Energy Enhancement Meditation Contains Secrets From Greek Myth, Orphic Mystery and Alchemy

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The ancient Greeks distinguished the Destructive (Aidêlon) Fire, associated with Hades in the Center of the Earth (Aidês), from the Creative Fire of the Sun, associated with Hephaistos, the Divine Smith or Craftsman.

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In Orphic cosmologies, as in many others, a Divine Craftsman is born from the Cosmic Egg which is an opened out Antahkarana with energies flowing down one side of a column of energy twixt heaven and earth into the center of the earth and up the other side from the Center of the earth into the central Spiritual Sun or is responsible for opening it.

Similarly, in Indian tradition the Craftsman Kâla is the Sun, the Golden Embryo (Fire), who upholds Earth, Sea and Sky (Earth, Water, Air).

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Naturally Hephaistos, the Divine Smith, is closely connected with Creative Fire – the Central Spiritual Sun , and His name is often used as a synonym for Fire.

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Plato (Cratylus 407c) explains that Hephaistos’ name comes from Phaistos, Lord of Light (Phaeos Histora)

Eliade (Forge & Crucible) argues that alchemy had its origin in the ancient Craft of the Smith, which combined religion, magic and metallurgy. For example, in the Greek tradition, the Daktuloi (Dactyls), Telkhines (Telchines) and Kabeiroi (Cabiri) are magic-working divine smiths; all come from underground to assist the Great Mother Rhea (associated with Fire”). Of the Daktuloi (“Fingers”) it is said that the Right-hand ones – the flow coming down the Antahkarana from the Central Spiritual Sun are smiths and the Left-hand are magicians – the flow coming up the Antahkarana from the Kundalini Chakra (goêtes).

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The Telkhines are also sorcerer-smiths, born of Tartaros or Kundalini Chakra. The Kabeiroi of Samothrace, who are skilled in meteoric alchemy and instructed Orpheus in Their Mysteries, are called Hephaistoi because They are smiths and are descended from Kabeiros and Kabeiria, that is, Hephaistos and Hekate. Two of them were said to stand on a fire-sprouting rock on Lemnos (Hephaistos’ island), brandishing lightning bolts and with sparks streaming from Their eyes.

According to alchemy, the metals of the Human Psychic Body are incubated until they are purified and become Gold by Fire in the Womb of the Earth – This is when we, “Drain the last dregs of our VITRIOL”. Alchemists only accelerate their development. Since Hekate is the Fiery Womb who inspires matter with spiritual energy, She is also called Nature (Phusis). Alchemists connect the Earth and Sun by means of the Column of the Antahkarana, because the Fire that comes from the center of the Earth is the key to the alchemical transformation, the Innate Heat of the Womb of Nature. Whereas, as we will see below, Hades governs rebirth through the Mysteries by means of Death, Hephaistos Sun governs rebirth through Alchemy via the Womb (Fiery initiation).

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