Jin Shin Jyutsu and the Law of Attraction


For a long time now I have been following the teachings of Abraham, a collective consciousness.

Esther Hicks is the fabulous lady who “transcribes” Abraham’s message into words.

How can Jin Shin Jyutsu help?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a great way to still the mind, thereby releasing tension or resistance.

Resistance to what, I hear you ask? Well, very often we go about our lives beating the drum of what we DON’T want. When we do that we send out a message to the universe and ‘guess what?’ the universe sends us back more of what we focus on.

Flows For Life Jin Shin Jyutsu Law of Attraction

Very simply, by focusing on what we DO want, we can change our reality. I have found that an infinitesimal shift in focus to what I DO want can bring about great relief to how I FEEL. And that is the key to Law of Attraction.

Not only that, when I reduce resistance and increase allowing then it’s much easier to get momentum going for what I DO want in my life (relationships, happiness, money, new car – whatever that may be).

Jin Shin Jyutsu and the Law of Attraction

Adding simple Jin Shin Jyutsu self help exercises to your daily meditation routine, for example, calms the mind and relaxes the body. It helps you EXHALE and LET GO a bit more easily.

It can be as easy as holding the thumb while you sit quietly and close your eyes, clearing the mind of worry.

Many videos on YouTube

There are many many videos on YouTube about Abraham-Hicks and the law of attraction. Here’s a Law of Attraction YouTube video/podcast where I introduce the Universal Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it can help.


See more on Jin Shin Jyutsu and how to get started with self help: Universal Art to Boost energy and Balance Emotions

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How The Law of Attraction Helps My Anxiety

I want to clarify that I am simply stating my own experience of LOA with anxiety, in no way, shape or form am I suggesting that LOA is a viable treatment for anxiety struggles. If you are seeking a permanent treatment, please seek your primary physician. 

When it comes to spirituality, I am a complete and utter nerd for it. 

If you’re new here, let me get you up to speed. The law of attraction is a philosophy that says the energy that you give is what the universe delivers. For example, if you wake up stating that the day is going to be horrible then the universe will give you a bad day. This is because the vibrations you are giving to the universe is that you want a bad day. In a sense law of attraction is basically stating that you are capable of whatever you want, as long as you believe its yours. 

Now that we have refreshed our minds as to the definition of the law of attraction, let’s get to my point. 

If you haven’t yet seen my latest posts talking about my anxiety struggles, I would check those out first and see where my headspace was/is at. This will give you a better sense of how LOA has helped improve this mindset.  

A Sense of Hope

One of the biggest things for my anxiety is the sense of the unknown. Not having a plan for the future is frightening. This in turn causes a million scenarios to race through my head as to what could happen. LOA helps set my mind at ease in this way. LOA is all about trusting that what you are putting out is what the universe will deliver to you. 

Hence, even though I find myself in unknown situations, I always envision myself succeeding or being happy at the end. It helps my own mind to find comfort that even though I don’t know what the journey will look like, I know what the end result will look like. 

There is no such thing as having ‘no control’

Another scary aspect of my anxiety is having to leave important decisions or situations up to someone else. Again this comes with the point of an unknown. Not having control is not knowing and not knowing means anxiety. 

The purpose of LOA is that everything is in your reach. In that sense, even though at the moment I do not have the control, in the grand scheme of things I am controlling what the universe is delivering to me. 

I hope this post made sense to you all but I truly believe that LOA has been a life changing philosophy for me. 

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How Law of Attraction Affects the Thoughts in Your Mind | CalmDownMind.com

Are you constantly bombarded with thoughts that create feelings of stress, anxiety, worry, nervousness, jealousy, limitedness, or inferiority? Whether you are conscious of it or not, the fact remains that you are attracting these thoughts in your mind. You can blame your life situation, and circumstances, as much as you want but the truth still remains that it’s you that’s ultimately attracting these negative situations. No one wants to attract a negative reality, but when we are unconscious of the negative patterns in us, this is all we end up doing.

You are the magnet that attracts your reality

Look at your body as an energy field and now try to sense the content of this energy – is it positive or is it negative? Positive energy field feels like lightness, joy, peace, love and zero resistance. Negative energy field feels like depression, anger, powerlessness and despondency. Negative energies always stem from fear. The only reason there’s fear in your being is because you are disconnected from the reality of life, from the truth of life.

Negative energies attract a negative reality. For example, if you are depressed, you end up attracting more reasons and situations to feel depressed about. This seems highly unfair to the “Me” that life should be so screwed up as to give more depression to a person who is already depressed. The truth however is that law of attraction is the operating principle of creation in this universe. Consciousness creates reality by “attracting” it.

In simple terms, consciousness is an “attraction” based force. Consciousness does not “repel” anything. So if your consciousness is full of negative thoughts, you will end up attracting more negative thoughts, and eventually start attracting a highly negative reality. Even if your chronic thought is that “I don’t want cancer”, since you are focusing on cancer, and since the thought is ridden with fear, it’s a given that you will end up attracting a reality that reflects this fear back at you. The universal force does not respond to your “Words” it responds to the “Energy” behind the words.

The thoughts in your mind attract more thoughts like it

Get this – “A thought, when given attention, starts thinking more thoughts”. Each thought is a form of consciousness and it has the capacity to “attract” onto itself. So when a negative thought arises in your mind, it has the capacity to attract more negative thoughts. The fuel for a thought is “attention”. A thought cannot survive without your attention. In the absence of attention, a thought simply loses its force and dies back into the nothingness from which it arose.

If your head feels full of negative thoughts, to an extent where you feel highly overwhelmed by them, it’s simply because you have been feeding attention to these thoughts unconsciously and have ended up strengthening them tremendously. Now these negative thoughts have the capacity to attract a negative reality.

Starve the negative thoughts by removing your attention

The only way to be free of the overwhelming momentum of the negative thoughts in your mind, is to start starving them by not giving them “attention” anymore. Remember that no thought is self employed, and it needs your attention to sustain itself. If you stop giving attention to the negative thoughts when they arise, they will start losing momentum automatically and stop coming up with such a force. With time there will be huge spaces between thoughts and no thought will have any power over your being.

Thoughts are meant to be creative forces, and they can only serve this purpose when they arise from a place of love and abundance. The space of your being has the capacity to generate creative thoughts, but it’s not possible for these thoughts to become active in you unless you clear your mind of the cloud created by your “conditioned” thinking (which is always based in fear).

Initially it can feel uncomfortable to not pay attention to a thought

Initially, it can be quite unsettling to not pay attention when a negative thought arises. Each thought tries to clamor for attention because by its very nature it’s a “pulling” force or an “attraction” based force. So each thought tries to attract your attention, more so if it already has a lot of momentum going for it from your past attention. It might feel uncomfortable, and even fearful, to not pay attention to these thoughts when they arise.

In some people, a lot of panic arises, when they try to remove their attention from a negative thought. In a way you are addicted to your thinking mind, and to remove attention from it can activate withdrawal symptoms like panic, anxiety and nervousness. These feelings may become more dominant if you are trying to “force” your attention away from the mind. The secret is to not “force” the attention away from thoughts, but to ease it away. It’s all about relaxing your focus.

Relax your attention, and free your consciousness

The most natural way to move your attention away from thoughts is to simply relax your awareness. Open your focus instead of contracting it. Attention in a way is “focused” awareness. What’s really needed is that you “de-focus” your awareness, relax it, and don’t contract it on any thought. Just sit back, relax and let your awareness be free. Can you can sense that you are constantly trying control and focus your attention, instead of letting go of it? That’s a form of control that needs to be let go of so that wholeness can flower through.

It’s helpful to just sit by yourself, alone, and practice relaxing your attention away from the mind. It might be difficult to do this initially if you are in a noisy, or crowded, environment. It’s all about letting go of the addiction to your thinking mind, and coming back to wholeness where your awareness is “free” of the conditioned mind.

The Law of Attraction FREE Beginners Course – Change Your Life NOW! |

Welcome to the most beginner friendly the Law of Attraction course you will ever find.

Moreover, the stuff about the Law of Attraction that I am going to share with you here is completely free, all it takes a little bit of your attention.

My name is Ivan, and I have been practicing this law of the Universe for a while now.

A while ago I was also given a free gift from a man who is an EXPERT on this topic.

Thanks to the knowledge about the Law of Attraction, what it is and how does it work, I have been able to reshape my life completely.

Nothing is the same for me, and I thank the Universe every single day!

I went from nothing to something in a brief period.

So short that sometimes I have to pinch myself to see am I going to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream. 🙂

Now, I want to pass it on to you, and everyone who is going to read this page because I believe that is the right thing to do.

Before we begin, let’s go for a few years in the past to tell you a story about this nagging question I had in my mind which lead me to where I am right now and showed me where to go further.

Actually, I had many questions stuck in there, but not an answer to a single one.

However, the one that screamed the most was, “How to be successful in life?”

This particular question was driving me crazy!

I believe you can see it in my eyes, or between my eyes, in my mind.

I was waking up and retiring every single day with it by my side or pulsating in the back of my mind.

“How to be successful…?” “How to be successful…?” “How to be successful…?”

You see, I believe that when we are bold enough to ask the question, no matter how ridiculous it may be at the time, we will, sooner or later, receive the answer for which we seek.

The answer may not be a single one.

It may come to you from many directions and in many different shapes and sizes.

My answer thought me that every success in life begins as a single idea and that every idea has its roots in one question.

This is how one book and one single idea had sparked up the fire in my eyes and my mind.

Everything I have got in my life after reading this book was attracted to me as the answer to my questions.

I will not bother you with details about my changed life right now, but you can read about it somewhere by the end of this course.

Ok now, since you are here, I believe that you too have some questions in your own mind.

Don’t you?

I bet that you too want to know how to be successful as well or am I wrong?

Under the next few headlines, I will try to answer as many questions about the Law of Attraction you may have, in a sincere hope that you will find your answers the same way I did over two years ago.

Once important notice before we begin though.

Please discard everything you may have learned so far about success in life and open your mind to this information completely.

You see, this knowledge works, but only for those who are able to receive it.

And also, please, read this Law of Attraction beginners course very carefully and come back to learn it more than once because it may be just the thing which will set your life in an entirely different direction.

One thing is for sure though, and that it the fact that those who are willing to repeat any skill will eventually learn and succeed.

There is no other way, believe me.

If you are up for it, let’s begin with some raw theory before we jump to some basic practical steps just to prepare the grounds, ok?

If you don’t care about theory and you want to jump to practice straight away, then skip to the headline which says “How You Can Change Your Life With the Law of Attraction.”

Whatever you do I want to congratulate you on taking your first steps.

To your SUCCESS!


What is the Law of Attraction and How Does it Work?

The Law of Attraction Basic Science

How Can You Change Your Life With the Law of Attraction

Three Beginner Questions to Ask Yourself

The Law of Attraction in 4 Basic Steps

How to Make the Law of Attraction to Work Faster

Six Mental Tools You Will Have to Use

How Having the LOA Mentor Can Change Everything For You

Approximate time of reading: 28 minutes

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What is the Law of Attraction and How Does it Work?

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful Universal laws that we have discovered and described during our existence in this Universe.

Many people will say that it is the most powerful law of them all.

However, I would not agree.

I believe that none of the Laws of the Universe is more powerful than another one.

I believe Universe itself is the most complex and most powerful organism which we have been able to describe.

We, tiny humans, are just a part of that vast organism.

Before we can answer the question what the Law of Attraction is, we must understand the much bigger picture.

All of us are under the influence of the Universe.

No living or unliving thing can be excluded from its great forces.

The best way I have been able to find to describe the Universe is that it is one vast ocean of motion.

Everything in this Universe is in a constant movement.

The whole Universe itself is filled with and created of two things and two things only.

One is a creative substance unseen to a human eye which flows to, through, and out of you and everything you can see with your eyes.

One of the names we have given to this substance is ENERGY.

Some people call it SPIRIT or even GOD.

The second thing out of which all things are made is a physical expression of that same creative energy.

We have named it MATTER.

Here is How Creation and Attraction Works!

The process of creation describes how this creative energy takes form and becomes a physical matter by attracting the same kind which is on the same vibration.

Understand that everything you see is created and made out of the one and the same energy which is expressed in the form of matter in countless different shapes and sizes.

Trees are made out of water, sun, air, matter from the ground.

All that energy is expressed in a form of a plant.

All energy and matter are vibrating at all time at different speed and on different frequencies, and as a result of its vibration, it is attracted to each other according to their level or frequency.

The whole process of creation is summed up under and described with a few Laws which are all proven through the history of humankind over and over again.

You see, all Laws of the Universe are connected to each other, and they work in perfect harmony.

One of them is the Law of Attraction, which dictates that like energy attracts the same power.

And also, the matter is attracted to the one of its kind.

You and I are a mass of energy and matter, and we are vibrating on a specific frequency as well.

In other words, we can attract everything with which we share the same vibration.

Happy people attract other happy people, sad people attract the ones who are on the same low frequency as them.

Money is attracted to those who are vibration on its frequency, and it is bouncing off those who hate cash or have any other lousy vibration connected to the thought of it.

The same goes for everything else.

If you are not in a harmonious vibration with a specific thing instead of attracting it, you will, as a result, repel it.

The Law of Attraction and all other Laws of the Universe are working non stop through everything and everyone.

The Universe truly is one vast ocean of motion.

Everything you have and everything you don’t have in your life is nothing but the results of your vibration.

Before we move one, I want to give you another important suggestion.

You can control what you attract to your life by managing your vibration at all times.

In other words, you can control the energy you send out, as well as the one which is coming back to you.

The only way known to control human vibration is by controlling your mind and your thinking process.

A couple of preceding paragraphs are the most simple answers to questions, “What is the Law of Attraction?” as well as “How does it work?”

Reread this information for a few times, please.

Turn your imagination on to find some experiences of your own with which you can connect this knowledge.

Now, we can move on to understand it in a little bit more details.

So, let’s move on!

The Law of Attraction Basic Science

We have mentioned a word vibration for a few times so far.

To understand the Law of Attraction, you must realize a preceding Law, the one that dictates what you are attracting to your life.

The one about which I am talking about is the Law of Vibration.

This Law states that everything in the Universe, all energy and matter moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns at all time and through all space.

You can convince yourself in the truth of this fact by observing the change of the seasons, or by the rise and fall of the tide, or even by analyzing how rain becomes rain.

You can see in all of the mentioned examples the basic science of operation of the Universe and its Laws.

Now, it is essential to accept that you are a channel for the flow of energy and that you too vibrate at all time on a specific frequency.

You are the Instrument for Vibration and Attraction

You and I both live on three levels simultaneously.

I live in a PHYSICAL BODY, which is nothing but a physical expression of the energy that flows to, thorough, and from me.

I also live as a spirit, which is an unseen part of my personality which is energy always trying to express itself through the body and my actions.

We have another word for this part of us, and the most frequently used is a SOUL.

The third part of our being is the INTELECT.

We are gifted with mental factors which give us an ability to THINK.

No other life has been gifted with these creative tools.

Those tools are the ones you must use to control and shape the flow of energy that comes to you, flows through and out of you.

I will talk about those tools a little bit later under the headline “The Law of Attraction in 4 Basic Steps.”

However, you must understand the following basic fact as well.

As I have said already, everything you send out, will eventually, come back to you in a circular pattern based on the level of your vibration.

Your thoughts of wants, and desires, your feelings, and emotions are made out of the same one energy, they vibrate at all time, they cause you to move in a specific vibration, and they express themselves through your actions and come back in your life in the form of the results.

Moreover, your thoughts and feelings are in control of your entire vibration and responsible for your actions and the attraction of things, people, and circumstances.

The people who are thinking about poverty, they have it in their life because they vibrate on a frequency of lack.

On the other hand, rich people know how to maintain the positive vibration regarding wealthy, so they enjoy it in their physical world.

That is a basic science behind the Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration and all other Laws of the Universe which I will not discuss right now because they are more advanced knowledge.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction always work in perfect harmony with one another.

You and I, and every other human being on this planet Earth have a unique power!

I have mentioned already that we have been blessed with the ability to THINK.

Unlike other living creatures in this world, we can control the flow of energy.

Therefore, we can control what we send out and what is coming back to us.

The process is simple.

We live through our five physical senses.


All energy with which you are surrounded with is reaching your mind through your five senses and it is affecting your vibration if you let it.

How Can You Then Control This Energy?

You see, we can accept or reject specific thoughts, and also, we can originate new ideas if the pattern of old ones does not suit us well.

If you see something you don’t like, you can IGNORE it so it won’t affect your vibration and won’t come to your life.

If you want to have something which you see, you can feed your mind with the thoughts of your WANT until you start vibrating on the same frequency and attract it to your life.

This ability to think gives us power, therefore, to control our level of vibration.

We can raise ourselves on a higher frequency of the good that we desire by controlling the way we think.

As an ending to this beautiful gift, we can control what we will attract in our life, observe the results and analyze them, and do the process all over again to draw the new results if we are not satisfied with previous ones.

The best tool to achieve a positive influence on your mind is wrapped around the word, AUTO-SUGGESTION.

More about it under the headline ” The Law of Attraction in 4 Basic Steps.”

Now, if you understand this, you will realize how the Circle of Life works and what is your part in it.

You are now well aware that you are the CREATOR and you have the ability to CREATE YOUR WORLD.

I hope I have brought you a little bit closer to the understanding of the basic science, what it is, and how does the Law of Attraction works.

To continue with this course you will have to pay the most attention to the following information!

Therefore, if you are ready, let’s move further.

How Can You Change Your Life With the Law of Attraction

There is only one condition, one thing you will have to have if you want to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

If you meet this condition, you can change your life like night and day.

The Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration, and all other connecting Laws of the Universe will work for you only if you truly know the answer to the next question.


The starting point to every achievement in life is a clear picture of the things or circumstances one wants in his or her life.

It is wrapped around a state of mind which is also known as a burning DESIRE to be, to do, and to have.

No one has ever accomplished anything without either consciously on unconsciously having a clear picture of one’s desires.

The Law of Attraction will always try to bring to life ones innermost and deepest desires, also known as dominant desires.

If a human being is not expressing his dominant desires through their action, that person cannot live in the state of being which brings joy and happiness.

You see, when I was looking for ways and means to change my life, I knew what I want from life, but I was not expressing it.

Because I was a complete failure at everything I try, I had one burning desire locked in my mind.

I have never had earned a lot of money.

One may say that I had no clue what money is and how do people who have it, got it, but I had a sincere desire to learn and apply the answer if I find it.

Moreover, I haven’t had any meaningful relationships in my life.

Even with my family, I was having a cold, long-distance relationship just because I was not aware of how to create a better one.

My health was ruined by many, many wrongs and unhealthy lifestyle choices which I have made because I was not aware that I can choose.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my life and what do I want from it.

I knew all my problems, and now, I had to find some answers.

After finding all the answers, I had an IDEA!

I have DECIDED to become a success in all those three areas of my life.

In the beginning, I had no clue how and what am I going to fo to accomplish this mission.

However, at least I knew WHAT DO I WANT from life.

That one simple question has changed my life completely.

Sometimes I stop and think about how the hell did I manage to accomplish all those things in the last two years.

Those moments of reflecting brought me to a deep conviction that the following four steps can help you to change every single thing in your life, but only if you know WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Three Beginner Questions to Ask Yourself

If you don’t know where to start with the Law of Attraction, I want you to ask your self three question that will help you decide what do you want.

These three questions are ideal for all beginner who is interested in practicing the Laws of the Universe.

As you have maybe noticed, I have mentioned them already under the above headline.

However, for your benefit, I will ask them directly to you.

I have arranged them based on my own experience, but you are more than welcomed to start by any other order that you chose.

I think that anyone who is interested in reshaping his or her life should start with relationships with people around them.

I am also aware that everyone wishes to use this law to improve their financial situation as well and more than anything.

However, you will never be able to improve your financial life if you don’t learn how to treat people a bit better because the people will never do business with you if you don’t show them your LOVE.

Giving your affection to others, and being able to receive the same back is what I have learned to be the most important thing about this practice.

Love brings everything else in your life!

Love will bring you more money, better health, happiness, joy, and everything else you can imagine.

Therefore, start by asking your self what more can you give to the people?

Just one improved relationship can open a floodgate of love in your life.

Hint: start with YOU!

You have heard the one, “In a healthy body lives a healthy mind.”?

This saying goes around for centuries, and it is one of the most important things you will have to start with.

Even if you are already a healthy individual, you should stop and think about at least one thing you can do to improve your wellbeing overall.

The Law of Attraction will work for everyone who is willing to become more attractive!

Does the last sentence make a lot of sense to you?

If yes, then you are well aware of how better health can bring you anything else you desire.

People who are strong, fit, healthy, smiled, loving, etc., will get much more from life than those who abuse and disrespect their mind and body.

There is no room for a single doubt in this fact!

Therefore, ask yourself, what can you do to improve your health?

The decision to stop drinking sodas and instead to create a habit of having a cup of healthy tea is more than enough to start an avalanche of changes.

Here we are at the question everyone is looking for.

Now, I have a few underlining questions for you regarding money.

Would you like to earn more in your current occupation or climb up the ladder which will bring you more as well?

Or would you like to run your own business and be responsible for your income?

If you want to earn more money with the Law of Attraction, you must be aware of the fact that doing something you love will bring you more money with mathematical precision.

As I have said, love will bring you everything, and that is the truth!

Therefore, you will have to ask yourself some more questions concerning money if you are going to pursue it by using these methods.

If you, however, don’t like your job, but you do want to earn more money, you will have to find a strong motivation to improve in the business you don’t like.

Taking care of your family can be a great one!

The Law of Attraction in 4 Basic Steps

Now, assuming that you know what it is that you want, let’s cut the theory and dig into some practical steps to bring your wants to existence.

As I have said already, I have been practicing this theory for two years now, and I owe everything to the knowledge and application of the basic steps of the Law of Attraction.

I believe that if I could understand it and successfully apply it to my life, you too are more than capable of repeating the same!

It doesn’t take much time.

It doesn’t take hard work.

All it takes is an open mind and a will to do it.

And, of course, the awareness of your DESIRES.

1.) Dream, Fantasize, Visualize, THINK!

The Universe is working nonstop.

This creative energy which makes every atom of matter and fills every empty space in the Universe is forever flowing to, thorough, and out of you, bringing to life everything you hold in your mind.

Sadly, the majority of people are using their IMAGINATION at all time to visualize the things and circumstances they don’t want.

Even worse, they don’t even know that.

As a result, they live the life they don’t want to live, not knowing that all they have to do is change some images in their minds by consciously applying their God-Given ability to THINK and holding them with WILLPOWER.

Every great accomplishment has its roots in a single IDEA.

However, what is an idea?

The idea is a thought impulse which flashes in one’s mind as an answer to a question regarding one’s DESIRES.

You ask a question, and boom, the answer is there!

I have given you more than enough in a couple of lines from above so you can start the process by yourself.

However, be aware!

Most of the people will immediately reject the new idea because of countless negative and limiting beliefs about themselves and their ability to act on the received thought.

The world is telling them that they can’t have what they want because most of the world doesn’t know how to get their own desires.

No one is to blame for this.

We all fail and fall under its pressure by our own fault.

Worst of all, people will accept the unwanted conditions in which they currently live, not knowing that the first step towards a change is holding on to that flash of an idea, and starting to dream and fantasize about it until it grows into a higher state which is known as a BURNING OBSESSION.

You and I, and every other dreamer out there can have everything we want by mastering this first step, and learning how to turn that initial thought impulse of an idea into a theory and later on into an actual fact.

We have been gifted with precious mental faculties, and one of those is a WILLPOWER, and another one is IMAGINATION.

If you know what you want, you must use all willpower to put all your thought energy back of a single desire in exclusion of everything else.

You have to dream and fantasize about your desire all the time using your imagination until it grows into every cell of your being.

Then, when it becomes a part of you and when you begin to think about it all the time, you will understand the meaning of the words BURNING OBSESSION.

The world will have no power over you once you reach the described state of mind.

The idea about having the thing you want the most turned into a desire is a cornerstone step in the Law of Attraction practice.

Without it, nothing will happen.

2.) Ask, Hope, Believe, Have FAITH

In his famous classic Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill once wrote that every fresh idea needs a breath of life to grow and become a fact.

Otherwise, it will die in its initial stage.

Now, we can ask ourselves the following question.

What gives the power to a single idea so it can become a fact?

We have already mentioned the creative energy that fills all space and penetrates through all time.

That creative energy, spirit, or however you wish to call it, is a breath of life, water, and the sun, necessary to harness if you want to turn your idea into a burning obsession.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to turn your idea into a fact if you don’t create a productive state of mind which is also known as FAITH.

You see, everything great we have ever accomplished in the whole history of humankind has been done using one fuel and one only.

Not only great things, but all things which have been accomplished by a human hand were powered by the same STUFF.

Napoleon Hill wrote in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich some brilliant lines about the power of faith and I will use one of them to share his thoughts.

“Faith is the only known agency through which the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.”

Translated, you can do everything if you have faith in yourself.

Some of the greatest leaders in the history of the world were able to move entire countries by merely passing on their creative energy into the minds of the people.

When the mind is occupied by this creative energy, it is able to do the things which have never been done before!

Most of the people will get stopped as soon as they start to think about their desires and eventually they will quit on them.


Because of the FEAR.

Where there is fear, faith cannot exist and do its magic.

They cannot occupy the mind together, and at the same time, it must be one or another.

I am a real-life example of the enormous possibilities this power holds once you use it to outwith all your fears, doubts, and worries out of your mind.

I have never had a business of my own, ever!

What do you think, was I afraid of this move when I have decided to start?

Faith helped me to do something that I have never done in my entire life.

Think about all the significant accomplishments that have advanced humankind.

Do you think there is something other than FAITH which enabled people to fly like a bird, travel in high speeds, climb the top of the mountains, win the wars for their independence, start their own businesses, jump more, do more, and have more?

I believe that the answer is simple.

FAITH is more than necessary to bring your IDEA to life.

Once again, the SECRET to inducing faith lies in the use of your IMAGINATION.

However, once induced it can be empowered only by using the next step!

3.) Seek, Open, Look, Take ACTION

Everyone who has faith and who is aware of its power will always try to take action to express their state of mind.

I have learned through experience and thorough analysis of many people around me, that majority of us do know what they want.

Moreover, almost everyone has a clear picture of their innermost and deepest desires.

Having a mental picture is easy.

However again, rarely anyone has harnessed the power of faith to turn those ideas into a reality by taking ACTION in the face of everything.

By using your IMAGINATION to see your DESIRE the Law of Attraction will bring the things you want close to you, but only by taking ACTION you can harness the state of mind called FAITH which will then allow you to have those things in your hands.

Many people who practice the Law of Attraction don’t understand that PERSISTENT ACTION is the medium for translating faith in your results.

When I have started to dream and build my future life within my imagination all I could do is to fantasize about it.

While those ideas were safely hidden in my mind, everything was fine.

However, the moment when I have decided to turn those images to life by reaching out and getting the things I want, everything became much different.

Something tried to stop me.

The FEAR came from many directions and from multiple sources.

For a time it seemed to me that everything was working against me and somehow, I started to doubt my dreams and my abilities to realize my fantasy.

I have started to look for a solution everywhere.

The only answer I was able to find about how to beat that feat was wrapped around one word.

You can try and guess the word.

You see, IMAGINATION is a beautiful concept which allows us to see the invisible and dream about the things we want.

However, ACTION in the face of fear is the only thing that will start to manifest those images to life and fear will be replaced by faith.

4.) Analyze, Learn, Continuously REPEAT

The last step in the Law of Attraction practice is very simple, and it will wrap everything we have said so far into one big concept.

If you remember, I have said that the energy of this Universe in which we live is forever flowing to, through, and out of you in a circular pattern.

This means that once you master the first three steps, you will experience something.

You will get your first results!

You will have completed one circle out of numerous you will have to go through.

You see, many people don’t get the point of repetition.

The only way how you can ever learn something is to repeat the thing over and over against all fears and failures until you master the skill.

You will have to accustom yourself to many, many failures and mistakes that will come in your results.

Those mistakes must come.

They are more than necessary, so you can analyze them and see where you have made mistakes so you can take the lessons from them and ultimately repeat the whole thing once again to get better results.

Moreover, fear will have to become your best friend, you will have to face the terror many times until you become accustomed to it and able to clear it out from your life completely.

You must realize right now that the Law of Attraction will work in favor only of those people who are ready to fist spend some time in the process described under these four steps.

Once you master these four basic steps, you will be able to manifest everything you want fearlessly and mistakeless as well as so fast that it will look like MAGIC!

BONUS 1: How to Make the Law of Attraction to Work Faster

If you understand everything you have read so far, here, as a bonus,  I will share with you some tips and tricks which can help you to make this Law work a little bit faster.

Moreover, if you have already mastered these skills, this information will come to you like a cherry on top of the cake.

I have been able to discover some of the best ways how to make things move in a fast lane and here are my four favorite exercises:

Always Stay Relaxed

The Law of Attraction works all the time.

You remember that it is the energy which flows to, through, and out of you which is moving you in action.

Now, your action cannot be bright and prosperous if you are not completely relaxed.

I have learned through practice that relaxation is one of the three things you should practice all the time to keep the free flow of energy.

If the flow is blocked with some tension, stress, and other harmful clogs, your actions will not be precise, and your results will not be satisfying.

It is reasonable to switch from positive to negative flow from time to time, but only as a reminder that you are getting off course.

I would recommend a daily relaxation practice to everyone who is consciously practicing the Law of Attraction.

You can do several things.

For example, meditation is known as one of the best and most effective relaxation methods for centuries.

Moreover, it is continuously evolving.

You can do whatever you like to do as long as it makes you relaxed.

Make sure you stop at least two times during your day, to sit back and do nothing!

Daydream and Visualize a Lot!

Now, visualization is actually a key to the Law of Attraction.

You see, this creative energy that flows to, through and out of you has to be shaped.

If you don’t give it a wanted shape, it will shape itself based on the things and circumstances from your present environment.

If your present results are not satisfying and you want to improve them, then it will take the shape of them and ultimately bring you the same thing all over again.

Now, you can intentionally use your imagination whenever you feel like you have to, and shape this creative energy into anything you want.

We have also named this ability dreaming.

You can literally daydream your way to success by using your imagination correctly.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and fantasize about some good things you want to have in your life.

The more often you do this, the better and faster the results will be.

Have Fun All the Time

They managed to make rocket science out of it.

I understand that we are not all the same and somethings that work for me maybe will not work the for you.

However, I am deeply convinced that when we are able to relax, visualize, and have fun with the things we want to manifest they come quickly as a flash!

Well, maybe not that quick but you get my point.

As an example, take a look at any child under the age of 10.

Those kids are pure geniuses.


Because they are not stressed with the world, they use their imagination all the time, and they are always looking to have fun and play.

Everything they do is full of confidence in success.

Since I have started to act like a child, which means that I am looking for fun in my activities all the time, my results have improved dramatically.

And if I feel like I am not having fun, I have the ability, just like when I was a kind, to use my imagination until I create it.

When I say “I have” I meant to say “YOU HAVE” the same abilities.

Say Thank You; Be Grateful

You see, my mentor has said once that gratitude attunes you to success.

Since I have digested this information and applied to my life, everything got much, much better.

I was making a classic error of taking things for granted, and as a result, I was not able to hold the success for a long time.

However, the practice of sincere gratitude has the power to lift your thought up.

It can help you to connect with your desirer much faster than anything.

Moreover, if you practice giving thanks for everything you have, good and bad, as well as for everything that you want to have, you will see that success will become your best friend.

Everyone who is serious about the Law of Attraction practice should start working, if not already, on their gratitude attitude.

I mean, just Google the word and be amazed by yourself.

BONUS 2: Six Mental Tools You Will Have to Use!

Now, here we are at the point where I want to tell you about how proper mental preparation and the right use of your psychic abilities will take you on another level.

The mind is where attraction begins!

However, in today’s world rarely anyone uses its mind the way it is intended to do.

Our mind is not meant to be buried with troubles and worries; instead, we should let it soar freely!

We have these fantastic mental abilities which if properly used can create anything you can IMAGINE.

We have been gifted with something which differentiates us from the rest of the life on this planet, we can THINK for ourselves.

In other words, we can use our mind to create anything we want and then we can step out in the physical world and work on it until we see it in our results.

Just a quick proof before we say which six mental tools are those I am talking about.

Take a look at your laptop, computer screen, tablet, or mobile phone and think about how it got created.

Someone, somewhere, had to imagine the IDEA of the smartphone in his or her mind at first because everything starts as an idea in our mind.

Then, that person had to play with the idea some more before he or she was able to create it in reality.

This person had to use his or her WILLPOWER, REASON, INTUITION, MEMORY, and PERCEPTION along with IMAGINATION to hold on to that idea and develop it into a DESIRE to have it in reality.

It all started within the MIND of one individual.

And these six tools had made it possible.

You too can use your mind to create anything you WANT in your reality.

How the Law of Attraction Changed my Life

We are getting close to an end of this beginner friendly the Law of Attraction course, so I have to stop and share a story about my life and how it changed completely all thanks to everything you have read so far.

This short story will show you that everything I have written so far is based on real-life experience and not some random facts pulled out from some books.

Past Me

You see past me was a guy who grew up in a semi-healthy environment.

My family is just another regular family like anyone else, my friends are ordinary people who work, live, eat, drink, have fun.

I was a healthy guy who had a healthy and happy life.

However, my economic situation was something which was always causing me troubles.

Sometimes I had it right, but some other times I manage to fall under.

I have learned that everything wrong in our lives can find its roots directly in the lack of money.

You see, whenever I was short on cash, somehow I had a feeling that I am missing out everything else.

And when I was financially ok, I realized that everything around me is improving as well.

A few years ago things started to get very bad not only for me but for everyone in the area of the world where I am born and raised.

The economic depression that has started in 2008 has swept many people off their feet.

With it, it brought a handful of other problems for everyone around me, including me as well.

In just a couple of years, my life was destroyed.

I have lost everything.

My relationships were gone, my health was ruined as well, and of course, money was the root of all problems.

Present Me

Now, fast forward a couple of years in the present moment.

Today, I have regained everything that I have lost!

Not only that I was able to regain everything, but I managed to go further than before.

The knowledge about the Law of Attraction came to me in a perfect moment and had changed everything.

I guess that we can only get a solution in our hands if we dare to ask for it.

That is what I did. (remember the top of the page)

Through some of the most unexpected channels I have received, and I still do receive everything I ask for.

I have asked for a better life, and I have got the opportunity to create one for my self.

The whole process has been described to you in every word you have read so far.

I have managed to fix and create even stronger relationships with the people I love.

My health is perfect, and I live in a healthy body.

And money, well money is a story for itself which I am going to tell you another time, my friend.

You see, I am a college dropout who is running his own business!

And you can see the fact right in front of your eyes.

Just click through my website to be convinced, please.

I have chosen my own line of work, and I am more than happy to do it every single day because it is something I WANT to do.

You see, I enjoy making errors in life, and then I like to figure out how to fix them.

As a cherry on top, it gives me much satisfaction to GIVE a bit of advice to a person who is ASKING for one.

Money, my friend, is just a by-product of the work I love, just as a strong and big muscle is the product of lifting weights or doing push-ups which, by the way, I also like to do.

However, none of this would be possible if I have not found a person who can show me how to do it.

Before I leave you and conclude this Law of Attraction beginners course, I want to tell you how much value there is in a mentor who can tell you what to do.

You see, a mentor is a highly successful person in his important field who has a desire to help others climb the top as well.

This person has done the job many times, and he or she knows every step of the way, every possible trap, and every single right direction you have to take to reach the same top.

In short words, a mentor is a role model.

A while ago my Law of Attraction practice led me in the direction of three people who are highly successful in life.

They are healthy, happy, and wealthy.

Since I had the same DESIRE, the Universe was kind enough to point me at them.

When I have realized that these people are the people who can show me the way to success, I had no doubts in my mind should or shouldn’t I follow them.

The answer was one loud YES!

Today, some two years after, I have not regretted my decision, not even for a millisecond.

These guys have saved me time, money, nerves, and a lot more!

If you are attracted to the idea of having a mentor, please click on the image below to read a post where I will talk about it in more details.

If not I hope I have helped by serving you as a mentor in this Law of Attraction beginners course, it was my pleasure and honor to do it.

In the end, I wish you to attract and have everything you WANT!

As my mentor has said, and I will borrow his words to conclude this course,

“Abundance is all around us. Abundance is our birthright. You and I are born rich, maybe we are just short of cash sometimes.”

Is The Law Of Attraction Really A Law?

This is the first of a series of emails busting many of the most common myths around the Law Of Attraction.

Hold on tight, because it’s going to come at you fast and furiously.

MYTH: The Law Of Attraction is a LAW!

Everyone knows that the Law Of Attraction is a law, right?

Well let’s look at this pragmatically…

If the Law Of Attraction was a real law, it would have to be replicable again and again, each and every time it is applied.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t noticed that each and every time I think a thought that the Law Of Attraction makes it manifest into physical form.

In fact, I’m pretty darn pleased the Universe doesn’t work that way, because I think some pretty weird thoughts 

So what is the Law Of Attraction then?

The Law Of Attraction is a phenomenon – it’s a NAME given to a phenomenon that exists in the Universe.

The phenomenon looks like this: sometimes mysterious things happen in our world that seem unexplainable and that are often thought to be beneficial to us.

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist called them synchronicity. The sceptics call these phenomena coincidences. The religious call them miracles. The more new-agey crowd call it the Law Of Attraction.

I often hear people saying things like, “I’m going to use the Law Of Attraction to get xyz…”. Even I have been guilty of saying this in the past.

Nothing wrong with saying that, but a flaw exists with this kind of thinking: You CAN’T actually use the Law Of Attraction to get anything.

How come?

Because the LOA is not a thing – it is a phenomenon.

Phenomena cannot be used because they are effects generated by a myriad of different, systemic causes.

So, if you can’t use the Law Of Attraction, what tools can you use to build a life filled with everything you desire?

Here’s a short (if incomplete) list off the top of my head:

  1. You might also be able to use your mind to influence matter on a subatomic level (more on this often debated topic in a future article)
  2. You can use your body to take actions that lead you closer to your goals
  3. You can take actions that keep yourself in a state of FLOW – that mysterious state where good (sometimes even miraculous) sh#t just seems to happen all around you.

These are just a few of the many things you CAN do to create the phenomenon known as the Law Of Attraction.

One last thing…

It’s also important to note that the Law Of Attraction is NOT some external force outside of you.

Why is that important?

Because the minute you think that some external force outside of you is influencing your life, you just gave ALL your power away to that force, leaving you as a VICTIM to that force’s power and influence over you.

Here’s the deal…

You Are The Force!

Or more accurately put, YOU are a part of the Force, which is everywhere.

As Darth Vader tells Luke in the movie Star Wars, “The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”

The physics behind this are too complex to explain in this short article, but for now, just consider that YOU are the Law Of Attraction in Action and that YOU can have anything you want in your life if you use your mind and play with your imagination.

So, there you have it… Myth #1 busted!

I hope this distinction allows you to begin thinking about the Law Of Attraction in a new, more empowering way.

Til next time,

Have a miraculous day,


P.S. As always, I welcome your comments below (and read all of them).

P.P.S. A great tool for helping you play with your imagination  is my Relaxation For Manifestation recording. Check it out here: Relaxation For Manifestation

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The 4 Best Law of Attraction Online Courses for Entrepreneurs in 2019

If you’re in the market for law of attraction courses to learn how to manifest more optimal results in your life, you’re in the right place. Here, I’ll be sharing the 4 Best Law of Attraction Online Courses.

There are some journeys that require an immense amount of mental innertia–entrepreneurship is one of those. As a result, many entrepreneurs look for fuel to motivate a positive mindset, and the law of attraction crosses many of their paths.

If you’re here, it’s likely, you’re looking to:

Well, I think you’re right.

The law of attraction principles and trainings that stem from the theory, “thoughts become things” can help to identify limiting beliefs, help you to address paradigms that aren’t serving you well, and can trigger your inner dreamer. When your dreams are alive again and you’re thinking more optimistically, it effects your mood, drive, and overall pursuits.

A Warning for Law of Attraction Enthusiasts

As a warning, for those who are from a biblical worldview (like I am), some of the law of attraction teachings can apex into philosophies and practices that aren’t consistent with your worldview, but they can still be interesting to learn and understand, so you can connect with others.

Also, you’ll have to intertwine law of attraction principles of positive thinking with habit change in order for it to work. There’s very few instantaneous transitions from negative thought cycles and bad habits into positive thought cycles and good habits–those are miraculous anomalies.

Instead, for the majority of people, we’ll use the law of attraction mixed with daily habits that stretch and grow us into better versions of ourselves. Daily habits like affirmations, gratitude journaling, pampering, and daily business building habits (or those that inch you closer to your desired goal).

Overall, despite some merging of religious philosophy I don’t agree with, the law of attraction has provided some positive inspiration for me and many others which is why I’ve compiled this list for you to help you find some of the best law of attraction online courses.

Top 4 Best Law of Attraction Online Courses

Without further ado, here are my top 4 best law of attraction online courses…

1. Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

The Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification is accredited by Transformation Academy and an Internationally recognized agency called Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency. In the course you learn about the Law of Attraction fundamentals as well as visualization, the psychology, the reticular activating system, and more.

Who is this best for

What They Offer

What They are Missing

There are 397 student reviews and an average of a 4.6 star rating.

How to Get Started

Visit the course page here, add the course to your shopping cart, check out, and you’ll have instant access to this course.

2. Law of Attraction and Self-Hypnosis Effortless Manifestation

This Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Effortless Manifestation course talks about how to change your current thought patterns, replace old ones with new ones, and change the outcome of your life as a byproduct.

Who is this best for

What They Offer

What They are Missing

An engaged community to support you in your journey

This course has 432 ratings and an overall 4.6 star rating from students

How to Get Started

To get started, you’d visit the course page, add the course to your shopping cart, checkout, and you’ll have instant access to begin taking the course.

3. How to Manifest Using the Law of Attraction

Who is this best for

This course is best for people who want to understand the law of attraction, and those who want a little twist away from the “normal application” of the law of attraction.

What They Offer

The course instructor, Melissa Crowhurst is a Reiki master teacher, massage therapist, registered Natural Healer, and instructor on Udemy who has taught over 50,000 students. Her Law of Attraction course offers 5 manifesting hacks and a Real Manifesting Practitioner Certification upon completion.

What They are Missing

Like with most Udemy courses, you’re given the information, but you won’t have much community engagement to support your accountability process as you’re learning.

This course has 149 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, so it’s highly rated by students.

How to Get Started

To get started with this course, youd visit the course page, add it to your shopping cart, and check out from there. You can check out the course page here.

4. Law of Attraction – Quantum Physics for Dummies

The best part about this Law of Attraction course is how you’d also get access to a huge community (1.4 million+ entrepreneurs), you’d have business coaching, and you’d also have lots of other training included with the premium membership.

In addition to this course, here is a screenshot of some of the top the Law of Attraction courses available at Wealthy Affiliate:

From experience, I’ve seen people who think positively about situations, but aren’t able to change negative outcomes, so I think the theories are too inconsistent to consider them “laws”.

Who is this best for

What They Offer

The Law of Attraction coursework at Wealthy Affiliate is growing, however, it’s currently all written coursework. In addition to the Law of Attraction course, you’d also get access to thousands of hours of coursework (including video courses) on topics like Affiliate marketing, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, and other high income skills.

What They are Missing

The law of attraction training courses at Wealthy Affiliate are currently all in written format (including this course). If you’re not a fan of written coursework, then this training course may not be for you.

The course is available for premium members at Wealthy Affiliate, which is $19 for the first month. From there, you can decide if you enjoy the platform, and cancel after you’ve taken the course, or stay if you decide you like all of the other benefits.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Open Education Project doesn’t have a star-rating system for all of the training courses available, however, this course has 108 comments and some positive reviews like this one:

That was an incredible read. I’ve been trying to understand the LOA for a few years now, and I’ve always been scared to reach out, or feel unworthy to ask in the past.

The insight and experience that you have shared with your incredible mind, and gifted natural way to express yourself in your words, actually gave me something truly special – and I thank you for that.

I could actually feel more attuned to energy around me as I read this training, and I could actually feel that the universe is waiting for me to ask what I wanted.

I’ve always been spiritually guided throughout my life, but this training has made it all start making sense for me.

Your reference to children is so correct! When I was young I manifested many things into my life and for my friends, its just as I got older, I forgot how the process of real manifestation of universe into physical and psychological objects actually happened.

It’s the natural order of things, and you’ve made me understand that in order to attract the positives into your life, you need to act and “de-clutter” your mind, and physical realm – and make space for them to be welcomed into your life.

I can’t thank you enough how truly thankful for this read I actually am, and I AM attracting prosperity and what I desire into my life at this very point in time – hence why I’m on WA 😉

I’m no longer going to “Wish” for things – I’m going to actively pursue them and make it happen.

Thank you so much!!!

MattJones, Wealthy Affiliate reviewer

How to Get Started

To get started with the training and try out the platform, check it out for free here.

The Bottom Line

While each of these courses are very high quality, there are some parts of this training that I’m not a big fan of because of my biblical worldview (like the quantum physics principles that say “everything is energy”, or how they believe you can change everything with your thoughts). Even though the principles aren’t consistent with my worldview, I think these courses explain the concepts well, which is why I’ve called these the best 4 law of attraction online courses. The courses will teach you what the law of attraction is, how it works, how to use it for manifesting, how it can impact your life and more.

From my point of view, you can think positively, and there are still some things that are going to be outside of your control. Despite my views on Law of Attraction, I still believe these authors have explained the topic well, and you can tell they strongly believe in what their teaching. If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction, I recommend you check out my #1 recommended Law of Attraction course here.

Best Law of Attraction Online Courses



How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

I find it a nice relaxing and calming activity which usually accelerates my creative thought process. As a mini Zen Garden can evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness, and peace Serenity.  It usually consists of just a few natural elements like fine gravel or white decor sand and a few river rocks like these are what I used.

If you like to get into your Zen zone during the day, my
DIY (do-it-yourself) miniature Zen garden can help.

*Please note this post contains affiliate links to my online store in case you would like to order the products that I personally recommend for this project. I am so excited to share this with you today. Read my full disclaimer here.

Not Feeling it?

 Here is a pre-made Miniature Zen Garden From Amazon the Perfect gift for Busy People. Hence why you may need one. Just sayin’.

Pin it for later.

CLICK THE Picture Below to Get this one.

Did you know the purpose of your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden or Japanese rock garden is?

It helps you have something symbolic to admire, as a focal point, that will help de-stress and relax you when you need a breather from your daily life, or daily stress, or perhaps you need some calming clarity or you are just suffering from pure boredom?

Here is my recipe called “how to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden”

Creating your own Mini Zen Garden is super easy.

You shouldn’t have to go out and buy anything since all the supplies are things you probably have in or around your home. I like the idea of using an old picture frame to house your garden. You can even add some special seashells or tiny air plants or succulents to give it a personal touch.

You can create your own little mini zen place of peace, and keep it right on top of your desk or perhaps your coffee table in your living room.

Not only are Feng Shui Mini Zen Gardens nice to look at, they are very inexpensive to make. They don’t require much maintenance either since you don’t have to feed or water it.


All you really need to do is find a good Feng Shui place for it to sit on your desk, side table or coffee table in your living room and you’ll have a way to access your Zen any time you want. No Need to go outside!

In your Zen garden, the sand or gravel will represent water or the Sea. The stones or carefully selected rocks represent the mountains and land, which according to Feng Shui is very important for the collection of chi.

The little wooden rake (or fork) is used for tending the sacred garden and can be used to create patterns in the sand and natural curves around the rocks or smooth stones. Which, In my opinion, is the best part!

How to Create your Own Mini Zen Garden

Here is the Recipe for “how to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden”

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Some Optional Items

Don’t Forget to add your favorite smelling essential oilsessential oils

Use a small rake or fork to Make your fancy Design.
You must have one of these kicking around 🙂

Tip: Use a Pencil

How to create your own Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden Instructions:

Step  By step

1) Sand must be cleaned thoroughly, so if you got your sand from the beach, be sure to clean it of any insects, leaves, and debris. If you don’t live near the beach or have any sand on hand you can purchase your decorative sand here, or at your local craft or perhaps a dollar store.

2) Place your decorative sand inside your container of choice.

3) Add 15-20 drops of YOUR  favorite essential oils. Click  Here to see a list of my fav essential oils. 

4) If you wanted more of a wet sand look you can add some JoJoba oil to your decorative sand.

5) Add 3-5 small to medium sized rocks. Do not place too many.

6)Add some other optional small trinkets if desired.

For example tiny succulents, seashells, tiny buddha or pagoda ornaments, or fire elements in some tea lights.

Or you can purchase the premade Feng Shui Mini Zen Garden with Buddha, and  Lotus Incense Burner already done for you here.

 Add a small bridge if you like. Bridges are often found in full-scale Japanese Zen gardens.

7) Get a small rake or fork here and make your playful patterns in the sand. There are no rules here. You can enjoy the mental break and calmness with your own Mini Zen Garden.

Don’t you just love it?

Feng Shui modern mini zen garden
Feng Shui Modern Zen Garden Photo Credit: Wendiland

*8) Optional step is to use colored sand.. oh my, what fun!

 That becomes the Modern Zen Mini garden… where you can replace the stones with cacti and use of special pens or stick to draw your patterns.

The Sand can be colorful like the 5 elements in Feng Shui by adding Fire with fuchsia/pink/red gravel, or earth terracotta color or yellow or orange, purple, baby blue or black or white.

Rake the sand using a fork or a comb to create a design. The design can go around the rocks or can be a large circle, square or other geometric shapes.

Have fun with this project and that it brings you some sense of Calm, Peace and Tranquility.

Also, please do email me some pics of your creations!

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The Brain, The Heart and The Law of Attraction


This physical machine that we call our body has two centers/organs with “perception intelligence” – the heart and the brain. These two organs, in combination, dictate and create our physical experience.

The heart is constantly feeding the brain through its emotional signals and the brain in turn feeds the heart out of the vibrations created from its perceptions. It has been studied biologically that the signals of the heart are transmitted to the brain via the blood stream (through “coded information” protein-molecules called neuropeptides) while the brain’s signals are transmitted to the entire body (including the heart) in terms of the vibration it produces (for example, a fearful thought creates a vibration of fear which is felt in the body and accessed by the heart).

So the heart feeds the brain, which in turn feeds the heart and thus creates a cycle of amplification of any signal that got started.

In an unconscious state of being, the heart and the brain can enter into a some specific “cycles” that they get used to and keep replaying it, causing repetition of certain experiences on daily basis.

Your childhood is when specific cycles get started. If you were brought up in unhappy surroundings the cycle that gets created is one of unhappiness where the heart feeds signals of unhappiness to the brain which in turn creates images of unhappiness (which create a vibration of resistance) and feeds this vibration back to the heart, creating a cycle.

On the other hand if you were brought up in happy surroundings the cycle that gets created is one that reinforces the happy state of being.

The cycle that gets activated in you during your childhood is not in your in control because you hardly have the awareness to make a conscious change as a child. But as an adult, who is conscious of his/her choice of aligning with positivity, one can consciously change their “default” cycle into the type of cycle they want – which is a cycle of happiness.

How the brain gets addicted to a cycle of emotion

The heart senses the signals around it (signals created by its own brain and signals created around it in its surroundings from other brains) and sends messages about these signals to the brain by packaging this information in messenger molecules (called neuropeptides) and pushing then into the blood stream.

When the heart senses signals of sadness it creates a certain type of neuro-peptides, when it senses signals of fear it creates a certain type of neuropeptides, in the same way for signals of peace/calm, joy, hatred etc.

In simple words, the heart creates a specific type of neuropeptide cell for every type of emotion. These molecules are received by the brain via the blood stream, and the information coded in these neuropeptide molecules are imbibed by the brain cells – this is how the heart feeds the brain.

Depending on the type of neuropeptide cell that the brain receives, from the heart, it creates “interpretations”, and perceptions, in the form of images or sounds.

For example, a neuropeptide of fear makes the brain create perceptions, images, and sounds (self-talk), of fear. The vibration created by the brain, due to these perceptions, is felt in the body, and accessed by the heart, which in turn produces more neuropeptides of the same type to feed into the brain.

The focus of your awareness on the images and self-talk of the brain causes an amplification of these vibrations (anything you focus on activates a force of attraction or amplification) creating strong signals to the heart which responds by incrementing the number of neuropeptides it sends out. This is how a cycle of emotion gets created.

Here’s the reason why the brain gets addicted to a certain emotional cycle:

The brain is constantly shedding old brain cells and creating new brain cells. When it creates a new brain cell it takes into consideration the type of neuropeptide that it’s most frequently getting from the heart and designs the new brain cell with higher receptivity to that particular neuropeptide.

For example, if sadness is the neuropeptide it receives on constant basis from the heart, then the new brain cells will be designed with a cell-membrane that has higher/easy receptivity to neuropeptides of sadness and less receptivity to neuropeptides of joy. In simple words, the new brain cells would find it easier to identify with sadness and would find it “confusing” to identify with joy.

Over the years, your brain gets shaped with cells that have strong receptivity to a certain type of emotion – so if you’ve been predominantly living in negative emotional states, your brain has cells with highest receptivity to neuropeptides of negative emotions.

So when you become conscious of your negativity and decide to become positive, you sense that it’s really tough to be positive for more than few seconds because your brain cells “don’t get it”, they want negative emotional states because that’s what they are programmed to receive.

The withdrawal symptoms of letting go of negativity

Hopefully the explanation above makes it clear to you why you have such a hard time becoming positive now when you’ve predominantly been in negative emotional states through your life time. This is the reason why you need to be easy on yourself, though you understand “positivity”, the majority of your brain cells are not ready yet to be receptivity of these new neuropeptides of positivity.

Your brain cells are addicted to neuropeptides that they are used to, and will create images, and self-talk, to cause the heart to produce them. This the reason why your brain feels out of control and focuses on negative thoughts when you want to think positive. The brain simply creates negative images and self-talk in order to create signals of negativity so that the heart can produce neuropeptides of negative emotions that the brain cells are familiar with, and have a receptivity for.

This whole process is in sync with the law of attraction which is the principle of creation in your being. It’s not possible to “immediately” shift your brain into positive after having unconsciously fed it neuropeptides of negative emotion for so many years. Your brain craves the neuropeptides that it’s used to, even if they are negative and create negative feelings (just like how the brain of a smoker craves nicotine molecules in its blood cells). To break free from the cycle of negative emotion is like breaking a huge addiction in the brain, and it takes time and willingness to go through some unpleasant “withdrawal symptoms” for a while (that’s why I sometimes refer to the phase of letting go of negativity as the “detox” phase).

How letting go reprograms the brain cells

The practice of letting go is the swiftest way to reprogram your brain cells. Letting go is simply about staying as a space of relaxed awareness allowing the brain to get over its withdrawal symptoms, to allow the brain to get over its craving for negative emotions. When you stay as a space of relaxed awareness you don’t “focus” on the negative images and self-talk that the brain creates (in its hunger for negative neuropeptides) and thus you don’t amplify/fuel these signals. Also, your state of being as a relaxed space causes your heart to send out neuropeptides of peace/calm to the brain more and more.

Within a few months of staying in this state of being, on consistent basis, your brain cells will get programmed to be receptive to neuropeptides of peace/calm/joy and less receptive to negative neuropeptides. This will create a “positive cycle” to start between your heart and your brain, and from here on it just keeps getting rooted in positivity.

If you want you can also use some “tricks”, now and then, to expedite this process of entering into a positive cycle. Here are few pointers.

1: Put a smile on your face every time the brain gets into a negative cycle. The brain constantly creates the image of your facial expression, so when you have a smile on your face it’s forced to create an image of a smiling face. This causes a contradiction within it and it will sooner be forced to create images that match the expression of a smiling face.

2: Most of us have a fondness for music. So whenever the brain gets into a negative cycle, just plug on some of your favorite music (even if your brain is not in the mood for it). The music will soon have an effect on the brain in that it will create positive images and sounds, this relaxation causes the heart to generate neuropeptides of happiness/peace.

3: Take up an activity that’s relaxing to your being, go out for a walk, go on a drive, hit the treadmill, read a positive book, watch something entertaining etc your brain may not feel in the mood for a positive activity because of its craving for negative neuropeptides, but when you consciously shift into a positive activity it causes your brain to have no choice but to plug into positive signals soon enough.

These techniques may be tough to execute initially especially when there is a strong momentum of negativity in the brain. So the best thing to do is just stay as space of open awareness allowing the momentum to die down slowly. In fact, when you stay as a space of relaxed awareness you are automatically inspired by the intelligence of your life stream in the right activity for the moment that aligns you with peace/joy.

To stay in a space of relaxed awareness is by far the most effective means to reprogram your brain because it causes you to connect with the intelligence of your wholeness (which touches your brain through its intelligences) and causes your heart to have access to the joy/peace/love inherent to your being or life-stream. The state of relaxed awareness disconnects your focus from the negativity in the mind and the external reality, and allows your focus to rest on the “inner” space of wholeness of life.

Once the “positive cycle” falls into place in between your heart and brain, it’s a cinch for you to maintain a positive state being on consistent basis thus attracting a strongly positive reality.

  1. Treeter

    Dear Sen,
    I really appreciate this article! Your reasoning is logical and consistent. And yes the explanation above makes it clear why I have such a hard time becoming positive. As I’m working on changing my default cycles and a attracting a positive reality. I’m wondering how to handle a consistent barrage of negativity from say a family gathering where everyone else is in their unconscious behavior? You say it takes time and a willingness but I want to just isolate myself. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  2. Gool

    A very erudite article indicating deep perception of the writer. Reminds one of J. Krishnamurti. Thanks for a good intellectual feast.

  3. Lee

    Why on earth don’t the books, media and the medical profession explain it like this? Maybe it would help those who are truly on the brink of the unthinkable.

  4. M

    Hi Sen
    When I understand something I become less fearful of it.
    Because of your articles I am understanding more and more.
    So many thanks once again

  5. M

    What a coincidence
    It was only this morning that I remembered reading something years ago suggesting that when you smile it’s very hard to have negative thoughts, then I find that you have explained it fully.
    It made me truly smile
    Thank you

    1. Ahmed

      Dear Sen , in many places i notice that you say ‘relax awareness’. I hope this ‘relax awareness’ means the state of mind which can evaluate the condition of mind. In other words, when you are in a position of witnessing every thought of you mind, then you are in state of ‘relax awareness’. I hope what i mean is right. If you could give better explanation then it would be very helpful to attain this state

  6. L

    Thank you so much for your writings, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these articles. I’ve let myself fall back into the usual patterns of anxiety, worrying that I would have to go on medication again to resolve my excess obsessive and stressful thoughts, feeling so powerless. I couldn’t have stumbled upon this at a better time!

  7. Chetana

    So full of wisdom and strength and yet conveyed in a simple way. Thank you Sen.

  8. joe

    What do you mean by staying as a space of relaxed awareness?

  9. Preet

    So thought provoking Sen. My words are short to express the praise of this article. I already had insights about it but you clarified them more. I have a question please: In past neurologist or psychologists believed that habits or beliefs are set at neuronal connection in brain while modern energy psychologists believe habits are nothing but configuration of photon in electromagnetic field–they call it mind. Your article gives emphasis on both theories about neuronal connection and heart recieves messages from surrounding minds. Can you please clarify my confusion? Thanks

  10. vaibhav

    It was a pleasure reading this wonderful article. Vipasna meditation also talks about detached awareness, but it was presented quite scientifically yet simply by you. Thanks a lot.

  11. A.

    I understand that your theory is based on mixture of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies and that the type of thought examining you are describing is very similar to Vipassana meditation. Hopefully you are motivated from a place of compassion. I am curious to know where it is in the world that you live and what kind of services/resources are inherent to that locality that allow you to sustain yourself. Thoughts that (over time) shape impulses grow differently in different geographic locations, just as do plants. So if you are in a locale where things naturally expand as opposed to constrict then then your thoughts will resonate accordingly.
    If all things are in fact just part of a stream of absolute positive energy then why must one incarnate into a form that has sensory perception and a mind machine that has the ability to generate painful and negative thoughts that manifest into perceivable physical realities. I have experienced much loss in my life and have searched for many ways out of the suffering generated by those experiences but have been continuously disappointed by both my inability to control my own mind and by my seemingly unrelated external circumstances. Whatever it is that has been imprinted in my being I would like to change and have worked both diligently and persistently to do so but I am still very aware of negativity in my self and my circumstances. I am aware that there is a system of balance in almost every human civilization that is in place to help form the experience of duality (AKA self and others), which is of course, quite contrary to the characteristics of the pure stream of cosmic life/love/positive energy that you endorse as 100% available. …and in regards to this system, my joys have not matched my sufferings in both intensity and frequency. I am aware of where my interests are and which part of them seem to be motivated by biological impulses or rather, karmic debts disguised as biological impulses, of which I do not want the burden of due to the amount of suffering they have caused me mentally, emotionally and physically. I am specifically referring to issues such as the loss of loved ones due to untimely deaths, infidelity, and problems regarding finances as well as the by-product feelings of residual anger and jealousy that range in intensity and are almost always part of my daily experience. If you have any insights into this PLEASE HELP.

  12. La’gurl

    This is exactly what I needed to read. I’ve been on my journey to seeking balance for about a year now. Sometimes it’s really difficult for me because it feels like my mind has one mode of thinking programmed into it and I want to think balanced thoughts. It’s causing my chakra to tingle sometimes in my head. I can feel the energy inside myself getting more balanced but I know it takes time. I’m going to try and apply some of the techniques you mentioned above.

  13. Anonymous

    even I have the same problem some days when I try hard 2 be positive I feel positive then the next day I feel like hell, I mean I feel depressed. This goes on some days are positive while others are negative. I got the reason behind this from the article…thanx a lot SEN.

  14. Tadar Amar

    Sir, I have a doubt. If a person love listening to ‘sad’ songs, then while listening to it what kind of neuropeptide will be generated? will it be a sad one, because he/she is listening to sad song or will it be a happy one as he/she is loving that song.

  15. Pavlo

    It’s been 5 months since I posted anything to you and thought I’d give
    you, as well as the readers of your fine blog an update of my progress in
    my journey thus far.
    I’m firmly rooted in Wholeness in the sense I’m totally
    allowing of all that enters my field of awareness on a daily basis. Prior
    to finding your blog in March 2012 I was meditating on simply observing
    thoughts and emotions with no scientific understanding of what I was doing.
    Yes, that practice did allow for a “gap” between thoughts/emotions and the
    space of Being but I had no idea or understanding of the process required
    for true healing, liberation from the mind, and transformation to take root and grow.
    I also fully realize that each of us has a journey of growth of realization and
    understanding which is unique to each of us so I can only relay my
    own experiences as they pertain to me. One thing I now understand
    is that our brain “interprets ” reality according to its experiences whether they
    are rooted in reality or not. The more those experiences were a result of actions from
    highly unaware care-givers as was my case, (plus a good deal of genetic information as well) then the more I was disconnected from my life stream, or wholeness/totality of life itself.

    My life has changed dramatically in the past five months. I am still
    in the process of releasing emotional accumulation and still have some
    mind momentum at times but I’m a far cry from being totally “possessed”
    and at the whim of my mind which was highly imbalanced and quite frankly
    dangerous to my well being. I don’t know how long it will take
    for my emotional accumulation to empty, it’s been seven months
    of release, and I still go through extreme release where I feel intense
    pressure in my brain, almost like there’s a high pressure air hose connected
    to the base of my brain. When I have an intense release, this pressure
    expands quite intensely, like someone opening the “air valve” and my head is
    filled with pressure. This is the most accurate way I can describe the sensation
    of energy release.
    My old external reality which was a reflection of my inner turmoil
    is changing. My old career is gone, some of my friends which were part
    of my old reality have gone, I am in the midst of a career change. I have yet
    to know what to do next. Yes there is fear, yes there is uncertainty, yes there
    is some guilt (for putting my parents through this). I acknowledge all these feelings,
    I don’t resist them, I am not afraid, I allow them totally , but I don’t “focus”
    on these thoughts, I allow my attention to remain un-contracted. Ideas about
    what to do come and go, if they go its because they aren’t congruent with
    my nature. Yes it’s painstaking, but I’m learning to trust life. I fully
    realize this type of dramatic life transformation can’t be forced, life will
    show me when I am ready to be shown by life. Ideas come and go but if I decide on a career choice
    which is motivated by fear because of my current “situation” then I won’t
    be acting out of self expression, I would be acting from a position of fear
    which will never be conducive to my natural expression. So, I wait patiently
    and I heal as I’m waiting and my strength expands as I’m waiting and my understanding
    expands as I’m waiting. Life will show me somehow, of that I’m sure. I may be
    economically deprived throughout this process, and down the line possibly to a greater
    extent than I am right now but I accept whatever comes my way. I trust life
    to show me simply because my brain with all it’s limited conditioned/programmed “knowledge”
    it acquired along the way, and in its genetic inheritance, its constant identification
    with fear almost killed me.

    I can’t overstate the importance of Sen’s pointers in his posts. Some
    may resonate, some may not, both are fine. If pointers don’t resonate
    then drop them but more often than not you’ll find that pointers which
    don’t resonate at specific points during your journey WILL make sense once
    understanding, growth and clarity come to you.

    I don’t know where my journey will lead, but I know exactly where
    I was and how far I’ve come.

    My growth continues, all the best to you Sen, my friend, may you
    continue to be light and healing to all who you may cross and to those
    who may come across your writings.

  16. mira

    hello sen your article is impressive , may be the medical terms were a little bet complicated for me but i appreciate every word of it, in one of the comments you talked about the minute you can leave a relationship smoothelly without even pitterness and i want to say this absolutely happened with me after a 3 years struggling in drama and pain cycles finally after working on my self for two years i was able to get free from this cycle and now iam creating new patterns new brain cells and new reality for my self and my whole life….

    now my question for you i have started my new business and with the help of think and grow rich i put targets numbers and the amount of success i want to reach , just yesterday after a training i got to the idea of reprogramming my subconscious mind to get me to the success i want but how i get to do that in a full value
    and how i can get the full potential of my energy using the sexual energy in creating passion to my wealth achieving in the same time i will not give up my romance life , my only concern is that i am changing very fast now and that man i am attracted to today i could tomorrow forget and that puts me on unstable position i don’t recommend for me in this stage for i need the full back up system to my ultimate success

50 Personal Growth Bloggers Share Their #1 Law Of Attraction Advice

How To Use The Law Of Attraction?

You can achieve anything you want in life if you believe in yourself. As Henry Ford was saying:

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

See more Law Of Attraction quotes here.

Our thoughts and words influence our beliefs and self-confidence and those reflect in our actions. If you want something very intense and you strongly believe you are going to get it, then you will “hunt” all the opportunities that you need to make it a reality. Believing is the first step in succeeding and working hard will lead you to success. If you’re trying to manifest something in your life then this is the post you want to read. This is how the law of attraction works. At least, this is how I see it. I decided to find out more on this topic so I reached out to 50 personal development bloggers and asked them to share with us:

What is your #1 tip to make the law of attraction work for anyone?

It starts with your vision. Have a clear understanding of what it is that you want. The clearer the picture, the easier it is to move towards it. But then you still have to do the work.

Make a plan of action so that every single day you’re making forward progress on your vision. Tell people what you’re doing so they know your dream and can think of ways to help.

Create an environment, set of habits, and morning routine that enables consistent momentum. It’s about having the vision and then taking action.

Steve Scott – Develop Good Habits

One problem I had when I first heard of the Law of Attraction was the thought that simply desiring something, and putting in no further effort, could make it come true.

The intent is important of course. If you do not believe in your own chance of success, how can you convince anyone else to back you, buy your product, date you or give you the promotion you have been trying for?

But then I get this picture in my mind of some guy sitting on the couch, chanting, “I am going to be rich” while watching TV and doing nothing. This hypothetical guy does nothing to put himself in a position to get the success he desires.

This is why massive action is essential to me. Intent, gratitude, visualization, positivity, inspiration and getting rid of limiting beliefs are all important. But without action, you may not be placing yourself in the position to actually receive your part of the universe’s bounty.

If you want the universe to do its part in delivering your desires, you need to do your part and get out there and put in the work. The universe will help you, but only if you are ready, willing and able to give it the effort needed for your dreams to come true.

Steve Mueller – Planet Of Success

The key to making your visualizations come true is action. Without action, your visualized goals and ambitions are just dreams. Many authors that have written about the law of attraction often make it seem like you only have to imagine what you want and you’ll automatically get it sooner or later.

This is, in my honest opinion, quite a dangerous mindset. It draws your attention away from doing what is necessary to simply dreaming about what you would like to have. Even worse, many authors make it seem like the deepest levels of conviction and faith are necessary to make the law of attraction work.

This can become quite a vicious circle because many dare not to question the outlined methods to apply the law of attraction fearing that the slightest doubt may ruin its effectiveness. As a result, they waste many important years by visualizing without taking action.

Matthew Snider

My take on the law of attraction is that it works but we need to know how to use it. Don’t use it as  your magic lamp where you can get anything you want. Instead, use it to channel your thoughts towards achieving what you desire. There is a practical way to do things using the LOA. Focus and attract what you want, but make sure you take action to bring to reality what you desire.

As you manifest what you desire in your mind, you start to see opportunities come by. Those are signs that the LOA is working in your favour. Take those opportunities. Don’t expect something to come to you on a silver platter. I will keep my answer short because this is my blog anyway. You can read more about it at our post on the Law Of Attraction here.

To me, the key to success is to focus your mind on what you want – so that you start to see opportunities that are in front of you every single day. Every day I think about my health, my business and my family, and how I want more in those areas of my life.

And every day I am amazed and filled with gratitude that just by being consciously aware of those things, and thinking about them – that I see opportunities that are right in front of me and that I would otherwise miss in my life. When you think about getting more clients, you notice people who are good fits for clients.

When you think about how to have a fulfilling experience with your family, you start to see the family friendly activities you drive or walk by every day. So that’s the key for me – focus your mind on what you want, and you’ll notice opportunities everywhere.

Stefan James – Project Life MasterySTEFAN JAMES

I believe the key to manifesting what you desire through the law of attraction is ensuring you have high levels of desire and belief in what you’re attempting to attract into your life.

For example. if you wanted to attract a million dollars into your life, you may have a level 10/10 on the desire for manifesting that, however, your belief might only be a 1/10 in it actually happening. Even though you have the desire, your lack of belief will prevent it from actually turning into a reality.

On the other day, if you wanted to attract $100 into your life, then your desire might likely be a 1/10, whereas your belief might be a 10/10. That’s why I believe it’s important to have the sweet spot – something that can have a level of desire and belief to be at least 7/10 or higher.

If you can achieve that, then I think your chances of manifesting what you desire increases drastically as you’re sending the right frequencies out there in manifesting what you want.

Thea Westra – Forward StepsThea Westra

Develop incredibly vivid clarity about what you want and set an extraordinarily clear intention for yourself. An intention that you can practically feel, hear, see, taste and smell, in your mind’s eye, as though it already exists for you.

Recollect the words of Mark Twain, “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want” and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”.

When you are absolutely crystal clear on your main objective, make a pledge to produce a one percent positive improvement in that area of your life, every single day.

How you measure that 1% advancement is up to you and how you become unambiguous about what you want is also for you to discover. An internet search for “How do I become clear about an intention?” and for “How do I measure 1% daily improvement?” is a great place to start.

Now… each evening before sleep, always know how you will deliver on your pledge for the following day. Never underestimate the exponential and compounding effect of consistent forward steps.

Mark Babbitt – Switch & ShiftMark Babbitt

If there is one thing social and digital media has taught us: the digital law of attraction exists. Those who focus on the negative always seem to be surrounded by, and diligently share, more bad news; they draw negativity toward them like a magnet draws a rusty nail. On the other hand, those who expect good things to happen – more often than not – report that, indeed, good things are happening.

Of course, the world isn’t all puppies, rainbows and Disney movies. Even the most karmically-inclined of us have bad days.

So how do you reduce the number of those bad days, and make the law of attraction work for you?

First and foremost: Own your vision. No matter what your goals, be fully accountable for making that vision become a reality. Yes, I understand that many believers in the law of attraction stop short of making and executing a plan; they believe that if you visualize a positive outcome, the universe will provide. My belief: no one provides better than you. Form your vision. Understand what it will take to get where you want to go. Create a fluid yet firm plan. Then, intentionally execute that plan. Soon, your vision will morph from a nice-to-have dream into actionable inspiration – the keyword being “actionable.”

Second, and just as important: Remove those negative people – even those closest to you now, including parents, friends, significant others, and your boss – from your vision. Surround yourself with people who believe. Better yet, invite them into your karmic trek with updates, requests for feedback, and objective advice. Enable them to become angels, advocates, and ambassadors of your journey. (In the career world, we call these people “mentors.”)

So how do you know which people are going to serve as Sherpas of your vision? Follow this simple rule of personal interaction:

“No trolls. No divas. No drama queens. No takers, no fakers, and no ask-holes.”

Do that, and surround yourself with good people, and good things will happen. And isn’t that the definition of the law of attraction?

Shawngela Pierce – Seek Within You

My #1 tip to make the law of attraction work: If you want to make the law of attraction work for you, it is imperative to meditate daily. This is because meditation will help to change your subconscious mind, release negative thought patterns, train your mind to focus and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance system.

Most people are prone to a chaotic mind with an abundance of negative thoughts that hold them back from their true potential. A chaotic mind also prevents one from being able to focus in one clear direction, which is an essential part of practicing the law of attraction. Meditation will train your mind to focus and to release the abundance of conscious and subconscious negative thoughts that hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

If you are like most, you are aware of the conscious chaotic noise in the mind that rambles on and on throughout the day. For many, these thoughts are negative. From the perspective of the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you will attract in your life. Generally speaking, if your focus is predominantly negative, then you will attract more negative situations in your life. What you need to realize is that the majority of your thoughts are subconscious.

Scientists who study the mind have told us that the subconscious mind accounts for as much as 95 percent of our behavior and decisions. As a result, the majority of what you attract in your life is due to the energy that vibrates from within you. That energy is literally your “subconscious” energy. It is the thoughts “stored” away in your subconscious mind that bring to you, in an “auto-pilot” fashion, what you see on a daily basis. When you meditate daily, you can change this “subconscious energy” and start attracting from a higher level of attraction. As an example, releasing stored emotional energy such as fear and raising your inner vibrational energy to a level beyond fear. As a result, what you attract into your life will not be at the fear-based energy level.

Another important aspect of meditation is strengthening your connection to your inner guidance system. With respect to mastering your creative abilities with the law of attraction, it can be challenging to do so without reliable and consistent guidance from within that you trust. When you get a moment of inspiration, you may not trust it because you have not developed a trusting relationship with your inner guides. When you are given signs of an inspired action to take, again, you will be hesitant to take it if you have not developed a relationship with your inner guidance system. You will be prone to falling back into the old habit of allowing your negative and chaotic mind to take over and question the inspiration that came from within. This is why it is extremely important to work with your inner guides on a regular basis, and meditation will help in this process.

Although I don’t buy into the idea that if I want something, all I have to do is visualize it and I will get it.

I do believe that there is great power in deciding what you want, writing it down as a goal, and then determining the action steps you need to take to accomplish your goal.

This is where the law of attraction can work for anyone. The key is to make a decision on the type of life you want, write it down as a goal, declare it to someone (and the universe), and then take action.

Kelli Cooper – Live Life Made To Order

The key to successfully applying a teaching like the law of attraction is realizing it is not a ‘tool’ that ‘works’ or doesn’t ‘work,’ a tool that you weren’t ‘using’ previously and now you can in order to manipulate reality to your mind’s exact specifications. You have always been creating and attracting; you just weren’t doing it consciously and deliberately, at least for the most part.

The LOA has become synonymous with tools like affirmations, visualizing and making vision boards, making it seem like manifesting is something that happens on the level of action. And while these tools are excellent for helping shift focus, activate vibrations that serve you, and helping you consciously and consistently engage your energy, they can’t make anything happen for you independent of your primary energy (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.) They have no power in and of themselves, and it is important to have a clear understanding of their role in the process.

It is easy to carry our action-oriented approach into energy work, thinking if we do these sorts of things enough, eventually, something has to happen. But manifesting is something that happens on the level of ‘being,’ and often times, our ‘being’ isn’t changing significantly enough because we are not addressing the energy that is currently dominant. We are just asking for what we want, hoping the Universe will give it to us, using all our ‘tools.’ But we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.

Gayle Carson – Spunky Old BroadGayle Carson

The #1 way to attract anybody is with a fabulous smile.

I have been fortunate to work all over the world, and I have never run into a problem, mainly because I greet people with a smile, try to say hello in their language, and use their name.

I have been invited into homes for meals, extra events, and most important, invited back.

There also has to be sincerity, interest, and a positive vibe or people will recognize the phoniness.

 John W. BeiterJOHN W. BEITER

One of the most important, life-changing books I have read is Mind Power by John Kehoe. Kehoe teaches the laws of attraction through the 6 universal laws of the mind. Once the student understands that she/he creates her/his own reality through the use of these laws [or as Stephen Covey wrote: No one sees the world as it is – we see the world as we are!] – lives transform.

The #1 tip is through the use of consistent daily affirmations. Start each day by opening your conscious mind to what you want to manifest in your life. For example, if you want to be healthy – “Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier!”

Three things to know about affirmations:

1. you don’t have to believe them [at first, but trust me eventually you will only if you remain consistent] but you still need to say/think them.

2. Never, ever think about “how” it will manifest – let that piece go, i.e. the laws of attraction. 3. Never tether yourself to things you do not want – e.g. Every day and every way I am not angry or upset or whatever you don’t want to manifest.

Jewels Johnson – Law of Attraction Radio NetworkJewels Johnson

Life is like a huge golf game. You look out at where you want the ball to land and forget the mechanics of the swing.” As a matter of fact, the mechanics of the swing distracts you from the end result. This is a vital form of detachment essential to manifestation.

The Law of Attraction means that you are projecting your thoughts on the invisible space between each subatomic atom (some might call this source energy). This actually allows the energy in your 3D hologram world to materialize. What’s even more important is having your thoughts go beyond your 3D world into a higher dimension. This shifts you to be of a higher vibration and really accelerates manifestations and intuition.

Contrary to popular Law of Attraction beliefs that your thoughts are responsible for what will materialize, is false. It is the heart’s emotions along with the thoughts that create from an emotion of “love.” Having said that, the other emotions of hate, greed, lust, ego are just as important as the creative energy of love, because they are the motivator that causes the desire to be birthed.

During the last ten years, I have noticed that the Law of Attraction has evolved to a new level of creativity. It is not about positive thinking, it is about our human evolution to recognize the power that we were all born with. We are powerful beings and the next phase of the Law of Attraction is simply about rediscovering our incredible power to manifest wonderful changes on this planet. We are not doom, except for our old way of thinking. The best is coming… are you willing to grab on to it?

Ari Banayan – Habit NestAriel Banayan

The law of attraction isn’t nearly as abstract and spiritual as it seems to most people when they consider it, and it works on a very basic level.

What we tell ourselves in the form of thoughts become our beliefs. Over time we accumulate beliefs about ourselves, the world, what’s right and wrong, etc. by I then use those beliefs to act in the world, and thus the world shows up for me exactly how my thoughts dictated to me that it was.

In this way, what I believe about any given circumstance or event, my beliefs about my own capabilities and about how the world is or should be colors my reality and makes me feel as if whatever I believe is accurate.

We’ve all experienced extremely negative emotional states. When we’re angry, the whole world shows up as angry. We react to anything that happens as if the entire world was acting to make us even angrier. By the same token, when we’re happy it’s difficult for anything to upset us because our attitude is more easy going and positive.

As a somewhat deeper example, if I believe I’m not smart enough to become a professional at something, obviously I will never become it in reality. At the same time, if my thoughts tell me that I can do or be anything, then I’ll act based on those thoughts and create my reality the way my head tells it to me.

That’s how the law of attraction works.

As a professional speaker and Vision Board program creator, my tips for the LOA begin with ‘seeing’ exactly what it is you wish to do, have or be in your life. Too many people fall victim to the New Year’s Resolution broad-brush mindset by stumbling out the gate saying things like: “I want to be happy. I want to be healthy. I want more money.” And where does that get MOST people?

By knowing the desired outcome (aka the ‘X’ on the treasure map), the odds of recognizing opportunities to get closer to success (whatever that looks like for each of us) are increased. Of course, just ‘seeing’ them is the first part. Once identified, I encourage my clients to create visuals of every goal and display them on a Vision Board or as wallpaper on electronic devices or printed out for the bathroom mirror, fridge door or in the car visor.

Sadly, there are too many programs and gurus out there spouting the “Wish and your dreams come true” approach, which is only half-right. Wishing, hoping and dreaming ‘with specificity’ is the first step. Recognizing opportunities and TAKING ACTION are the keys to actually achieving whatever it is you desire.

May McCarthy – Bizzultz

A Simple Morning Ritual to activate your subconscious to help you achieve your goals.

Dwayne Melancon – Genuine Curiosity

A long time ago, a mentor of mine told me, “If you’re clear on what you want, and you ask for it, you’re likely to get it.” I think that wisdom applies here. The law of attraction works best when you are clear on what you want, and communicate that clear goal to others. Engage the power of your focus and your network by telling others what you’re looking to achieve, and the odds will become more in your favor.

To help you get there, start with what my friend Jason Womack calls the “30/30” method – spend 30 minutes thinking about a goal that is beyond 30 days out (further out is even better). Visualize what you want to be true for that goal, and write down as much detail about it as you can. That forms the basis for what you can do to ask for or engage others to help you.

Why does this work? Because you are training others’ attention to come to your aid. It is a bit like if you tell someone you’re looking for red items to decorate a room – they begin to notice red items more often, and help you discover what you’re looking for.

Trying to raise money for your business? Trying to change careers? Trying to find a vacation home in Costa Rica? Let everyone know, and talk about your vision in detail. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

My number one tip for using the law of attraction effectively is visualization. I start my morning with some exercise and light meditation, and then do some visualization and mindset practices.

When you can really visualize and see what you want in life and see the steps you need to take to get there, you will be in the right vibration to attract what you need.

Your whole mind, body, and spirit need to understand what it is you want to attract, and then you move forward from there.

Visualization has allowed me to build a full-time business helping female entrepreneurs create profitable businesses.

Nikki Bruno – Student Coaching Services

The thing is, you can’t ‘make’ the Law of Attraction work. It’s always working, whether we ‘want’ it to or not. We can use this fact to our advantage, though. We know that we can’t actually see into the future, which gives us the option of believing something will or won’t happen.

Whenever you find yourself encountering a problem in this moment, ie – not having ‘enough’ money, getting into a fight with a partner, struggling to find time to finish projects, say the following phrase: “Thank you [source, universe, god, etc], for this problem has already been solved.”

In some timeline down the road, the problem really will be solved, you can definitely have faith in that. It’s just a matter of choosing to pursue the solution timeline or the one where it remains a problem.

James Pollard – The Advisor Coach

I have been a student of the law of attraction for quite some time – studying everything from Stuart Wilde to Abraham. My number one tip for making the law of attraction work for you is visualization. And I don’t just mean having a fuzzy picture of what you want. The more detailed you can be, the better.

The example that I give when explaining this to people is a car. It’s not enough to say “I want a new car”. You have to be descriptive. What color? What year? What type of interior? What make and model? Why do you want that particular car?

The more specific you can be, I’ve found, the better the law of attraction works in your favor. Perhaps it’s because you’re more in tune with what’s around you. Whatever it is, it works.

Ronit Baras – Family Matters

Many people think the law of attraction lacks logic. It is in fact, a biological mechanism we are not aware of but very important to our health and wellbeing. Researchers claim our mind is like an iceberg. Our conscious mind is above the water and our subconscious is below the surface and is nine times bigger. This function is a subconscious function.

This mechanism is like a filter that meant to shift input and only keep a small portion of it, to prevent overwhelm. Out of million pieces of information a second, it only absorbs about 200.

We call this mechanism focus. Abundant of information is going through the filter with a magnifying glass. It focuses on a small portion of the information and the rest is blurry. If you focus on health, happiness, and success, it magnifies it. If you focus on fear, sickness, and failure, it magnifies it. The law of attractions is simply this: In life, you get what you focus on. Where attention goes, energy flows.

The best tip to make the law of attraction work for you is to focus on what is good, happy and healthy in your life. There are three bulletproof strategies to help you attract success and happiness.

1. Make a happy list and make sure to make yourself happy, every day.

2. Make a gratitude list and focus every day on what you are grateful for.

3. Every day, at the end of the day, find three successes of the day.

It takes only three weeks to change your happiness level and make this mechanism magnify and bring you more of what you focus on.

David Bennett – The Populamanifer Man

A lot of people think of the “law of attraction” as something spiritual or metaphysical, and while I’m not willing to dismiss the possibility, I finally realized it is simply the reality that you tend to attract into your life what you focus on. And, I don’t mean simply “sit in your room and visualize an outcome and it will happen” type of thing (although this won’t hurt). Rather, ask yourself what do you spend your time and energy on?

If you spend 40 hours a week working in a job you hate, and then go home to spend an evening going to an event you don’t want to go to with a spouse you can’t stand, is it any wonder that you aren’t attracting wealth or happiness? Imagine if instead you spent those same hours building your own business and doing things that built up your life in a positive way.

So, to make the law of attraction work, you have to make incremental, positive changes on a regular basis that will eventually change how you direct your time, energy, and resources. This will not only change how you see reality, but you’ll be shocked at the positive people and things that enter into your life when your time and energy are directed toward what makes you fulfilled, rather spending time and energy on things that drain you.

Trent Silver- NerdsterTrent Silver

The natural result will be for one’s persona to align with what it takes for these events and results to occur. As visualization helps improve one’s self-image and better their habits, the law of attraction will only bring events that align with that person’s image.

Using the powerful tools of meditation and visualization will prove to be a tremendous asset for desirable outcomes to take place through manifestation.

Davida Rappaport – ImrappaportDavida Rappaport

In order to make the law of attraction work for you in the most positive way, I recommend altering any negative thoughts and doubts you may have about a potential outcome. You must first believe that you will end up with your desired, positive outcome without trying to control things or micromanage the process.

The first thing about negative thoughts is to remove or shift your statements from the following: 1) “I want this but not that;” 2) I want this and that;” and 3) “I want this but if I cannot have this, I will settle for (accept) that.”

These types of thoughts bring forth convoluted requests and results. Using the modifiers not, but, and, as well as, either/or muck things up. The energies (entities/guardian angels) that guide us and assist us take the request that was uttered or written and manifest things literally (including those words). It just happens that way.

I tell people, to just state or write down what they want and leave out the things they do not want. The use of modifiers (also known as stop words) often provides mixed results — which may not be what someone wants.

Katy Whitton – FlippingHeckKaty Whitton

The Law Of Attraction is a bit of an odd beast. You either believe in it or you don’t – there seems to be no middle ground, yet we all use it every day of the year and often without knowing it. Not convinced? When was the last time you thought inwardly “Please let XYZ happen?” or thought to yourself “If Only…” and then low and behold your “wish” come true?

I am a big believer in visualization and meditation when it comes to the Law Of Attraction. I will sit cross-legged and focus on a small object (a stone or small flower) and let my mind wander for a while. This allows you to center yourself and stop all of those annoying thoughts about housework and work that can break into your relaxed state.

I’ll then lie down and let my conscious self-wander until it fixates on what I would like to achieve, I then sharp focus on my goal – it’s like shining a spotlight on something in a dark room and look at every detail of what I would like to happen. Once it’s clear in my mind I will slowly bring myself out of my meditative state and push everything to the back of my mind.

I find this a method a lot better than over-concentrating on a goal – fixating on it almost. This just leads to stress, unhappiness and a tendency to self-sabotage which I learned to my cost over the years. Implanting the idea in my subconscious has given me a much better success rate – and a far lower stress rate!

This is my simple tip to make the law of attraction work for anyone.

There are two parts to the law of attraction;
1. Asking for what you want (everyone is great at this)
2. Allowing and expecting it to happen: You get what you focus your attention on (law of attraction). Most people ask for what they want i.e “I want a $1,000,000″ (asking) however their thoughts and what the focus their attention on is”I can’t pay the rent” “That cost to much” (they come from a place of lack). So what do the get? more of the same “lack” and not having anything because that is what they are truly focused on.

Simple tip:

Become aware of your thoughts and what you say to yourself. When you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself (contrary to what you want): Freeze the thought, then cancel it out by saying “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel” and then replace the thought with an appropriate positive thought.

The Law of Attraction is powerful if you know how to use it. It has literally transformed my life helping me lose and keep off more than 180 pounds and transforming my life in every area.

Penelope Pendragon – Wish WagonPenelope Pendragon

My #1 tip for utilizing the law of attracting is to remember that the universe is simply reacting to what you say and how you feel that help your WiSHes become real.

You see, when you state something as if it were true, it becomes a WiSH and can come to you. This includes the things you say like, “I’m having a really bad day!!!” Unfortunately, that brings more “bad day” your way because you stated it ~as if~ it were true. Now more “bad day” will come directly to you.

How do you fix this? What will it take?
1. Carefully select the statements you make.
2. Let those negative thoughts fade away knowing a few bad things can’t ruin a day.
3. Do/say/think of something that will make you smile!

If you do these things for a little while, you will definitely see a better view of what the universe is bringing to you.

Paula Rizzo – List Producer

My tip is that you have to put in your vision for what you want and then let it go.

Believe that you’re going to get it so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Live as if you already have it and it will fall into place.

I don’t exactly know how it works but it always does! Just trust it. I’ve used this technique to manifest small things like a seat on the subway or big things like a change at work or tickets to see Oprah Winfrey!

It always works when you believe.

Unblocking your powers of attraction. So many of us keep getting in our own way and preventing the Law of attraction from working.

All the events and things that people have said to you from your earliest childhood and even when your mother was pregnant build up like the layers of an onion around who you really are making it almost impossible for your real authentic self to allow the Law of Attraction to work.

Your unconscious mind absorbs all these layers of input and it tries to keep you safe from danger, from criticism, from abuse, from failure. But all these layers of protection are what actually block you from achieving what you want to do and from allow the Law of Attraction to really work.

The first step to solving this problem is reflected backward to understand the patterns that have been controlling your unconscious beliefs and why taking the next step is seen as unsafe by your mind.

There is always a pattern and when you sort it you just need to jolt through it with a pattern interrupt to cut through those layers
Of course, if some of the stresses and blocks were significant you may need help to get rid of them so that your entire body knows that you are now safe, the past is over and you were empowered to make that change. This must happen first. This is what I do in my hypnotherapy practice and it is astonishingly effective.

If you set goals or have dreams in life, my experience is that when you set up new goals the law of attraction will bring you plenty of ideas to reach your goal and dreams. But you have to take action. Everyday.

The action is, in my opinion, the best way to see the law of attraction work fully for you. Action makes attraction come true.

I see lots of people with goals and very specific wishes for their lives, but because they do not take action, nothing happens. And that is a shame.

My number 1 tip to make the law of attraction work is to look for general evidence of what we want. If someone wants a relationship then focusing on seeing love all around them will elevate their vibrational frequency as they begin to see proof that love is on its way.

What we pay attention to manifests. If we are too specific we get caught up in saying we want something while feeling anxious or frustrated at the lack of it. If you want an abundance of money it’s best to look for other examples of abundance in one’s life. The abundance of water flowing, food on the plate, channels on the TV, sun in the sky, etc… Tap into abundance and then opportunities flow.

Many people fail to manifest what they crave because they visualize it wrong. They code it in their brain in a way that says, “This isn’t real.” This idea comes from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP.) People picture things differently depending on if it’s made-up or real.

A person may try to visualize themselves succeeding, but they see it in their mind as a hazy, far-off image. Meanwhile, they imagine themselves failing in 3-D, panoramic mental movies (in surround sound.)

So it’s vital that the person notices the difference and change the switch them: the failure becomes a small, distant image, and the success becomes a mental IMAX theater.

Create a Compelling Vision

Goal setting is great, but we usually don’t achieve them. Think about the last you made New Year’s resolutions, you probably gave up before the month of January was over.

We should think about creating a vision, but not just any vision, rather a vision so compelling that you can’t help but run towards it! You go to bed with excitement and wake up with excitement. So, how do we create a compelling vision?

Think about what makes your heart sing with joy, give you goosebumps, and fill you up with overwhelming happiness. Be specific, what’s the surrounding, the smells and feel, are there people around, and what objects are around you and so on.

We are all unique and process thoughts and feeling differently, so here are few tips to help you depending on your learning style:

Audio – the sounds you will hear in the future you want…it could be your name being announced when you have received your Ph.D., people chanting your name…

Visual – draw the most beautiful scenario of the life you want…maybe it’s the house of your dreams, being surrounded by people you admire…

Kinesthetic – feel what it would feel when you have achieved your dream…the warmth of the hug of someone whose life you have changed

Once you have your compelling vision incorporate it into a morning routine, just 5 minutes could make a massive difference.

The most important thing to know to make the law of attraction work for you is to clear your subconscious mind. While visualizing and affirming what you want is important (and obvious), getting rid of all the mixed signals in the way of your dream is equally important. In order to make success principles including the law of attraction work for you, it’s very important to have a daily meditation routine.

Daily is key because it takes consistency and time in order to clear the programming in the subconscious. If you cultivate a daily meditation practice, you’ll be doing one of the most important things that most people aren’t doing. Nearly 70% or more of our thoughts and actions in life are governed by the subconscious and unconscious minds.

I’ve often been asked why some people can easily draw things to them, while others cannot. The subconscious mind and it’s stored impressions is why.

Sherry Samuels – Chrysalid TransformationsSherry Samuels

Because our thoughts are the key to the Law of Attraction, with the average person having around 60,000 thoughts per day, we are essentially sending out as many “attraction points” throughout the day. That said, I believe there are actually two really important factors, that go hand-in-hand, to consider — Understanding our “Why?” and Connecting to our Feelings.

For instance, when I’m working with clients around creating the life they desire, we have to get to the root of the “Why?” behind their desires. When we understand our “Why?”, we ensure we’re not attracting those things that others desire/expect for our lives. If we’re attracting things that aren’t lined up with who we are at the core (our WHY?), we will still be miserable.

When we understand that “Why?” space that is authentic to who we are, we are then able to begin to allow ourselves to FEEL what it would be like to manifest the things we desire. We can get specific about what we want, but the important thing is connecting to the blissful feelings that come from allowing ourselves to see our desires as manifested. This creates the harmony/balance that is fertile creation ground.

Meg Cerney – Meg’s Coaching

I am a total law of attraction junkie. I have watched the teachings of Abraham Hicks affect both my personal and professional life. In my profession as a life & business coach, I get the pleasure of working with other entrepreneurs who are on the journey of building their business. The infancy of starting a business and venturing into the entrepreneurial world is such a uniquely vulnerable AND powerful time, which is why applying the teachings of Abraham Hicks is so vital to the success of the entrepreneur.

Now, I am not talking about the law of attraction in the way of “think you have a successful business, take no action, and it will manifest” which is often how the concept is profoundly misunderstood.

Instead, when we want something in life we do not currently have – whether it’s to start a business, a relationship, more money, etc. we are feeling a contrast that is measuring our current state against the other state we desire to be. This contrast is natural, and a default to the human condition – requiring no incremental energy for this to take place. What we do after we feel the contrast is the most vital piece to the law of attraction.

After, we become aware of what we do not currently have that we desire we need to get good and clear and release it into the universe as an ask. If you so choose, you can perform certain rituals around this (writing it down on a piece of paper and burning it to symbolize your release, etc.).

Then, the most challenging part of the law of attraction is that we must consciously change our state of being too “act as if” we already had the desire. As Abraham-Hicks explains it, “we must be a vibrational match for what we desire.” This doesn’t mean that we do not take action. Instead, by deliberately changing our thoughts, and acting as if we had what we desire, we co-create our reality.

I find that The Law of Attraction works best when you surround yourself with the right people. The Law of Attraction states that our thoughts and what we focus on influences our experience of life. I like to remind people that the people in our lives can dramatically influence our thoughts (positively or negatively).

I often tell my readers one of my favorite quotes: “You are the average of the five people you spend your most time with.”

I’ll have them make a list of the top 10 people they spend the most time with. Then next to each one they’ll put a plus or minus sign depending upon the influence that person has on them. They’ll include friends, family and even coworkers.

For the law of attraction for work correctly, not only do you need to think the right thoughts, but you need to surround yourself with others who also are positive, confident and successful.

Change your perspective. Life is about perspective and focus. What we look for, we see. What we see, we tend to focus on. What we focus on, we attract more of. Change your perspective, change your day, change your life.

Oprah said it best when she said what we dwell on we become. Thoughts are powerful energy sources. Just like a radio station, what you tune into, you will experience. If you don’t like the music life is playing, change the station. You will not get to where you want to go by focusing on where you don’t want to be.

Start by finding something for which you are thankful. Then, in that energy flow, move your thoughts to that which you desire in your life. Let it be something good, noble and will hopefully benefit others, not just yourself. Then believe and know, with every fiber of your being, that it, or something even better will happen.

Gregg Korrol – The Gifted StorytellerGregg Korrol

Attraction is the pull between your clear intention and the world around you. Start with something simple. Let’s play a quick game. Look around you right now- go on, do it. Now look again – find 5 things around you that are blue. Got it? Did you see all five blue things the first time you looked? They were there- but now you have a focus, so you see them easily. The same principle holds true for the bigger things you want. Attraction starts with what you decide to focus on.

Attraction is awareness. In order to attract what you want into your life, you must be clear about the things you want. And when I say clear, it means you need to have decided exactly what it is you are focused on with as much detail as possible. It’s the same reason you may have a song stuck in your head even though you think you didn’t hear it today; you most likely did and weren’t aware consciously. Your subconscious picks up on everything, even when your conscious is not aware- it’s one of the keys mentalists use to “wow” you. Attraction is moving what you want into your subconscious, so that your subconscious can start working on finding it for you.

When you have a goal in mind, you will start taking steps towards it. Your mind will “see” the things that connect to that goal and will help you on your journey. It’s the equivalent of needing to hang a picture and knowing you need a hammer and nail to get the job done. As you search through a tool box, you’ll see all the other tools that are there, but the hammer will stick out like a sore thumb. This is the same way your brain will operate as you go through your day – you’ll see everything around you, but the hammer will become very obvious. Your thoughts are the energy that life responds to.

When manifesting desires using the Law of Attraction, my number one tip is to experience the fulfillment of your desires viscerally and emotionally to the absolute fullest. It’s all in the feelings; emotions are our manifesting magnets. They are also our guideposts for determining when we are resisting or allowing our wants to flow toward us. When working with my clients, I notice that the more someone wants something (love, money, health, a new baby, etc.), the more they feel deprived of that which they most want.

They feel lack and sometimes disappointment. Shame enters the picture, too, when they think of past choices they could have made differently. Those emotions can stir patterns of negative thoughts that contribute to attracting similar frustrating experiences. Thought patterns can be changed through positive affirmations, and emotions can be changed by pivoting attention away from the disappointment toward something else more favorable.

When you feel positive, enthusiastic, and excited about life, you surrender your fears and allow good things to flow into your experience.When I wanted to manifest a love relationship, I realized I needed to be in the vibration of love as much as possible. I needed to feel as if I had already met my person and as if I were already in a beautiful, healthy relationship. To do this, after my evening meditation, I would sit for a few minutes with my eyes closed. I would feel love in my heart and imagine that all of my heartstrings were reaching out to my person. I didn’t have any idea who it was, I just felt the love fully in my heart.

Then, I would open my eyes and write a short love letter in a tiny “Manifesting my Love” journal. When I finally met my partner a year later, I read through the journal again and noticed many synchronistic details. We are now engaged, and the gratitude I feel overwhelms me sometimes. There were times when I felt frustrated because I expected it to happen faster, but the timing in which it unfolded allowed me to grow spiritually and heal from the past.

I had emotional and spiritual prep work to do. When working with the Law of Attraction, spirit timing can be different than human timing. I am an astrologer, and I can usually identify moments of divine timing in a chart, indicated by transits and progressions that symbolize and correspond to specific life events. I encourage my clients to have faith in the manifestation process and trust in the goodness of the universe to meet your soul’s deep needs and intentions…and then do your part to heal, grow, and evolve.

One last point I would like to make. We are creative beyond our wildest imaginations. When clients become frustrated because they are not manifesting desires, I often look for competing beliefs or patterns of thinking that are operating behind the scenes, from the subconscious mind. We have contrasting wants and desires because of the way our histories, cultures, and beliefs shape our subconscious and conscious thoughts. Beliefs are thoughts that are thought over and over again, and therefore, they are powerful attractors.

To free ourselves of resistance to manifestation and better align to attracting what we want, we need to identify and disengage those subconscious beliefs. For example, I have had clients who genuinely want to have more financial abundance, but they might have the subconscious belief, “money is the root of all evil.” Think about what kinds of experiences that belief might attract. By raising awareness about those beliefs, they can start finding ways to discharge them and feel a sense of balance.

My biggest tip for making the LOA work for you is not an uncommon one, but somewhat uncommon in the extent I think it should be applied. It’s gratitude for everything on an ANNOYINGLY frequent basis. Like, every moment you have space for a free thought, find something to be grateful for. Find gratitude in stupid situations, about seemingly stupid things, such as rather than, “Ugh, sitting in traffic sucks,” have the conscious thoughts, “I’m so thankful my body works well enough for me to drive a car.

I’m so lucky I have a job to go to, or money enough to buy groceries. I’m so fortunate my eyes work well enough to see this world around me.”Choose to find the good in EVERYTHING possible, and choose to find as much good as you can, no matter how small it is.

Through consistent and frequent gratitude, the world becomes a miraculous and amazing place, and miraculous and amazing things fall into your lap. I’ve taken virtually no action for all I’ve achieved, beyond doing the spiritual work I have. Clients, book deals, media, etc, have all flowed to me.

Erica McCurdy – McCurdy Life Coach

You must be clear about who you are and what you want.

If you are unclear about you, your mission and your purpose, how can you expect anyone else to know how to respond to you and provide you with what you need?

Clarity doesn’t have to be a material thing, but clarity must be able to be articulated in a way that others can know how to respond and you will know how to recognize the result.

Polly Wirum – Gateways2PeacePolly Wirum

The secret to successful manifestations with the Law of Attraction is as easy as getting in touch with your feelings!Visualizing and planning is very important, but what brings your dreams to life is the way you feel about where you are now and where you want to go.

For example, if you look at a beautiful home that you would love to experience, several things must occur for this home to be a reality. First, be thankful for your current home. Have a list of characteristics of your home that you appreciate. Location, the cost, the color. . . It’s all about gratitude. Next look at your future home and recognize what you love about it. This is not a comparison. It’s still in the mode of gratitude.
Finally the fun part. Imagine how you will feel living there. Connect to those feelings by writing them down:

“I feel amazing as I entertain my friends in my spacious home that is perfect for me.”

“I can easily afford my dream home.”

“I love the way I feel.”

“I experience many blessings daily, my home is just one of them.”

Keep the list going! As you experience little reminders that your dream is becoming a reality, celebrate!

Nancy Joyce Hunter – Wildly Joyful Life

The Promise is everything. EVERYTHING!! As I have learned from observing people the past few years, this is a VERY VERY VERY good thing. If a child plays with matches, they will get burnt. There’s more to “THE LAW” than meets the eye.

The Law, by design, will provide inconsistent results until your state of consciousness is raised.

Know what you want….visualize a scene that implies that you have it….feel and experience the satisfaction/relief/gratitude of now having it….let go/detach from any doubt or negative states and keep yourself in this new state by continually feeling grateful❤️. When doubt arises, remember who you are, and your faith/new state returns. Also, watch your reactions throughout the day making sure they are aligned with your new state. For me it is not about attracting anything, it’s about manifesting and giving life. The God that I truly am is the only one true source of all things, where I don’t have to wait to attract anything❤️.

Elizabeth Harper – Sealed with Love

My tip is “own what you desire.” I refer to this as the Law of Resonance. It’s centered around owning the thoughts and emotions you would experience once your heart’s desire materializes. This takes you out of a place of wanting into being. It’s simple.

You let go of any neediness that can get in the way of your desired outcome as you become the energy of what you want. For instance, if you want to attract a new job opportunity, what thoughts and feelings would you have if the job was already yours? Own this energy as if you already had the job.

The way to own it is to imagine yourself going to work every day, having lunch with your colleagues, getting a paycheck with the company name on the top, etc., and then holding how that would make you feel in your body now.

When you own the “energy” of your desire you become a magnet for it to manifest. It changes from a wish that is in the future to become something that is present in your life now.

Briana Marie – The Blue Optimist

My #1 tip to make the law of attraction work is to master your feelings. Your feelings tell you whether you are allowing or resisting your desired outcome.

If you can tune your mind to recognize when your thoughts don’t feel good to you, you can then choose to replace that thought with something that does feel good to you.

That better feeling thought will put you back in alignment with your desire.

My biggest tip is to remember that we manifest on 4 levels: The mental, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual and each manifests at different speeds and different levels.

The physical takes the longest and it requires us to be fully present in our bodies in order to manifest in the physical realm. That means it requires more physical TIME to show up, so being patient and staying relaxed is a huge piece of how to bring something into the physical world and how to manifest it.

It also requires keeping the body physically present and relaxed, and we can do that through breath work and meditation. One of the easiest ways to keep the channel open for physical manifestation is to sit and simply be present with ourselves, our bodies and our hearts.

As we do that, the physical manifestation is on its way.

Jennie Lynn – Matrix Success Network

Most people don’t realize that the law of attraction is a secondary law and it responds to the primary law of vibration.

There is a magnetic relationship between the two of them, so if you want to attract something, your vibration (emotional state) must be in harmony with that frequency. Our results are a reflection of our inner thinking and how we are programmed, so in order to attract what we desire, we must change our inner thinking and remove any blocks by raising our level of conscious awareness. Become a magnet for what you want and ensure you are emotionally connected in a positive way toward your desires so they are impressed upon the subconscious mind in order to execute the behavior and belief needed to manifest them.

If we are not in a positive vibration or our paradigms (habits) are not in harmony, it blocks us from getting what we want. The only way to correct this is through constant spaced repetition and increasing our level of awareness.

Martha Banks Hall – Vision Words​Martha Banks Hall

My #1 tip to make the Law of Attraction work is the use of Affirmations.

Writing down, reading and visualizing what you are wanting to attract, helps bring it to you.

When you see your desires in written form it helps make it more real, more tangible.

I was able to attract $20,000 in two weeks using affirmations as well as my husband and two daughters (down to the month they were born).

KJ Landis – Superior Self

Every morning, I practice I am statements. I write down three things that I want to happen in the future as if they are happening right now and say them aloud throughout the day. The repetition is creating positive psychology and a new creative thought process. For example, I am pain-free, fit, and healthy in all ways. I am serving humanity very well with my books. I am earning 1 million dollars by 12/31/17. These are just examples.

I repeat these mantras daily and write the same lines daily until I manifest one sentence. When my thoughts are created into a completed reality I drop one sentence and add a new one.

This activity make me a more positive person overall. Good things keep coming my way too. I make smarter choices as a result of my I AM statements because my brain is reinforcing my new belief systems and my actions follow suit.

Small actions do add up to larger shifts within our personality and can extend to others. It’s like a ripple effect. I wanted to be happier and healthier all around, and share that with others once I achieved that.

Simone Vincenzi – GTeX

I have been studying the law of attraction for the past 6 years and I have to say. I am getting great results. I built 3 companies, found the woman of my life, and constantly attract the resources I need on my way to reach my goals.

Here is what I think works best.

Attraction starts with action.

Too many people meditate way too much and sit on their arse instead of acting on what they want to create. Without real action, thoughts have only a limited power. However, the more actions I take, the more I manifest on my way to get what I ultimately want.

Thank you so much to all the expert that contributed to this roundup! Which is your favorite tip? Let us know in the comments below. Feel free to post any question you may have and we will soon reply.

Remember sharing is caring! Share this post on social media and help us spread our message faster. You can achieve any goal you set as long as you know how to attract it and what to do to make it a reality.

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Using the Law of Attraction for Love: Boost Your Results With These Mindset Tips

You can use the Law of Attraction to create the life you desire most. Attracting love is one of the most powerful ways to use the Law of Attraction. So if you’re seeking love, remember that embracing the right mindset is key.

Mindset Tips for Using the Law of Attraction for Love

The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that “like attracts like.” So, what thoughts are you concentrating on? If haven’t seen the results you hope for, it could be that your mindset is actually a bit off without even realizing it. It takes practice to steer your focus away from being single or alone or lonely, but with practice you’ll see noticeable results. These tips are great reminders of where to keep your mind focused.

“Our task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”    ~ Jalal Ad-Din Rumi


To be open to a healthy love, you must love yourself first. You can access a feeling of being loved at any time by learning to truly love yourself. THIS is where your mindset needs to be focused to attract a love partner. (Remember – “like attracts like”? When you feel loved simply by loving yourself, you are putting out a different energy or vibe – a higher vibration – than if you feel unloved or alone.)


Once you love yourself, open your heart to others. Love is limitless, and you can offer a spiritual kind of love to anyone and everyone in your life. Be loving and lovable, and you will be loved.



What does your ideal loving relationship look like? Be specific about the love partner you seek and visual him or her in your life. This doesn’t mean specific to the point of deciding what color hair he or she needs to have…just be specific about qualities and traits that you find valuable in a mate. When you can visualize being with your ideal mate, the universe will KNOW and then introduce people into your life who match your vision.


The Law of Attraction works – even for those who don’t believe it. We are ALL attracting things and people and experiences into our lives every day based on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You are either attracting what you want, or what you don’t want – but either way you are always attracting and designing your life whether intentional or not. So TRUST that you will attract the love you want, and focus your thoughts, feelings, and energy around that belief.


In trusting that the love you desire will appear in your life, be grateful in knowing your life is filled with love and that you are filled with a loving energy. This includes love for yourself and others. And feel gratitude for everything good that already exists in your life.  When you focus on what you are grateful for rather than what you lack. Your energy will attract more of the good and less of the “lack.” So appreciate the abundance of love and joy you already have in your life, and that mindset and energy will attract more of it.

Here is a wonderful inspirational video to remind you how powerful your energy is in creating the life you want, including attracting love:

In desiring a love partner, apply these tips boost your success using the Law of Attraction for love. Just remember that you are ALWAYS attracting, so practice adjusting your mindset and energy to attract what you desire most!

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