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Gemini (21.05 — 21.06)


Positive aspects: Geminis are open-minded, imaginative, innovative, bright, quick skilled, communicative and humorous. You will be idealized — that’s how much they love you!

Negative aspects: They crave variety, so you have to keep things interesting and to be willing to embrace change and restlessness, otherwise Geminis tend to get really cranky.

Cancer (22.06 — 22.07)


Positive aspects: Cancerians invest everything they have in their relationships, home, and family. They are affectionate, romantic, caring, loyal, and willing to go above and beyond for the people they love.

Negative aspects: Cancerians are deeply emotional, moody, and easy to offend. They tend to hold grudges and believe they know better than you. So, it’s quite natural for them to tell you what you should do (it’s meant with love!), and give you a hard time if you don’t listen. You have to learn to accept their advice even if you aren’t going to follow it — and if you beg to differ, you’ll have to beg both literally and figuratively, otherwise a Cancerian will pinch you just like a real Cancer.

Negative aspects: Leos tend to be extravagant and wasteful, and they have an ego that needs to be stroked. Many male as well as female Leos are insanely jealous, so instead of romantic gestures they will shower you with questions like: “Where have you been?”, “Where are you going?”, “When will you be back?”, “Who’s calling you at such an hour?” etc.

Scorpio (24.10 — 22.11)


Positive aspects: Scorpios are suspicious by nature, but honest. Honesty is one of the things they value most in a relationship. They are crazy and passionate about everything they are interested in, and invest their heart and soul into what they love.

Negative aspects: Your love, loyalty and respect has to be proven constantly to Scorpios, or else they may become clingy and needy, possessive or manipulative, controlling and jealous. Their constant mood swings and sarcastic sense of humor is not everyone’s cup of tea — especially if you add their interest for all things psychic, dark, and occult to the mix.

Sagittarius (23.11 — 21.12)


Aquarius (21.01— 20.02)


Positive aspects: Insanely adventurous and creative, the restless Aquarius has a wild enthusiasm for trying new things, which is intoxicating. If you are looking for someone who will always be fun — in and out of the bedroom — Aquarius is a good pick, but still, it doesn’t make him good marriage material.

Negative aspects: Aquarius is not the domesticated type and absolutely doesn’t care for homely bliss or a cozy nest. Being committed is very difficult for the representatives of this sign, as they are too independent and restless to accept the sacrifices and compromises of marriage.

Pisces (21.02 — 20.03)


This October 24th The Full Moon Will Bring Big Changes To All Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

This Wednesday October 24, 2018, the full moon arrives in Taurus and will join Uranus. It signifies uncertainty and change in relationships.

The aspect made towards Saturn turns these uncertainties to assurances. So, this full moon comes with a lot of problems along with solutions. Let’s find out what each zodiac sign will experience because of it.


People love to rely on you. Why wouldn’t they? You are a rock and can always give them the support they require. But the full moon will bring in some resentment in you. Don’t worry – you’ll get over it. You will use this time to reinvent yourself and become stronger.


As a Gemini, you value what you already have. But in this world, change is inevitable. You hate it but you have the tools to stay put. You have the willingness to change, adapt and your versatility will help with your work. If you’re finding difficulty in your job, the full moon will show you a way to change it for the better.


You are best known among your friends as the one who provides emotional support. But sometimes, you’d wish to get some of it back, don’t you? This full moon may surprise you. This time, an acquaintance may step in to provide you the support you need. Loyalties will shock you.


You love to work hard and work on yourself. But all work and no play will affect you. You need to call a time-out and rest a bit. Balance is something you’ll have difficulty finding and the full moon shows no respite. You have to struggle with work but try to get a bit of a breather in between.


For Virgos, it’s always about finding answers. It’s a good thing, but ask yourself: are you sure about the answers that you find lying around? Wait; take a step back and think about it for a moment – this full moon is deceiving. You may have to go deeper than the apparent answer to get to the real truth.


You may have always felt a bit dependent on external help. That’s not something to be ashamed of. The catch is, not to get excessively dependent. It’s time to test this habit and break it. This full moon, someone may let you down. Don’t give up – pick yourself and gather your own support. Use it and be independent.


You know when it’s time to move on and when it’s time to stay. For you, Scorpios, are wise enough to know when something is about to die. But this time, you might find it difficult to move on. Don’t resist a change that’s waiting to take place.


Optimism rules you. You can make the best out of anything and it’s within your element to be resourceful and resilient. But if you are really stuck, don’t give up. The full moon will come to your rescue and if you dig deeper you can gain the resources to rise again.


Solitude has always attracted you. A bit of introspection, a bit of me-time is all you want. But this time, it’ll be best for you to bring some balance into your life. Don’t get consumed by solitude, let’s organize a group activity and be part of it for some time.


For a good fight, you need energy. You cannot be out of energy. This full moon, stay at home and refresh it. Make a difference. Don’t worry if people call you lazy – you are preparing for a memorable fight.


The buzz of the world is just irritating. You’d rather stay in your head and understand the world around. We understand you, and this full moon, you are free to enjoy the silence. But be aware, there’s a chance of a profound conversation waiting to happen. Be open, allow it and maybe you’ll learn something useful for that raging head of yours.


It’s your money, it’s your choice – we all know that. But it’s not always a good advice to work on impulse. Try getting the help of professional advisors on your finances. You can be set up for a future success if you change your ways a bit.

So, there’s a good side and a bad side to everything. Try to be open and be wary, and this full moon will bring you enough strength to rebuild yourself. A change for the better – it’s all we want after all.

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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Likely To Run Away From Love

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is known to run away from emotional expression. Aquarians are free spirit individuals that love to live in their own world. Aquarians care deeply and love strongly, however, their communication skills do not always properly express that. While Aquarius is off in Neverland Wendy is constantly wondering when Peter will come home to her. Aquarians are huge activists that want to change the world. Ironically, their need for doing good can sometimes distract them from their prior commitments leading them to unknowingly hurt others.

Aquarians are deep souls and can only love someone if the connection is strong. Basically, if it is not worth it an Aquarius will not be interested, but when it is worth it, they are all in. Aquarians are very difficult to read which makes them the most likely to run away from love. They subconsciously push their partners away by being so mysterious. Your partner is not a mindreader and one day they will give up guessing when you will call them back. Being mysterious went from sexy to simply cold. Aquarius desperately needs their alone time more than any other sign and their partner can take this as a form of rejection.

2. Gemini

Gemini loves love more than anyone….until they are bored with that person which happens about twice a month. Gemini the sign of the twin and sign of the split personality. Nobody is more versatile than a Gemini. They crave adventure, change, and they hate being confined more than anything. Therefore a Gemini runs away from love the second they feel it is no longer an adventure to them. Once the chase is over they crave a new challenge. Geminis can never be satisfied with simply just love. Geminis need the drama to stay interested.

Gemini can push away good people that love them because they can confuse good with being boring. Being comfortable does not mean you are boring it just means you are finding trust in love. You are letting your guard down and letting all your personalities go just to be real with someone. Love does not always have to be complicated for it to be romantic.

3. Virgo

Virgo is running away from love not because they are scared of being tied down but because they are scared of being hurt. Virgo is easily the most vulnerable sign. Virgo hides their sensitivity by looking as strong as possible. They become obsessed with being the best at everything so they seem untouchable. Virgo acts this way so no one can hurt them. They are the toughest critics and the most difficult to impress. This behavior is a shield for their insecurity.

Virgo is letting love leave them by being too scared to open up. They are terrified of anyone breaking their superhero complex. Virgos are perfectionists but they are also human. Having emotions does not make anyone weak. Vocalizing how you feel makes you stronger. Learning how to love and being hurt makes you brave, not broken.

Virgo’s all work and no play structure attitude can make them miss out on romance. Romance is not planned. Falling in love is not going to fit into your agenda. Your partner may not be Prince Charming. Virgo has this undying need to fix everything. This perfectionist behavior (which comes out of love) can easily be misinterpreted as “nagging”. You are their partner, not their mother.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns are extremely goal-oriented people. Like Virgo, they can let love come in 2nd place in their life or 10th place… Capricorns always have a million things going on at the same time it can be difficult to gain their attention. Capricorns tend to show their love through actions rather than words. They are more likely to surprise you romantically with flowers than tell you you look pretty every day. Capricorns are very secure they do not need a lot of affirmation from their partners. However just because Capricorns do not need the constant praise and compliments—it does not mean their partner do not appreciate the validation.

Capricorns are bosses and they forget that sometimes they need to compromise. Their independence is one of their best qualities. Yet when Capricorns act like they do not need anyone all the time this can make their partner feel unneeded. Their partner can start to feel unimportant and secondary to them. We get it Capricorn you are the queen of everything, but even you need someone sometimes. Do not forget to appreciate who love you. You can be the best and excel at anything you desire, but without your loved ones it will be lonely at the top. A busy life can still be an empty life.

5. Aries

Aries is the classic case of wanting what they can’t have. The fire sign loves a challenge and this comes in full force with everything they do. They breathe passion and confidence. They fall in love quickly and fall out of love faster. Aries loves the rush of the game and when that has faded they want to run off to the next challenge. Aries writes people off too quickly without giving them a proper chance. You will never find a real relationship if you run away the second things become serious.

Aries are very passionate people and their high intensity can scare some of the more timid signs away. Aries leaps before they look. They hate overthinking they go into everything confident and determined. Aries is not indecisive—they know what they want. If they have decided they want you Aries will it make it their mission to have you. Aries can have an aggressive nature when everything does not go to plan. Their temper can speak for them and their impatience can drive their partner away.

6. Sagittarius

Sags run to romance….but they also run away from commitment. Sagittarians love being loved and they love attention. Sagittarians are huge Yes Men. They are the Aladdin of the zodiac. They promise you a whole new world, however they are not the prince you thought they were.

Sagittarians are very fun, playful people. Their happy-go-lucky nature is contagious which also makes them very dangerous lovers. They are huge flirts and everyone can’t help but fall in love with them. It is not your fault Sagittarius that you are so irresistible, but it can be very intimidating for your partner. Not everyone will think your constant flirty nature is cute. Some signs may be too jealous for fun-loving Sagittarius.

Sagittarians are great communicators and extremely expressive. They wear their heart and every other emotion they have on their sleeve. They do not mean to chase love away but their thirst for adventure can keep them from settling down.

7. Leo

Leo loves being the star of the show and they need the perfect plus one date for every event. If you are up for the challenge a Leo can be a great match for you. However, not everyone likes to be “on” all the time. Leos are very romantic and love grand gestures. They are dreamers—yet like most dreamers, they can get disappointed very easily. If they feel unappreciated or if their ego is bruised in any way, they can run for the hills. While Leo’s are very loving they are also very arrogant. Their pride is not something they are willing to compromise on.

Leos run away from love to protect their pride. They can prematurely end a relationship to save themselves embarrassment. They would rather be the first one to leave than be vulnerable and fight for who they love. Being vulnerable is scary and you can lose. Leos cannot take that chance.

8. Taurus

Taurus is not one to run away from love, but they are one to give love to the wrong people. Taurus loves feeling needed. They like a good damsel in distress. Taurus is very practical yet with love all logic seems to be thrown out the window. Taurus will never give up on their partner even when every sign is telling them to “run away.” Taurus is the sign that stays. While Taurus seems like the perfect partner if they are doing all the work in this relationship they will eventually lose their temper and become very impatient.

Taurus can lash out and become extremely needy when they feel unappreciated. Instead of walking away from a toxic situation they cling on tighter with dear life. Taurus runs from love by staying with the wrong person for too long.

9. Pisces

Pieces are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. They still see the world with rose-colored glasses. They believe love should be like the movies. Pisces is the child that survived adulting and they are still waiting for their happily ever after. The only problem is life is not a movie.

Pisces are extremely emotional and rely on deep connections to make a relationship work. While their need for deep emotional connection is extremely admirable, it may also be holding emotional Pisces back. Not everyone is going to be your Prince Charming right away. It is not always serendipity and roses. Sometimes you need to work on relationships before the magic starts.

10. Libra

Libras are the sign of marriage yet they are still a free air sign. These conflicting attributes are exactly why Libras are so indecisive. Their traditional romantic side is making them fall in love with every new partner. They imagine their life together, their world is now shared with them. Yet this commitment scares them. They rarely can commit to plans on Friday night let alone committing to forever with someone.

They are very indecisive and super social Libra cannot stand being alone. They can jump from partner to partner without a blink an eye. However no matter how much Libra jumps they do not always let go. Libra’s are very nostalgic and they tend to go back to past lovers quite often. They can make pro/con lists until the end of the time. but they will always find themselves going back and forth.

Although Libras are extremely social and loved by new people quite instantly…they still find themselves incredibly linked to people in their past. This is their traditional side that they can not beat out of them no matter how free-spirited they are. While Libra’s love being free they love being comfortable more. Remember Libra comfort and love is not the same thing.

Libra loves love—it is the center of their life. This feeling of healing or “fixing” their partner can sometimes take over other aspects of their life. Their relationship can become self-destructive when their partner does not appreciate them. Libra can give so much and ask for nothing in return, they must remember their value and not everyone deserves them.

11. Scorpio

Scorpios are huge advocates for the truth. While they can be the most sensual sign they do not give away their heart to just anyone. They need to know it is real before they can trust. Scorpio’s guard their heart and they will not let you in unless you are worth it. They have strong pride and hate being wrong. Scorpios can come off as rash, but truth be told they just say what is on their mind (and sometimes that can be kind of scary). What you see is what you get with a Scorpio.

Scorpios do not find true love often. Relationships are rare for them it can take them even years to build that trust with someone. They are one of the least likely signs to run away from love because they rarely choose love to begin with. If a Scorpio chooses you, you must already be special to them. While they act the toughest they are actually one of the most sensitive signs. They do not sign themselves up for heartbreak with just anyone.

12. Cancer

Cancer will never run away from love unless you broke their heart. Cancer is the most loving, open, and giving sign. They are the sign of the homemaker and they really do make their love feel like your home. Cancer will not a day go by without praising you. Cancer is full of the sweet nothings and the neck kissing. Cancer is all romance and no reality. They can talk to you until the wee hours of the morning, but they can hide their emotions when you have hurt them.

They can be moody and insecure. Cancer will shower you with compliments, but they are too scared to tell you when you have hurt them. With this lack of communication, it can become very easy for sweet Cancer to get taken advantage of. Cancer is still very vocal, so their partner may not always see this insecurity coming. Cancer signs are usually quiet about their true emotions. They need a partner who can really read between the lines and crack Cancer’s hard coveted shell. TC mark

The Zodiac Signs If They Were Mythological Creatures… – Zodiac Fire

Have you ever wondered what the signs might be if they were ancient mythological creatures? Some would be ten foot tall creatures that are filled with aggression and the ability the scare the living daylights out of you whilst other’s would be shrouded in mystery and like the stuff of urban legends. Here’s lowdown on what mythological creature each zodiac sign would be! Aries… the Werewolf. Fast and energetic the Aries would be the werewolf. Taurus… the Dragon. Tough as a motherf#*ker and able to get s#&t done the Taurus would be the dragon. Gemini… the Elf. Expressive in nature and more of a love than a fighter the Gemini would be the elf. Cancer… the Banshee. Unconventional and not to be messed with the Cancer would be the banshee. Leo… the Griffin. Brave and proud the Leo would be the griffin. Virgo… the Angel. Gentle, warm and extremely caring the Virgo would be the Angel. Libra… the Nymph. Eternal freedom seekers and with a real thirst for life the Libra would be the Nymph. Scorpios… the Siren. Stunning and  memorizing yet dangerous as hell the Scorpio would be the Siren. Sagittarius… the Ghost. Restless and adventurous the Sagittarius would be the ghost. Capricorn… the Mermaid. Beautiful and sophisticated the Capricorn would be the mermaid. Aquarius… the Vampire. Independent, proudly maladjusted and downright rebellious the Aquarius would be the vampire. Pisces… the Kraken. Wild as all hell the Pisces would be the Kraken.

FBI Shares Statistics: Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Dangerous?

There is much said and written about the characteristics of star signs, such as “Virgos never forgive, Aries people are determined” etc.

But this time, we are going to tell you about real statistics! The FBI shared the birth dates of serial killers and people who show psychopathic tendencies. And as you can imagine, statistics can show which star sign is more inclined to which types of crimes.

Let’s see which zodiac signs are more psycho-like!

12. Everybody talks bad about the people who are born under Gemini sign, but it turns out that it is the least dangerous star sign!

As they don’t take anybody seriously enough to kill or hurt them, Gemini people get blood on their hands least.

Or instead of killing them, they probably prefer boring people to death by talking and talking to them. It does make sense!

11. Aquarius is the second most innocent zodiac sign!

They care a lot about justice and have strong egos that can’t be smashed easily. We don’t know exactly why but these people are the second most innocent star sign after Gemini.

Or maybe, they don’t get caught because they are smart enough to not leave any evidence behind; and that’s how they don’t get caught and become a part of these statistics.

10. Don’t be fooled by all that roaring, they are just cats! Leos also stay away from the trouble.

It was also mentioned that when a Leo commits murder, it is mostly to attract attention.


9. We know Libras as just, kind, and patient, but these people commit more murders than Leo and Aquarius, which is weird.

Well, even patience has its limits. It is likely that Libras resort to violence when others take advantage of their good intentions.

8. An averagely psycho and very neat killer: Virgo!

We should point out that Virgos are more prone to theft and fraud rather than murders, though.

7. You think Pisces people are cute? You are wrong.

John Wayne Gacy (aka Killer Clown), Richard Ramirez, and Aileen Wuornos (with her very sad story) are some of the most famous Pisces serial killers. People born under Pisces sign usually commit more extraordinary murders thanks to their tendency toward addiction.

6. While the number of serial killers born under Capricorn sign is pretty average, the serial killer that murdered most people is a Capricorn!

Although they are known for their respect for laws and rules, it seems that Capricorns shouldn’t be pissed off.

People born under Capricorn don’t kill often, but when they do, they go all the way!

5. Aries people, who are known to be crazy, do not surprise.

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Their anger is abrupt but it doesn’t last long. That’s why we see Aries at the 5th place in this list. If you piss off an Aries, make sure you stay away from them for a while. Then they will forget why they got mad, to begin with.

4. The wrath of Taurus is intense! But fraud is more common among these people than murder.

They like luxury, what can they do?

3. And now the top three! Sagittarius takes the third place in our list!

And these people don’t go for small-scale individual crimes. For example, Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, and Stalin were all Sagittarius.

They go for bigger crimes and kill in masses and announce themselves “leaders.”

2. Official psychos! Scorpio takes the second place! Is there anybody who surprised?

Because most serial killers were born in November, the majority of them are Scorpios and the rest are Sagittarius. They are known to be sadistic murderers.

1. The first in our list, the head of maniacs is surprisingly Cancer!

They usually kill because of jealousy. Their mood swings seem to cause trouble!

We hope for the world where all star signs can live in peace!

The Zodiac Signs As Natural Disasters… – Zodiac Fire

What would the zodiac signs be if they were naturally occurring disasters, you ask?

Perhaps your sign is like an explosively erupting volcano? Or are you more of an earth-shattering earthquake type? Or maybe you’re a giant asteroid that’s heading to Earth about to destroy us all…

Well wonder no more because you’re about to discover exactly what type of natural disaster your sign would be!

Aries is like a volcano: they’re capable of exploding at any given moment.

Just like a volcano the Aries is unpredictable and capable erupting at any given moment… and when they lose it their temper can be rather explosive so think twice before you mess with them!

Taurus is like an earthquake: they rarely erupt but when they do boy can they do some damage.

The Taurus generally tries to avoid chaos if they can help it but if they are backed into a corner and forced to retaliate then you better believe that they will erupt with great might similar to that of an earthquake.

Gemini is like a sandstorm: they’re restless and hard to pin down.

The Gemini is restless and somewhat hard to predict suiting them perfectly to the an untameable outback sandstorm. And just like a sandstorm they do everything at 100 miles/hour!

Cancer is like a tidal wave: they can be sudden and overwhelming.

The Cancer can be overcome with sudden bouts of strong emotion that break out with the strength of a tidal wave. They try to keep their cool but when they are pushed past their limits they can become dangerous.

Leo is like wild-fire: once they get going they’re extremely hard to stop.

Fast spreading and difficult to stop the Leo would have to be wild-fire that’s capable of spreading before you’ve even realized what’s happening. They can go from 0 – 100 in the blink of the eye so don’t provoke them!

Virgo is like an avalanche: they’re practically unstoppable.

The Virgo has the strength and willpower of an unstoppable avalanche which allows them to take many hits in life without getting discouraged. They just keep on going until they ultimately achieve victory in whatever it is that they set their mind too.

Libra is like a monsoon: they’re quick and unpredictable.

The Libra is a fast thinker who also has an unpredictable streak that makes it hard for people ever be 100% sure about what they might do next. And for this reason they would definitely be a tropical monsoon!

Scorpio is like a thunderstorm: dark, mysterious and destructive.

The Scorpio personality has a dark and mysterious quality and those born under this sign have an extremely powerful energy and auro about them that is uncannily similar to that of a thunderstorm!

Sagittarius is like a tornado: powerful and full of energy.

Due their short-lived but powerful bursts of energy the Sagittarius would be a tornado. When they get going they’re a marvel to watch from a safe distance but don’t get in their way or they can be dangerous.

Capricorn is like a blizzard: when they’re angry they can be oh-so cold.

The Capricorn is an all-around good person but should you somehow get on their bad side they can become brutally cold and know exactly how to dish it out. And for this reason they would have to be a blizzard.

Aquarius is like an asteroid: they’re basically from another planet.

The Aquarius is a rare and unique personality that’s both intriguing but also dangerous if you get in their way… being so unusual they would have to be an asteroid.

Pisces is like a flood: deep and sometimes overwhelming.

Sometimes the Pisces can just get so overwhelmed by life that they feel like they are flooded by their emotions making them very much suited to the the intensity of an outright FLOOD!

According To The Zodiac Signs, These Are The 3 Best Women To Marry

There’s no question zodiac signs can reveal a lot about a person’s character. This may be of particular interest to men planning to get married. If you are about to pop the question, read on and find out which zodiac signs make the best wives.

The Cancer Queen

Cancer women have intense emotions for their partners. Their love is unconditional and they’ll do anything for the person they love. If you’re marrying a Cancer woman, it means that you’ve made the right choice. This woman will go great lengths to make you happy.

However, they are prone to dramatizing, even about trivial things, but this is nothing compared to the other benefits you get from marrying a Cancer woman.

These women will do anything to make a cozy, warm home for you and your family. Plus, they are great in the kitchen, which means you’ll enjoy delicious recipes on your dining table.

Cancer women are dedicated and loving mothers and to them, children always come first. The thing she looks for in her husband is love and honesty.

The Empress Aries

According to astrologers, Aries are women who make their men fall on their knees. They are extremely strong and unyielding – they will do all it takes to achieve their goals. If you think you are strong enough to spend your life with this strong and brave woman, go for it, but, you should always have in mind to keep the flame burning. She will expect your help and support in everything she does. For this, you’ll soon enjoy a high social status as everyone will start treating you with respect. Aries women are capable of making their men stronger, more responsible and worthy of attention. They are very down-to-earth and have realistic expectations from the people around them.

On the other hand, these women are very hard to attract, so even if you manage to do so, be aware that your Aries woman thinks highly of you and will do everything it takes to bring the best out of you.

Aries women make strict, yet impartial mothers who usually raise leaders and winners.

What she expects from her partner is a strong character and determination, something she has herself.

The Ruler Leo

Leo women are both strong and harsh. In other words, they are warriors. They possess incredible strength and ability and need someone as strong as they are. They never fall for ordinary men. They don’t have to go over the board to seduce their men; men simply fall captive to their charm and strength.

They are dedicated and loyal partners and will go all the length for their spouses. Their love is very intense. In fact, you’ll never meet another woman who’ll love you more than a Leo. She is the pure image of what selfless and pure love means.

And, she doesn’t fight like a lioness only for her partner. She does the same for her children as well. She’s always there ready to do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones.

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8 Best Dog Breeds For Gemini Zodiac Signs

Searching for the perfect dog to become your new furry family member is about more than just finding a pup that is cute, available, and won’t break the bank. There are so many things to take into consideration before you settle on the dog breed you want. You need to think about the size of the dog versus the size of your home, how active a dog is compared to how active you are, how low or high-maintenance a dog is and how that fits into your lifestyle, and the age of the dog (if you’re adopting) versus how much care you’re able to give. Of course, having an emotional connection with the animal is important as well, and a big part of that is if your personalities fit. Sometimes, turning to your zodiac sign to find out the perfect dog breed for you isn’t a bad idea.

Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your own personality traits and what you really want and need out of life… and that’s all really important to think about when settling on a dog. For example, if you’re a quiet, introverted person who doesn’t like physical activity, you probably don’t want to get a dog that needs a lot of exercise and attention.

If you’re a Gemini, you someone who is seen as adaptable, smart, outgoing, friendly, passionate, and a bit impulsive at times. You have a super charismatic personality, and you love to be the center of attention. You’re also spontaneous and constantly hopping from one thing to the next, never afraid to let your voice be heard. You love to be around others and to feel loved — a dog is a great companion for you.

1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A corgi is kind of like the Gemini of dogs: they are affectionate, outgoing, strong, and friendly. They love to be around others, but they aren’t super needy, and they are also smart and fun to be around. These sweet dogs will make a perfect little friend for you.

2. Labrador Retriever

Like you, Gemini, Labrador retrievers are super smart and adaptable, and they are known for being incredibly friendly. What most people love about Labs is that they get along with everyone and they are always down to have fun – sort of like you. They’re also full of energy and will definitely keep you from getting bored.

3. Bichon Frise

As a Gemini, you love to learn and try new things while also having an uplifting energy about you. This is basically the same as a Bichon Frise. These little dogs love to have fun, they’re full of energy, and they’re always down for an adventure. They will keep up with your outgoing side, but they’ll also be down to snuggle when you need to keep things more calm.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell terriers are not for everyone, mainly because they are extremely smart, curious, and full of high energy. But they’re great for you, Gemini, because you’re pretty much the same way. The last thing you want is to get bored quickly, and this kind of dog will definitely keep you on your toes.

5. Golden Retriever

Sweet, smart, and loving, Golden Retrievers are a great companion for anyone, especially Geminis. They are super playful and will keep up with your spontaneous side, but they’re also cuddly and loving for some serious snuggles.

6. Shiba Inu

As a Gemini, you’re the sign of twins, which means you have two sides: you love to be social and energetic, but you also appreciate your downtime. A Shiba Inu is great because they can have a lot of energy for playtime, but they can also just hang on their own. They also have a really pleasant personality that will work for you.

7. Chihuahua

A Chihuahua might be small, but they are full of energy and personality. They love to do new things, explore, and be adventurous, so they’re great for you when you just want to try new things. They’re also very social and friendly, so you can bring them everywhere!

8. Greyhound

Regal and unique, greyhounds are gentle dogs with a very independent spirit. They love to play, they love to be around others, and they have enough energy to keep up with you.

Your Astrological Sign Has Shifted: NASA Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First Time In 2,000 Years | Spirit Science

The stars are a database of information, from overcoming struggles, to forming healthy relationships, to improving your character, and so much more. This knowledge has been used since ancient times in various cultures, and now it has been passed to you.

NASA Updates Star Signs for the First Time In 2,000 Years

The stars have shifted due to the wobbling effect of the Earth caused by the sun and the moon over the last two to three thousand years.

The sky is different than what the ancient astrologers viewed. Now, the constellations are off by about a month.

Therefore 86% of people are living under the wrong horoscope. (1)

Presenting the All-New Horoscopes

Check that List Again

This will blow your mind. There are thirteen zodiac signs.

Actually, that is not a new revelation. Ancient Babylonian astrologers discovered these thirteen constellations yet omitted Ophiuchus so the signs will be divided equally into twelve due to the 360-degree path of the sun.

Well, this tells us one thing: government conspiracies are not a new phenomenon. (3)

Ophiuchus: The 13th Sign

The Ophiuchus constellation features a man grasping a snake and is more commonly known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. This sign has been adapted into many ancient cultures, but in essence, is the same being.

In Greek mythology, Ophiuchus is identified as being Asclepius the healer and son of Apollo. Asclepius held the power to resurrect the dead. An enraged Hades persuaded Zeus to assassinate Asclepius with a lightning bolt. In death, Asclepius was placed as a constellation in the stars.

For the Sumerians, this figure was known as the god Enki.

The Egyptians recognize this sign to be a man named Imhotep who lived in Egypt around the 27th century BCE.

In the Bible, these attributes belonged to the Hebrew man Joseph, son of the forefather Jacob. Imhotep is the Egyptian name for Joseph.

Virtues of Ophiucus

1If you are born between November 29 through December 17, you are truly under the sign Ophiucus. These characteristics may define you better than Scorpio or Sagittarius.

The New You

This transition is simple for me. My natural zodiac used to be Taurus, but I always associated myself as an Aries, since the personality traits suited me more. According to this new chart, I am an Aries!

It may be difficult to adjust to your new constellation, but I advise you to research your new sign. You may be shocked at the accuracy of NASA’s new update.

After all, it’s been written in the stars.

This article was written by The Hearty Soul. The Hearty Soul is a rapidly growing community dedicated to helping you discover your most healthy, balanced, and natural life.


(3) Elle Johnson (Jan 20, 2016) http://amhsnewspaper.com/8392/ae/nasa-announces-new-horoscope/

(4) The Mind Unleashed (Aug 21, 2013) http://themindunleashed.org/2013/08/the-13th-zodiac-sign-ophiuchus.html