The Sagittarius New Moon Will Allow These 6 Zodiac Signs To Manifest Amazing Energy – Conscious Reminder

The coming of the following New Moon will bring a lot of different things for every one of us. Some of the Zodiac signs will struggle, while others will gain a handful of benefits.

The New Moon will happen on the 6th and 7th of December, depending on where you live, in the sign of Sagittarius.

At this period, every one of us is going to be lead to reach greater powers, and as a result of that, irritation may come. Because of that, people will question numerous things in their lives and even make some changes which are necessary to be done.

Also, this period will be a new and fresh beginning, and it will bring a lot of new things to the Zodiac signs.

Which are the six signs which will be the most affected and excited ones during the lunar cycle?

The New Moon period will have the people in this sign really putting themselves out there often than usual. They will experience something really amazing.

Also, they should not think twice of taking some risks at the lunar cycle, as those risks may pay off in the end. They should also permit themselves to find some security and stability while being entirely unstable, simply for a few moments.

The lunar cycle may not be so intense for the people in this sign as it is going to be for other ones, but it is definitely going to be a time for relaxing. At the time of the New Moon, these people will feel the greatest ease.

Also, they will sit back and let others around them run. Although short, it is going to be an excellent time for them to take a great break finally.

At this lunar cycle, the ego of these people in the sign of Scorpio will be dissolving. Although they often guard up, as well as hold themselves high, they will not do that during the cycle. The New Moon will be a point which will release the baggage they were carrying.

Also, they should remember the fact that some small changes may make the most significant differences. If they stay confident but, however, permit their walls to move down, they are going to see something unusual occurring in front of their eyes. In fact, there are a lot of things on their way.

Although they may feel out of their place or even frustrated, the New Moon will surely warm their hearts. They will also reach some goal that they were working on for a longer time, without realizing that.

These people were also growing quite significantly in the months before, so they deserve everything that is coming on their way.

During the lunar cycle, the people in the sign of Leo will feel upbeat, as well as on the top of this world. They will project more of their personal strengths and energies, and as a result of that, those people around them will undoubtedly be in better moods than before.

Also, they will lose track of themselves in some ways which they never did before. They are going to learn more about those people that care about them the most.

As the New Moon occurs in the sign of Sagittarius, the people in it will feel the greatest of all those in the other signs. Although they were stressed for some time, this is a time when they will let go of everything that bothers them. The New Moon will be an opportunity for taking new perspectives. They should be optimistic at their best and see the results.

Finally, they will also have the ability to get down to some business and understand where they want to really go from this place. They can never know – they may take some romantic relationship to the following level.

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54 Affirmations That Will Help You Break Free From Anxiety And Manifest The Life You Want | Thought Catalog

1. I am allowed to feel however I feel today.

2. It is okay to be upset. It is okay to break down. Resisting it is only making me suffer.

3. I am willing to see this change. Even if nothing I have tried has worked before, I am willing to believe that change is possible.

4. I can honor my feelings, but not trust them.

5. I have been anxious before, and nothing bad happened. That’s because there’s something wrong with how I think, not how I am, or how my life is.

6. I am closer than I think I am.

7. I have come farther than I give myself credit for.

8. I will look back on this time of my life and miss it.

9. I am not scared of the future, because the future hasn’t been created yet. My fear is not a crystal ball.

10. The minute I choose to not believe my worry, I dissolve it of its power.

11. When I worry, I attract more worrying to myself. That’s why I always worry about catastrophe, but never actually experience catastrophe. I am focused on fear, not on tragedy, and that is what I am getting more and more of.

12. What I am feeling is normal.

13. How I am responding to these circumstances is the same way anyone in my shoes would.

14. I am not broken, I am just someone who is more aware of what they do and do not want to feel.

15. I do not need to be happy all of the time.

16. I do not need to force myself to stay calm.

17. I am capable of changing the course of my life for the better.

18. I can’t control what thoughts and feelings come up in my body, but I can control whether or not I act in spite of them. It is not my thoughts, but my behaviors, that define my life.

19. I am self-critical because I care about myself. I know I am capable of great things, if I would just step out of my own way.

20. I seek out the worst case scenario because, deep down, I am trying to protect myself.

21. The sooner I allow these feelings to wash over me, the sooner they will pass, and the energy within me will be transformed into motivation and renewed vision.

22. Even if I feel anxious, that does not mean I am off my path.

23. Sometimes when I’ve felt more anxious than ever, I was actually more on the right path than ever. I just didn’t realize it until I looked back.

24. When I start to go after what I really want, I get resistant and stressed. That’s because I know I am vulnerable. It doesn’t mean I am a failure, or that I am incapable.

25. Whatever the opposite of my worst fears is is what I am destined to experience in this life.

26. What would I be like if I weren’t anxious? What would I do today if I weren’t feeling bad? That’s what I will do. That’s how I will be.

27. I forgive myself for anything I haven’t let myself feel.

28. I embrace that every emotion serves an important purpose in my development, with the exception of shame.

29. I understand that shame is a feeling that was created by human beings in order to control one another. Realizing that it does not serve me, I let it go.

30. My thoughts about anxiety are scarier than my feelings. When I really focus on them, I realize that my feelings are only bits of tension that I can definitely withstand.

31. I am allowed to do whatever I need to do to get through this day.

32. I will not shame or hate myself for doing what I need to do to get through this day.

33. I am allowed to rest.

34. I am allowed to change my mind.

35. I do not owe anything to my younger self, or anyone who knew me before this point. I do not have to live up to past expectations to be successful.

36. Nobody else is thinking about me the way that I am thinking about me. In this, I find a sense of freedom.

37. I am not an anxious person, I am someone who experiences anxiety. It does not have to define who I am.

38. I will show up today, as much as I can.

39. When I regain my energy and feel more comfortable in this new chapter of my life, I will be more revitalized, focused and driven than ever before.

40. I allow my body to release that which it has been storing, and does not need.

41. I invite deep, complete healing into my life.

42. I command every cell in my body to release any threads of illness, tensions or disease that are not serving me.

43. I am as healed as I believe that I am.

45. I understand that I am not inherently broken, I am traumatized.

46. I understand that though my trauma is not my fault, it is still my problem to deal with. 

47. I am in charge of how my life unfolds.

48. I am responsible for how my life turns out.

49. I do not need to fight feeling anxious. I only need to relax into it, and let it pass on its own.

53. I am not fighting myself anymore.

5 Wiccan Tips to Manifest Your Desires

“Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Perhaps the reason why many of us look outside; to books and friends, to mentors and peers to give us the tools to create a healthy routine and the means to begin manifesting the life we want is because we don’t trust ourselves.

Yet when we haven’t been given these tools or pointed in the right direction by those who should’ve done so to positively curb our natural development we often need a few more nudges than most. Or perhaps we have mastered the art of self love and care but are yet to take the plunge and start facing the ultimate act of self love. Doing what you came here to do.

When it comes to this next step – of manifesting and positively welcoming in those changes with open arms – we need a great deal of growing up and taking responsibility, but also a greater depth of honesty.

For the biggest message to the universe (and the most common way we are not impeccable with our words) is the little voice that says night and day; I’m not good enough for this, I don’t deserve it, I don’t have the capacity to help others, I’m not ready.


The universe knows the bigger plan, so sit back and enjoy it. However, some things need a little nudge in the right direction, and if you’re completely changing the direction of your life or instigating major changes in many forms then you’ll probably need to study and rearrange your patterns and habits.

Here are five wiccan tips that work for me:

1) Dig deep

Before even planning and plotting over what you want to manifest, you must dig deep. This especially applies if you are asking and asking for something and you’re just not getting it. An example is the person who wants an apartment and a job, yet time and time again, despite wishing for both just runs into roadblocks.

The message this person is probably sending out is that they don’t really want to be there, or, that they’re just not sure what they want to do or where they want to live. The universe WILL give you everything you desire… it’s just that most people have no clue what exactly it is they want.

Be careful what you wish for is a common adage for a reason. You might just get it and it may not be what you wanted after all. Remember EVERYTHING has two sides and so explore the possible ‘down sides’ or less appealing aspects of your wish and how it might impact other parts of your life.

Sit down, let rip on the honesty and THINK HARD about what you really want. What are those little red flags that keep going up? Don’t ignore them. Pluck them out and study them with a magnifying glass. Like all stuck emotions and fears, the more you honestly explore and release them the more likely they are to dissolve into thin air.

2) Imagine

Having decided what you want, you still aren’t ready to take the plunge. Now IMAGINE exactly how you will be by projecting the ideal into your future. As I’ve already said, what often holds us back is that to know everything that’s going to happen and have it all planned out and set in stone is, well… a little boring. We like mystery and to have the forces of life play out and surprise us in ways we would never have imagined.

Is there a way you could focus on one element to manifest and leave the rest up to the professional and ever-knowing laws of nature? Or do you feel a sinking sensation of dread or disappointment when viewing your dream in such a way? Often, the first few times we do this we come up with false dreams, things we don’t really want at all.

As we all know of witchcraft, the dangerous side of it can prevail if not respected. Becoming a master of divine timing and having fun with spells or meditative manifestation exercises whilst staying humble is one thing, but forcing it can have tragic effects. Making others fall in love, contacting the dead… we don’t need to watch Disney’s Aladdin to know that these are all big no nos.

3) The power of three times three so mote it be

One last thing before taking the plunge – ask yourself, does it hurt anyone including myself? This is one hurdle many can never clear, especially when it comes to money as the sensitive among us simply can’t ask for more than we need or feel the entitlement to it.

It’s like the gender wage gap – in the U.S, women are 77% to every man’s 1$, mostly because women’s sense of entitlement and judgment of their own self worth in the interview is much lower.

The fact that all the world’s wealth already goes to those who believe they should have it and honor financial status and success above all else already makes my skin crawl, so these self help books that encourage you to feel entitled to money just doesn’t feel right somehow.

Do you NEED what you are desiring? Are you being greedy and are secretly aware of this? Perhaps this is a block, but also should be an indicator of the right thing to do. Buddha’s right speech and right livelihood indicate having a just reason attached to a goal.

If you want to save money to eventually buy a beautiful house and gardens to turn into a meditation centre or foster home will probably compliment your higher self as opposed to buy a second car. Having said that, each to their own and who are any of us to judge what others want, but this is a good rule. If it doesn’t hurt anyone including yourself, then go ahead.

4) Explore the best ways to manifest for you

Some do an image board, some repeat a mantra. Some wish for it everything night and others do so and then conveniently forget about it. The key thing is doing something, but most certainly with an air of detachment. Creatively explore ways to integrate it into your routine. Spells can be a fun and creative way to do this although beware becoming too attached to little mistakes and superstitions along the way.

Doing this with others can be even more powerful and avoid individual pedantries. Meditation may be more your thing, but remember to close any ‘wishes’ or visualizations of getting what you want with a prayer for others – a simple energy reminder and statement of humility to the universe that you are aware you already have all you need, that you are already grateful.

I find drawing up a routine with spaces for spontaneity can be an excellent way to manifest things. Just changing your habits and routine and acting as if you already have whatever it is you desire can be the most effective step.

5) And finally, keep going

Keep going, repeating steps one to four until it begins to happen. Often if it’s not happening you’re missing signs from the universe which are opportunities in disguise or still not being completely honest with yourself about what you want.

Revise, meditate on your past and any inner voices that may be telling you things that are holding you back. Manifesting can be a huge inner journey, and if done right, can open up all sorts of doors for you. With changes that can be enjoyed for the rest of your life.

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Why Intelligent People Struggle To Manifest Love

Many people are driven by a desire to manifest love; to build a life and a home with someone who can offer support, understanding, and affection. However, there are dozens of things that can hold you back, and some of these factors may surprise you. Intelligence might seem like a virtue and a selling point, but it regularly stands in the way of manifesting love. But why is this the case, and what can you do to increase your chances of finding romance?

If you know you’re smart but you’re always struggling to understand why dating is so hard, this guide will help you figure out how you can find love. First, we’ll explore the general link between high IQ and dating problems. Then we’ll turn to the five most significant reasons why this link exists. Throughout, we’ll note how these problems may be affecting you, and we’ll offer suggestions for positive change.

High IQ? Dating Problems? Why Dating Is So Hard…

If you have a high IQ, dating problems are more or less par for the course. While it’s not the case that only unintelligent people find love, there is ample evidence that being of above average intelligence creates more problems than solutions. This is partly due to the way that smarter people tend to think, and partly due to the personality traits that are typically correlated with high intelligence.

For example, you might notice that you’re hardly ever attracted to anyone for very long. Or, maybe your desire to manifest love has to compete with other, equally significant desires. You may also worry that people seem to be driven away by your intellect, rather than attracted to it.

The good news is that a high IQ doesn’t have to ruin your dating life. In fact, when used in the right way, it can deepen your connection with people you love and provide you with a more meaningful relationship over time. The trick is to identify how your intelligence often trips you up in the world of romance.

The following five reasons are most likely responsible for many of your struggles. Let’s consider how they develop and how you can overcome them.

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1. Intelligent People Can Be Very Analytical And Logical

Firstly, your intelligence sharpens all areas of your mind. Any time you make a decision, you likely do so on the basis of relevant memories, risk assessments, and predictions about the future.

These abilities will ensure you thrive in the most professional settings, but they can make you view people in a highly negative light and can encourage you to make assumptions based on highly unique past relationships. In particular, you might rule out romantic prospects at a very fast rate, without really taking the time to get to know someone. You may almost have the sense that you’re looking for a reason to reject everyone, rather than reasons to keep seeing them.

Try to remember that what ended your last relationship needn’t end this one. Try to give everyone a clean slate when it comes to dating.

In addition, remember that you can’t “reason” your way in and out of love. Deliberately pay more attention to your emotions, giving them as much respect as your thoughts. When it comes to partner choice, your intuitions are often more reliable than your logical skills. Much of the time, your subconscious is picking up things that pull you towards a person, so don’t ignore that feeling when it arises.

2. They Tend To Be Overly Guarded

Your aforementioned tendency to recall past relationships can also make you more likely to go into self-preservation mode. The smarter you are, the more aware you are of everything that can go wrong, and you may find that you protect yourself to your own detriment. Yes, you may avoid pain, but you’ll also avoid joy.

Further, this detached, guarded way of being can give other people the mistaken impression that you’re cold, detached and unfeeling. This can reduce the frequency with which you’re approached by potential romantic partners. It can also give you the sense that you’re unattractive (which creates a negative feedback loop).

If you want to manifest love, you have to find a way to accept that you can’t control every aspect of the experience. One thing that can help is a commitment to find learning in whatever happens.

The thought is that you’ll become less afraid of potential heartache if you know that every relationship that doesn’t work out can teach you something valuable that will ensure you do find the right relationship at a later stage. If you reflect on other aspects of your life, you’ll see the roadblocks are often the very thing that ends up directing you to the life you’re meant to have.

3. They Are Independent

Independence is one of the hallmark characteristics of someone with a high IQ. In some ways, this is a very helpful trait to have. Many people seek relationships because they can’t cope with feeling alone, or because they don’t feel complete by themselves.

If you’re naturally independent, then you’re more likely to get into a romantic relationship for the right reasons. On the other hand, if you’re used to only taking your own preferences and desires into account, you can struggle to make room for another person in your life. You might not be very good at compromising, or you might easily feel stifled.

One useful strategy is to build your need for independence into a relationship. Schedule time for your own hobbies and for quiet reflection, and explain this need to your potential partners. If they can’t cope with it, they’re not the right person for you.

Meanwhile, when it comes to learning how to compromise, make this explicit. Most people will understand if you say “I’ve lived alone for a long time, so I’m still figuring out how to share my time and space with someone”. This indicates that you do want to be sensitive and fair, and allows you to take ownership of your current limitations.

4. Ambition Is a Priority

If you have a high IQ, relationship problems often derive from the priority you accord the partnership. In particular, it may naturally drift to the bottom of the pile, beneath your career and other ambitions.

It’s common for smart people to be dreamers, and to have lofty goals that get the bulk of their energy. If falling in love just isn’t one of your highest priorities right now, that’s fine.

But if you believe that it is a priority, you need to figure out ways to balance relationship maintenance with all the other things that matter to you.

Try using your naturally analytical mind to make a plan for how to spend your week. Using an online calendar, notebook or organizer, make sure that you’re budgeting enough time for dating (if you’re single), or spending time with a partner (if you’re in a relationship).

Over time, this should become more natural, and you should find you naturally start to prioritize romance to a greater degree. If you need a little help with this, be sure to get your copy of our Love Tool Kit.

If it doesn’t feel right to do so or you become unhappy, then maybe this is a sign that your goal should be something other than manifesting love right now.

5. They Can Be Intimidating To Others

Finally, it’s worth considering how others see you. Dating a highly intelligent man or women can be extremely stimulating, but your high IQ can also make others nervous to approach you. They may worry that you’ll reject them, assume that they can’t go toe to toe with you in a battle of wits, or worry that you’ll make them feel small.

Of course, you know that you also have weaknesses and soft spots; but at first look, all people may see is your enormous brain! This problem can kick in before someone even talks to you. Or it might put them off after a single date makes them feel anxious and silly.

Of course, you should never have to dumb yourself down in order to massage other people’s egos or make them feel safe to approach you. However, consider letting more of your flaws show when you’re interested in dating someone.

For example, openly discuss the things that you struggle with, and compliment the other person on the things you admire about them. Both of these strategies subtextually communicate that you are not superhuman and that it is still fully possible for you to learn from other people.

Conor McGregor Explains How To Visualize, Manifest and Realize Your Dreams.



Simply put, the law of attraction is this: we attract into our lives what we think about most of the time, good or bad.

And that last part ‘good or bad’ is very important . Because focusing your thoughts on something you don’t want will actually invite that very thing into your life, whether you intended to or not. For example if you happen to be struggling financially, DO NOT focus on your debt or the negative aspects surrounding your debt such as bills etc. Instead try focusing your energy on how to make money, on how to generate more income and if you do this with enough self belief and back it up with action then all of a sudden without you even realising those debts you once had will have simply vanished.

So keeping your mind focused on what you do want is critical. And that’s what Conor McGregor is talking about – staying focused on the right things, even in times of struggle is when you’ll most benefit from the law of attraction.

Here is an epic 8 minute video which I strongly recommend you watch and listen to intently. Conor McGregor is living proof that positive thinking works.

Conor McGregor exudes complete confidence in his own abilities. He speaks openly about his vision, his mission and his use of visualization.

“If you have a clear picture in your head that something is going to happen and a clear belief that it will happen no matter what then nothing can stop it. It is destined to happen. It’s perfect.”

After watching hours and hours worth of interviews with Conor I have come to the conclusion that he is an ideal example of what can be achieved when you have unshakable belief in your own potential.

Not only is he uber confident but he is equally grateful.

“you need to appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for it, and that’s when good things happen. To have that bitterness and negativity, that’s when things go bad. I think the fact that I appreciate everything and that I’m grateful for the things around me, that’s why it’s going so good for me.”

2015-01-18_lif_6192123_I1Again, it’s all about focusing on the positives. Focus your mind on what you DO have not what you don’t have. Gratitude is an important quality to have and no matter how successful you become you should never forget to be grateful.

Here Conor sums up what the law of attraction is to him:

“This is the law of attraction. In this struggle, when things are going good and you visualise good things happening , that’s easy. What’s not easy is to do is when things are going bad and you’re visualising the good stuff. And that’s what I was able to do. … Visualising good things in times of struggle, when you can do that, that really makes the law of attraction work.”

During difficult times it can be very hard to keep a positive mindset. But we must remember that the very act of focusing on positive thoughts will only make make those thoughts grow larger and more powerful – until they ultimately manifests in your life in the exact way you picture. If you can make this way of thinking into a habit then you will be able to manifest and create your own reality however you want.

Just imagine, a habit that allows you to design your own reality and create your own success story simply by “attracting” the experiences you want to have in your life.
Kasim Khan, Team EiC

How To Manifest Desires With The Power of Thought – The Open Mind

Manifesting your desires is not as easy as focusing your awareness toward something and your desires will magically appear without doing any work. To learn how to effectively manifest your thoughts into reality, you need to understand what thought is and learn how the thought manifestation process works. You also need to take appropriate actions to support your desires.

What is thought?

Thought is a subtle conscious energy that is more powerful than even the strongest nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons are created by the use of subtle energy within the atoms. This atomic energy is very small and subtle but has the potential to destroy a planet. This is how powerful subtle energy is and thought is the building block of this energy. Because thought is so powerful, it is considered one of the core energetic substances of Creation. It is one of the most basic processes used for manifesting energy into matter.

One of the most important aspects of thought is that it has the potential of thinking within and upon itself. In simpler term, this is what we called free will. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that thinking occurs in the brain. This idea is a misconception. If thinking occurs in the brain, jellyfishes, starfishes and bacteria would not be able to survive because they do not have a brain to think. It is also important to know that thought is very intelligent. The fundamental definition of intelligence is nothing more than thought thinking within itself and observing itself.

Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about how focused thought plays an essential role in manifesting desires.

In order for energy to manifest into matter, there must first exist something to draw energy into focus. That something is thought. However, thought alone does not effectively bring forth true manifestation. Thought needs certain energy forces to help transform it into expressions. One of these energy forces is emotion. Having strong emotional desires along with focused thought is the key to manifesting your desires. This process draws in energy, and as the energy coagulates, manifestation begins. Physical manifestation is nothing more than an end result of focused thought. Is this hard for you to believe? If it is, you will need to thoroughly read Chapter 4 and study the information in it. If you study the atomic structure deeply enough, you will realize that atoms are mostly empty space. In fact, physicists have found that atoms, the so-called building blocks of matter, are 99.99999 percent empty space. They have also found that the remaining percentage of matter is not solid but has an energy-like quality to it. So, what does this all mean? It means that matter is an illusion. Atoms and matter exist because they are held together with focused thought. If this thought ever loses its focus, atoms and matter would simply vanish; therefore, our bodies and surroundings would cease to exist.

Linear time and thought manifestation

In our dimension, there is the illusion of linear time. This illusion makes it harder for instant manifestation to occur. Imagine holding an intended thought with the desire to focus it into existence without seeing physical proof. How long can you hold this thought before you lose focus of your desired experience? Once you lose focus of your desired experience for a certain amount of time, its manifestation is in danger of being lost. Once it is lost, you deny yourself the experience. This is why manifesting your desires is hard when living in a realm that is bound to linear time. The distortions in the energy structures that make up your light bodies also make it hard to manifest your desires into reality, because they disrupt the natural energy flow of the thought manifestation process.

To increase your success rate of manifesting your desires, reduce distraction as much as possible, discipline your mind, increase your emotional desire toward the desired experience, think about them on a regular basis and have faith that the Universe will allow them to manifest. You also need to take actions that support your desires. Doing this will help strengthen the thought manifestation process even more.

The importance of specific thoughts

One important thing to consider when manifesting your desires is to make sure your thoughts are specific. For example, if what you want is change, make sure your mind is focused toward a specific change. Otherwise you may attract too many changes, which will make your life chaotic. Another thing to consider is that your desires must be within the Law of Creation. Otherwise it would be nearly impossible to manifest your desires through thought alone.

To truly utilize the power of thought, you will need to understand who you truly are. In truth, you are a spiritual being embraced in a physical body. The essence of who you are is your soul, which has infinite potential. One of the simplest definitions of the human soul is a projection of thought. In other words, each of us is a thought that thinks; therefore, our souls are conscious and self-aware. Remember, your thought is the most powerful manifestation force that you have. Use it wisely and your desires will manifest beyond your wildest imagination.


How To Manifest Anything You Want in 24 HOURS! Law of Attraction Overnight Manifestation – Jake Ducey

How to manifest anything overnight. Shocking law of attraction, manifestation technique for you to manifest anything overnight.

How do you manifest anything overnight? Before we get into it, you have to understand everything is energy. Science says that energy is never created or destroyed. What does that mean? It means that you’re not even creating what you want. You’re simply manifesting it. Manifesting means that you’re bringing that energy, you’re attracting that energy into your experience, but it already existed before it was in your experience.

Science says energy is never created or destroyed, so it has to mean that what you want already exists. The way that you experience these things is through a shift in your consciousness. Your consciousness, your perception of reality determines how the subatomic particles of reality rearrange themselves to determine the experiences that you have.

Everything is energy. The wall is energy. The chair you’re sitting on is energy. The phone or computer you’re watching this on is energy.

It can’t be anything other than energy. What are your thoughts? Your thoughts are energy as well. They’re just energy at a rate of vibration beyond what your eyes can see, but there’s still energy. They’re how you direct consciousness in order to dictate what you experience. The observer effect in quantum physics showed us that when when they started looking atoms, they found that atoms weren’t the smallest thing that there is.

There’s actually subatomic particles and the arrangement of how they show up is based off of your observation of them. Your consciousness determines how your experience unfolds. The point is, if everything is energy, then everything that you want you can attract into your life by shifting your consciousness of it. You have to suspend your disbelief. Money is energy. Love his energy.

Anything that you want is just energy. I’m going to share with you a few steps that you can use to manifest what you want overnight.

Number one, you must suspend your disbelief.

Comment down below “Suspend disbelief.”

You have to suspend your disbelief because if consciousness is what creates the arrangement of the subatomic particles, if consciousness is what determines what you observe and experience, if you walk into any experience expecting it not to work out, your expectation of it is what’s creating reality.

You have to suspend your disbelief long enough to experiment with how powerful you are. Suspend your disbelief and instead replace it with “I’m attracting what I want now.”

Comment down below “I am attracting what I want now.”

Step number two, set a clear intention for what you intend to manifest over the next 24 hours. Set a clear intention for what you intend to manifest over the next 24 hours. Come back and share your success story down below to inspire everyone else. I’ll pick some of the best ones to share in a future blog.

You must set a clear intention and you must understand that intention is a physical force in the universe. It’s you directing consciousness clearly in order for an intended result. Just in the same way that when you take a magnifying glass to the suns rays, when you concentrate that, it gives you the energy output necessary to create fire, for instance.

If you don’t concentrate that energy from the sun, then it’s just normal. As soon as you take the magnifying glass, you can use that energy towards your directed desire. Intention is the same way. Cluttered thought energy doesn’t have any power but directed thought energy towards a clear intention is what allows it to affect the physical reality.

That’s what allows it to dent the universe as Steve Jobs would have said. The thing here is, what is your clear intention? Pick one clear thing that you intend to manifest, whether it’s a phone call from someone, a text from someone, unexpected money, whatever it is, a call for the job that you’d been hoping to get.

Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams By Being Happy First – Feedster

Martin Luther said, “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” When Luther said this, he was expressing his awareness of the choice to live life in joy, regardless of circumstances. Most people wouldn’t plant an apple tree unless they knew they’d be around to harvest the fruit decades later. Yet, here is a man saying he would plant an apple tree today, even if it would be destroyed tomorrow.

For Luther, the act of planting the apple tree would have been a source of joy, in contrast with others waiting for the harvest to bring them joy.

Dreams manifest on the heels of joy

Deciding to be happy when you manifest the life of your dreams is a formula for disappointment. Some call this the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome. This approach may generate temporary happiness, but it’s unsustainable because it’s conditional.

The best way to manifest the life of your dreams is by choosing to be happy first. Choosing happiness doesn’t mean you won’t experience challenges or setbacks, but they won’t seem like a big deal. When you feel good inside, you’ll see opportunities more clearly, and pursuing your dreams will be effortless.

Something else wonderful happens when you choose to be happy. Life becomes enjoyable, problems seem smaller, and dreams start to manifest in unexpected ways. The internet is filled with manifestation success stories from people who practiced being happy, joyful, and full of gratitude prior to receiving their dreams.

Conditional happiness isn’t genuine happiness

If genuine happiness were the result of manifesting our dreams first, we’d all still be beaming like when we were five years old and received a special gift from Santa. That feeling has long since faded because it was conditional.

Basing your happiness on outer conditions and circumstances sets you up to feel defeated and depressed when those circumstances don’t meet your expectations. Conditional happiness acts like a backdoor to suffering. If you can’t be happy unless X, Y, and Z happen exactly as you want, you’ll always have an excuse to go back to feeling bad when circumstances change.

Meditation brings you to a present, thoughtless, timeless space

Meditation isn’t sitting in half-lotus on an expensive cushion and chanting “om.” It’s a state of deep relaxation you enter, where you become the observer of thoughts rather than the thinker and entertainer of thoughts. This absence of participation is what eventually leads to the experience of being fully present.

Being present is being in a space of no thought. You’re not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You’re not thinking about what your spouse said to you last night. You’re not thinking about how hungry you are. You’re not wondering what you’re going to wear tomorrow.

If you’re new to meditation, you can’t expect to be fully present on the first day, or even within the first hour. Being present isn’t a skill you can develop with willpower; it happens as a result of allowing distractions to be burned away. When you do this, presence naturally emerges as a way of being.

One technique that will help presence unfold is a practice called Pranayama, or, yogic breathing. Students who practice this art of conscious breathing report feeling calm, centered, and they notice their intense emotions dissolving. All of these experiences support the ability to be present for longer periods of time.

Worrisome thoughts prevent joy

When you’re too caught up in your thoughts about the past or the future, you’re keeping your body in a constant state of worry and fear that prevents you from experiencing true joy.

Jim Larsen, from The Art of Living Retreat Center, explains how fear and worry are conditioned emotions that meditation can dissolve: “It’s the stimulation of going into the past and future and the emotions associated with that, which dominate the mind. So we don’t experience much of the inner joy and love that are our deepest essence. It is through meditation that we can change and get rid of that stress and those impressions.”

There is an art to being happy, and it’s not a complex formula. It’s something that happens gradually as you stop entertaining thoughts that make you suffer. If you haven’t tried meditation yet, give it a shot.

Commit to a simple 20-minute meditation every day for a month and see how much happier you feel!

Manifest 2018, what does the new year demand of you? ⋆ Manifesting Maria

Manifest 2018, what does the new year demand of you?

Photo: Unsplash/Rhett Wesley

I haven’t set a New Year’s resolution in like…a decade. I’m one of THOSE people that wake up chipper and bright, knowing that each day is a chance to plan, do and be a better, more excellent version of myself than I was yesterday. I awaken, excited to dive into each day expectant to see what and who a new dawn brings me. I don’t need the New Year to remind me of resolutions and growth.

This year was different. I have some big dreams and plans that I am working on and I wanted to enter 2018 cleared of inner obstacles and set with intention.

Partially due to my island heritage and stories of our indigenous customs, I’m intrigued by ancient, spiritual, tribal wisdom and healing practices. When I was invited to participate in a shamanic healing, I was excited and knew that was how I wanted to enter the New Year.

I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what to expect nor did I have any pressing issues that I felt that I had to deal with. I vaguely hoped to hear about worth and wealth but I wanted to be open to the messages that the universe had for me and not to restrict my reception of the message with expectations.

My experience was magical. I left the shaman’s place of healing feeling like what I imagine a cleansed quartz crystal would feel like, focused, grounded, cleared of negative energies and ready to be mentally set with my intentions.

I was surprised by the messages that I received. Not because they were shocking or anything, but because they were reminders of what I already know. What I already understood. However, in retrospect, I had not mastered. The knowing was not filtered down to my roots. It was not fully demonstrated and woven into the fabric of my being and expression. My universal message was about worthiness in its most fundamental level.

During my energetic healing and soul retrieval, visions flashed behind my eyelids like waking dreams, reminding me of my ancestors that sacrificed and struggled so that the next generation can be more. So that I could be more. I was reminded of the strength of the women in my family, of their fortitude, battles, bravery and backbone.

Memories surfaced of the many messages and psychic cuts that I have heard since childhood of not being enough for some or being too much for others. That I should do/look/talk behave like this or like that. That I should be more “white” for some or more “ethnic” for others. The discomfort of straddling two cultures and of being a chameleon in the dominant culture of this country. My spirit drew attention to those recollections and severed the invisible cords that subconsciously restricted the actuality of my existence because I was reflexively gauging and balancing what the people around me wanted and expected from me for them to feel comfortable.

“Stop shining a light on the things you’re not.”
― Gerard Armond Powell

Consciously, I know that I’m worthy of attaining every dream that I hold for myself, yet subconsciously, in between bouts of drive, I continued to engage in self-sabotaging behavior like procrastination, self-talk regarding lack of resources, self-deprecation, self limitation and restriction, being unfocused or unmotivated.

Spirit reminded me that I am amazing. I have the right to be awesome, smart, beautiful and talented without apology. I have the right and authority to be myself in entirety and without reserve.

Pretense of being smaller or being silent, so as to not offend the egos of another does not serve anyone’s journey or growth and does not honor my ancestors, on whose shoulders of struggle I stand.

Heal yourself, heal the world.

My guide reminded me that in my healing of self, I heal the genetic, spiritual weight of my descendants and enrich the lives of those that I touch. That in my healing and becoming one in my power, I provide rich and fertile ground for future generations of those on earth….(human, animal and plant) to grow and prosper.

My soul reminded me to not forget. To be as familiar with these rememberings as I am familiar with the face of the moon in the sky.

So I welcome 2018 not with a mindset of what I hope to receive, but rather a mindset of what I bring into the New Year. To expect new manifestations, I bring forth a new facet of myself that I have let slumber.

We all have magic inside and I have previously likened my inner magic to a fairy. Magical, powerful but ….ultimately invisible. This year I choose to walk in all my power and all of my light. This year I manifest my warrior goddess.

In order to manifest your dreams in 2018, which facet of your soul does the New Year demand of you?

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Manifest Desires Freely by Having No Expectations – The Open Mind

It is a most liberating experience when you are able to live life with an attitude of no expectations. When you have expectations, you have preconceived ideas of how things should be that you are attached to. Expectation creates fear because you think what you desire may or may not happen. Free of expectations, you can just go with the flow of the universe and not be affected by the outcomes that you encounter. Every outcome can serve to move you towards greater realization of your desires.

When you are attached to an outcome, you expect things to happen at a certain time in a certain way. But when it does not happen at the expected time or in the expected manner, then what results is a feeling of fear. Having expectations about how your desires should manifest will produce negative feelings when your expectations are not met. That is why it is better to act on your intention without expectations about the when and how it manifests.

Fear, doubt and worry are the last things you want to experience in the process of manifesting desires. That is why the best way to create what you want is through detachment. Act on your desires with a detached involvement. You do what you are guided to do by your heart but you do not judge the rightness of your actions by the results that you get. As long as your actions are based on purpose, you have done what you were meant to do regardless of what seems to happen from it.

When the universe is in the process of working things out for the realization of your intention, there might be things that happen which make it seem as though things are not working out. It is your expectation of how things should happen that makes you think that things are not working out. But actually you are not seeing the whole picture, because what you are seeing is only a piece of the larger scheme of events where everything is really working out the way it should.

Expectation colors your perception of things. You don’t see how things are really happening when you expect them to happen a certain way. This prevents you from recognizing the good that comes your way and causes you to push it away thinking that it is evil. Without preconceived ideas to limit your perception, you are able to accept what comes your way as part of the solution to realizing what you truly desire in life. You are able to receive and not resist truth and love.

Many a times we feel discouraged when things are not happening the way we want them to happen. We might even lose hope thinking that it’s not meant to be, and even give up pursuing it altogether because our actions are in vain. But we do not realize that we are right in the process of it all coming to pass, and we turn away when we are closer than we ever were before. Let go of expectations so that you can surrender to the process and let the outcome fall in place in the right way at the right time.

When we do not know how things will really turn out, we have to trust. There is no need for hope when we already know how the outcome will be like. Hope is confident expectation of good. The only expectation you need is the expectation that everything is happening for good and not evil in your life. You can expect good no matter what the outcome seems to be.

The best way to live life is to be like a little child, having no cares and expectations. You are just doing what brings you joy and expressing yourself fearlessly in every moment. You completely accept yourself and whatever is happening without judgment. You are trusting that you are always provided for and there is nothing that is stopping you from attaining all that you truly desire. You are free to live fully in the moment without worrying about the future.

Live with an attitude of no expectations and you will experience more freedom than you can imagine. Failure does not stop you anymore because it doesn’t exist in your perception. You can keep doing what you believe in simply because you are not expecting a particular outcome but you are just expressing the truth that is in you. You are able to let go of anything negative and nothing holds you back from going on in the direction of your desires.

In the context of having no expectations, what is meant by expectation is attachment to an outcome. You should expect what you desire to happen, but you should also expect that anything can happen. Therefore it is a state of unexpectant expecting. One should have a relaxed and confident expectation that the desire will come true. Have no expectations or no attachments to expected outcomes, but expect or look to see your desire to manifest.

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