Daily 2 Cents: South Texas Flying Cryptid — Northeast Ohio UFO Photo — ‘This has changed my life forever’

South Texas Flying Cryptid

John in San Antonio wrote into the Rigor Mortis Paranormal Podcast to tell of his weird creature sighting in San Antonio in 2014:

“My story is pretty crazy. One night I heard my dogs going crazy. Three Pitbulls barking a lot more than usual. So I step outside. They’re looking up towards the sky. I see something flying over my house. Really big. I tripped out. I thought it was a super big owl or something so I go inside and my dogs start going crazy again. So I go outside again, this time with my flashlight and this time, they’re barking towards the dark corner of my backyard. So I’m trying to flash my light over but I can’t see anything. I hear movement. Something really big. I tried throwing a rock over there but nothing. It freaked me out. Finally, after about 30 minutes, the dogs stopped barking.

So, about a month goes by and I’m in my backyard again. In my yard, I just look up, gazing at what I heard, a noise up in the trees. I swear I see something big, huge, like flying by to where the wingspan on this creature had to have been at least 12 feet long. The strange thing is, everytime it flapped its wings, you could hear a whooshing sound. It was so big I could not believe my eyes. That was one of the craziest things that ever happened to me.”

NOTE: I consider the south Texas area to be one of the most active cryptid locations in the country. Lon


Northeast Ohio UFO Photo

Garrettsville, OH – 2011-10-22: This photo was taken by my dad at Nelson Ledges State (Quarry) Park in Ohio on 10/23/2011. He was fishing and decided to take a couple pictures for memories. He realized later on while looking at the pictures noticed this odd looking object. He says that when he was shooting the pictures he didn’t notice anything strange. My guess is whatever it was had to be moving really fast and was caught on film at the right moment. – MUFON


‘This has changed my life forever’

China Grove, NC – 2007-03-30: Hello my name is Ryan. First off just want to say I never looked into aliens, or researched them or anything like that until these events happened to me.

I would also like to add I’m only doing this so that someone can help me understand more of what happened as I cant talk to family or friends about this. No one believes me.

I’m hoping to get some info on regression therapy from someone who is local to me.

Ok…so roughly 10 years ago I was sleeping in my bed next to my girlfriend at the time. We were living with her mother. her house was right at the edge of the woods and just following that was open…what used to have been corn fields. We weren’t in the country by no means just where our house was just happen to be right on farm land (I can get GPS coordinates if you’d like).

Our bedroom had one window, and it was facing the trees and field. As I lay sleeping I sorta wake up and see a couple of light balls come thru window and into the room. I don’t remember being scared or anything. The rest plays out like scenes, no transitions though. Next thing I see is the lights are gone. And I see 3 beings in my room…2 small ones and 1 bigger. All were small though…2 maybe 3.5 feet and 1 maybe 4.5 feet. I remember not being able to move. One was standing in front of TV and I remember it was almost transparent as I can see the TV thru him…almost like 50 percent transparency. The other was standing by my girlfriend.

Then I remember one on top of me. I couldn’t tell if it was straddling me or not but I was laying down so I assume so. I was in complete fear, no words can describe it. I tried my best to wake my girlfriend but she wouldn’t move. The one on top of me got inches from my face and its eyes alone paralyzed me. The next thing I remember is waking up at 6 am being really thirsty.

I have had 3 other similar times this happened as well… in different locations. I never remember being on a craft though this just takes place in my room. But from research I’ve read that 99 percent sure I was taken from my room. That’s the answers I’m hoping to get.

Like I said it has happened a couple more times (that I recall). Like once every couple years. Most were similar to the above but did have one that was really different. If you’d like I can tell that one, and if you need me to get in front of a laptop and take more time to write out better I can. I would really like to speak on the phone or personally with someone. This has changed my life forever. Just want to be heard and get more answers. – MUFON


Great White Shark Stalks the Everglades

A great white shark named George has been spotted lingering off the Florida coast near the Everglades and Gulf of Mexico.

News outlets cite shark-tracking organization OCEARCH as reporting George was spotted Sunday near the edge of Everglades National Park.

George was tagged in October 2016 off the coast of Massachusetts. Since then, he’s been spotted near the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to south Florida and had traveled more than 4,500 miles (7,242 kilometers) by Sunday.

He was last recorded as 702 pounds (320 kilograms) and around 10 feet (3 meters) long. OCEARCH chief science adviser Bob Hueter tells The Miami Herald that George probably weighs closer to 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) now.

As of late Sunday, George appeared to be making his way up Florida’s western coast toward Everglades City. – Great white shark named George stalks Everglade waters



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UFO sighting at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island

He took the photograph of the UFO at 4.25pm on Wednesday, December 5 in perfectly clear conditions.

Mr Isaacson now wants to know if anyone else saw anything else unexplained flying around the Dudley Peninsula or Kangaroo Island in the past few weeks.

“Just when I stopped taking photos and moved the camera down, I saw something out of the corner of my eye,” he said. “Whatever it was moved silently and exceptionally quickly.”

He didn’t realise he had captured the object on his camera until he got back to his accommodation and started downloading and going through his photos from the day.

His only thought was that it could have been some kind of unmanned drone, as it did not move like a plane or helicopter. 

He said it appeared to be about a “football field” distance off the shoreline below the lighthouse.

“I’d be interested to know if anyone else reported a sighting that day,” he said.

Mr Isaacson was originally from Sydney but now lives and works as an interior designer in Berlin, Germany.

He was on Kangaroo Island with his mother who was celebrating her 90th birthday and were staying with friends at the Seaview Lodge in Penneshaw. 

KI UFO: The original version of Andrew Isaacson's UFO photograph taken at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island.


KI UFO: The original version of Andrew Isaacson’s UFO photograph taken at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island.

The Islander last reported on KI UFO after National Geographic published an article about an explained sighting over Kangaroo Island in 1969.

There have been numerous other UFO reports over the years reported in this newspaper. 

Have you ever seen any usual activity in the skies above Kangaroo Island?

Source: The Islander

UFO sighting continues: Bizarre object disguised as sun seen sinking into ocean – IBTimes India

YouTube: Verdad Oculta

A Spanish YouTube channel named ‘Verdad Oculta’ has uploaded a strange video that shows an object, seemingly looking like sun sinking into the ocean. In the video, spectators can be seen shooting the eerie sighting using their smartphones. The YouTube channel also revealed that the clip was shot from California on December 25, 2018.

The video soon went viral, and several conspiracy theorists started claiming that something very sinister is going on in the skies and oceans, without the knowledge of the general public. Popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring also analyzed the video, and he claimed that aliens from deep space are using oceans as their secret bases.

“This UFO was caught by spectators who observed a UFO disguised as the sun sinking into the ocean. I have heard of such things, but this is the first good video of such a phenomenon. Underwater alien bases do exist, and since 75% of the earth is covered by water, I assume 75% of all alien bases are too,” wrote Scott C Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Scott C Waring also posted some enhanced images of the sighting that shows an apparent dome in the top of this unidentified flying object (UFO).

A few weeks back, local media houses in the Philippines had reported a huge UFO sighting above the ocean. The video of the sighting was uploaded to YouTube by GMA news, and it made many people in the country believe that extraterrestrials are real. As per people who believe in this theory, most of the UFO sightings are happening above oceans, and it substantiates the fact that aliens are hiding secretly in underwater bases.

Even though conspiracy theorists consider these UFO sightings a proof of alien existence, sceptics were soon to dismiss these claims, and they believe that most of these videos are either fabricated or these clips might be the result of glitches in camera lenses.

UFO sighting: ‘Alien spacecraft’ spotted in Indonesia


ufoviral news

UFO SIIGHTING: A menacing mass was spotted above the island of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

The ominous dark mass appeared in the sky above the remote island of West Nusa Tenggara – sparking screams of terror from those below.

The glowing circular object resembled a UFO slowly descending from space, said onlookers.

A teacher at the school where it was filmed said children were “screaming hysterically” when it emerged – close to top holiday hotspot destination Bali.

He said: “This happened at about 2.35pm, when suddenly the students who were busy playing in the school yard, spontaneously screamed hysterically seeing unusual sights, I heard the children’s voices, then came out to see and immediately recorded the phenomenon using my cell phone.


“I still don’t know what it is. It could be some kind of rainbow. But people were very scared.”

The teacher said that none of the people who saw the incident or anyone who has viewed the video have been able to identify the incident in the sky.

He said it was not the sun being obscured by clouds because the shape was too near and too large to be the sun.

However, the sighting could be a form of “fire rainbow” or circumhorizontal arc caused by different clouds interacting with crystals of water trapped in the atmosphere, according to experts.

Tropical temperatures in the region can also cause sudden movements of clouds and changes in atmospheric pressure, resulting in bizarre scenes.

Apocalyptic death cloud HAUNTS town in Brazil

Just what is this strange, menacing-looking cloud that is terrorising the residents of a Brazilian town?


Meanwhile a space boffin told the Daily Star online that “we are being watched” by aliens.

The conspiracy theorist, called Graham, said: “Sightings all over the world are increasing at a dramatic rate.

“We are being watched and observed like a large planet sized scale lab experiment, I am of the opinion that the other races visiting our planet are not hostile.

“After all, with the technology they must employ to travel vast distances etc, I’m sure they could wipe us out in the blink of an eye.”

ufo conspiracy depot

ALARMING: These two scary blobs were seen on the ISS feed

His claims come after images emerged of “seven UFOs” on the International Space Station feed. (will add pics from yesterday’s story)

Graham added: “Eventually, they will make themselves known.

“There is a theory that a timescale has been firmly set and agreed by world leaders and the ET’s and I think the time for disclosure will be within the next 15 years.


Are Aliens here? Video shows triangular-shaped UFO within a lightning bolt

Once again, rumors of UFO sighting are emerging and this time it is a ‘triangular’ shaped one seen within a lightning bolt, either reportedly traveling or harnessing power through it.

A video was uploaded by a popular YouTube channel that constantly posts videos about UFO sightings and alien findings called ‘secureteam10’. The YouTuber recently uploaded a video showing a triangular-shaped ‘UFO’ within a lightning bolt.

As per conspiracy theorists, the object cannot be a human spacecraft as it traveled through the lightning with ease and only extraterrestrial life could possibly have made such spacecraft. The YouTuber claimed that either the ‘alien spacecraft’ was using the lighting as its path or it came near the bolt to harvest energy, as per the Indian news website The TeCake.

Two pilots separately report seeing same ‘UFO’

“Today we have an amazing new capture … yet another one of these objects either struck by, caught within or siphoning energy from another one of these lightning bolts snapped just at the right time as it was coming down over the Czech Republic,” claimed narrator Tyler Glockner.

Alien findings and UFO sightings have recently taken pace with numerous rumors coming in. Not long ago, the same YouTube channel reported another ‘UFO’ sighting captured from a picture taken from Google Earth of South Georgia Island. The picture reportedly showed the remains of a ‘UFO’ that crashed to Earth on a side of mountain and slid a long distance across ice.

Amidst this heated debate over the existence of aliens, a group of scientists from the Plymouth University has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks (ANNs) to find the alien life. It may also help scientists to predict on other planets and universal facts.

“We’re currently interested in these ANNs for prioritising exploration for a hypothetical, intelligent, interstellar spacecraft scanning an exoplanet system at range,” lead study author Mr Christopher Bishop was quoted while talking about the development.

“We’re also looking at the use of large area, deployable, planar Fresnel antennas to get data back to Earth from an interstellar probe at large distances. This would be needed if the technology is used in robotic spacecraft in the future,” he added.


Baltic Anomaly: Far Stranger Than Any UFO Discovery

This is turning into one of the most amazing and perplexing discoveries in history. If you thought all of the questions surrounding the Baltic anomaly would be answered by the return trip, then you’d be wrong.  The OceanX team have discovered right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object as well as something resembling a staircase – the weird just got weirder.

Truthfall Special Report by Craig Brown

3D Sonar reveals perfectly straight lines and angles embedded into the round structure.    – Click image to enlarge

“When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film” – Dennis Åsberg – Ocean Explorer Co-Founder

From the different reports and interviews given we have amassed the following details of the anomaly.

    • Completely circular plate-like exterior.

    • 180 metres in circumference.

    • Object is 200ft accross mushroom shaped comprising a thick pillar rising 8 metres out of the seabed with a 4 metre thick dome on top (like a mushroom shape) – rising a total of 12 metres (approx 40 feet) high above the surrounding seabed.

    • Cavities-like corridors inside the object.

    • Straight and smooth walls  in certain areas with many right angles.

    • There are visible formations on top of the object, which are set at a 90 degree angle and look like passageways or walls, as well as something that looks like it could be a staircase.

    • Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome.

    • Spherical object nicknamed “The Meringue” (pictured below) is 4 metres wide and sits on top of the object.
  • Twenty-five centimetre hole on top of the object, it’s not known yet where it leads or what if anything is inside.

  • Long runway or “skid marks” leading to object point north.

The latest revelations of right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object are if possible, far stranger than any UFO could ever hope to be. In fact a UFO find would now seem positively mundane.

Very poor visibility down to only several feet in the Baltic because of all the sediment.

Now it seems that as more and more information is revealed, the mystery surrounding the object grows.  The good news for everyone who is intrigued by this story is that a THIRD expedition by the team will set off in approximately two weeks – the OceanX team will be hoping to rule out some of the possible explanations and collect even more data to shed light on this most perplexing mystery.

“A new expedition will take place in approx three weeks.” – Peter Lindberg, co-founder OceanX Team (approx 2 weeks now at time of publishing)

Artist Hauke Vagt’s revised and updated image of what the anomaly looks like in it’s entirety.

The original side-scan sonar image

The sidescan sonar shows the main anomlay (left) and the second anomaly which has yet to be explored.

Right angles, smooth surfaces and cavitiy-like corridors inside the object

In a recent Swedish radio interview, Aasberg described some amazing features which seem to indicate that the object is man made, or perhaps a natural formation that has been altered or engineered.  In various radio and TV interviews the team have described the surfaces of the dome to be similar to concrete both in texture and appearance.  The massive pillar on which the dome rests may be made of a different material indicating that the entire anomaly may not be one complete piece but rather two separate objects with the dome resting on top of the main pillar, and if so, who or what placed the dome on top?  Also, when we say pillar – this is a pillar that is approx 180-190 feet thick.

“We arrived there twice, and the question mark has become so much bigger now, “says Dennis Åsberg.The area is a completely circular plate with 180 metres in circumference, and therefore believed that it was the first traces of a meteor.”

“But there are 1,500-metre track in bed until the subject matter-and they have also discovered right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object.– When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film, “says Dennis Åsberg on Ocean x-team as soon exploring the unknown object again.

Circular formations of rocks – placement and arrangement in circle seems deliberate.

Stone Circles or “Fireplaces”

During the dive, the team swam slowly over the top of the object looking down where they encountered the first of many strange sights. Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome some 12 metres high off the seabed. The stones appear to be arranged in definite circular shapes, so there is no possibility of this being done through any natural process of weathering or even glaciation.

Stefan Hogeborn, 47, is a veteran of 6000 dives spanning his 20 year career and is one of the expert divers who was completely mesmerized by what he saw. “Normally stones don’t burn,” Hogeborn said. “I can’t explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions,” he added.

The Hole

Also visible and shown in some of the released video footage is a strange hole  (pictured below) in the top of the object.  The hole is described to be approx 25 cm in diameter.  Where it leads to or exactly what it’s purpose is is yet unknown.  It is thought that this feature will be investigated further when the team return to the site again in 2 weeks time.

The strange and unexplained hole in the top of the anomaly.

What is the strange hole and where does it lead?

The Trail or Path Leading To The Object

In the initial sonar imagery there appeared to be what looked 1000+ metres of what looked like like skid marks or a disturbed seafloor area leading to the object.  According to the dive team what it now looks like to them is what can only be described as a “runway” or “downhill path” that is flattened at the seabed with the object at the end of it. Co-Founder Peter Lindberg describes this feature of the site as a ridge raising slowly up from the bottom to a height of approx 8 meters above the surrounding bottom. He  also believes that this ridge is made of softer material than the pillar and the dome.

Some 200 metres away lies the second strange anomaly which is amazingly yet to be explored!  The initial sidescan sonar images show something described by the team as shaped like a “gothic church window”.  Similar to the main anomaly this object also has an area leading up to it of disturbed seafloor or what could be a ridge.  The divers were so amazed by the main anomaly that they simply didn’t have time to dive on the second one.  The return trip in two weeks time should present an opportunity for this to finally be explored.

There is the real possibility that the second anomaly may help give clues to the origin and nature of the main object.

The Remote Viewers Were Correct

Several weeks before the second expedition several set off, several remote viewers described the anomaly in “blind” sessions where all they were given was a target reference number.  The preliminary findings of the OceanX expedition have confirmed some remarkable similarities and details which were amazingly predicted by the remote viewers.

One of the remote viewers described the anomaly as the same feeling as “very large” , “light grey”, “looks like cement colour”, “like a dam – but it’s not a dam, but it reminds me of a dam, just that it’s so big, massive and huge, going down whenever you stood and you look down on it, on a dam and I can see how it just moves down away from me”.

Another viewer described it as round, semi-buried, thick, from above to below ground, AOL “like a weapons bunker or missile silo tube, something like that, way thicker than it ought to be or you would expect,”

“It just so straight up and down inside ,the Millennium Falcon from the Empire Strikes Back”.

(Editor’s Note: An AOL is what Remote Viewers refer to when an image of the target comes into their mind)

Lindberg too was impressed with the quality of the data predicted by the remote viewers – “Regarding the “remote viewing”: Yes, the last guy gives quite a spooky resembling explanation. Maybe he’s right if we find any more holes” – he said.

“3D Multibeam sonar data take a while to process. It will not be until end of next week we will be able to see the first 3D images from the area. I have seen the raw data though and if what I have seen will be confirmed by the finished result we will get some quite amazing facts to think about.”

“More pictures will come, no more diver taken pictures though, not before until next expedition.  The production company is right now working with the ROV films and still pictures from them will be released. Before the expedition” – “It is up to the production company, who makes the documentary, which pictures will be released.”

Initially when the first images were released by Swedish media the image below caused a lot of confusion for many people, with many thinking the image showed the complete anomaly.

However, after the confusion cleared it became obvious that the image below was of something now nicknamed “The Meringue”.  The meringue as it is now known is a circular 4 meter wide feature that actually sits on top of the main 200 foot wide mushroom-like dome. What looks like the seabed towards the bottom of the feature is in fact the TOP of the mushroom dome.  The seabed is another 40 feet further down!

“The Meringue” – Approximately 4 metres wide is only one of many strange features sitting on TOP of the dome of the formation.

Lindberg was asked, “What kind of resolution/accuracy can be expect of the ROV? (Remotely Operated Vehicle),  he  said – “Bad resolution, we have been sponsored by Ocean Modules with an “older” model of the V8 Sii ROV. It should not be able to send both video and the “real time sonar” images at the same time through a 450 meter cable (which we had) but it worked, though on the expense of the quality of the video. On the next expedition they will provide us with a newer model and then we will probably get much better quality on the video.”

He continued – “They do not know about all we have seen with the ROV. It take some time to tape everything over to a format with which they can use, and people have their working hours. I think though that they must be like 10 persons working with this now.”

In a recent Facebook Q&A the loose stones that make up the “fireplaces” sitting on top of the dome were discussed with co-founder Peter Lindberg – “So have any scientists results been brought back from the samples yet Peter?” – “We have recovered two loose stones laying on the circle. They are doing lab tests on the stones right now. But I think we will find that they are made of quite common minerals. I believe that since there is loose stones laying on the circle the circle must be from pre-ice age. The ice has dropped the stones when it melted away.”

“I do not know but if I must bet my money on something I would go for the possibility that the circle is of pre-ice age – age.”

Unexplained Equipment Failure

A curious phenomena that has been experienced by the dive team is one of constant electrical equipment failure when they are in close proximity to the anomaly and could be related to a magnetic disturbance in the area.
“Why isn’t anything working, anything electric out there and the satellite phone as well stopped working when we were above the object and then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again and when we got back over the object it didn’t work so that’s kind of strange as well.” – Stefan Hogeborn

“The divers said that a “blackish” powder had been attracted to the camera,  I did not see it myself though.  Another thing is that we could not use the satellite phone when we where laying above the circle, but just some tenth of meters off position the phone worked.  I do not know why but it is a fact. Furthermore, the video camera’s lights blow when the diver started them up on the surface when testing them before dive # 2. They decided anyway to bring the video camera with them and try to use their ordinary lights to illuminate for the video. When they descended the video camera started to showing an “error” message on the small monitor”. – Peter Lindberg

“The diver restarted the camera several times and finally it seamed to work.  So he filmed their dive but nothing was on the tape when watching it afterwards. The only problem we had with the ROV was that we constantly had to restart the sonar. Finally it did not work and we continued with just the video camera. When we left the circle we went to a wreck and spent like 35 hour of ROV flying on the wreck and the sonar worked all the time. Magnetic disturbances, well you tell me!”

“Someone asked about what temperature we had down there. Well the divers thermometer showed -1 degree Celsius when they were on top of the circle, it should be +4 degree Celsius. The thermometer may have showing a wrong value of course.”

“We looked at our dive computer, the deep sea diver computer, and it said minus one degree that’s pretty cold for a diver it should really be impossible to have that cold water it actually turns into ice at zero degrees but that could be explained by the movement of the water.” – Stefan Hogeborn, Professional Diver

“I can not reveal the truth before I have all the facts. Till then everything is pure speculations, even from my side. I have not thought about if it can be hollowed, I have not even penetrated the surface yet…”

“We still have some months before it is too late going out to the site. But as it looks like now it will be last expedition for us. I think a real scientific team should take over and make a real scientific expedition to the area. After all, we are just wreck hunters who’s trying to find out what we a have discovered.”

Co-Founder of the OceanX team – Dennis Aasberg

Co-Founder of the OceanX team – Peter Lindberg

Can it be brought to the surface?

When asked if there was the possibility of bringing the object to the surface, Lindberg was quick to respond with an emphatic – “God no! It must weight tremendous much, like thousands of tons”

The Straight Lines / Grooves

The original sonar images show large and unbelievably straight grooves or lines in the structure.  When someone on the Facebook group speculated that the grooves were a few tens of centimetres, Lindberg wasted no time in correcing them  – “No the graves are more like 1-1,5 meter wide and 0,5-1,5 meters deep.” Later he said – “The lines can be made by natural causes, but they looks very “man made”.

Peter and Dennis far left back row – and the rest of the OceanX crew pictured with the Baltic Falcon in the background.

Peter Lindberg shares his thoughts

A few days ago co-founder of the OceanX Team Peter Lindberg popped into the OceanX Facbook page for an impromptu question and answer session which was utterly fascinating.

Hello friends, I have not written anything here in a while, can maybe be explained by the fact that I have really been out there… I will drop you some of my believes:

1. I do not believe that the circle is a wreckage of an flying craft from WWII till recent time (or from some thousands of year back for that matter).

2. I do not believe the circle is a wreckage of any kind of known floating vessels from the past or from modern time.

3. I do not believe the circle is a construction made by someone after the ice age (submarine bases etc included).

4. I do believe the surface of the circle is made of mineral.

5. I do believe that the surface looks like concrete through the ROV camera but I do not believe it’s made of concrete.

6. I do believe that the very strait lines and angular formations we can see on the side scan sonar image from last year really excists. The odd thing is that I thought, before this expedition that when we could get close these shapes maybe should appear not being so straight as on the side scan sonar image, in reality they are even straighter! It really looks like constructed parts on the circle.

7. I do believe it might have been volcanic activity in the area and even on (or in) the circle after the ice age, or before, but then it do not fit with what we know about the ice age.

8. I do believe that the circle “rests” on top of what looks like an pilar of rock, raising approx 8 meters above the surrounding bottom. The circle it self appears to be approx 4 meters thick. In other words, the top of the circle raises 12 meters above the surrounding bottom.

9. I do believe we must find out on the next expedition if the circle and the pillar are fixed in one piece or if they are separated in some way.

10. I do believe that the path, or the track, is a ridge raising slowly up from the bottom to a height of approx 8 meters above the surrounding bottom. I also believe that the ridge is made of softer material than the pillar and the circle.

“What I do not believe because I know, is the fact that we found a round hole approx 25 cm in diameter going straight into the surface of the circle, how odd is not that? How deep? No idea, we just saw it for some seconds before we decided to back off to preserve the visibility for the divers that was going down later on. They did not find the hole though.  It might be some more holes, at this moment we do not know.” – Well some comments on that before I continue with some more believes. Cheers

Editor’s Note: Various spelling and punctuation errors have been amended, but otherwise the text is reproduced exactly as is.

Are you new to this story?  Then read our initial report for more pictures and the background information on how the discovery was made.

A new voyage to get to the bottom of the mystery is the subject of a Go Fund Me Campaign – you can donate to the project here.

Craig is a freelance writer and researcher studying and writing about the UFO phenomenon, remote viewing, free energy, and other strange phenomena for over 20 years. He is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

Baltic Anomaly: Far Stranger Than Any UFO Discovery

Posted on June 27, 2012