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Buckle up, stargazers! Mercury enters its first retrograde of 2019 on March 5th, and it will stay there almost the entire month, going direct on March 28th. This transit is going to ask us to look deep within and see what it is that’s been holding us back. Not just on the surface, but really underneath. Like when you finally clean under your couch cushions and find that earring you lost in 2001. That’s the depth we’re talking about here.

The theme for March is: In My Feelings.

Uranus moves into Taurus this month on March 6th, where it will stay for the next six years. Any stale ways of being, both on a personal and global level, will be challenged. This can be a volatile time, especially when the energy of Taurus craves stability, but this is only happening so we can move into better and more compassionate ways of being.

Venus will begin the month in freaky Aquarius before moving into super-freaky Pisces, so expect the unexpected in your relationships. The new moon in Pisces on March 6th will help lessen the Mercury retrograde blow, and the universe bestows upon us the dreamy gift of balance with a full moon in Libra on March 20th.

Bottom line? March may feel like a Lifetime movie. And we’ll get through it, together.

Happy Birthday, you tender dreamer! Mercury has been moving directly through your sign since early February, and you’ve likely felt an uncommon ability to express yourself clearly as a result. That could all come crumbling down on March 5th, when Mercury stations retrograde in your sign, and you could become tangled up in an identity crisis of sorts as you begin to question everything and everyone around you.

Don’t fall for the trickster energy Mercury retrograde likes to stir up. The new moon in your sign on March 6th is a good day to release old fears so you can go into this retrograde period free of unnecessary baggage.

When Venus moves into your sign on March 26th, a soul connection should come to your rescue exactly when you need it. You want to believe, and there’s no better time like the present.

March Strain: We can’t see those new shimmery scales you’ve been working hard to develop ’til you are ready to shed the old. There is no better time than your personal new year to let this transition take place. Pineapple Kush, a lovely hybrid, rocks a generous ratio of THC to CBD and sweet aromas of pineapple with accents of caramel and butter. It makes for one tasty birthday strain, and its combo of mild body and cerebral highs will help you keep an even keel as you begin this new transformative period. Compliments on your newfound shine will be April’s bounty.

Beware this Mercury retrograde, firestarter. If ever there was a good time to pause before you express yourself, it’s this month. Mercury retrograde moves through unpredictable and watery Pisces, so the opportunities for you to say the wrong thing will increase. The silver lining is that if you can hang on until March 20th, the sun will enter your sign and you’ll get a little fiery love from the cosmos.

Do not force things this month. We repeat, do not force things this month. Make like a cat and nap. Your abilities to rest and show restraint will reap hearty rewards.

March Strain: In order to wield your forces for the good of the universe, we encourage imbibing in a little Yoda OG. Known for its ability to decrease anxiety and stimulate relaxation and appetite, this heavy indica boasts a rich citrus flavor, and much like Yoda himself, a surprisingly small dose can knock you out. May the force be with you.

Uranus enters your sign on March 6th, where it will stay for the next six years. Uranus is a planet of combustion, electricity, innovation, and change. Along with Mercury stationing retrograde in unstable Pisces for most of the month, March will test your boundaries.

What can you do? Trust that this energy is productive and encourages you to lean into whatever transformation is available. The full moon in Venusian sister Libra on March 20th could bring you much-needed respite from the strife, so be open to giving yourself a treat.

March Strain: Combustion, innovation, and change are positive forces if you let them be. Take on this six-year period by accepting your cosmic shake-up and running with it. Treat yourself well and often with goodies like Himalayan Gold, a happy, uplifting, and creative hybrid internationally known for its buzz that starts in the body and moves to the brain. Notes of chocolate and pepper, and a pungent aroma are also notable in this mild strain.

Your ruling planet stations retrograde on March 5th in watery, emotive Pisces where it’s been since early February. You may have found yourself struggling with your emotions or difficult memories from your past, and it’s only going to get more intense with this retrograde.

The good news is that these things come up so you can move through them—but only if you show up and avoid disassociating. Focusing will be a challenge, but harness some of the cosmic balancing energy from the full moon in Libra on March 20th, and you’ll come out of this retrograde having slain some demons and feeling lighter overall.

March Strain: Good news Twins! Both sides of your nature are about to receive universal reprieve. You’ve held your ground through a lot of messiness the past few months, and it lifts with the next full moon. There is hardly a strain as focused and feel-good as hybrid Purple Arrow. As its name implies, this straight shooter keeps your mind in the game while your anxiety melts. Earthy, sweet, and woody, its smell and taste serve as a reward for your previous struggles this year. Enjoy this hybrid all day long as it’s a mellower smoke.

You’re always in your feelings, but with Mercury stationing retrograde in fellow weepy water sign Pisces on March 5th, you could easily be swept out to sea if you don’t plan ahead with a life raft of sorts. Our advice? Let that life raft be self-love and self-appreciation. Make a list of all the things that set you on fire about yourself before March 5th and refer to it when things feel like a tsunami later in the month.

The new moon in Pisces on March 6th is a smart time to get rid of bad vibes you’ve obsessed over. If it doesn’t make you happy, it isn’t worth your time and energy. Practice letting go. There’s some juicy magic on the horizon.

March Strain: It’s time to Marie Kondo your emotional house, Cancer. If “juicy magic” isn’t an enticing enough cosmic reward, what is? Take advantage of this decree and love yourself ‘til it hurts, little crab. Use Marie’s method for every thought you ponder this month and if it doesn’t bring you positivity and joy … Let it go. Spend the month happy, creative, and relaxed with Blue Goo, a hybrid known for a smooth berry taste and all-day usability. With parentage derived from Afgoo and ever-popular Blue Dream, this sturdy strain smooths out moods and relaxes the body in an enjoyable buzz.

The first fire season of 2019 is just around the corner when the sun enters Aries on March 20th, so hang in there, kitten! Mercury retrograde in moody and murky Pisces is going to do its best to trip you up, but if you can use your on-brand, elevated self-esteem for good this month, you’ll be able to stay on track and rise above any retrograde-related obstacles.

Venus will be in extroverted Aquarius beginning on March 1st, which could spell adventure time for your lust life. Listen more than you speak this month, and you’ll sparkle your way into some exciting situations.

March Strain: Remember you’re a fierce creature this month, lion. Let that mane blow in the March breeze and let retrograde roll right off that gorgeous fur. Your lusty, luxury-loving self is going to make the best of the cosmic chaos. Cherry Skunk is your personal prescription. A palate of sweetness, berries, and earth combined with a happy, euphoric relaxation and boost of creativity make this a Leo treat you’ll be adding to your recreational regime.

Your detail-oriented, organizational nature will be provoked this month when your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde in expansive, unstable Pisces, so practice non-attachment where possible. Uranus moving into fellow earth sign Taurus won’t do you any favors either, as it challenges you to embrace change and surrender to the unknown.

You can’t control everything, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s good for your status quo to get shaken up. What else is out there for you in the universe? Be open to the mystery.

March Strain: Few star signs will experience this retrograde like you this month. No one is as hard on you as you are. Self-care and opening up to the wonder of the unknown is the best shield for what gets thrown your way. Lemon Thai stimulates the more cerebral aspects of the smoking experience allowing users to feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful. Featuring a pleasant lemon taste with notes of additional citrus and tea, this stress-free sativa keeps your mood lifted and spirits bright during a tumultuous month.

The month begins with Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius, which means your flirty and charming nature could earn you some hot hookup opportunities. Think outside the box and get ready to be dazzled. When in doubt, use that trademark (over) active imagination!

Mercury retrograde in Pisces could try to throw some shade and confusion your way, but the energy available to you from the full moon in your sign on March 20th and your natural ability to weigh all options before moving forward will save you.

March Strain: Energy, calm, and focused creativity are essential to keeping those scales balanced during one of the universe’s most challenging periods. The full moon is your guide and stabilizing force. A hybrid like Blue Widow (a.k.a. Berry White, White Berry, or Blue Venom) with its heavy notes of earth, blueberry, and pine make consumption a pleasure. Best used in doses, Blue Widow can have effects ranging from a mild buzz to a sleep aid depending on the amount of consumption.

When Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces on March 5th, you could get tangled up in some sticky webs. You’re an expert at playing games and hoarding secrets, but if you’re not paying attention to who you’re spilling what to, some wires are bound to get crossed. Don’t fall into the Mercury retrograde trap!

With Venus in unpredictable Aquarius for the first three weeks of the month, this trap could very well revolve around your romantic liaisons. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s or prepare for the unraveling. With the right amount of prep you won’t sting yourself.

March Strain: It might be your nature to swing that tail when things get out of sorts. To deal with Mercury’s mischief this month, you’ll need a canna boost that soothes your body and mellows your mind. Fire Alien Kush, a hearty hybrid known for heavy resin production and a lofty buzz, is a happy, euphoric, creative strain that keeps you in a state of well-being and awareness. Dankness (along with earthiness and wood notes) is a notable trademark of F.A.K. so proceed accordingly.

Venus enters kindred adventurer Aquarius on March 1st, so don’t be surprised if your love life and/or close friendships get exciting for the first part of the month. You’re going to feel ultra-stimulated and inspired by your loved ones during this period, but don’t forget that Mercury will also be moving retrograde in watery Pisces at the same time.

Opportunities for miscommunication and misunderstandings that could kill the mood are at an all-time high. We know you like to be blunt, but it could easily be misconstrued as unwanted meanness. Use those Sag smarts to your advantage. This month practice restraint. Or, better yet, gratitude.

March Strain: This will be a month that requires smart self-medicating. Keeping yourself in a state to receive and give the best of you is no easy task. Rest will be key. The wise archer doesn’t want to shoot themselves in the foot or a loved one in the heart. Pink Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid is near candy-like in its palate. Sweetness, vanilla, florals, and earth accompany a gorgeous bud with glistening pink hairs, making this as attractive to view as it is to smoke. Let it be the first thing you are grateful for this month.

Uranus moves into fellow earth angel Taurus on March 6th and this could be a buzzkill for your love of tradition, stability, and tried-and-true systems. Uranus is going to ask you over the next six years to live a little or a lot. Release some of your more rigid ways and embrace spontaneity. Be curious what you might discover about yourself if you can loosen your grip and your expectations about your personal reality.

Our tip? Take a dance class or do some yoga flow. Self-expansion should be your goal this month and beyond.

March Strain: The potential new you is looking bright and beautiful. Polish those horns, practice overabundant self-love, and the next six years will be your most productive to date. Earth elements will enhance your development and hybrid Dr. Who, boasting heavy earth (along with berry and grape) notes, will be most beneficial. Be relaxed and uplifted when taking on yoga, dance or new movement, and creative tasks. Your energy flow and positive new vibes will be absolutely contagious.

Venus enters your sign on March 1st, so expect things to get a little spicy and unpredictable in your romantic interludes this month. Mercury stationing retrograde in imaginative and freaky Pisces could have positive implications for you if you lean into the weirdness of it all. Don’t be married to a specific outcome or series of events and you will be rewarded.

The good news is that you’re here for it, whatever it is, so practice surrendering to the flow of the universe and prepare to have your mind blown.

March Strain: Openness invites sexy fun this month, so swim in those warm and delicious waters while they last. You are one of the few signs that will not be wrecked by retrograde fishy friends. Celebrations are in order. Tasty indica Wonder Woman OG is a tingly, euphoric smoke flavored with mint, tobacco, and citrus that will prep you for accepting the new libidinous surprises that await.

The 4 Star Signs That Will Have The Best Time This June

by Conscious Reminder

It is always a confidence boost to find your Zodiac Sign on a list of signs that are going to have a very productive and profitable June. So if you are into this, this is the list for you.

Astrologers have declared these four signs of the Zodiac as having the best chances for a good month, this June. Read on to see if you are among the lucky ones:

Aries (March 21st– April 19th)

Aries are known to be troublemakers, very violent and often dark in their thoughts and actions. But not being judgmental here. Aries are set to have plenty of opportunities to do things they love: travel and fall in love.

They will also find possibilities of collaborations and new and exciting projects that will titillate their creativity. The new connections they will make will be instrumental in making June a month of success.

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Taurus are normally hardworking individuals who are materialistically driven towards tangible benefits and profits. As a result they often forget to take breaks.

This June will open up new forays for them, giving them ample time to unwind and relax and enjoy the benefits of their hard labours. But they must remain positive and not give into frustration if their plans are thwarted by circumstances.

Libra (September 24th – October 23rd)

This is the time the sensitive Libra will be open to the more metaphysical sides of life. This would include spirituality and human bonds and connections rather than tangible benefits.

This is a month of the mind for the Librans and their sense of justice and black-and-white must be relaxed a bit in order for them to enjoy this opportunity.

Aquarius (Jan 21st– Feb 18th)

This is the month when these fluid individuals will find new joys and new solaces, things that they never felt before. This also includes a certain sense of peace that goes unnoticed when one is with company, but leaves a deep impact if one is in solitude.

So make the best of this month and most importantly, enjoy it.

art by: Brandon Woelfel

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Star Signs + Strains: May 2019 Horoscopes | Leafly

For the second month in a row, we are experiencing a triple retrograde in Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This retrograde encourages an emotional deep dive into actions that benefit you and ones that hold you back.

Last month’s retrograde sparked your internal “spring cleaning,” but May shifts into new ways of being. See yourself as you wish to be seen.

The theme for May is: If you can see it, you can be it.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 4th will aid you in this process. The moon is strong, productive, and right at home in Taurus, bringing forth an emphasis on spring’s renewal and regrowth. Look for boosts in your creative and spiritual inner lives. This month sees a rare grand trine with Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto forming an equilateral triangle in the cosmos.

Boosting this lifeforce is the Sun, which moves into Gemini on May 21st, bringing an uptick in energy for projects, as your ability to multitask skyrockets.

What a turn around the sun it’s been for you, bullish birthday babe!

The last few months have seen you practice the release of toxicity, whether it be what you put in your body or who you surround yourself with. Mercury and Venus both move with ferocity through your sign this month so look to embrace things that feed the lusty side of your soul.

On May 17th it might get bumpy briefly, but things will harmonize again by month’s end.

May Strain: Your extra special birthday bud is a strain popular on both coasts: Himalayan Gold. Earthy with hints of pepper and chocolate, this strain is a delicious birthday treat for Taurans who are empowered by all things from the earth. Enjoy! Your power color is green after all.

A moderate THC content and just a little bit of CBD gives this hybrid a mellow brain and body buzz with a happy, relaxed, and creative euphoria. Not a bad way to celebrate.

Fiscal sensibility and restraining impulsive emotional urges will serve your twinning soul this month. Venus in your sign shifts focus on your personal values as well as love, finances, and relationships.

Integrating past-you and new-you may be a challenge from May 17th ‘til June 30th. Take note: Financial decisions made in this time will affect you for the rest of 2019.

Your energy will be boosted by Mercury entering Gemini on May 21st, which will make bringing your goals to fruition more possible than ever.

May Strain: Focus and restraint aren’t your fave states of being, Gemini, but will prove essential to building your best self in May. Chocolope, a flower with a whole lotta get-up-and-go, lends itself to combating stress and depression with a dreamy cerebral high.

Flavors of coffee, sweetness, and earth make this a smoke that pairs well with your morning joe. Focus with a flourish.

This month starts with a lightning bolt of joy.

While it’s in your nature to slowly shed your shell, May 16th will see you leaping out of it. This will, of course, leave you a little vulnerable, briefly. It also gives you the opportunity to house your inner self in any external form you choose.

Spend the early part of the month envisioning your perfect new space. Don’t let your natural inclination for nostalgia slow down what could be a positively radical transformation.

May Strain: Derived from Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, the hybrid Agent Orange manages to energize without paranoia or edginess, making it perfect for a month when you are feeling a bit exposed, crabby ones.

Both the scent and taste of this strain scream “sweet citrus!” making it a perfect dessert smoke or the perfect way to spark your creative thinking in the tastiest way possible.

You are eager to preen in the self-perceived, ever so fabulous version of you. Strut! But don’t let it blind you from tending to soulful aspects of your personality.

You’ve got a right to shake that mane as May 15th kicks off a period of professional success and major opportunity. Leave the den to mingle and you’ll find yourself swamped in the kind of attention you crave.

We know it’s hard to be humble, lion, but a smidge of modesty plus a pinch of gratitude will make for a magical May.

May Strain: Your monthly mission is to maintain, Leo. Flo, a hybrid derived of Afghani Indica and Purple Thai with a palate of sweetness, pine, and earth, will serve you well as spiritual medicine.

Quell your natural inclination to boastfulness with this bud that provides a state of happy, uplifted euphoria and a bit of tingly body buzz that will see you socializing without taking over the room.

You’ve spent the last month in a cocoon of your own much-needed making. Giving yourself permission to go fully inward without guilt or judgment is integral to building Virgo’s best self. This isn’t an easy task for your sign and can take a little push. That work is rewarded this month as you become a (blushing) butterfly.

May 14th will see you at your most confident, energetic, and attractive, taking those new wings for a test drive.

May Strain: A boost is what you need to put yourself back out in the wonderful wild. May sees Virgos social and soaring with Tangie, a positive, energetic strain whose strong notes of citrus, orange, and sweetness make smoking as pleasant as the happy, creative buzz it imparts.

Dose slowly with Tangie, as it is known to be a one-hit wonder.

Being the kid who does your homework on Friday at 4 p.m. so you can play all weekend is the perfect model for how successful Libras will live this month. May 1st through 7th sees muddled communications, but by the 10th your scales will not only balance, they will overflow with the kind of lush bounty Libras crave.

Feel confident chasing that which you desire. Appreciate all the goodness you’re about to receive, but take care not to lean into your sign’s Achilles’ heel—overindulgence.

May Strain: Instead of reaching for cake, reach for the cannabis, Libra. Your love for all things dessert is satisfied with a puff or two of Caramelicious.

Famous for well-developed flavors (sweetness, vanilla, and honey, to be exact), this flower provides a relaxed, happy, uplifted buzz, tasting of candy.

It also pairs well with iced coffee and dark chocolate if you want to take the treat to the next level.

Scorps find themselves making hard choices this month. You will be tested to keep that stinger in check, and anxiety wants to get the better of you. Keep a strong focus on future outcomes to guide yourself through these sticky situations.

But it won’t be all sticky. May 14th sees you very social and the 17th sees you at your sexiest.

Take your vitamins and practice self-care early in the month as May 19th may bring a potential for physical ailments. But the end of the month is slated for adventure and you don’t want to miss out.

May Strain: Warding off anxiety and stress is key to a productive May. Sweet Tooth—an award-winner—is both uplifting and relaxing, and will keep you going without edginess or paranoia.

Popular on the West Coast and Colorado, this sweet, floral, and earthy bud is a nice pre-dinner smoke. You’ll notice an uptick in appetite and a bit of cottonmouth, so plan accordingly.

Most aspects of your life this month will sail smoothly, Archer. The New Moon on the 4th will fuel the actualization of your own hopes and dreams. May 14th kicks off a spiritual renewal, and it’s a magic that helps fulfill the dreams of others.

Be mindful not to rock the boat where work is concerned. Jupiter, your ruling planet, governs your career and is in retrograde.

But don’t fret, your financial house is looking good and unexpected income may be heading your way.

May Strain: Indulge that famous Sag party mojo! You’ve earned it. With a moderate-to-high THC content, Pearl Scout Cookies is a custom hybrid made for serious smokers or to be microdosed by less seasoned connoisseurs.

This is a happy, giggly smoke that will keep your spirits high, even when dealing with career tensions. This danky strain has notes of sweetness and citrus and is unmistakably pungent, so prepare accordingly.

We all throw around the phrase “if things align.” For you this month, it’s literal. May sees things lining up in your favor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll hit the lottery. Things will pass smoothly this month, and you’ll have everything you need.

Without much want or worry, your job is to appreciate what you’ve been given and remember that it’s all a gift.

May Strain: Chill and take it all in, Cap kids. If your job is to let life unfold, you are going to want Bubblicious on your side. As its name implies, it’s a sweeter strain with notes of berry and earth and pairs well with red wine.

A chatty, relaxed, and sometimes sleepy strain, Bubblicious can be an aid in your wind-down routine and can settle your mind if it becomes unchill.

This month is a study in contradictions, Aquarius, which we all know is not your jam.

Aquarians crave synergy and thrive when things seamlessly merge together. A not-to-be-missed event occurs when you’re feeling your most introverted. Or you’ll meet someone who revs your engine but you can’t agree on anything. It will be anything but seamless.

You’ll be out of this cosmic confusion by July 1st, when an old lunar eclipse from January finally quits stepping on your smooth groove.

May Strain: Meditation and medication go hand in hand for Aquarians seeing rocky waters this month.

Providing a heavy body buzz and a relaxed state of happiness, Pink Kush can aid you in both the medicinal and meditative.

Sweet, floral, and earthy, this strain tastes of spring and its perfume of vanilla and candy make for a multisensory smoke. Take note, heavier doses are best saved for bedtime.

The last week (or so) of April’s showers will bring those fabled May flowers, and everything’s coming up rosy. Stop and take it all in. The color, texture, and fragrance of a downright magical May will be lavished upon you, lucky fish. May 10th is a great day to shine and take on a public challenge—karaoke, anyone? May 21st will see adventure and/or travel on the horizon.

This isn’t a time for major life decisions or to make major changes, your job is to stand and simply bloom.

May Strain: Pisces feel all the feels. Deeply. Sometimes this can be a negative, but this month it’s quite the opposite. A strain for various pursuits of pleasure is in order.

Enhance your senses with Mango Kush, a sexy, giggly flower that tastes like fresh fruit (mango and banana specifically) and exhales with pine. The tiniest of puffs will bring on bliss, while a bong hit will take you to bed. Take that as you will.

Wow! You’ve burst right through the “new you” metamorphosis phase straight to fabulousness. This month sees you at optimal energy: communicative, creative, and sexy. Your task is to channel this surplus of energy into the most positive manifestation possible.

Don’t let your abundance of good fortune blind you to the needs of others as someone close to you may need a helping hand. If you have any old skin to shed, the May 18th Full Moon is your deadline.

May Strain: Light on the body buzz but heavy on creativity and conversation, 50/50 hybrid Rainbow is the perfect smoke for a social Aries out on the town. The sweet, woody, and tropical flavors give way to an active high.

It also happens to be highly recommended for staying home and gettin’ down. Mmhmm. Channel this surplus of energy into the most positive manifestation possible, indeed.

Star Signs + Strains: February 2019 Horoscopes | Leafly

This month starts off with Venus entering earthy, stable Capricorn on February 3rd. Venus is not at her best in Capricorn; poor timing during the month of L-O-V-E. However, with Mars moving into Taurus on February 10th, we stand to reap a garden of earthly delights.

The theme for February: Super Freaky.

A new moon in free-spirit Aquarius on February 4th and a full moon in Virgo on February 19th heighten the freaky vibes this month. Masks will be shed and we’ll all feel more empowered to live in the open as our realest realselves.

Add Mercury and daydreamy Pisces to the mix and February is shaping up to be anything but boring. Quirky vibes aside, all the earth energy this month is super supportive so lean into it, astro babes. Expect the unexpected!

There’s a new moon in your sign on February 4th and the energy this match-up creates is hella powerful. It’s time to let go of things that aren’t lighting your inner fire and step into a more authentic life. This could mean telling a bad boss where to shove it, cutting loose a draining relationship, or just getting that edgy haircut you’ve been eyeing.

With Mars and Venus in earth signs this month, your actions should be on the receiving end of some serious physical (and financial) support—as long as those actions are in line with your heart and your integrity.

Go big this month and leave the fear behind. It’s your time, waterbearer!

February Strain: You’ll need just a little boost to spark the match of change this month. A sweet, strong sativa like Candyland will make those big changes a big treat, Aquarian. With parentage derived from Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies, this award-winner promotes a happy, uplifting euphoria and rocks a tasty blend of candy, earth, and citrus.

Mercury enters your sign on February 10th, so expect your words to work magic this month. The month of love naturally resonates with your dreamy, romantic nature, and having this little boost from Mercury should help you express amorous feelings with ease and clarity. Which—let’s face it—isn’t always your strong suit.

With Venus moving into Capricorn on February 3rd and Mars moving into Taurus on February 14th, there’s a good chance your, ahem, steamier fantasies will manifest into feel-good reality. Go wild with those daydreams!

February Strain: Uncork that sexy mojo before the upcoming Valentine’s Day alignment and 2019 may host your lustiest February to date. Take on the month with a creative, happy, and giggly strain like hybrid Snowcap. Rumored to be born of Humboldt Snow and a mystery Haze, it’s no mystery that this is a potent day strain with heavy lemon/citrus notes bred to keep you pepped up.

Your boss vibe is on fire this month when Venus and Mars both transit through earth signs ahead of Valentine’s Day. Normally, earth energy is a challenge for you, but as a risk-taker and action-maker, this little boost from Capricorn and Taurus makes you positively irresistible. And unopposable.

Physical experiences should soar to titillating new heights for you, ram-child. Find someone who likes it a little rough and doesn’t mind you taking the lead.

February Strain: Aries you are burning it up this month. Literally. Pleasure and positivity are yours for the taking if you play your cards right. LA Chocolat is a sexy, indica-leaning hybrid that tastes like chocolate and coffee and promotes a body buzz without brain fuzz. Just where you need to be to push your hidden kinks to new heights.

Mars enters your sign on February 14th, which is perfect timing for your sensual nature to be in high demand. With Venus in fellow earth angel Capricorn, it could be time to take things to the next level with your chosen paramour. At the very least, this month is going to find others swooning over your indulgent and seductive charm.

Surrender to your magic this month and get right in your relationships. If you’ve got needs that aren’t being met or if folks have messy boundaries, take a minute to advocate for yourself. A better sense of being in your body awaits.

February Strain: Opening up and releasing your inner naughty hottie will guarantee a much warmer February. Light on the body and stimulating to the mind, Critical Jack will support the kind of communication, focus, and chill necessary to make this month as steamy as possible. Tasty notes of citrus, wood, and pine make this hybrid a pleasure to intake.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in spacey Pisces for most of the month, so watch your words. Communication can get complicated all too easily, especially when you live in your head and don’t express what’s going on in there in clear and deliberate terms.

The new moon in kindred Aquarius on February 4th is a good time to make a list of ways you can communicate better. Let the focused, taskmaster energy of Virgo at the full moon on February 19th help you implement it. Our advice: Take a breath. Think before you speak. Use your words. Repeat.

February Strain: Wise word choice will lead to the best outcomes this month so try a hybrid that promotes thoughtful reflection and relaxation like Champagne Kush. This strain is best in doses. A light smoke equals a heady buzz; a few more tokes give a heavier body effect. With top notes of lavender and citrus and a long finish of dank skunkiness, this is a great strain to smoke outside.

A new moon in Aquarius on February 4th gives you a boost of courage to take action on dreams you’ve been keeping close to your heart. Trust this energy and step out of your comfort zone.

With Mercury in watery Pisces this month, and Venus and Mars both in stable earth signs, you should be feeling both inspired and nurtured. An earthy Venus and Mars experience also means your stability-loving romantic nature could see some major commitment action this month. You deserve it, water babe.

February Strain: Celebrate all February has to offer you, crabby one, with the ultimate “treat” strain. Birthday Cake isn’t just a clever name. Iced with loads of THC crystals and boasting a palate of sweetness, vanilla, and earth, this relaxing hybrid promotes relaxation and a clear head. The perfect state to unveil those hidden feelings.

Venus enters Capricorn on February 3rd and Mars moves into Taurus on February 14th. This earthy energy could put the brakes on any romantic liaisons that aren’t entered into with the utmost clarity, intention, and respect. If you’re juggling one or more cuties, expect lines to get crossed and things to get murky when Mercury enters space-case Pisces on February 10th.

You won’t be able to get by on your trademark charm and style alone this month. Let the full moon in pragmatic Virgo on February 19th show you how to be direct and decisive and put the work in.

February Strain: Too many kitties to your den, Leo? It’s going to take uplifted focus to make the tough decisions and navigate your more “interesting” choices this month. Double Dream—full of sweetness, berries, and a spicy finish—will make this process as pleasurable as possible. Just the way luxe loving Lions like it.

The full moon in your sign on February 19th, paired with Venus and Mercury in Capricorn and Taurus, respectively, will give you some serious motivation to take stock of the relationships in your life and to only keep those that are in alignment with your truest intentions.

This earth-bomb is going to work wonders for your sense of self-love. Like RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” It’s a new concept for you, but it’s not frivolous to put yourself first. Give it a whirl and see who shows up. We bet they’re a keeper.

February Strain: Flexibility, focus, and motivation will be key to your personal alignment and self-love. Bred for versatility, Strawberry Diesel is a nuanced strain that relaxes your muscles while creating an energizing, clear-headed sensation to meet your cosmic needs this month. Fast acting with a bold buzz, this is a strain for the more seasoned smoker. But casual consumers can still enjoy its strawberry and diesel sweetness, just toke wisely.

With your ruling planet of Venus moving into contradictory Capricorn on February 3rd, your favorite month of the year and over-the-top romantic expectations could meet some unsexy challenges. Thankfully, Mars moves into kindred Taurus on February 10th and kindles some Valentine’s Day vibes.

Taurus can help you move from fantasy into reality in ways that soften the blow. Breathe through any control issues this month and the full moon on February 19th will have a big payoff for you.

February Strain: You’re at your best smothered in love, luxury, and fulfilling your fantasies. Caramel Candy Kush, a chill, euphoric hybrid, is a strain that checks all these boxes. Its enticing combo of sweetness, vanilla, and coffee is a great companion to the slice of chocolate cake you relish and deserve.

The new moon in Aquarius on February 4th is a great time to embrace your freaky side and drop societal constraints that you’ve been hiding behind. We all know you’re a forest of dark cypresses. Now is the time to bring some of that into the (moon)light.

With Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus this month you can make some real power moves in your romantic relationships. What things do you actually need to be in control of and what are you tired of taking on? Let the full moon in Virgo on February 19th help you suss it out.

February Strain: Let’s be straight (or however you like it, honey), Love Potion #9 is sex weed. It tastes sweet, it smells like roses, and sets your nether regions a-tingle. Find the dispensary closest to your local adult novelty shop and GET YOUR FREAK ON! Swing that stinger, Scorp. The universe compels you.

You’re going to love the support you get from the new moon in freedom-loving Aquarius on February 4th. It’s right on time, bringing extra energy to step into a new project. It’s a project that sets your heart on fire, and it could be a new partnership either romantically or professionally. Maybe even just with yourself.

All the earth energy swirling around this month with Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus, and a full moon in Virgo, is your friend. Get ready to manifest some magic!

February Strain: Archer, you are aflame this month. Whether it’s professional passion or dirty desire or both, it’s yours for the taking. Parents Blue Hawaiian and God Bud cue the cerebral energy and balanced calm of magical strain Sapphire Star, a hybrid that creates a comfortable psychoactive experience conducive for creative and social activities. Expect to feel happiness, hunger, and hottie-hotness in this sweet, lavender, dank smoke.

This month starts off with Venus moving into your sign on February 3rd. After February 10th, Mars moves into fellow earth sign Taurus, bringing stability and practical forward momentum to your relationships. It’s a good time to power-couple-up and consider a joint venture with your sweetie.

The full moon in Virgo on February 19th will add to the abundant energy when you put your resources to laser-focused use. Serious Bey and Jay vibes are coming your way.

February Strain: A strain worthy of Beyoncé (and her husband)? How is that even possible? You’ll need one that’s earthy, sweet, powerful, and uplifting, that smells like a bouquet of expensive flowers and sounds like a song title. Meet Crown Royale, a strong indica derived of Blueberry and Purple Kush. As one Leafly user describes it “This stuff makes you HORRRRRRNY!!! I mean, the wall looks sexy, horny.” You’ve been warned.

Star Signs + Strains: January 2019 Horoscopes | Leafly

2019 is arriving. And by that, we mean ah-RIV-ing, sweetie. The New Year blasts off with not one, but two eclipses—a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at the New Moon on January 5, and a total lunar eclipse in Leo at the Full Moon on January 21.

Eclipse energy can be unpredictable. It shakes things up, but always with a purpose, an opportunity for alchemy. January’s solar eclipse brings opportunities for abundance and manifestation, while the lunar eclipse brings opportunities to transform old habits and patterns.

The theme for January is “break on through to the other side.”

Expect things to be anything but boring in this first chapter of 2019. You can get the most out of your New Year’s resolutions by showing up to the conversations, situations, and feelings that emerge from the cosmos this month.

Everything is connected, stargazers, and it’s time to decide who you want to be this year.

Everything’s coming up Y-O-U this month, as Mercury enters your sign on January 4 and a partial solar eclipse occurs with the New Moon (also in your sign) on January 5. Expect an easy breezy start to the New Year, especially in your professional life and how you interact with others and get your ideas across.

In simple terms, you’ll be able to make those moves you’ve been stressing about. We all know you’ve had your New Year’s resolutions written down and organized for months now, and that BBE (Big Boss Energy) is about to pay off big time.

Make sure you maintain your trademark focus or the Full Moon lunar eclipse on January 21 could knock you off your balance with a surprise detour.

New Year Strain: Your nature is to approach everything head-down and ready to push, but this January, try directing your energy toward relaxation, creativity, and focus. You’re sure to see a path to how much easier it all can be when you let the good wash over you.

Dutch Treat, an uplifting hybrid, can be of some assistance. Sweet fruit, pine, and eucalyptus serve as refreshing notes that carry the special scent of the Yule season into the new year and make for the pleasant experience you deserve.

This month is all about reconnecting with your love of freedom and all things freaky as your ruling planet Uranus finally stations direct on January 6 after spending the last five months retrograde. Soak it up and challenge yourself to say “yes” as much as possible in January because big things are on the horizon with all this supercharged energy floating around. But you’ve gotta be there for it.

The total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21 could seek to harsh your mellow if you allow the ideas of others to affect how you should be moving through the world. So, a word of advice: don’t.

New Year Strain: This rare alignment of the cosmos invites you to live your life like an early-‘80s Prince song, so roll with this freaky-deeky tide, Aquarians. An ultra-luxe strain like Purple Cotton Candy will get your motor running and has a tasty blend of lavender, blueberry, and lemon.

If any sign is at home with eclipse energy, it’s you. The unpredictability. The chaos. The potential for transformation and depth. The cosmic allure of it all. It just screams, Pisces!

Your curiosity is going to be on overdrive and you should indulge it…to a degree. Practice balance. Eclipse energy is all about the unknown and the unexpected. It can be easy for a seeker like you to overdo it chasing a new sensation.

Lean into your adaptable nature this month and if things feel unstable, harness the earthy energy of Capricorn season to keep you afloat.

New Year Strain: Swimming against the current will not serve you well this month, Pisces. Keep it simple, lean into your own buoyancy, and enjoy the ride. The star strain you’re seeking is both mood-stabilizing and one that promotes bliss. Hybrid Cheese, with its legendary aroma and taste to match, will do just the trick.

You’re going to be feeling the cosmic effects from both of the eclipses this month, but they’re only going to F with your vibe if you fight them. Change is inevitable and it’s not always going to be on your terms. If you can embrace that truth and loosen your death-grip on control even just the tiniest bit, you’ll be blessed with an opportunity to manifest some real abundance both spiritually and physically.

Cooperation is key this month; ride the wave instead of swimming against it. Venus in fellow fire sign Sagittarius is here to help you with your connectivity. Just watch that Veruca Salt energy, hotcakes.

New Year Strain: Your fiery nature is hard to repress and no one wants to put those flames out, but turning on your personal damper this month is in your own best interest. Relax, let go, and embrace the month with an uplifting, motivating, and mood enhancing strain. Agent Orange, a hybrid of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, delivers on the physical benefits, and packs a tasty orange citrus with a potent punch.

Cultivate your chill at the New Moon on January 5 with new breathwork or yoga practice. The total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21 will highlight your need for security and routine as its unpredictable and fiery Leo energy could kick up some real anxiety for you.

Don’t panic. Mercury will be sitting in stable, fellow earth sign Capricorn as this unfolds, and some seriously grounded support will help you navigate any tough conversations or unexpected setbacks with success.

New Year Strain: Your chill mantra this month is “The Dude abides” so, of course, you’ll need the assistance of a quality White Russian. This widely popular hybrid sports a THC level that can lock you to the couch when readily consumed. But don’t worry, your mind will be soaring. It’s known to be “smooth and spicy with undertones of skunk and earth,” much like The Dude himself.

With Mercury in practical, responsible Capricorn for most of the month, you could find yourself dealing with consequences as your first order of business in 2019. The New Moon and a partial solar eclipse on January 5 asks you to avoid gossip, and maybe even take a good, hard look at how you speak in general. It’s never too late to come up with some resolutions for the year ahead.

No one is asking you to abandon your entertaining nature, twinstar, but perhaps you can funnel all the energy you spend on other peoples’ business into a better channel. Your own goals and dreams are a good place to start.

New Year Strain: Ground yourself and take advantage of your universal orders to promote life order. If you’re thinking about what nonsense your darker twin wants to spout this month, remember: It’s hard to talk shit while you’re inhaling. Camping on the couch and experiencing euphoric relaxation provided by hybrid Original Glue and its earthy, pungent, and pine notes will help you on your path.

This is a crabby month for you, waterbaby. Capricorn season is rough on your sensitive nature in general, and when you combine that with Mercury moving into Capricorn on January 6, and the total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21, you could find yourself on the receiving end of some harsh words. Remember that you’re not responsible for any emotions besides your own, no matter how hard someone may try to convince you otherwise.

The partial solar eclipse at the New Moon on January 5 could give your New Year’s resolutions a little boost of star power, so focus your energy on what you want to achieve this year and not on those who want to bring you down.

New Year Strain: Spend the month with a joint in one hand and the other posted in front of you like STOP. Preemptively telling folks to talk to the hand is much easier when your imbibing a happy, uplifting hybrid like Dragon’s Breath. This skunky, spicy, child of popular strains Northern Lights and Jack Herer will aid in handling any bummers you encounter.

Pause before you pounce this month, kitten. The total lunar eclipse in your sign at the Full Moon on January 21 is a great opportunity for you to get clear on your intentions for 2019 and align them with some positive, productive action. But that can all disappear in a flick of your whiskers if you succumb to the fiery, distracting, hot mess energy that this event is also going to kick up. Not every situation calls for aggression or impulsiveness.

Take this advice in your love life too, as Venus enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on January 7 and things take a turn towards high drama.

New Year Strain: January will be a productive month to explore the other, lesser-recognized Leo trait: cat-like self-care. Handle what needs to be handled, make sure future plans are intact, then relax, bliss out, and casually spend your time metaphorically grooming yourself from mane to paw. Juicy Fruit is not only as yummy as its name implies, but this hybrid also promotes happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and focus, your star sign checklist this month.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn on January 4. This, paired with the Sun moving through Capricorn through January 22, is going to help your resolution game get off to a strong and productive start which, let’s be honest, meets your extremely high expectations for yourself. The partial solar eclipse at the New Moon on January 5 is going to positively influence your financial endeavors; a new job or professional opportunity might open up with a higher pay scale attached to it.

Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone this month, and you’ll be rewarded. After all, you’ve done the groundwork. Trust that you’ve set yourself up for success.

New Year Strain: Accept your success and do it with a smile this month, Virgo. You are on the receiving end of some very good vibes in January. All you have to do is let yourself accept them, which for Virgos can be a task itself. A little Blueberry Diesel will help you drop your guard and open up to the Universal love. This peppy, happy hybrid also rocks a notably smooth smoke and diesel-heavy notes, for fans of that famous diesel boost.

It’s a double whammy of eclipse energy for you this month, peacekeeper! Your natural skill as a mediator can really shine through the chaos these planetary movements are going to whip up. Friends may be feeling out of sorts, and it’s going to be you they turn to for guidance and support. Your powers of persuasion and fairness can be put to profitable use this month, so explore new ways of using your talents in your chosen profession.

Venus moves into fiery Sagittarius on January 7, and it’s going to be difficult for folks to resist your trademark charm. As if you needed a reminder.

New Year Strain: Your flair for telling people what to do and exactly what you need in the cutest way possible will serve you well this month. But let’s not pretend that doesn’t take lots of your own energy. Relief for the burden comes in the form of California Orange, a bold hybrid full of orangey, citrusy sweetness, and a euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed effect.

It will be tempting to start the new year off in a MOOD, especially with all the eclipse vibes and Capricorn season throwing uninvited shade, but you can avoid falling into the murky depths by building yourself a colorful raft instead. The partial solar eclipse at the New Moon on January 5 is a wonderful time for you to do just that by letting it go.

Letting “what” go, you ask? Everything! 2019 is a clean slate and you’re in charge of your destiny. The total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21 will test your patience but will also give you a chance to redefine how you handle adversity. New Year, who dis?

New Year Strain: You’re entitled to a little something smokable to kick-off 2019. Tried, true, and universally beloved hybrid Blue Dream is the classic strain for getting it done and keeping your cool. It’s sweet berry-ness, buzzy boost, and generous THC count make for your new year’s karmic medication.

Venus enters your sign on January 7, and the heavens are aligning for you to find yourself a New Year’s cutie! And this time, you might just have space in your life for it to be more than just a casual fling.

With Mercury in earthy Capricorn for most of January, you’ll be tuning into to the finer points of the sensual world so try to be present. Living in the future is only going to hurt you this month, and the possibilities for missed opportunities are high. Slow down and enjoy yourself. You’ve got a whole year ahead of you!

New Year Strain: Give yourself all the cookies this month, Sag. You survived another trip around the sun and there are sexy times in your cosmic forecast. Pink Cookies, with its sky-high THC count and unusual blend of pepper, herbs, and grapefruit notes make it the perfect prescriptive treat.