinity In Us Blog – by Gabriel F. Duran

The “new consciousness” is really a “re-member” or return to living through a “heart-centered consciousness” perspective/awareness. And the difference is everything, as they say. For living through the High Heart is living from and through love, always, first and foremost. Which means what?

Well, when we are living through a “heart-centered” awareness in love, we are at the complete opposite end of the scale, with respect to fear. There can be no “fear” within the High Heart. For this is the center of love, Divine. So, anytime we experience “fear” we have left, our heart-center and have gone back to the brain/ego’s perception of separation and duality. This lowers our frequency, tremendously. As FEAR is (Forget Everything And React).

In reality, these frequencies of “love” or “fear” alone can ascend us to the higher frequencies of the 4th density of consciousness or drop us to the lower frequencies of 3rd density of consciousness. Where one allows for manifesting the reality very quickly. And the latter causes our creations to unfold throughout much space and time.

This shows us where we are at, within any particular point throughout our day. As the heart-center is the frequency of love, the first “positive” frequency that is inherent, within this “over-all” love frequency is “courage”. For the first positive attribute that “empowers” us, is the frequency of courage. And, once more, this is inherent when living from/through the heart-center.

As we come about another prime 11-11-11 gateway, we are given much expansion, with regards to our frequencies. For this gateway has been a “focal-point” in which much that has been requested of us, is being “released” for our betterment. Numerous frequencies that allow us easier access to the more spiritual “gifts” have been enabled.

All that we have available to us, now will be unfolding based on our desires to embody these frequencies, or to pass them on. For each of us has access to ALL of these frequencies. However, most will focus in on certain “gifts” or “attributes” that are inherent, within a chosen “mission” or “themed” directional life expression.

These energies are expanding within us ALL, the ability to commune more directly as we turn our attention/awareness, within. As many are expanding in their service to Gaia, we simultaneously “call forth” for assistance from those that are existing in numerous planes all about us. And these “calls” are being answered in greater frequency, as our abilities to “recognize” and work within these other realms, expands.

So, be ever desirous of Being an example in diplomacy and efficaciousness of expanding into these realms. As we ascend in frequency, we “unite” aspects of the subconscious and unconsciousness that we have been “unaware” of, for some time. And these realms truly give us access to All That Is. In the expansion of consciousness to the higher 4th density external reality, we simultaneously expand our “inward” access, to more of who we are.

The ability to be aware of and perceive these energetic “gateways” is the “activation” of the gateway, from within that is manifesting in the without. For all comes from within, firstly. Which shows us that we are indeed in the frequency of courage and love, Divine. As these higher frequency energies are very difficult to carry when we are in duality and separation. As these energies have a tendency to “magnify” our chosen expressions, good or otherwise.

Thus, the admonition to be ever harmonious. And this is achieved through living a heart-centered awareness/consciousness. To be “mindful” of all that unfolds, as these energies are “integrated”. The pace that one integrates these energies is wholly unique, per individual. So, focus on the progress and integrations in a positive way. Rather than attempting to “identify” every ascension symptom.

These energies are bringing about more synchronistic “timelines” together. Which means, we will see further separation of the timelines, again. Those that are in need of certain experiences that are “disharmonious” will be given their opportunities, rather quickly. And those that are “aligning” with the newer energies will see their efforts manifest harmonious expressions, rather quickly as well.

The energetic changes that are influencing our realm stem from beyond as well as throughout our solar system all the way to/through within us. From our “Central Galactic Sun”, Sol is bringing about more Divine prana that our Solar System will embody, reflect and integrate. Throughout all of the various planetary bodies. This means that Gaia will be ever mindful of what we must release. And as we chose to release what no longer serves, many will opt to transmute these energies through further “Earth changes”.

Each person is responsible for how they “integrate” and “reflect” these higher frequencies. Some chose to transmute and transcend a lot, rather quickly. Though this is not a “race” to completion. As these energies are better used, through a gradual integration. So as to avoid extremes of expression. Which may influence those that are rather zealous, in an effort to expand quickly. Remember, the journey is the “destination”.

Know that this transitional time is very important for us to “feel” our way through. More and more the feelings that one expresses are to be examined and reflected on. For they show us what we are still “holding onto”. As family and “home life” come into clear focus. We have an opportunity to grow into harmony throughout our home front. While many others determine if this is a “catalyst” for “great” change. Even within the household, itself.

The key is to keep in the forefront the fact that all of this unfolds in Divine timing. Knowing that we are at the proper place at the proper time. While expanding our awareness to include more of who we are and who we interact with. As the “inner” planes, reveal to us more of who we are. And reveal to us more that we have held in our awareness throughout various lifetimes. So we may decide if we need to “release” more or “embody” more, accordingly.

Many have been or will begin receiving more “re-membering” from their own Akasha. Realizing that we are a “composite” of our sojourns in “other” timelines that are occurring within our ever-present, now moment. There will be many who “tune-into” these other aspects of Self. As the “dream realm” begins to influence many, more viscerally.

Those that are “unaware” of their “stellar roots” will discover these aspects of Self. And those that are “aware” of some of their “stellar roots” will see these interactions expand. As these relationships come into alignment with the various timelines that are coming into the forefront. We each begin to align with our “future” stellar families and their/our various unique agendas.

Know that we each have “free will” to chose our direction of expansion. Even within our various life “missions” we have come to fulfill. So that we expand in freedom and liberty. Rather than feel like we are “trapped” into some future we would rather not express or experience.

Ascension brings forth more choices and greater freedoms, not less. So, if we are “feeling” “limited” by any teachings, messages or beliefs. We must choose to lose these from our reality. So that we are expanded and not limited further. So that we are expressing through liberty of freedom and not through conformity of society.

Empowering our creations through love, Divine. While expressing compassion and harmony all about our Being. Knowing that we have come to express the “new reality” into Being from within ourselves, firstly. Embodying the “new” consciousness. Which integrates more deeply with the whole of our Divine Being.

The LightWorker is the “Light Beacon” of these 11-11-11 gateway energies. The “lions gate” is the “heart-center” of our Being. The expansion stems from our “galactic-center” of the ascension waves to our “inner” center, our High Heart, which echoes these ascension waves from within. Each aspect being a “loop” of the infinity symbol. From the “galactic central sun” to our “inner central sun”. Completing the “infinite” loop that we are, from within to without.

Our “future” now moments are to be filled with much interaction and expansion of our Unity Consciousness. As we embody our stellar and cosmic seed codes of ascension. As we activate more of our DNA that is multidimensional. As we activate/integrate the “inner” portal, Merkabah, that is our own “personal” 11-11-11 gateway. As we perceive through unity, we simultaneously disable the “separation” programs of 3D “illusions”.

The integration of our stellar and cosmic codices proceeds at a record pace. Bringing online more of our multidimensionality. Expressing further through direct Soul experience, feeling and integration. Feeling these energies through our heart-center is more important than perceiving them through our conscious ego “intellect”. As this increases our “inner ego” perception, which is our true power. Otherwise known as our Christ Consciousness. Our Higher Self. The aspect of Self we embody as we are instructed throughout the night in our sojourns of “sleep”.

Expansion occurs, ever more. The new “normal” is that there is no “normal”, anymore. For we have “upped” our level of Creation. The “familiar” is replaced by the “unknown”. As we embody our newly expanded freedoms and liberties. Empowering the people. Integrating the diversity of the Oneness. Expanding into our stellar and cosmic families. As we integrate and include our ancestral energies. Expressing ever-more from the “inner” planes of our Divinity. Activation of the 11-11-11 gateways fulfills our expansion through and through, again. Transmuting, transcending and ascending. Here and now!

Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life