Four Common Life Problems That Appear During Spiritual Awakening

by Conscious Reminder

We are all different people leading different lives and facing different obstacles, but each and every of our journeys have one thing in common and that’s growth. And as growth is almost synonymous with change – and changes are never easy – it’s almost impossible to avoid the paint it comes with it. 

Since you are reading this, I believe that you have already had a little taste of growth and changes. You have experienced pain and emotional trauma, but you have outgrown it and recovered, and came out a much better person. “Better” meaning you are well on the way of becoming who you are meant to be.

If this happens to be a time of hardship, it probably means that you are leaving behind your old self and the habits that serve you nothing anymore.You’re awakening to a new self, one that does not want to be shackled by the old.

Don’t fight the winds and don’t swim against the tides, let go and let the flow carry you.

Here are four sometimes painful indicators that you’re growing and ascending.

1. Career change

Growth is funny in that what was good yesterday might not be so good years later. Maybe you’ve had the same job for ten years, but suddenly you wake up one day and realize that not only is this job that you used to love starting to feel empty, but it’s actually draining you.

Career changes can be sudden and unexpected, or planned out and executed with tact. The fact remains that something is out of alignment and your transition will take place either by your hand or your employer’s. But, do not become fearful. These changes happen because better things are waiting for you just up ahead. So long as you give in to the universe.

2. ‘Friends’ disappear from the map

Friendship often thrives on commonalities. You have your friends because you like discussing the same things, you like doing similar activities and you just seem to get along on a level that you don’t with other people. But, as you grow into your new self, these things can change. So, you must be ready to acknowledge that sometimes friendships come to an end.

It might be that you have a new perspective on life and no longer wish to discuss the same things or be a part of the same activities. You will undoubtedly feel resistance from your friends who may become angry at your newfound growth. The only thing you can do is be yourself and continue moving in a direction that is in alignment with your vibration. This will attract other friends who are more aligned with who you are striving to become.

3. Society doesn’t approve of your spirituality 

Spirituality in the modern era comes rife with stigma. The majority of people on this planet seem to think that spirituality is just a word used to describe hippy flower-children who prefer organic foods, wear gemstones, and keep a dream journal. Becoming more spiritual and connected to your inner self will make you vulnerable in this sense.

The best thing to do when confronted with negativity about your spirituality is to simply put it out of mind. It can be uncomfortable hearing people demean your spirituality at first, but eventually your understanding of the world helps you recognize that these people simply live in the dark. Project comfortability and confidence in your spirituality and people will realize they cannot harm you.

4. Loneliness kicks in

As you become more spiritual and begin to grow in new directions, it becomes more and more clear that certain parts of your journey must be traveled alone. If this loneliness is not something you can revel in, reach out to those in the spiritual community. Start going to a yoga class or maybe look for a meditative group. Put yourself out there and the universe will give back. Eventually, you will find that your loneliness has gone, because these new spiritual relationships are providing you with what you need.

Another way to avoid feeling lonely is by practicing meditation. When you look inward you begin to become comfortable just being alone in silence. With meditation, you may be alone, but you will not feel alone.

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Spiritual Awakening: 11 Symptoms of A MASSIVE Spiritual Shift

So I talk enough about mental health on this site, particularly because I’m struggling with ups and downs of my own at the moment.

But of course I was raised to believe that your spiritual connection can help improve a lot of that…or at least, help you to accept it.

So recently, I’ve been doing a lot of meditating and praying and spending time with nature.

Lately, though…I’ve just been feeling like crap. Nothing seems to matter (except this blog), relationships feel restricting, and life’s activities seem like they’re not worth the fuss. I just don’t want to stress myself out over what feel like stupid things.

But they still stress me out greatly. And no matter how many times I try to meditate through it, accept it, embrace it, it doesn’t seem to get better. The feeling of restlessness doesn’t go away.

So what is it? Am I just this unsalvageable person? Am I doomed?

I’d like to think not.

There’s No Shame In Seeing A Therapist

It Might Be A Spiritual Shift

Let me clarify that by spiritual, I’m not talking about anything to do with organized religion. If that speaks to you, then go all in. I’d just like to keep this as secular as possible.

What I’m talking about is a mental and emotional manifestation that makes you feel like something is vastly different than before. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but the change is there.

You might even think that you’re experiencing a mental illness. I’m definitely not advising you not to explore that. But as someone currently on pharmaceuticals, it’s fair to say that meds tend to suppress the feelings, not deal with them.

And you’re gonna want to do that eventually.

So let’s talk about some of the signs that maybe you’re not crazy, maybe you’re just waking up on a higher level.

  1. Restlessness and Lost Sleep

So you’ve had a full day of work, little to no coffee, and you’re exhausted when you come home. You can’t wait to kick off your shoes, shower, and roll up in your covers.

One problem, though…you can’t fall asleep.

You know you need the rest, and you’re getting more and more frustrated with yourself, but you just can’t manage to close your eyes and keep them shut.

This could be a sign that you’re experiencing some kind of awakening…oh, the irony, since you’re actually lying awake in bed, struggling.

Or maybe you can fall asleep. Maybe, to the best of your knowledge, you’re sleeping all the way through the night.

And yet, no matter how much sleep you think you’re getting, you wake up tired and have issues keeping your eyes open throughout the day.

God, I feel like that today…I need a nap and a hug.

Initially, I thought it was symptoms of anxiety and depression. I tend to be really anxious all the time and then crash when I get home, never quite feeling rested enough to start the next day.

People with depression can sometimes sleep a lot, and I’m not feeling great, so I must be depressed, right?

Well, maybe. Part of me still thinks that’s the case. But maybe depression and anxiety are just symptoms of an awakening mind. This feeling that something about the world we’re perceiving is wrong and that there’s something else there.

  1. Feelings of Disconnect from Social Issues, People, Etc.

Leo Wieling

I used to be a major social justice warrior.

Well, I still am in a lot of ways. It still makes my stomach turn to stay silent when I feel like injustices are being done, so I often say something.

But what’s changed is that I’m not seeking these battles out anymore. Like, I’m not feeling the need to be vigilant about it all the time.

It’s not because these issues aren’t important. They are. Especially when they continue to cause pain and suffering everyday. But there are better ways for me to use my passion than the way that I have been.

Life is both much more complicated and much simpler than we make it. We tend to focus on surface level things (i.e., individuals, what they do, and how they do it) and what makes us different from other people.

We then take it upon ourselves to overanalyze thosethings, wasting valuable efforts and time. And isolating ourselves inside of a bubble.

We should be focusing on what motivates people to do what they do. How we can identify with them, understand what makes them tick. Only then can we have a hope of reaching the root of our problems and tearing them out.

So basically, I just don’t care to talk about social issues or relationships within the context of how most people talk about them right now.

If you feel like this, too, there’s probably nothing wrong with you. It’s just your mind attempting to push limits and cross boundaries.

  1. Physical Symptoms: Skin Rashes, Aches & Pains

If you try a new activity, switch out a beauty product, or hurt yourself, your body will probably ache and your skin might break out. Just wanted to clarify that those instances are not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about when you’ve been doing everything the same for months or years and all of a sudden your body goes haywire.

You may have lived your entire life believing that you didn’t have sensitive skin. Now all of a sudden trusted products or brands are causing breakouts. Yikes.

Or you may be totally in shape, workout every day, and keep a carefully planned routine. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, your back starts to hurt and it won’t go away.

When your mind is in a state of unrest, it can wreak havoc on the rest of your body in various ways. It’s a sign that something is off or changing.

Could be a dormant part of your mind stirring, trying to wake up.

  1. INSANE Dreams

Ever have a few nights in a row where you don’t remember your dreams? Well, when you start to experience a shift, you’ll find that you actually start to remember more of your dreams.

Why? Because the dreams are becoming clearer, more detailed, and more vivid.

They can be linked to a series of emotions: anger, happiness, sadness, confusion. I like to think it’s your brain helping you get more familiar with yourself.

Dyaa Eldin
  1. Struggling With Day to Day Restrictions

I.e., the 9-5 job format or a strict schedule.

Honestly, I think this has the most to do with your growing discomfort of boundaries. I mean, really, in the grand scheme of things, none of that matters.

So sure, you lose a job here or some money there. Are you still alive? Can anything worse really happen to you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s absolutely imperative for you to do before you die?
  2. What things are getting in the way of doing that?

If there’s any part of you, even the tiniest little voice, that’s thinking, “Why does that matter to people so much? What’s the end game here?”, you might be on the verge of a shift.

  1. You Start Seeing “Signs” Everywhere

Sure, they could be coincidences. Then again, maybe not.

These are the things that in passing seem insignificant, and yet stay in your mind for reasons you can’t explain. Feelings of deja vu, thinking about someone right before they call you, randomly finding something when- oh!- it turns out you’re going to need it!

These are called synchronicities. They’re the little things in life that seem to add up to something greater. It’s like the universe has laid out the pieces of a puzzle for you to find and put together.

  1. Growing Compassion for All Living Things

I sort of mentioned this in another blog post, but I don’t like slugs. They’re gross, they look like snot bubbles to me.

I used to not care if someone stepped on one or even poured salt on one. But now? I genuinely feel guilty, even if it’s someone else. Like, I don’t even have to be the one to do it.

My dad stepped on one by accident on our sidewalk and I felt like he’d just kicked a kitten or something. The sensation in my body was the same.

Weird, huh?

It comes from this creeping understanding that despite my feelings toward this creature, it’s just here trying to survive like I am.

I don’t know if it feels pain the same way, if it has the same emotions, or what its purpose is, but it’s here. And it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t supposed to.

So what right is it of mine to change that?

Annie Spratt
  1. Feelings of Resignation and Acceptance

I don’t really like to say that everything happens for a reason. Mostly because that’s usually interpreted one way.

What I really think is that there is a divine order to things that I can influence but not  change.

A tree grows. It will continue to grow how it’s meant to grow. I can chop it down, but there will always be consequences.

I mean, that big-ass tree has to fall somewhere, right? What are the chances that it could fall directly on top of me? That would suck.

So you can chop it down and accept the consequences or let it grow and accept what happens.

Such is life. Some things are within your control, like what you do, but other things are not. And the more you try to change that, the harder it will fall on you.

You start to understand and feel this on a deep level. This isn’t to say that things don’t bother you or that you won’t wish some things were different, but you understand that it’s not your job to determine that.

And man, is that a weight off your shoulders.

Synchronicity, The Law of Attraction, and How They Affect Your Life

With this newfound acceptance comes the understanding that people are just like trees.

They are going to be what they are, become what they will become. Maybe they’ll grow straight and tall and beautiful and add to their environment. Or maybe they’ll grow gnarled and curved and detract from it.

Or someone could chop them down and we’ll never know what they would have been.

Either way, it’s not up to us. All we can do is accept them the way they are. Again, that’s not to say that you have to like or even tolerate toxic behavior. It’s just understanding that you can’t change them without their willingness or ability to change…

…and not loving them any less for it.

  1. Increased Sensitivity

I gotta admit, this one kind of sucks.

When your mind starts to shift, you find that you’re more sensitive than you used to be…mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It’s a lot easier to be hurt by the things around you. And man, does it hurt.

But it also means that you’ll be more receptive to the good things in life, too. I mean, you’ll experience joy, love, pleasure, excitement like few others do.

The bad stuff is really bad, but the good stuff is really good. Your life becomes richer. In the end, it’s worth it.

  1. You Get Worse and Worse at “Acting As If” or “Faking It”

It gets harder to do things when you’re not feeling drawn to do them.

Even if you try, it’s usually pretty obvious that you’re faking it. People can sense it.

When that starts happening, it’s time to acknowledge that something in your mind is starting to change.

Everything is becoming more organic, and it becomes a lot harder to hide that. But why would you want to?

So What Do You Think? Are You Shifting?

These signs might be kinda hard to peg at first. You’ll probably miss a lot of them, especially because they’re not the only ones you might experience.

The truth is, a lot of these signs are just heightened versions of what you experience already. You just have to be willing to look for them, acknowledge them, and roll with them.

So after reading, what are your thoughts? Think you might be going through a shift or an awakening yourself?

Drop me a comment below!

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21 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

21 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

It is evident that everyone is going through changes including personal changes. Whether it is self-conscious or otherwise, spiritual evolution is accompanied by a shift of self-awareness. In many cases, you may not be able to identify some of the personal changes. The following 21 traits will help you identify if you are undergoing any personal shifts.

1. The ability to distinguish between other people’s emotions and those of yourself. Getting influenced by other people’s emotions is easy but when you realize that you are withdrawing to have some time to your own, you are experiencing a personal change.

2. You simply know something without prior knowledge. With this, you just know and you can bet on it that you are right even when the thorough explanation lacks. Commonly referred to an inner intuition, it comes in handy in defining self-capabilities.

3. You begin to detest watching television or other media of passing across entertainment. It seems that the information provided is inhuman and degrading to you and not just entertainment.

4. The ability to distinguish between a lie and the truth. Even when the person is not sure of what exactly you are trying to hide, they will easily identify a lie from the truth. They will also identify if there are any emotions being withheld.

5. The ability to pick other people’s emotions is evident. It goes to the extent that this group of people will feel both your physical and emotional pain. Being able to stomach emotions can be devastating but with the right guidance, you will be able to re-establish your personal emotions.

6. The ability to be compassionate for the underprivileged even we have no idea who they are. These people can also feel the passion and in this, even total strangers will request for our attention in time of trouble or misfortune.

7. While taking on other emotions can be uncontrollable, there is the need to control and set boundaries.

8. In an effort to prevent other people’s emotions, turning to drugs or alcohol becomes evident.

9. Taking on fields that relate to aiding other people are more common. These include reiki, midwifery.

10. The ability to identify the occurrence of an activity before others can as if they had a head start.

11. The ability to exploit creative ventures (singing, writing, dancing) and personal imaginations.

12. Remaining in solitude is more evident as compared to others.

13. While boredom is evident, this group of persons can easily get self-entertained.

14. The belief in doing what is joyous is evident. It makes no sense that you should push yourself to doing what you do not believe in.

15. The ability to question what is wrong is evident.

16. Keeping track of time is next to impossible as long as they are exploiting their imagination.

17. Taking on a life that is the usual routine is next to impossible.

18. Authoritative behavior does not go well with this group of persons.

19. It is their nature to remain kind. However, they will not tolerate rude behavior even when they are not the victims.

20. They hold the ability to tell sources of negative energy.

21. The ability to pretend of personal emotions is difficult. In addition, confrontation is not in their character. Rather, they would rather spend time changing the world for better.

The above traits will help to identify self-awareness and if there are any changes that are worth realizing. They promote self-awareness, enhance clarity, and boost strength

The Dark Side Of Spiritual Awakening – Dreamcatcher Reality

Spirituality is about becoming more connected to the self and to all that is. It is completely beautiful and magical to experience the oneness and magic around you that a spiritual connection brings. The question is though, how do we get to that point? How do we become more spiritual and what is the ride down that spiritual path really like?

There is a dark side to spiritual awakenings and to be frank, most of the time, it’s messy. The road to uncovering your spiritual self is generally pretty bumpy, full of thick mud pits, and there are many roadblocks. I will not sit here and lie to you pretending that I am an enlightened guru with a perfect life. I will not tell you that spirituality is perfect and beautiful all the time. It’s not.

Spirituality becomes beautiful once you realize that the journey is what you make it. Once you accept yourself, others, and your experiences for who and what they are.

Becoming more spiritual means that you have to be able to look at yourself, other people, and situations with little to no bias. Spirituality teaches us to love those who have hurt us the most. It teaches us to see the lessons in every wound before it can be healed.

That doesn’t quite paint a perfect picture of zen vibes, does it? How are we supposed to love those who have hurt us, manipulated us, and abused us? How can we be grateful for financial despair or losing those that we loved the most? Isn’t spirituality supposed to be calming and make you happier?

A lot of people don’t know this but what usually triggers a spiritual awakening is a life-changing or traumatic event. These eventful seasons in our lives often send us into a spiral, sometimes upward sometimes downward. We then start to look at life from a different perspective and often times this leads to a bit of a spiritual treasure hunt.

We start seeking answers, knowing that there must be a reason for all that is happening. New sensations may show up such as hearing, feeling, and seeing more. Finally, we begin to accept the idea that maybe there is more to this experience than what meets the eye. Again we search for answers.

When we start to awaken we often feel entirely disconnected from those around us as if we are peeling away from our old lives. It is a beautiful, confusing, and painful time all at once.

What is actually happening is that our soul is waking up and it’s looking to unbury who we truly are. How can we unbury our authentic selves without unburying the aspects of ourselves that we dislike the most? How can we heal aspects of ourselves without first acknowledging the wounds?

Becoming spiritually awake is not for the faint of heart but it will grow your heart by leaps and bounds. Waking up means looking at everything in and around you. You must look at yourself, your life, and those in your life. You have to stare deeply into the situations appearing before you. This is when the healing beings and the transformation starts.

We are told that meditation will give us the answers. That meditation can heal the mind and the physical body. Meditation is said to be the ultimate medication. It works for us on all levels. Mind, body, and spirit.

When I first started meditating I didn’t get much, just a few colors and a few words. I would leave the session more relaxed but nothing extravagant was happening. Eventually, a breakthrough happened and I started seeing memories I had repressed. I was shown things I didn’t want to see about myself and others. No one told me that I could expect such a thing. I had to go back and relive the moments that hurt me the most in these meditations.

Spirit takes us on a journey when we are uncovering our spiritual side. It doesn’t take us down this path to hurt or harm us but instead to heal us and help us to become whole again.

I would go on these journeys through time having to relive even the smallest moments that hurt or angered me. Sometimes I wanted to give up and shut it all down but something inside of me said keep going.

Instead of running from what I was being shown I decided to observe it. I decided to accept those moments and venture into them. I would send love to both myself and whomever else was in the memory. I realized that had to quit running if I ever wanted to heal.

You would think that during this process I would have become more negative, sad, and depressed than before. Actually, though, the opposite happened. My relationships with those that I “hated” seemed to get better or just fade away. Certain people or the words they spoke didn’t bother me so much anymore if even at all.

Things started to get better and I was finally able to experience that spiritual high so many people talked about. I could appreciate the flowers, I could appreciate people that used to be triggers, and I could appreciate my experiences. Most importantly I could appreciate myself.

We have to remember that raising our vibration doesn’t mean just living a positive life and thinking happy thoughts. Trying to think and act positively all the time takes a lot of work if you’re still broken inside. You have to return to your authentic self in order to align your vibration with that of a truly spiritual experience. To return to your authentic self you have to heal all of the wounds you wish not to see.

The road to becoming more spiritual is a messy one. A bumpy one. One full of roadblocks. But the journey is beautiful and the landscape is breathtaking.

Are you awakening and you’re confused about what is going on right now? I am happy to help ease the process with you and coach you through what you can expect! Let’s work together one on one to help you have the smoothest and most beautiful spiritual awakening possible!

The Age of Spiritual Awakening Has Officially Begun

Spiritual awakening is a notion thrown around quite a bit by many spiritualists. However, what exactly does it mean?

Spiritual awakening, in general, is something that occurs when a person is finally able to see things properly. It is when a person reaches a higher consciousness. They become more aware of who they are and what their place in this world really is.


And while it may sound crazy, you have to admit that people are beginning to question things more.  Many people are becoming more awake spiritually and really breaking free from the things that have been holding them back. Spirituality in recent years has been booming.

The more aware we become the more awake we are. Conscious alertness is something becoming increasingly present around the globe and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Eckhart Tolle a prominent figure in the world of spirituality believes that it is rapidly increasing in mankind and will continue to do so.

Proof of change is all around us, whether you can see the difference in now and the past or not it is quite prominent. Frank M. Wanderer wrote an article not too long ago going over some of the research he had done in regards to the presence of conscious alertness in college students and what he found was quite impressive.

From a Tolle basis, he created a scale for conscious alertness and from there surveyed students.

His scale covered things like the reduction of the function of the ego, transcending of the functions of the ego, and alert consciousness in the present.

These things ended up playing out with alert consciousness being the most present and reduction of the function of the ego being right behind it. While this might sound a bit confusing it is very interesting when broken down.

Wanderer wrote as follows in regards to their findings:

Of the students, 9.8% rarely and 3.3% of them never or almost never experienced the longing for something more.
Being offended and nursing or sustaining the sense of being offended as the strategies of reinforcing the Ego also had a diminishing tendency among many of the college students (rarely: 6.5%, never or almost never 2.6%; nursing the sense of being offended: rarely 5.2%, never or almost never 2.6%).

The prevalence of experiencing the sense of “I am right” as a strategy of sustaining and reinforcing the Ego also diminished considerably among college students. Of those college students, 5.2% of them rarely and 3.3% of them never or almost never experience this emotion.

Of the college students, 7.8% rarely experience the recklessness and dissatisfaction rooted in dissatisfied want and desires, and 1.3% of them almost never do.

The withdrawal of the Ego was the least spectacular at complaining (rarely 2.6%, never or almost never 1.3% of them complain) and boasting (2.1% boast rarely, 0.7% never or almost never do so).
The prevalence of Transcending the functions of Ego was the least common among the components of the Conscious Alertness.

Within that dimension, transcending thinking and emotions were the most frequent patterns of behavior. 3.3% of the students experience this impression daily and 2% several times a day.

Of the students, 2.6% have the impression that their thoughts and emotions constitute only a small fragment of their real personalities, and 0.7% of them encounter this feeling several times a day.

In the frequency of occurrence, this was followed by the detachment from external things, which was experienced by 3.2% of the students every day and 0.7% of them several times a day.

Students appeared to be least capable of transcending the perpetual operation of thinking; only 1.4% of them experienced that the stream of their thinking was aimless and repetitive.

With more and more people being openminded and more and more people actually trying to reach higher levels of consciousness there is no beating around the bush. This is the age of spiritual awakening and things are only going to get more intense as time goes by. What do you think about all of this?


Source :


Massive Healing and Spiritual Awakening in 2018

As you move into the new year, 2018, you may feel a greater emphasis within yourself to heal that which has been lingering on the outer edges of your awareness for some time. No matter what this is, whether it is a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wounding, it will come to the forefront to be finally acknowledged and transmuted into positive energy, that can be assimilated back into you.

The above graphic displays a very powerful affirmation for healing. I channeled this over the Christmas holiday from my Ancestors and they imparted to me that once this intention is set, healing will come rapidly and in ways you won’t normally expect. This will call for surrender and trust in yourself and in your journey. And of course, you can choose to surrender your fears and doubts about this to your spirit guides and/or Angels. They will help guide you, should you ask for their help, through moving energy blocks and dissolving past cords. It need not be a painful experience, but you have to let it in, in order to let it go.

Please note: Invoking this affirmation will bring about rapid and significant realignment in many areas of your life. You must be ready to face that which has hindered you overall well-being. But it’s worth it. Healing yourself opens you up to realizing your authentic expression. Authenticity yields to real magic.

When you are ready to start the healing process, affirm: “I accept healing on all levels.” Say it as many times as it takes to really feel it throughout. Feel it throughout your whole body and push that intention outwards into your auric field. Then let it go. Don’t give much thought to how this will come about. Surrender and allow it and trust that your guides got your back. This is not going to go how you think it will. And that’s an immensely great thing, because our silly minds analyze too much, often leading to thinking of worst case scenarios – it’s our programming, and we all have it. Surrender without the need to know how, and prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

2018 will also be a year of spiritual advancement

2018 adds up to 11, so it will be an 11 year. 11 is the number of spiritual awakening. This will be a big year for many people in regards to getting in touch with their soul. This will take many forms. The point is, we are realigning our priorities en masse. We are going to expect more from ourselves and from our lives – we will begin to push the barriers of the 5 senses, knowing that we are capable of much more than that – we can perceive and use our intuition to clearly see our past, present and future. The veils have come down, the 3D matrix is deactivated, and now we are building upon a new 5D Earth crystalline grid. So everything is new – we are charting uncharted seas with every living breath and every step we take.

What will you create?

Instant manifestation will pick up speed this year. Watching your thoughts and directing them will become a skill you add to your repertoire, and you will eventually see the necessity of thinking about what you want (positive thinking). The reason why these concepts have been around for some time is because positive thinking has always yielded positive results, it just took a long time for manifestations to take hold in the dense 3rd dimension, which allowed time for doubt or fear to creep in and halt the manifestations. In 2018, manifestations will be instant so it is no longer an option to have doubt, fear, or a negative mindset – that is, not unless you’re looking to have a rough go of it. Many lightworkers have used the 2012-2017 window to practice these concepts in the 4D landscape. Many of us are used to it by now, and it will serve us well in the months to come.

Does it help you to make lists? Write down everything you want in 2018! Get the whole family involved, if you want. It’s fun to dream up your new year. Writing has always helped me formulate my thoughts, intentions and manifestations, and I know it helps many others. Make a commitment to yourself to think good thoughts, want positive outcomes, and above all, shower yourself in unconditional love, be patient with yourself and others. Just like learning a language is easiest if you’re immersed in the country where it is spoken, you will learn the language of love-light very quickly as we go deeper into these divine energies, and you’ll be manifesting your dreams with ease. Trust yourself. Your higher self (which is YOU) knows the way.




Theresa is a psychic intuitive, clear channel, spirit translator and writer. She offers personal e-Book readings in which she channels answers to your submitted questions via your spirit guides, higher self, angels, other lives and/or loved ones in spirit. Learn more about this here. Theresa also offers Tarot and Oracle card readings, complete with spread charts, photos, and intuitive interpretations. Check out Services and Readings for more information about these offerings. 

10 Common Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

As the vibration of the universe is rising, it is fuelling the spiritual awakening of more and more people.

Even people who loosely understand the meaning of spirituality believe in a higher purpose, a grand scheme that is edging them closer to the meaning of their existence.


Are you one of those people who is going through a spiritual shift? Let us analyse some of the most frequent signs of spiritual awakening to help you answer that question.

10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Ambivalence and emotional turbulence are the salient features of enlightenment.

Even the slightest of problems may cause you to break down in tears. What’s important is staying true to your feelings, and letting them unravel with time.

You feel a personal connection to nature.

You see things more vividly. You understand the healing aspects of life and how it has the ability to uplift moods. You start to take a curious interest in different colours and shapes.

Vacillating Energy

Vacillating energy levels are quite common in people who are undergoing awakening. At times, they might feel exhausted, and at other times, they might have an attitude that makes them want to conquer the world.

Everything Feels Different

Everything feels different inside of you, from your beliefs and thoughts to physiological processes. A wave of disillusionment disrupts your senses.



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Cutting Cords

You start to gather the courage to break free from social templates and karmic relationships. As your vibration rises, you no longer tolerate negative influences in your life.

Shift Towards Healthy Life Style

Everything around us has energy, including food. The dishes that you used to adore are no longer be liked by you. You start to shift towards a healthy lifestyle.

Change Of Career

If you’re stuck in a job that you hate, you’ll have this intense urge to quit it.

You will no longer feel bound to a desk job that steers you away from your latent talents. You’ll rediscover yourself, and only have a natural inclination towards those professions you have a natural flair for.

Nothing in this universe is accidental.

On the contrary, everything coincidental heralds a major shift. This is how the universe propels towards spiritual awakening.

So, as you’re progressing towards a heightened state, you’ll stumble across more and more inexplicable happenings.

Heightened Physical Symptoms

Physical and mental symptoms, such as a headache, flu, depression and anxiety are quite common during spiritual awakening. Don’t worry! You’re going to be all right. Your endurance will come to fruition.

Stronger Intuition

It will become exceptionally more natural for you to judge the moods and behaviours of people around you.



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You’ll know when they’re sad, happy, lost etc. This happens because as our vibration rises, our intuition becomes more equipped to pick up emotional signals.


These 10 common signs of spiritual awakening can have different effects on different people.

What’s important is to embrace them and try to understand what they’re trying to change within you. Not only will this catalyse the process of spiritual awakening but also help you stabilise much faster.

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The MetroSpiritual: Trump era causing a spiritual awakening

Dear Mr. President: What if you keep the tax bill for yourself as a Christmas gift, from us to you, and instead give us — aka your multi-faith constituents — the gift of full ET disclosure?

Pretty please with a partridge in a Trump tree? Just think about it. Being the President who does that will go down as the single biggest accomplishment in human history. Just…don’t go tweeting about it. Rumor has it those at the top-top don’t want any of us to know.

As a devout overly quirky, overly trusting and overly forgiving metro-spiritual, I use to take democracy for granted. I was an unsorted, naively complacent constituent with a child-like simplicity, believing that the overall ethics and morals of any American leader(s) would always leave me feeling safe about my country and loved ones…even if I didn’t always fully agree.

Not feeling so safe these days.

Maybe the universe has a bigger plan. But the willingly ignorant innocents who have been stolen and sold for cheap to the dark side, without even a chirp, was something I was not prepared for. Not the people of this country! Surely everyone would have done their due diligence by now. Maybe the dog ate their bipartisan homework?

Something’s up, Sasquatch, and it’s super real!

While I refuse to give up any of the dearly beloved to the dark side, never have I ever felt so divided and tortured inside. Prejudice is now being worn on the sleeves of every person in this country. Let the cards fall as they may so open eyes can see those who judge without cause and those who are only out for themselves.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” — Plato

But hip-hip-hooray to the droves of Americans focused on the simple right and wrong, for they are the ones beginning to balance out the sanctity of our treasured democracy. Open voices have become our greatest strength.

Sexual harassment for the first time is being taken seriously and power-bullies are being rightfully restrained. Who you are and what you stand for, rather then your gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, is also on the fast track of popular acceptability. The new kids are coming to town! Destination — 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Case in point: First-time candidate Danica Roem trumped ’em all. She beat the anti-everything other then straight, close-minded, quarter-century seat holder, Robert G. Marshall. She will be the first openly transgender women seated in a U.S. state legislature. Now who’s sitting pretty with pride in the Virginia House of Delegates of the 13th District? Someone who actually cares about all the people and doesn’t judge others solely based on their sexual orientation, that’s who! That’s the America I know!

There’s a woman running this August for U.S congress in Florida, Republican Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera. She helped pass the first law against domestic violence in Albania; started the non-profit, New Women Entrepreneur Center, which helped the U.S., Ghana, Africa and Lithuania start similar programs; assisting in expanding over 800 businesses and startups; wrote the business plan for Doral, Fla., which afterwards become the No. 1 fastest-growing city in Florida and the second in the U.S.… and the list goes on.

But…Bettina is also paranormally politically friendly. She stands firm and without fear from bullies when it comes to her connection with highly intelligent sources. Reading her resume makes me wonder if my higher intelligent sources have been slacking on me…or worse, if I’m the slacker! She is without a doubt working at her A+ highest potential. I however, am like a solid B-, but still working on it. This planet is so never ending!

Anyway…those of us who have come out of the paranormal closet know how enlightening those moments of connection with higher sources are. History’s most incredible advancements were all from those evolved enough to connect. How do you think we got to the moon? Google it.

Paranormal Presidents who have openly claimed to have seen or experienced ET intelligences include Washington, Roosevelt, Carter and Regan. Carter even filed a UFO report. Churchill and Nixon were in the know but favored a coverup according to released government documents, while theorists claim Kennedy wanted full disclosure. There is also ample proof that Hillary Clinton, if elected, was all for letting the cat out of the bag. Here kitty, kitty…

Paranormal politicians, to name a few, include Roscoe Bartlett, a Tea Party Republican from Maryland who served 10 terms in Congress; Senator Mike Gravel, a Democratic representative from Alaska for 22 years; former U.S. Representative from Ohio Dennis Kucinich, and even President Trump’s nominee for chief scientist of the Department of Agriculture, Sam Clovis, who once claimed he was charged by a UFO to radio host Simon Conway.

Foreign outspoken leaders, to name a few, include Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev and Mikhail Gorbachev.

And if you want to get real spacey, many NASA astronauts have come out of the paranormal closet, including Edgar Mitchell, who claimed in 2009 that alien life exists but that the U.S. government was covering up the evidence. The late Gordon Cooper, who once said he was “privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet” also agreed that the “UFO phenomena is real.”

Now I don’t know about you, but me and the Pope and Darwin and Einstein and Stephen Hawking, to name a few, are savvy on the subject. If we want to truly move forward as the leaders of the free world then every human in America needs to speak loudly by voting. I’m all for anyone who is truly non-judgmental and universally open.

Maija Polsley began having otherworldly experiences at a young age and began attending metaphysics classes with her mother at age 12. She has since been dedicated to finding the truth and has not stopped exploring. Co-producer of the ghost investigation web series “Paranormal Pursuit” and founder of , Maija is a natural-born, city-dwelling, soul-seeking, independent former teen mom and single woman who is also a dimensionally educated, spiritually empathic writer, actor, poet, standup comic, tarot card reader, Earth lover and quintessential MetroSpiritual.

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Americans who took democracy for granted aren’t feeling so safe these days, but making our voices heard is still our greatest strength.

Americans who took democracy for granted aren’t feeling so safe these days, but making our voices heard is still our greatest strength.

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Feeling Lost After Spiritual Awakening? You’re Not Alone

If you are feeling lost after your spiritual awakening, then don’t worry, because you are not alone.

Every person who gets blessed by attaining this higher form has to suffer the same consequences. We are humans who have a good memory.


We can remember things that we have learned them in our childhood. After being spiritually awake, it is not easy to separate your past from the present.

The process of spiritual awakening comes with lots of pain. You need to shed off layer after layer of your old beliefs which leads to the ultimate fight within you that you have never witnessed before.

Your ego tells you that if you leave your past, you will get nothing in the future; while your mind and heart assure you that you will not regret your decision.

When you are spiritually awakened, you lose your identity and the world as you know it. It is same as being born from your mother’s womb again.

You have no trace of where to go and how to complete the journey because there is so much going on in your mind.


It is very likely that you will disconnect entirely with the world until you are completely stable. That means you have to fight the world as well as yourself.


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You are not blind anymore – you are not hiding in your comfort zone. You have popped the bubble of cosiness, and you came out to see the reality of the world.

You can clearly see what is going on around you and it is hard for you to accept your negligence. Being spiritual awaken means you know your real purpose in life, and you need to become an excellent example for everyone around.

But you also know that your past is full of mistakes that no one can compensate. You have done lots of things that you shouldn’t have. You feel lost because you don’t know how to amend them.

Things that you used to love don’t mean anything to you anymore. You are not materialistic any longer. You find peace in places that you have never been.

Your friends don’t look the same now. You crave for better company. You like being alone, although you were a social person.

Even your job doesn’t feel okay, and you want to do a lot for the betterment of society. You feel confused because you don’t know where to start.


You will feel lost, you might feel crazy, but remember that things will improve over time. You have achieved the best thing in your life, and you will know it after a while.


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If you want to overcome this insanity, then flow with the flow. You need to surrender and stop fighting. The sooner you accept your new cravings and choices, without thinking about your previous identity, the better your days will become.

Don’t worry about the people around you. The person who is faithful to you will remain by your side no matter what. For those who don’t understand your situation, it is better to leave them for your new life.

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What is a Spiritual Awakening in Recovery?

lighthousetreatment-what-is-a-spiritual-awakening-in-recovery-article-photo-autumn-girl-enjoying-nature-on-the-field-beauty-girl-outdoors-raising-hands-in-sunlight-raysIf you’re either planning to go into recovery or are in recovery and just entering your journey into being clean or sober, you’ll likely often hear about people having a spiritual awakening. This is especially true if you’re following a 12-step or similar program, where spirituality and religion are embraced as strong factors in addiction recovery. No matter which path you follow, understanding what is meant by a spiritual awakening will help you to realize that recovery means going well beyond simply quitting drugs and alcohol.

While a spiritual awakening will naturally differ for everyone, it’s an important part of moving to a stage where you don’t rely on drugs or alcohol to enjoy life. More importantly, it’s part of the process of learning to enjoy little things in life which you might find boring or irrelevant while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

A Spiritual Awakening in 12-Step Treatment

For the millions of people following some form of 12 step, a spiritual awakening refers to not just the process of recovery but is a necessary step in the journey from being an addict to being in recovery. Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous stated, “An alcoholic is a fellow who is ‘trying to get his religion out of a bottle,’ when what he really wants is unity within himself, unity with God. . .”

Spiritual Awakening is a necessary and important part of recovering from addiction in 12-step, and often one which is the final goal of treatment.

Does Addiction Have a Spiritual Element?

It’s well understood that addiction is a chronic and relapsing disorder, with mental and cognitive effects changing how the brain things, acts, and functions. While there are naturally many physical repercussions as well, including trauma and PTSD, damage to the gastrointestinal tract, often lack of sleep and nutrition, and consistent harmful levels of chemicals in the body, the mental and cognitive effects can be more harmful. For example, most substances contribute to a phenomenon known as emotional blunting, where the “high” or the increased levels of dopamine, serotonin, opioid, or GABA receptor stimulation in the brain during the high result in a crash afterwards. Without the artificial stimulation, many people are left feeling bored, restless, or depressed without the drug, which contributes to further substance abuse. Addiction eventually results in a vicious cycle of using substances to create a sense of self and to feel good, where your only goal is to get high again and continue to feel good.

This is naturally extremely bad for you on a spiritual level, even under the modern definition which does not include religion, only the deep values and meanings by which people live.

What is a Spiritual Awakening in Recovery?

lighthousetreatment-what-is-a-spiritual-awakening-in-recovery-article-photo-pretty-female-smiles-happily-and-laughsMost 12-step groups define a spiritual awakening as the shift away from looking to alcohol or drugs to solve life problems such as stress and boredom and towards actively working to improve, to enjoy yourself, and to create a better life for yourself. While this exact process will vary depending on you, where you started, and how you started, there are often clear signs you are going through or have experienced a spiritual awakening.

Experiencing and Sharing Emotions – Emotional blunting prevents you from fully experiencing or sharing emotions, leading many to withdraw from friends and family or fail to enjoy experiences with friends and family while with them. Many people experience this through increased joy, more expression, an ability to enjoy smaller things, and being less closed off around others.

A Changing Attitude – Many people enter recovery defiant and unwilling to change. Even if you chose recovery for yourself, it’s not something most people experience or accept easily. Chances are you still suffered from the cognitive effects of substance abuse, the behavioral implications of substance abuse, and your health was in bad shape, contributing to anxiety and depression. As your health recovers, you go through behavioral therapy, and you are able to distance yourself from the mental attitudes contributing to substance abuse, your attitude begins to change. For many people, this means you can accept criticism, are eager to share and listen, and are willing to accept advice and help from others.

Improved Outlook – As you experience a spiritual awakening, your perception of yourself and the world around you will change. While this does tie into emotional blunting and chemical imbalances in the brain, it is a process that will change who you are at the deepest level. For example, you begin to recognize what you are good at and why, to appreciate yourself and the work you’re putting into sobriety, and your ability to change. You’ll also recognize that good and bad things happen, you’ll have to deal with them, but drugs and alcohol don’t have to be involved.

Improved Well-Being – During addiction, the chances of you waking up just feeling happy or good would be very low. After a spiritual awakening, it should be normal. The shift from feeling numb and depressed to feeling alive and energetic is one that takes time, but it will happen.

A spiritual awakening is the process of facing emotional and physical truths about yourself, learning, and moving on. It’s not something that will happen overnight, but with time, support from your 12-step or recovery group, actively working on yourself with behavioral therapy and stress management, and learning to move back into life, you will experience the personal journey towards spiritual awakening. Even in 12-step groups, this process doesn’t necessarily have to include God, as many 12-step groups now support your higher power being whatever you like, even yourself and your confidence in your own ability to stay clean or sober. While this often includes God, many people choose to believe in whatever adds purpose, structure, and guidance to their lives, even if that’s their own sense of discipline.

Spiritual awakening is normally the process of moving beyond the person who used substances to live. It often means becoming a new person, because your personality, motivation, and outlook on life will change. The longer you’ve been addicted to a substance the bigger the transformation will be, and the more noticeable it will be. Religion and spirituality can positively affect mental health, especially for recovering addicts who need the grounding and structure provided by a spiritual practice (even if it is just meditation), to figure out who they are and what they want.

No matter where you are on the journey to recovery, getting help is the first step. A good rehabilitation facility will give you the tools and background to recognize and recover from the behaviors and underlying problems resulting in addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, and group therapy, alongside complementary therapies like stress management and family therapy, will give you the tools to move forward after detox. And, after you’ve completed rehab, you can easily move into a sober living home or into a 12-step group to ensure that you continue to receive mental and emotional support as you move along your journey to recovery and spiritual awakening.

Millions of people in the United States are addicted to substances, millions more have recovered. You are not alone, and there is help when you are ready to recover.

If you or a loved one is looking for modern and effective treatment programs, please contact Lighthouse Treatment Center today for more information. We are to help and happy to provide a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced treatment advisors.

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