I Tried Vogel Crystal Healing & I Got The Clarity I’ve Been Waiting For

My desk is littered with crystals. Between shards of rose quartz, selenite towers, chunks of raw tourmaline, and more, I take every chance to further my collection. Having them by my side just makes me feel closer to something larger than myself. However, for someone who has a whole slew of crystals, I know very little about how a real crystal healing session works, so when the opportunity to finally experience it arrived, I knew I couldn’t turn it down. Although I was flushed with nervous excitement as the date of the session grew nearer, I tried Vogel crystal healing on the famous John of God crystal bed and one thing’s for sure: I’ll be pondering it for a long time to come.

I know what you’re thinking: “John of God crystal bed”? Trust me, I was confused, too. Initially, the plan was to find a healer who specifically works with Vogel crystals, a carefully designed cut of clear quartz created by research scientist Marcel Vogel. These crystals are constructed to operate at the frequency of water, and since the human body is made primarily of water, I was eager to understand what made these crystals so special. Little did I know, this crystal healing journey was just beginning.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally stumbled upon Marguerite Rathbone’s Intuitive Crystal Bed Healing in Irvine, California, just an hour away from where I live. Over the phone, I felt her bright and caring energy as she spoke, and after establishing that she only works with Vogel crystals, I immediately made myself an appointment. As each day passed before my session, I became more and more anxious. Even though there should be nothing to worry about during a crystal healing session, I had no idea what to expect. Is this going to be uncomfortable? Will I be overwhelmed by spiritual energy? Would the experience change me forever? I have a wild imagination as it is, and my mind was flooded with possibilities. However, I’m also a somewhat reasonable person, so I tried to keep my expectations in line.

Luckily, Marguerite’s presence was just as warm as she felt during our phone call, instantly calming my nerves. She led me into the room where our healing session would take place, and I finally saw this crystal bed in the flesh.

There was an array of seven different Vogel crystals hanging over a white blanketed bed. Each crystal emanated its own color of light that corresponds with a specific chakra in the soul. At intervals, these crystal lights would twinkle and sparkle, making me all the more curious as to what magic they would perform on me.

Marguerite, a retired registered nurse who eventually dedicated herself entirely to being a spiritual practitioner, explained to me that this bed came from John of God. Now, I had never heard of John of God before, but it turns out that he’s a world-renowned healer from Brazil who has been performing miracles ever since he was a child. Between curing lifelong ailments to mending emotional trauma, John of God claims to be a channel for god and other spirits to help heal people, almost as if by magic. Marguerite herself has visited John of God before, and after witnessing what he’s capable of, has never looked back since.

While I’ve had spiritual experiences that have led me to believe anything is possible, I’m not the type of person to instantly trust claims of miraculous cure-alls such as these. I had to see what this crystal healing bed was all about before making up my mind. Once I let Marguerite know that I wanted this session to purge me of my negative thought patterns and allow me to experience a deeper and more joyful connection with my spirit guides, I laid myself down and waited for the healing to happen.

After Marguerite placed headphones over my ears and a sleep mask over my eyes, she said a prayer. In this prayer, she asked her spiritual team to remove negative forces from the room and heal me in the way I needed healing. With that, tranquil, yet dramatic music started filling my head, and the hour-long session had officially begun.

Instantly, I felt a tremendous quake of energy that at first made me feel uneasy. My eyelids fluttered uncontrollably beneath my mask, and I had the unsettling realization that I was in quite a vulnerable state. What was happening beyond my mask? I wondered. Are there unknown spirits standing beside me? Working their way through me? Communicating with me? It’s not always easy to relinquish control and open yourself up to the unknown. After taking a few deep breaths, I became more comfortable with my situation, and I felt my body and mind begin to relax.

The music swayed from low, mysterious drumming and the somber chanting of monks to the softest babbling brook. Then, the trickling melody transitioned into birds chirping through a natural world, and back to the chanting and drumming once again. With each shift in the audio, I felt my soul stir.

Meditation is not always something that comes easy to me. My mind runs at a thousand miles per hour, and if any of my attempts to truly quiet my mind are successful, I definitely feel accomplished. However, it felt strangely easy to calm my inner-monologue. I felt the auditory sounds permeate my state of mind, and as the music continued to flood me, I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into a profound relaxation.

You’d think that such a state of mind would have me shocked the moment Marguerite interrupted to let me know the session was over. However, I slipped out of my crystal daze just as easily as I slipped in. “How was it?” She asked me with eyes all lit up. After struggling to find the right words to convey my feelings, I let her know that it will take me a while to process what just happened.

She then sat me down and revealed a piece of paper that was covered with her cursive handwriting. Apparently, while I was laying on the crystal bed, she was receiving messages from the spirits who were healing me. Clearly, they had lots to say, considering that both sides of the paper were full of words:

“We love your kind, open heart and inquisitive mind. It makes life so joyous and interesting, does it not? You are ‘tip-toeing’ into this world, as you should. Caution is always advised,” Marguerite read out.

“Everything that has happened to you has been necessary for your growth,” she continued. “One of the ways for guidance is by journaling. Ask for your guardian angels to help and they will.”

“An exciting time is in the near future,” Marguerite began to conclude the letter. “Friends and family. New beginnings. What a delightful lady.”

I sat there and allowed these words — words that seemed inextricably tied to someone else; someone other than Marguerite — to affect me. Somehow, the letter contained answers to questions I didn’t realize I had, and the solutions were effortless. I needed to journal more — something I used to practice daily not so long ago, but have since drifted away from — and listen to what my intuition is telling me. I should ask my guardian angels for help whenever I need it, because communicating my needs to the universe is really that easy. Even though things have seemed slow, I must look forward to the future, because a beautiful change is on the way.

As I drove home, I felt a lightness in my being that made the hour-long drive from Orange County back home to L.A. go by in a flash. I stared at the sunset through my bedroom window upon arrival. Although I still wasn’t sure what had taken place inside of me, I felt that something had. Things felt clearer, simpler, and a whole lot less heavy. To me, it made all the difference.

I Tried A Crystal Healing Session And Here’s What Happened | Glamour UK

Feeling low? Grab an amethyst rock. Looking for love? Hoard some rose quartz. Need a single solution to any problem life throws at you? Crystals.

Whether Victoria Beckham is adorning her runway with them, Miranda Kerr is meditating clutching hers or the hippest beauty brands are infusing their serums with rose quartz, crystals have become the trendiest route to enhanced wellness.

Hey, if you haven’t jumped aboard the crystal bandwagon yet, have you been living under a rock? Pun intended.

With A-listers and wellness gurus espousing crystal’s life-changing benefits, I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about so I enlisted Kate Deely, a Quantum Healer and Claircognizant at Scientia London, for a crystal healing session.

Essentially, a crystal healer works to stimulate the body’s energy flow to restore balance and help the body heal itself. Describing energy healing and her practise, Kate explained: “The way I best view energy healing, is in alignment to the teachings of the Eastern World. The East have always seen and understood the chakra body to be the fundamental influence for the physical body. So when there is a blockage or disharmony within the energetic body, it can very often manifest into a physical or emotional illness or imbalance. Therefore energy healing is hugely beneficial for the wellbeing of all three bodies: emotional, physical and spiritual.”

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Kate says crystals work as tools for energy harnessing. “Think of the micro processor inside a computer, which uses quartz crystals to hold and submit precise signals and frequencies,” she explains. “Crystals work as vessels which are able to hold energy, transmit energy and transmute energy. In order to understand crystals, you have to start thinking in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”

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Now for the science lesson: “The physical light spectrum (as taught in mainstream physics) demonstrates how each colour has a different frequency. Each chakra is associated with a one of the 7 colours in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. So as a rough guide, you can select the crystals based on their colour. However, as you get more knowledgeable, you get to know the mineral components of each crystal and can choose accordingly in addition to this basic understanding.”

Kate began by selecting different crystals suited to my needs and adorned them all over my body. She then carried out a sound bath ceremony – gently ‘gonging’ a gold bowl to cause relaxing sounds and vibrations. Kate’s bowls are made from quartz crystal, which are powerful transmitters. The sound frequencies are apparently absorbed by the body and help shift any excess vibrations held within the body that may have been picked up throughout the day (e.g wifi frequencies or emotions). I immediately feel relaxed and enter a trans-like state.

What are sound baths and why is everyone so obsessed with them?

Kate has cleverly trained herself so that her own energy field becomes almost neutral so she can sense any subtle imbalances within her clients’ energy. Sensing any energy blockages with her clients’ body, Kate uses her skills to shift them, resulting in enhanced wellness for those she’s working on. I instantly felt huge surges of static energy moving through my body as Kate ‘shifted’ these blockages towards my feet.

“The static feeling is due to the vibrational change that took place during our session,” she explained. “I work to remove any blockages or imbalances within your chakras.”

This is the woman Victoria Beckham relies on for crystal healing

The session, which lasted around an hour, left me feeling incredibly zen, content and practically floating through the door. I felt like I’d cheated nine hours sleep or overdosed on Rescue Remedy.

Ready to rock your socks off? Visit Kate’s website www.scientialondon.com for more information and read more about how to use crystals in your beauty regime and to feng shui your house.

‘The mind can do anything’: My first experience of crystal healing

By Kate Brayden

If you have any knowledge at all about ‘alternative’ medicine, you have most likely heard whispers about crystal healing. Some refer to it as a pseudo-science, others call it life-saving. Either way, it can be an incredibly fascinating experience to try.

Before I had tested it out for myself, all I knew about the fad was that the crystals are used are normally minerals or fossilized resins, believed to have beneficial properties for both physical and spiritual wellbeing. The use of crystals as a form of medicine goes back centuries, though today this has mostly transitioned to modern or conventional forms of medicine. The practitioner of crystal healing places the crystals on different body parts based on their intuition of the client’s needs, and often corresponds to the seven chakras. Other types of practitioners place crystals around the body to construct energy grids, and surround the person with a type of healing energy.

When it comes to crystal healing and science, the topic becomes contentious. Scientific investigations have yet to validate claims that chakras or energy grids exist, and any scientific arguments for it have not been peer-reviewed; meaning they maintain unconfirmed. Other researchers argue that the crystals have the placebo effect, hence why it’s considered a pseudoscience when it comes to medical journals. Stuart McClean examined folk medicine in the past, and alleges that crystal healing contrast with other forms of alternative medicine because participants view the practice as “individuated”, in other words; dependent on extreme personalisation and creative expression. Make of that what you will, but essentially it suggests that each of us can have completely different experiences when it comes to alternative medicine, dependent on our minds and spirits. If we refuse to accept it, then we can achieve no positive energy, for example. In the same way as physical, medical treatments in the modern field, not every drug or surgery will heal 100% of patients. When it comes to healing, we are all unique.

However, just because those in the medical and scientific communities who go on concrete facts alone cannot physically see the effects does not mean that the crystals don’t have any basis behind them. None of us can ever experience the physical emotions or feelings of another person, and just because the trend can’t be understood by all doesn’t mean there isn’t any validity to it. I decided to interview a crystal healer and attend a healing in order to greater comprehend the interesting practice, get a more rounded view of the type of clients who visit these practitioners and ask a healer about their experience.

One of the things which struck me when I was conducting background research into the matter was the feeling that some forms of alternative healing ‘take advantage’ of a patient, or vulnerable person, in a way. I’m assuming these people imagine tarot card readers who read a person’s pain and tell them exactly what they desire to hear in order to profit from them and their emotional needs. When I met Rebecca Singleton, I immediately knew that, at least with my chosen crystal healer, she was not using her profession to profit from the pain of others.

Rebecca Singleton
Image credit: Metta Healing

I felt a connection to her straight away, and she was both kind and empathetic, as well as noticeably calm in her demeanour. She refrained from pushing her practice or beliefs onto me, she never encouraged me to spend my hard-earned money on healing; I was there to gain a sense of relief and energy release in any way possible and she most definitely wanted to help me achieve this. Hearing about healers who are unqualified, or simply capitalising off the pain or vulnerability of others must be difficult for healers like Rebecca who aim to work with integrity; “You’ll see that a lot. Some people can be a bit pushy sometimes. I never try and be forceful, or say you have to do ten sessions or anything. I also say to them that there’s no need to come back if you don’t want to.”

I was drawn to a crystal healer for the dominant reason of my own personal experiences with the Irish healthcare system. After it took three years, three countries and thousands of Euro to find a diagnosis for my own physical pain, I felt massively disconnected from my own body. I went through rigorous physical therapy, testing, physical exams, surgeries, injections, hormones and multiple types of medication in order to find some sense of relief, most of which failed. Suffering immense pain in silence and having your voice stifled in every single GP clinic, every consultant’s office, every hospital waiting room can take it’s toll on a person. It’s easy for others to ridicule alternative healing when they haven’t been failed continuously by modern medicine. So what exactly do these other forms of feeling have which draws in hundreds of clients? I decided to experience it for myself to find answers.

Image credit: Metta Healing

According to Rebecca’s website Metta Healing, she studied numerous forms of energetic healing from; Reiki, Angelic, Seichem, Elemental, Crystals and Rahanni, using her experience to help clients individually. She ascertains that channelling energy flows brings the most dynamic healing experience possible; “It is for many a space and time just to be.” According to Rebecca, she works “intuitively” by channelling the high healing frequencies of crystals and angelic healing. It’s about peace, compassion and achieving a sense of balance.

During my healing session, I laid down on a table underneath a blanket, in a warm and dimly lit room with candles. It’s a relaxing space, with scents and an indescribable calm. One of the first questions I asked Rebecca was about cures, whether she is expected to totally cure a patient or if she ever claims to;  “I’d never claim to cure anybody of anything – never- but it would sort of speed up the healing process. If you broke your arm and the regular physical healing was two months, but you came for regular (crystal) healing, it might heal in one month. It helps your body work faster.” She works with “imbalances” in the body; alternating energy levels and the seven chakras. ”What I’d be doing is going to the root causes of pain. Let’s say you were holding emotional trauma, you’d be trying to release that. This would have a knock-on effect in terms of pain relief.”

I was intrigued by her background as a healer; how long she had practised the trade and her path from discovering crystal healing to the present day.

Image credit: Metta Healing

”I started training, doing healing, in 2006. 14 years ago, then I started practising full-time in 2009. As part of the healing training you do a bit of counselling. I was a practising yoga teacher as well. I have crystal healing, spiritual healing, angelic healing, naturopathy, homeopathy.” Fascinatingly, Rebecca’s background was in the corporate world after studying arts in college. “I found it really difficult. The company I worked for shut down and we were made redundant. I hard started doing the healing part-time. I worked in gaming, and got offered a job pretty much immediately from a big company. Everyone said I was mad when I turned it down, but I just thought that if I don’t do it now, I’d never do it. I could never go back to a 9-to-5 office situation. Even when I was on maternity leave, it’s hard coming back but I love my job, and there’s not many people who can say that. It’s traumatic, you see a lot of people who are experiencing trauma, which can be very humbling.”

How does she begin with a brand new client, who may be nervous or sceptical? “With clients, I’d sit down and try and get a background of where they’re coming from while having a chat. There are clients who just come to see what it’s like and don’t want to open up, it takes them a couple of sessions to really open up to me. “After chatting to them and doing a couple of healings with them, other stuff will come to the surface.”

The long-term healer ponders the reasons why sleep problems, fertility issues and stress are the most common notions plaguing some of her visitors. ”I have quite a few clients coming with fertility issues; it’s the stress of that. They come not necessarily for me to heal their fertility issues, but ultimately they end up getting pregnant, which is great. Of course, I’m not saying that’s just down to me, but it’s the relief of stress.” Healers can see an upsurge in business during unusual times in Irish life. “In the recession I was quite busy. I kind of thought that this was a luxury and people wouldn’t come to me, but people were stressed. People want different options nowadays; they’re getting disillusioned with modern medicine. With social media as well, people don’t get a break. There’s also disillusionment with the institution of the Church, and are seeking peace elsewhere.”

I was also curious about gender and healing, whether some are more open-minded than others about the trade; I have seen men, but most of my clients are women. I certainly have male clients though. Women are just more open to it, I think men are just a bit more cynical, and that’s fine. Usually you’ll find that if a man gets into it then they’re really into it.”

As far as the recommended length of time for visiting a healer goes, the process is intended to give you the tools to balance your own energy after seeing a professional; ”I’d usually recommend to a client to come four or five times, because the healing energy builds up over time. It might take four or five sessions every two weeks, and after that they may come every couple of months. It depends on the person, how open they are. Some people release loads of energy in the first healing, and others take three sessions to start releasing anything. It’s about trusting me and feeling comfortable, and it also depends on the issue. Some people have inner-child things going on, trauma, which can be difficult to be release. The release of it is stressful and upsetting, because it’s bringing it up again. Every day it’s a different scenario,” Rebecca muses.

Dealing with the emotional energy of another can be incredible exhausting, so the prospect of employment which features the release of a client’s burden arguably puts a strange sense of responsibility on a healer’s shoulders. “Quite often people get upset. I’d much prefer for someone to get upset and cry and release it than holding it in, because by crying you’ll release it. People often say they have no idea why they’re crying, they might have come here for something different and then they’ll end up crying. People often don’t know why they’re upset or why they’re stressed. They just think life is busy. I embrace people crying. You might find when somebody leaves, that they become emotional in the evening. I usually tell them that they might experience emotions that evening, but that they’ll feel better tomorrow.”

How does she explain her actions to new clients who are experiencing crystal healing for the first time?

“People aren’t always relaxed in the first session, they’re often wondering what exactly I’m doing. For crystal healing, crystals absorb negative energy. Let’s say there’s an imbalance in the body, or a disease in the body. If an organ was overstimulated or overactive, you’d use the crystals to sedate the organ. You’d use the organs to stimulate an underactive organ alternatively. With women who have fertility issues, I’d stimulate the reproductive organs and that area, release any heaviness or sadness that they may be carrying in this area. You might find with some women who have had a miscarriage, they are carrying huge sadness in the reproductive area, and can’t get pregnant because there’s a complete blockage in that area that I’d work on releasing. I try to make parts of the body work to their optimal levels, and you’d work with crystals and chakras. We have seven chakras in the body, they’re like energy centres. They spin with a certain amount of energy, they all should hold equal amounts of energy.”

What are the use of these mysterious crystals, and why are they unique to an individual’s needs?

”For millennia, they have used crystals in healing. In Ancient texts, they used crystals in ancient Chinese medicine. It’s transferred down over time in healing practices. People are naturally drawn to crystals. You can also use any crystal and programme it to your need. One client was going through a really bad break-up, and I gave her a big rose quartz to put beside her bed, and it actually shattered. They draw out any negative energy but they hold it as well, so you have to keep cleansing crystals. They’re like sponges. You can’t use those same crystals on other clients, you’d be putting negative energy on them. It’s so important to clear them. You can also programme crystals to do whatever you want, it sounds daft but you’ll find people get attached to them and put them in their foundations of the home or under their pillow. It’s very individual.”

I’m intrigued by her loved ones and their reaction to her trade; especially seeing as certain forms of alternative healing are ridiculed online or in the medical trade. It has garnered quite a strange reputation, which does not always match expectations. Many people envision Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter franchise when they picture a crystal healer; armed with crystal balls, horoscopes and bohemian-styled attire. Rebecca doesn’t exactly fit this mould, she is simply a woman trying to explore unconventional ideas of peace, with the support of her family; ”My friends and family are so used to it. My own daughter is only eight months but I have four nieces and nephews and they love the crystals. They’d be asking can I do crystal healing on them, and they’d come in and play with the crystals. They’re just used to it. My own husband wouldn’t have ever had a healing before I met him, but he loves it now. He works in the corporate world and it’s very different. He begs me for healings even when I’m incredibly busy.”

Does she take offence when the media or those who work in conventional healthcare fields manipulate the idea of healing, or patronise her about modern medicine?

“My own GP is quite interested and says she wouldn’t mind coming to see me herself. My friend is a GP and she says I’m mad, so it’s all individual. Personally, I’ve had clients with really bad skin conditions, for example, and they’re just prescribed an antidepressant. That’s sort of upsetting for them, many clients are just prescribed medicines instead of holistic methods. Obviously there are times when you need modern medicine, without a doubt, but there’s a certain amount of misunderstanding with GPs. Look, they’re just looking at what’s wrong with you and then giving you a prescription, they’re not looking at the root cause. That’s what I’d be doing, trying to go to the source of the problem.” It can be argued that a large proportion of the healthcare industry only see you as the body part that you are complaining about. There is often a sense of coldness, of clinical apathy when it comes to doctors, in my own experience. A ground-breaking series of books released by Dr. John Ernest Sarno in the 1980s and 1990s changed the belief that pain was entirely physical. He consistently maintained that most non-traumatic instances of chronic pain (e.g. back pain, gastrointestinal disorders, headaches and fibromyalgia) are actually the human body manifesting of deep-seated psychological anxieties. His best-selling book, Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, sold millions of copies and connected pain to emotions. Of course, pain is not psycho-somatic, but Sarno claimed many of his patients improved by learning and thinking about the psychosomatic connection to pain, and undergoing therapy. Our mind is extremely powerful; in my experience of pain flares, my chronic pain improved after seeing a pain counsellor, therapist and practising meditation and self-care.

Rebecca Singleton
Image credit: Metta Healing

Rebecca is skilled in multiple forms of healing, many of which are completely new to me. Soul healing immediately grasps my interest, as the idea of one’s spirit seems so inescapably difficult to understand. Rebecca has a relationship with the supernatural which appears simultaneously powerful and honest;

“Spiritual healing is a deeper level, you’d be focusing on childhood trauma, soul healing, even past life healing. I’ve often have clients who have past life coming up. It’s a bit out there, but yes I certainly believe an aspect of it. Oftentimes I would see and be aware of things during healing and I wouldn’t tell people. You know they’d be frightened or think I’m mad. There’d be people who are really open to it. My intention would never be to frighten anyone, but some people are more open than others. I’ve been practising nearly ten years full time and I definitely think people have become more open-minded and more disillusioned with modern medicine. Certainly, I’d often see things in a healing session or be aware of loved ones present in healing.”

While you can forgive the sceptics, there is something undoubtedly sincere about Rebecca and her beliefs. Whether it’s her energy, or a type of calmness and compassion which she transmits, I never had a doubt that she was intentionally misleading me with her answers. Whether or not healing is ‘the placebo effect’, or the power of the brain to connect to emotions and senses, is another story which one person alone cannot answer.

Image credit: Metta Healing

So what did Rebecca report after my 45 minutes of crystal healing? After almost an hour of quiet contemplation and meditation while she placed crystals all over my body, I was extremely curious to hear her prognosis.

“I used the amethyst to clear the third eye, first of all. Your third eye is your psychic, it’s connected to the sacral block between them. I placed a clear quartz to clear it. Funnily enough, your throat showed up. It was like a blockage of energy over the throat. It felt like, the throat shows up when you can’t communicate. I suspect it’s because people weren’t listening to you when you were saying you were in pain, and you couldn’t express it. It was being blocked. I used blue lace agate, which is good for communication. If you needed to do a presentation, blue crystals are great, they help you speak your truth. I placed rhodonite over the heart. There has never been a client I have treated who didn’t have heart stuff going on. I used a lot of rose quartz over the reproductive area. You poor thing, you’re red raw.” This certainly fit with my diagnosis of having been born with far too many nerve endings in my cervix, causing intense pain in my stomach, abdomen, spine, pelvis and legs.”

“Even when I was scanning the energy, all I could see was red. It was just really inflamed. I know you know this already, but even on a spiritual level, you poor thing. The crystal that I used was nearly channelling tubes of light into all your organs. It was like a blockage of energy. Whatever’s going on with your spine is causing secondary pain in the legs. You’re not grounded, so I did a good bit of grounding, I used carnelian, a dark red crystal. All seven chakras should be spinning and vibrating a similar amount of energy. Some of yours are spinning so fast, trying to keep everything going. That’s why you’re getting hot flushes, they’re just working so hard. You have a complete imbalance, so I rebalanced the area. You’d need more than one healing to sort out that area, but I would hope that you’d notice a difference, even for a couple of days.”


“You get one healing, and usually lasts a few days, but it lasts longer the more healings you have.You are quite sensitive energetically, I’m sure you’re working with different people and we’re like sponges; we absorb negative energy and release it. If you’re around people who are zapping your energy, we can feel it sometimes. Shield your energy if you can. Focus on yourself, you’re great at giving out your energy but aren’t great at accepting it when others give it to you. Giving and receiving is a balance. By cooling the area down, it should give you pain relief. Every morning, visualise a blue light within your whole pained area. The power of the mind can do anything.”

For my experience, it’s about empathy. I was never believed by doctors who couldn’t physically see my pain, there wasn’t a hole with blood pouring out, there wasn’t a broken bone, signs showing on scans. If they couldn’t see it, especially from a young woman, they simply didn’t believe it. To enter a space where I was immediately relaxed, where I felt listened to and comforted, was massively valuable to me. For someone to look at my words and my emotions and spirit, and say, “You are in a great deal of pain” was monumental, it was a relief like no other.

Belief is also half of healing, and if a person attends crystal healing and truly has faith in their power, then what harm are they causing? There is no black and white when it comes to pain, whether it’s physical, emotional and spiritual.

Everyone is unique and finds peace through different methods. To only see a human body clinically, in my view, totally undermines your emotional and spiritual pain. 

Check out Rebecca Singleton’s website Metta Healing if you are interested in exploring the world healing.

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I’ve also put together a free download of 10 common Crystal Pendulums for you as a quick reference! I’ve even included some examples of when you might want to reach for those making it the perfect guide for when you’re unsure which pendulum to use in certain situations.

Keep reading here: https://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/how-to-use-a-pendulum/

5.  New Crystals Fakes, Misrepresentations and Frauds to Watch Out For

top crystal blogsWell, I think we’re a bit overdue for another “fakes” blog post to add to my series.

Now, on my annual trips to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show I get to view a lot of what’s hot on the market and also spot some of these fakes first-hand. I also like to attend some of the lectures they have at the Convention Center so I can stay up-to-the-minute and knowledgeable about what’s going on in the mineral world. Last year I audited a lecture on Fake Minerals.

And, if you like this blog topic, you might want to read my most recent blog post outing more crystal fakes.

6.  How to Neutralize Negative Energy with Crystals

top crystal blogsWhat can you do when you’re stuck in a situation that feels or you’re perceiving as negative, and you want to transmute that feeling- from an energetic standpoint? You know… because that negative-energy-downward-spiral can be pretty powerful!

Do you desire to have some simple tools to combat its effects?

You know I always turn to crystals for stuff like this!

7.  Amp Up Your Voltage: Crystals to Support the Lymphatic System

top crystal blogsAs we move through our days, it’s easy to just mindlessly keep going, moving fast on autopilot.

But we may want to start paying attention and slow down long enough to take time to read the signs.

You know, the messages that we receive again and again to slow down… and lately I’ve received many signs to stop and give some TLC to my lymphatic system; in particular the need to encourage Lymphatic Drainage.

8.  Sacred Geometry | The Sacred Language of Crystals

top crystal blogsThe study of the structure of many things has its basis in geometry: space, crystals, visualizing sound and vibration to name a few.

Geometry connects it all.

Just so you know… I’m not talking ’bout your boring ole’ high school geometry here, but SACRED GEOMETRY. Big difference.  

Let’s go deep. Shall we? 

9.  Let’s make DIY Crystal ?? Infused Vibrational Perfumes

top crystal blogsThese sorts of perfumes are great because they’re:

And, you’re gonna fall in love ♥ with how EASY this is!

So, let’s dive into creating our own High Vibrational Crystal Infused Essential Oil Perfume!

10.  3 Things You Want to Know Before You Start Working with Crystals

top crystal blogsAre you new to working with crystals?

I’m going to share three things you want to know before you start working with crystals.

Because you want to avoid pitfalls, right? When you get started on this crystal path, you want to avoid wasting time and energy.

Why reinvent the wheel? I made a lot of mistakes when first starting out with crystals. I’ve worked through a lot of stuff and I can save you a lot of time and energy in that area, and save money which is a big one with these three things.

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this year-in-review of my top crystal blog posts of 2018.  Have you read them all? Which one is your absolute favorite?  Tell me in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,


New Crystal Fakes To Keep An Eye Out For Yep, we’ve got more crystal fakes to talk about today. Looks like this problem is becoming more and more prevalent. Get Educated about Crystal Fak…


Amethyst Healing Properties, Correspondences + Mea… Let’s talk about Amethyst healing properties, correspondences, and meanings. This is going to be a really comprehensive geological & a meta…


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The Amethyst Latte that Broke the Internet So, I posted THIS on FB… and Instagram recently & we just about broke the Internet!   Everyone was shouting: RECIPE! …

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Heal the mind, body and spirit with Crystal Healing…

The use of sacred stones in healing is an ancient practice dating back as far as our history does. Egyptians, Mayans and Sumerians all utilised the metaphysical power of the earth’s stones to align their energy, cleanse the spirit and improve their physical health.

The healing power of stones and minerals is once again finding popularity as health and wellness, holistic practices and non-pharmaceutical remedies are taking the wheel in the world of medicine and well-being. Having been largely dismissed, or forgotten, within modern culture, crystal healing techniques are not exactly a common practice in today’s society but are becoming more and more popular due to the rediscovery of this sacred, ancient science.

Crystals are extremely useful in modern technology, their energy being used in the workings of quartz timepieces and electrical components within smart phones and computers. They are also used within medication – minerals contained within crystals are ground down and added to pharmaceutical drugs.

So how exactly can a crystal, essentially a piece of rock, heal a human on so many levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically)?

Basically, everything on this earth is made up of energy, even inanimate objects are fundamentally vibrations of energy, just as are we (our cells) essentially made up of the same energy as a crystal. Just as a magnet uses its force to repel or attract other metals, a crystal can be placed close to other sources of energy and transform, vibrate, move and shift that energy in accordance with its own energetic structure. So certain crystals have different vibrations and can be utilised to alter the vibrations in us. The right stone has to be selected for the right situation and person, then the healing opportunities are endless.

Our energy and overall health all comes down to balance. We need to create an equilibrium within us in order to be able to heal ourselves and live a healthy life. The vibrations from a crystal emit tiny electrical impulses which activate the human body’s neurological system in a subtle manner.

Crystal Healing is the art of laying on stones (crystals and gems) in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centres and energy pathways. These aspects of the body’s energy field are also known as the aura, the chakras and the meridians. Correct placement of crystals on the body will promote emotional and mental harmony. It is in this state that the body experiences the perfect conditions in which to heal naturally.

The chosen crystals and stones have the ability to remove unwanted negative energy, provide needed healing energy and balance things where our energy is off kilter in order to achieve a harmonious state.

As well as Crystal Healing, there are different ways to utilise the healing powers of the stones; many people choose to select the correct crystal and wear it as jewellery or simply carry it on their person, or sleep near them so that throughout the night the energy is passed through you. Others meditate with their crystals or make crystal healing grids, another ancient healing technique designed to transmute energy.

Types of crystals and their uses

Uses: White and clear healing crystals are very absorbent. They are perfect for cleansing any type of energy. Many people use clear quartz in their meditation practices because it clears and calms the mind.

Examples: Tiger’s Eye, Petrified Wood, Halite

Uses: Brown healing crystals and stones are grounding. When you think of brown crystals, think of a dirt path in the dark woods. This path shows you the way and protects you on your journey. That’s what brown stones do—guide, protect and clear the way. Used for making room in life for something like a new job, or relationship.

Uses: Red healing crystals have a lot of energy. You can remind yourself of this by thinking of your reaction to a red stop sign, a red traffic light or a red warning signal. Red invokes sudden surges of energy, useful if you need a quick pick me up.

Uses: Similarly to when you walk out into the sunshine and immediately feel better, orange healing stones relieve you of negative energy. Orange is simultaneously a soothing and energising colour. Use them when you’re feeling low or lethargic.

Examples: Amber, Sulphur, Mookaite

Uses: Yellow gemstones are great for reorganising energy patterns. These healing crystals are perfect for times when you’re trying to instil a new habit, or break an unhealthy one. Yellow stones are efficient, they don’t just cleanse energy, they reorganise it.

Examples: Jade, Emerald, Malachite

Uses: Green gemstones are often used for physical healing because of their balancing properties. Often, our illnesses are a matter of too much of something. For example, digestive issues often stem from too much acid or too much unhealthy bacteria. While we need these things to survive, too much of them makes us sick. Green healing stones don’t get rid of negative energy; instead, they tip the scales in the right direction, redirecting our energy flows and balancing them out.

Uses: Just like the blue throat chakra, blue healing crystals are all about openness and communication. If you’re having trouble finding your truth, or you want the truth to be revealed about something, work with blue crystals for healing.

Examples: Kyanite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli

Uses: Sometimes, life gets really chaotic and you just want to relax and take it easy. Next time you want to treat yourself to a calming spa experience, use the soothing power of dark blue/indigo healing gemstones to mellow out anxious, fragile energy.

Examples: Amethyst, Lolite, Sugilite

Uses: Violet is one of the most powerful colours, it vibrates at a very high frequency. It is at the top of our colour spectrum, combining both the warm and cool ends of all the colours we can see. In this way, anything violet connects you to higher plane. Violet healing crystals are no exception, and they are perfect it you need to be uplifted or want to induce a spiritual experience.

Examples: Tourmaline, Apache Tears, Obsidian

Uses: Black healing crystals deflect everything. They are strong and resilient, so they make perfect protecting crystals. Use black stones to drive negative energies away from you.

Uses: Pink is a combination of passionate red and clarifying white. Pink crystals vibrate a compassionate, loving energy, so use them for anything that needs a little bit of sweetness. They’re great for deflecting anger, drawing in romance or just helping you feel the love.

At every moment we have the ability to choose our thoughts and as we continue our journey, each day presents us with new challenges and wonderful beginnings. Healing crystals remind us to quiet the chatter of the mind and reconnect to the universally healing vibrations of the earth.

It takes a conscious effort to open your mind to the power of crystal healing, but once you begin, the journey can be studded with incredibly powerful energy that will potentially rock your world!

Which Crystal is the Most Powerful? – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy | Crystal Healing | Crystal Healer | Crystal Therapy | Certified Crystal Healer | Crystal Grids | Crystal Healing Course

 Today, I want to address a question that I get often, which is,

“Which crystals are the most powerful to work with?”

It’s a question, at first… I used to kind of say,

“Well, that all depends,”

but now I’ve actually come across some info, done some research + some work on my own… and I’ve changed my answer:

Yes, I have some crystals, or A CRYSTAL, that I do feel is the MOST powerful.

Rather recently, I did a couple of blog posts on some scientific properties of crystals… and they were pretty popular posts. It seemed that people were really interested in finding out more about these properties, and those specific properties are:

All 3 of these are properties that have to do with electricity or voltage in some form or another and I found that certain crystals have two or more of these properties. I also noted that seemed to correspond to how powerful I’ve seen these crystals to be in people’s lives as catalysts for information.

Let’s just do a quick re-cap. I’m not going to dive deep into these things because you can jump over here and over to this blog post where I really detail it out for you.

Piezoelectricity refers to a crystal’s ability to produce voltage when pressurized.

Certain crystals will actually produce a voltage when their crystal lattice is under pressure of any sort and that’s why we can use them in different ways in technology.

Some crystals that are known to do this are quartz, topaz + any type of tourmaline.

When I say “quartz”, I mean all types of quartz—not just clear quartz; so that includes amethyst, agate, citrine, rose quartz, Auralite 23, what have you.

“Pyro” means fire, so it has to do with temperature. Specifically, it’s the ability of a crystal to produce voltage when heated or cooled. And quartz, again, has the ability to do this, as does tourmaline…. any kind of tourmaline. Even, indicolite, which is a teal blue or blue tourmaline—really beautiful.

(This piece shown below is a closeup of the indicolite I feature in my above video.)

There are other crystals that qualify, but there are reasons why I’m bringing those specific crystals up. ? We’ll get to that in a sec.

I demonstrated triboluminescence in a video in this blog post a little while back, which is the property of the crystal to actually be able to produce light when it’s struck.

And it doesn’t just produce light on the outside, like friction blowing out a spark, but internally, as well as externally; it produces this flash of light! So it’s not simply explained away as friction.

It’s actually a property that’s not well understood by science. They’re actually not yet able to fully explain why or how it’s happening.

Crystals that are able to express triboluminescence are: quartz, diamond, and fluorite.

So, Which Crystal is the Most Powerful Crystal?

The word “powerful” is a very subjective & relative term. Isn’t it?

But I think I “get” what people mean when they ask me that… and you probably do too.

I do feel that crystals that have the properties that I’ve discussed here are more powerful than crystals that don’t. And that just simply comes from my experience working with them, research that I’ve done and the experience of my 1000’s of students & graduates of my Certified Crystal Healer Course who’ve used them in their practices with clients. I’ve noted that many experience profound transformation in working with these crystals and… bonus they’re all crystals that are relatively easy to find.

If you’ll notice, quartz possesses all three of these properties I mentioned here:

It has other properties as well. In addition, it’s a silicate mineral, which happen to be the most abundant minerals on the Earth’s crust. (More than 90% of our planet’s crust is composed of silicate minerals.)

I feel like that’s no coincidence… that quartz, in all its many forms—rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, green aventurine, clear quartz— is so accessible to us; both plentiful & relatively low-cost.

All the jaspers all the agates—these are all quartz-based minerals that we can work with and probably the one mineral we work with most often, because again, it’s one of the most attractive & most abundantly found on our planet; easily accessible to us.

So, to finally answer the question:

In my opinion, quartz (any kind of quartz), is the “A” number one most powerful crystal, and then 2nd would be tourmaline, and then thirdly I’d place topaz.

I feel crystals that have these special properties are the most powerful ones because this allows the crystals to more easily tap into the body’s voltage and polarity. In my Certified Crystal Healer Course I teach more on the physics behind how/why it works.

Again, “what crystal is most powerful” can be up to personal interpretation… it’s a matter of opinion & experiences and it can be very subjective based on the work that you’ve done and other crystals or minerals that you’ve worked with that you found to be very powerful. Maybe malachite is the most powerful one for you? I’m not saying that your experience is wrong; I’m just giving my opinion on this subject here since I’m so often asked this question and I wanted a place to park my answer to refer people to.

I’d love to open up a discussion about this!  What’s the most powerful crystal for you? Please share in the comments below. I can’t wait to read your response. ?

Crystal Blessings,


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New Crystal Fakes To Keep An Eye Out For – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy | Crystal Healing | Crystal Healer | Crystal Therapy | Certified Crystal Healer | Crystal Grids | Crystal Healing Course

Yep, we’ve got more crystal fakes to talk about today. Looks like this problem is becoming more and more prevalent.

Get Educated about Crystal Fakes

One of my greatest joys is investigating and researching possible fake minerals and then teaching our Crystal Family about what’s popping up out there, keeping us educated so we can avoid the confusion that comes along with misrepresentations and crystal fakes. This way we can all make informed decisions when adding specimens to our sacred collections.

The three I’m going to discuss today aren’t what I would classify as a misrepresentation; these are straight up Crystal FAKES.

If you feel passionate about this too, please share this post in any way you prefer. (***There are some handy “SHARE” buttons you can use at the bottom of this post***).

And if you haven’t already done so, you can download my free eBook on this subject, so you can grab my entire “Fakes” blog series in 1 convenient place and have a reference guide all your own. (Oh yes, this eBook has topped 100 pages now and includes all the info from this blog too). ?

Let’s dig into it!

Fake Moldavite

Moldavite has become quite the popular metaphysical stone. I’ve written before about its energy here.

Why would anyone want to create a synthetic version of this? Well, finding and mining for moldavite is getting harder.

Several years ago the Czech government changed the rules restricting miners abilities to dig no deeper than one meter deep (unless they’ve paid for a very expensive permit). In addition, it’s becoming increasingly harder to find the green rock since there’s a very limited supply of it and it’s becoming more and more scarce. It’s an expensive stone for this reason. So you can see the motivation for wanting to fake it.

Genuine Characteristics

Moldavite is most likely formed by an ancient meteorite’s violent impact with our planet. Because of the quick cooling that immediately followed, moldavite is characterized by lots of very small internal bubbles and random flow lines.

Another thing to look for in the real stuff can be found with a jeweler’s loupe. You’re looking for teeny-tiny worm-like wire filaments that won’t exist in the melted glass fakes.

By Onohej zlatove [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

Fake Characteristics

Fake Moldavite, on the other hand, usually won’t exhibit much texture; they’ll be relatively perfect looking with no bubbles. Because much of the fake stuff is made of melted green glass (green bottle glass, melted down and then etched with acid to make it look like the real deal) they’ll have a wet-shiny look. In addition that bottle glass stuff will have a blue cast to it, whereas the real moldavite green has more of an olive tone.

It will be more uniform and smooth. If you’re looking at moldavite in bulk, you may also notice there are many pieces exhibiting the same shape and not randomly shaped at all.

Another trick, to kind of hide or disguise the fact that they look different from real moldavite…often times fakes will already be faceted or set into jewelry.

Also, large pieces of moldavite are extremely rare so, be aware.

As always, the price is a good indicator. If you find moldavite at a too-good-to-be-true price, start looking for signs of it being a fake.

Unfortunately, many of the moldavite fakes come from China, India, Japan or Thailand so if you’re buying online from those locales, be sure you’re buying from a reputable trusted seller.

Gold Lodestone

This was a new one I was alerted to recently. I had never heard of it but a couple of my students asked about it during our last term so it must be relatively new on the rock scene.

They really look like pyrite, don’t they?

I immediately suspected they had been painted. So I ordered some up and sure enough, they’re just regular lodestone (magnetic magnetite) that have been painted up with gold paint.

I’ve seen them being touted to bring luck and prosperity. You can get those energies from all natural lodestone, so I see no need for the gold paint on them.

I did a quick search and unfortunately, with the three sellers I found; no one disclosed that they were painted lodestone. Then again, maybe the shop owners aren’t even aware.

Yellow Tibetan Quartz | New Finds?

Now this one…

Captured your attention? Yep, mine too.

They’re pretty, there’s no doubt.

BUT, my experienced eye noticed that they looked a little too much like the synthetic green quartz I wrote about some time ago. I can tell from the characteristics that they used the same laboratory process as green quartz but have just started infusing a different chemical or dye to achieve these colors.

Yellow Tibetan Quartz/Spirit Quartz

The one in the above photo was listed as Yellow Tibetan Quartz/Spirit Quartz; most likely because it was purchased from Tibet, a popular spot where these sorts of synthetics often come from.

I could tell from the seller that they were not at all aware that this was a fake.

Let me tell you, I’m afraid to touch this spiny thing. Spirit quartz grows with tiny crystal facets on it. However, this thing has very fine crystal filament splinters growing on it that pierced me several times. It’s quite dangerous actually. That is NOT how natural crystal grows.

New Find Yellow Phantom Quartz Crystal

This next one was listed as “New Find Yellow Phantom Quartz Crystal Cluster Specimen”. I’m laughing… I can’t even get pissed anymore because this stuff has just gotten so ridiculous.

The listing also called this one “yellow citrine quartz”.

Citrine or Yellow Phantom?

I guess they thought the fancier woo-woo names they threw in, the better.

The listing also included this “helpful” info: “Please take note that each crystal will be slightly different from the picture due to it being a natural stone.” A natural stone you say? I don’t know… call me picky but I strongly feel that it needs to be disclosed when a mineral specimen is synthetic.

Blue Phantom Quartz

OK, I have to admit, this is one is pretty eye-catching. The Blue Phantom Quartz was obtained from the same seller as the above “Yellow Phantom”. The seller shipped from China. I suspect these were grown in the same lab.

This one was also listed as a “Natural Quartz” and ironically the listing said this: “Blue Phantom in Quartz Crystal is, of course, a Throat Chakra crystal. It helps us speak our truth.”


Ok, so you’re probably wondering how I can tell these are synthetics.

Here’s what to look for…


Always use your common sense and the best protection from this is to be well-informed yourself.

**Please SHARE this info with other crystal lovers so that we all stay in-the-know and well-informed. No duping us with FAKES!!!**
Can you tell I’m passionate about this stuff? If you are too and want to know more about the mineral kingdom so you can be confident in what you’re getting then you may want to check out my Crystal Savvy: Crystal and Mineral ID class here.

Do your thing

If you choose to work with man-made crystals and you enjoy them just fine or it’s been working for you… as I always say:

“keep on ‘truckin’”. Don’t change a thing!

I just want us all to have the geo-knowledge first. Then you can make an informed decision regarding how you choose to work with these “stones”.

And as always, the moral of the story here is…

Buyer Beware: Who are you buying from? Are they reputable? Do they know what they’re talking about? Are you doing your own due diligence & research? The best way to protect yourself is education.

We all love the beautiful jewels that mama earth creates and you don’t know what you don’t know… until you know better. So, I hope you’ve learned something new here today.

Have you seen any of these or new crystal fakes or misrepresentations recently? Please share in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

BTW… like this sort of stuff? Then grab my FREE handy downloadable Crystal Fakes Reference eBook!

This is the EXACT eBook you need in order to navigate the gem shows, crystal shops, and eBay, get the REAL thing and get what you pay for. Don’t get scammed or duped into buying FAKES… unless that’s exactly what you want!


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Crystal Healing Prize Pk – Pausitive Living

The energy and healing powers of crystals have been used for thousands of years. From old world ancient civilizations to modern day alternative medicine, crystals have proven they have amazing abilities. A crystal can act as a conduit for healing and can be used to release spiritual, mental, and physical blockages, balance chakras, for meditation, EMF protection, in combination with herbs and so much more.

Most of us have heard remarkable stories about crystals, but don’t really know how to begin using them effectively in our lives. Books are a great resource and we have access to lots of them written by experienced crystal users. I have three new resources of crystal knowledge to share with you that will guide you on how to use crystals productively.

Modern Guide to Crystal Healing

The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing is a great resource whether your a newbie to the subject or an experience crystal user. The book is divided into two sections, Crystal Magic 101 and The Crystals. The first section teaches you how crystals are made, how they work, how to start collecting them, how to clean and charge them, where to place them in your home, which crystals are needed for chakra healing and how to use them in meditation.

The second section in an A-Z in-depth guide on fifty-one different crystals. With each crystal, you will learn about color variations, where its largest resource is, which chakra it works well with, how to care for it, if it’s safe around water, its metaphysical qualities and practical application on harnessing its power.

Herbs and Crystals DIY

Herbs and Crystals DIY will show us how to use plant medicine and crystal energy collectively to heal the mind and body. The book is broken up into four diverse sections, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Fall Equinox. Each section shares a list of DIY recipes, rituals, and projects that will enhance various aspects of our lives. Learn to make a Wildflower and Crystal face steam, Lunar Bath Soaks, Cleansing Ritual Bath, healing balms, candles, a mandala, drinks, tonics, intention mists, dream catchers, immune boosting recipes and so much more.

Each DIY project has beautiful images and easy to follow instructions. Some of the ingredients may be hard to find, at least where I live. You may also need tools like a skin roller, hemp rolling papers, wood molds, linen thread and several others. And of course, you will need a variety of crystals. The back of the book has a list of the 20 most used crystals, so you could start with these if you are new to them. Secret code: Azurite

Crystals The Stone Deck

Crystals, the Stone Deck comes with a collection of 78 crystals cards and a small user manual. Each card will share how we can them to energize our lives. One side of the card has a vivid image of what the crystal looks like. The other side has information about what the crystal is, who needs it, where to put it, when to use it and what it does. An example is Honey Calcite – it’s a honey-colored mineral whose mission it is to turn the bewildered into super-driver workers. Anyone can use it and it’s suggested you kiss the stone instead of just placing in any location. Use this crystal when you want to break abundance barriers or are tired of waiting your turn.

The accompanying user manual shares how to: use the deck, meditate with crystals, make a fashion statement, honor your astrological sign, make a simple crystal grid, keep bad vibes out, get grounded, set an intention, manage long hauls, express yourself and how to take care of your stones.

This giveaway is part of a fun bloghop. A group of bloggers got together to offer you a whole bunch of awesome giveaways to enter. Scroll down to enter more giveaways!

Empath Everyday Survival Guide: Crystals + Secrets for Sensitive Souls – Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

I’m so excited to bring this to you, because I recently did a poll on YouTube, asking what you guys wanted to hear about most and the topic crystals to help Empaths was high on the list.

We’re going to cover Empath Everyday Survival Guide, (but if you’re brand new to crystals you might be interested in reading this first).  This blog is all about crystals and secrets for sensitive souls. The goal is to avoid emotional hangovers, exhaustion, and sensory overload. Plus you can grab my Free Recipe for Negativity Neutralizer Spray.

I’m right there with you guys.

What’s an Empath?

I looked in several different places to find a good definition and found this one on Urban Dictionary. (I love that dictionary…for some things, it’s quite funny)

An empath, defined there at Urban Dictionary, is a person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others, despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

Highly Sensitive People

Empaths, or highly sensitive people, can feel everything, to an extreme, more so than others. That’s okay if it doesn’t bother you if it’s not affecting you. But if it is, it can lead to feeling tired, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, sensory overload, stressed out, or general anxiety.

So many of us are feeling anxiety, and overall feeling too much and that can lead to adrenal burnout.

This scenario is kind of like a chicken or the egg quandary. Is anxiety leading to adrenal fatigue or is adrenal fatigue leading to anxiety? There’s evidence going both ways. Adrenal burn out is a place you don’t want to be, because that can generate anxiety and panic attacks, in and of itself.

Being an empath, with the ability to pick up on, and feel, experience, the energy of others can be seen as a gift, because that extra information, that extra data you’re getting, can allow you to empathize with others or see things from another point of view.

On the other hand, it can be seen as a curse.

If you’re suffering side-effects from being an empath, you might be viewing it as a curse because it’s causing you to be bombarded with these extra feelings and emotions you might not even want to be dealing with, because it’s not your stuff.

We’re beings of energy and therefore we are affected by energy. We’re made of these trillions of cells, transmitting and receiving energy, all the time.

Students in my certified crystal healer course, know I love Dr. Bruce Lipton. He’s a developmental biologist. Lipton says that our cell membranes are liquid crystal semiconductors, made of silica.

That’s what quartz is made out of, silicon dioxide. These liquid crystal semiconductors have these gates and channels that open and close. They selectively let some stuff in, and they selectively keep some stuff out.

Dr. Lipton says that our DNA scans our environment for relevant frequencies and then reshapes itself accordingly. We can see this happening under a microscope. If we think about this, you bring the right crystal into that environment, and you can adjust your cell’s perception filters and transmute the energy of your environment.

The goal here, for the Empaths and the sensitive souls, is to create an environment that makes you feel good.

We want to steer clear of becoming overstimulated and overwhelmed.

You’re like, “Yeah, great. How do I do that?”

Two things:

Certainly, we can work with crystals, as our friends, our allies, as tools and supports, to assist us in achieving this goal. I always say that you can do this without crystals, but crystals are a tool.

The physics definition of a tool is something that allows you to do the work with less effort, with less energy.  So, if you’d like the extra assistance, and if you already love crystals, why not use them as an ally in doing this? Work together with them.

From that perspective, we can work with crystals to transmute and neutralize. Some crystals can neutralize and transmute the energetic frequencies, so they don’t carry specific frequencies that resonate with those bad feelings.

Empath Crystals

Here are a few of my favorite crystals for empaths.

1.   Black Tourmaline

Everybody loves black tourmaline. Everybody probably has a piece of black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is great for transmuting energy. It’s wonderful for that.

2.  Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is great for not only transmuting the negative energy but detoxifying an environment. Detoxifying anything, even your body. Now, you want to work with true smokey quartz, not irradiated smokey quartz.  Some have a rich coffee brown like mine below which is from Namibia, Africa.

If it looks almost black, chances are it’s irradiated. Yeah, it’s giving off radiation.  Get out your Geiger counter, and stay away from it.

3.  Amethyst

I have one I always keep near my workspace. The one I have next to my desk is a grape jelly amethyst, from Uruguay. It’s an absolute beauty.

Now, you don’t have to have all of these crystals. These are just a few that I like most for this purpose. You can choose to work with one or two of them.

4.  Purple Jade

When you go to a gem show, and you’re looking for purple jade, it’s probably going to be rough, and in a bucket of water, because the water brings out the color.

When you cut and polish purple jade for lapidary purposes, it stays that color that it looks like when it’s wet.

Purple Jade is beautiful. It is rare making it harder to find. This stone is about spiritual knowledge and associated, of course, with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. But, interestingly enough, it’s also associated with the earth star chakra, which is about six inches below our feet. So, it’s very grounding for us and a great protective stone for Empaths.

It’s not super expensive. The example I show in the video is pretty large and rough, and it’s meant for people who are going to be doing lapidary jewelry, due to that it goes for about $100.

5.  Lodestone

Lodestone which is magnetic magnetite. Not all magnetite still retains its magnetic properties, but we like magnetic magnetite, which we call lodestone, because of that natural magnetic energy.

The magnetite can balance the polarities within our EMF field, within our auric field. Thereby, it’s going to help strengthen, stabilize, and balance your energy field, while helping with any kind of psychic overload or taking on too much. Like, the energy picked up by bodyworkers, lightworkers, energy workers.

6.  Sugilite

You can call on the energy of Archangel Michael when working with Sugilite because this stone aligns itself well and allows you to work more closely with Archangel Michael to create an energetic shield of protection around you. Furthermore, sugilite helps balance your electromagnetic field, enhances the third eye and crown chakra as well, and is great with assisting to keep up that shield.

7.  Black Obsidian

I usually advise to only go to black obsidian if you feel like you need some powerful protection like you’re calling on a bodyguard. Because it tends for the majority of people, to bring them down to a low, low state if they’re not in need of the heavy duty kind of protection. Therefore it’s a good idea to be discriminating when choosing whether or not you should work with black obsidian.

You don’t want to ground too much and bring in, maybe, a low-grade depression, or things like that, if you’re not prepared for the work that black obsidian does. I would only really use this if something major serious is going on and you need a really big boost of protection.

Next, I want to tell you about some specific ways you can work with these crystals so that you can use them effectively.

Because, reading about what crystal is good for this, what crystal is good for that, is great, but if you never actually put them to use, you’re just circling the base of the mountain and never getting to the peak. Right?

It’s a lateral move.

You’re not taking a step forward; you’re not getting closer to the mountain peak. So it’s no use to know the correspondences, but have no practical ways to work them into your everyday life.

Survival Guide for Empaths

I like to always give practical everyday uses for crystals, and so I’m going to share a highly effective, crystal shielding visualization technique and other tips below.

One thing you can do is meditate with any of these crystals. Even just spending five minutes in meditation, just paying attention to deep breathing, just feeling your breath. There’s nothing to do. Just sit there with a crystal, either in hand, or put it on your heart chakra, and sit in meditation.

Set the intention, at the beginning of your meditation, that this is going to help transmute the energy that’s entering your electromagnetic field.

Protect Your Space

Another thing you can do is create a protective transmuting shield around your home, or your workspace, or wherever you might be, even in a car. You can place larger crystals in specific locations, like one near your front door, one near the back door.

Or you can go around to the four corners of your property. Most properties have four corners, some are oddly shaped and might have more, but one at each corner of the property, and create an outdoor grid for your home. I like black tourmaline for that. That’s my favorite stone for doing that.

Empath Visualization Technique

The crystal shielding visualization technique, this is a crystal-induced energetic safeguard that’s going to help shield you from anything that you sense as harmful, or anxiety-inducing, or just stress causing. You feel it as negative or toxic in some way. This technique is also helpful at work or if you’re being cornered by a negative relative at a gathering.

We’re getting ready to go into the holiday season, lots of socializing, lots of different people and obligations. Think of this visualization as a protection, or a shield, a literal energetic shield. It’s highly effective in helping you create boundaries where you get to neutralize any negative forces, or perceived negative forces.

How many of you are science fiction geeks, like me, and remember, “shields up” in Star Trek? “Shields up.” Well, you can even say that when you’re getting ready to do this crystal shielding visualization technique. It’s just, “Shields up.”

Next, you’re going to close your eyes and connect to your breath. Feel the breath going in and out, as you allow your body’s electromagnetic field to merge with the electromagnetic field of the crystal, or crystals, in your hand.  You’re allowing them to entrain, or influence, your energy, as you build up your energetic shield.

Now, picture a strong, impenetrable large egg-shaped force field of energy enveloping your body. It’s large, going as far out as your arms can reach, to your sides, in front of you, and several feet above your head, and below your feet, all around. This large energetic egg-shaped force field.

Finally, within the protection of this shield, feel the intention of being grounded, stable, and centered.  The crystals are going to help you achieve that.

Empath Mojo Kit

Also, keep a little pouch with a tumbled black tourmaline. I say tumbled, because when you keep a pouch of crystals together, they tend to rub together and kind of ruin the aesthetics, break off little chips, and things like that. When you go with tumbled stones, for little kits, tumbled stones tend to maintain their integrity longer, better.

So you can keep a little pouch with a tumbled black tourmaline, or smokey quartz, maybe two of each, one of each, it doesn’t matter, in your pocket, or your backpack, or your purse. Someplace where it just becomes part of the stuff that goes out with you.

Alternatively, you may want to make several of these so you can have one at work, in a desk drawer, one at home, and one in your car.  Whenever you feel like you need the shields up, pull the stones out and place them in your hands.

Another option is to get grounded by earthing. How do you do that? Take your shoes off and put your feet on the ground. If it’s too cold to do that, take your gloves off, put your bare hands on a tree.  Likewise, hug a tree.  That’s also grounding and earthing, connecting with the earth’s energy.

In short, earthing helps to dissipate excess positive ions and physically ground you, electrically ground you to the planet.

Negativity Neutralizer Spray

My popular room spray used to FLY off the shelves. Although no longer available for purchase, I’m making my once-secret recipe available to you for FREE! Formulated and blended by me, this highly effective smudging alternative is infused with gem elixirs and stone chips plus essential oils to create a powerful blend; inducing negative ions, resulting in protective positive vibes in your environment.

Download my recipe for my Negativity Neutralizer Spray now:

Do you think more of us are identifying as empaths than ever before? Are you or those around you dealing with emotional hangovers? Have any tips to share with our Crystal Family?  Please let me know in the comments below.


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Crystal Healing, Crystal Therapy and Energy HealingPick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Healing Crystals used in Spiritual Healing, Holistic Healing, and Chakra Balancing

When people think of crystal healing, they usually visualize precious gemstones or mythical talismans being used by a New Age practitioner. Crystals and healing gemstones have fascinated humans for centuries because of their unique colors, complexities and their functional use for making tools and artifacts. They were mined as far back as Ancient Egypt and possibly earlier still. Crystals were used in the Great Pyramids and temples, and as talismans and amulets to ward off demons and to bring good luck and prosperity.

What Makes Crystal Healing So Special?

Healing crystals are solid, complex structures, formed deep underground and in mountainous caves. They are part of the strength of Nature, resonating with the energy and power of life. Crystals are formed from igneous or sedimentary rock. Igneous rock is formed when a volcano erupts and the molten lava mixes with dust and rock particles. After it cools and solidifies, it mixes with natural gases and minerals and creates crystal.

Sedimentary rock is formed when river water drags dust particles along in the current and out into the sea. When the dust particles settle on the seabed they form larger, solid rocks pieces and eventually develop into crystals.

So these naturally formed crystals for healing and crystal balls are both beautiful and mysterious. Although healing crystals from the same family share the same basic structure, they will each have different imperfections or inclusions which make each piece unique. Diamonds are a good example of this. The size of a diamond is measured by its carat weight. Different grades of diamond will reflect different colors or have different patterns on their surface. It is these patterns and colors which fascinate humans.

Diamonds are revered because of their physical strength, and this might be why they are symbolic as engagement rings, to represent a strong relationship between humans.

Crystal Therapy and Healing Stones

People are attracted to crystal healing stones for their beauty, their pretty colors and intricate patterns. It can be very calming to the mind just to stare at a crystal, to gaze at its structure and follow the patterns of its ‘veins.’ To hold a piece of healing quartz crystal against human skin or in a person’s hand can be soothing. The physical strength, weight and texture of the crystal are all believed to be part of the crystal healing process.

Crystals can be placed in a home or workspace to provide a calming focus and energy healing for people, offering crystal therapy. The Chinese believe that crystals bring orderliness and clarity into life and often use them to aid in Feng Shui.

Crystals have also been adapted for more practical purposes. They were used as tools in ancient times, especially obsidian, because it is strong and solid. In modern culture crystals have been adapted for use in technology, to aid laser cutting and as time movements in wrist watches (Quartz).

The Spiritual Healing Paradigm

The Spiritual Healing Paradigm is the practice of using crystals to channel, direct and amplify energy from the healer into the patient. A spiritual healer will use a collection of healing crystals to channel energy from spirit or from angels. Crystal pendulums are popular for this purpose, particularly healing quartz and amethyst for their general cleansing abilities. The healing stones will clarify and amplify the vibrational healing needed at that time.

North American Indian healers use quartz crystal to diagnose and then remove a problem in a person’s body or mind. Again healing quartz is a popular stone because of its energy and its ability to channel and amplify the necessary healing. It is universal and versatile. The Spiritual Healing Paradigm is very much about believing in spirit and angel energies and allowing them to aid in the healing process.

The Resonance Placement Paradigm

The Resonance Placement Paradigm does not require a belief in the world of spirit. It relies on the power of the crystals alone, and the healing intuition of the practitioner. A variety of healing crystals might be used, and they would be chosen for their perceived individual healing qualities. They would then be combined to increase their power and energy to aid in the healing process.

Sometimes a particular crystal might resonate with a patient so the healer will choose to work solely with that one. The healer could then use a collection of the same crystals, or just work with one larger or specially shaped gemstone. The crystals would be placed on or around the human body in a specific format to correspond with the areas that need healing. The color, shape and composition of crystals are believed to create an energy vibration that encourages the natural healing process.

This practice is linked with the idea of carrying crystals as talismans or good luck charms. India’s Ayurvedic tradition has a history of using crystals and gemstones for similar purposes. Crystals have captivated humans for many thousands of years and there is so much potential in what they can offer for healing and mental and spiritual wellbeing.