A Brief Overview Of The Seven Chakras

by Conscious Reminder

Yoga is one of those eternally old things from an ancient civilisation that the Occidental world has borrowed and made its own. It is a system of healing that is, like the Chinese acupuncture, designed to make a spiritual from of ethereal energy flow through certain pre-defined points in the body.

In yoga, these are called chakras, named after Sudarshana, the discus of the God Vishnu. It symbolises order and the cyclical nature of time, creation, destruction, death and birth.

These chakras hence stand for the harmony of the body.

The aim of yoga is to make the primal serpent kundalini, who resides as a thread of energy inside your spine, move upwards towards your pineal gland, through a series of poses combined with breathing exercises.

The 7 points along the route, which the serpent passes are the chakras. As it passes, it activates them, making the body a tad bit healthier and younger, along with reinvigorating it and reenergising it.

Here are the 7 chakras, starting from the first one to the last, along the path of the kundalini serpent.

1. Root (Mooladhar chakra)

This is the base of the spine, the coccyx. This is the root and origin of the path. It is the centre of sexual energy. The president god here is Ganesh, the elephant-headed god of fecundity and prosperity.

2. Sacral (Swadhisthan chakra)

In your belly. This is presided over by the creator god Brahma and is said to be the centre of productive energy, especially scholarly ad artistic.

3. Solar (Manipurak chakra)

This is the centre of your perception, the centre through which you connect to the universe and feel its vibrations. This is responsible for your resonance with the universe. The presiding deity here is Vishnu, the supreme lord of all and the one who incarnates to save the Earth again and again.

4. Heart (Anahata chakra)

Site of the soul and the centre of all emotion. This is the seat of the only deity even Vishnu worships: Shiva. He and Vishnu are one and the same, but manifest differently because of their different roles in the universe.

5. Throat (Visuddha chakra)

Communication. This is the seat of your jeev-atma, or the soul you derived from your soul’s union with matter. This is life a spiritual fingerprint, unique to all.

6. Pineal (Agna chakra)

The presiding deity is your own spiritual teacher. This is the seat of all prophecy.

7. Crown (Sahasrar chakra)

Presiding deity is the param-atma, the supreme world spirit of which Vishnu and Shiva are part. This is the ultimate goal of every soul and here, kundalini.


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Crystal of the Month: Can Rainbow Fluorite Make You Emotionally Stable?

They say FLUORITE can stop an emotional spiral in its tracks — we say ‘sign us up’. We’re diving into the deepest of deep vibes with our newest series from the crystal healer behind Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie, learning all about how to actually use our growing crystal collection. Read up on heavenly celestite here and then learn all about this gorgeous gem, rainbow fluorite…

What you should know: Fluorite comes in a wide range of colors, from purple to yellow and even rainbow! Not to be confused with fluoride, which is used to keep your teeth clean, fluorite is a mineral which we prefer to use for cleansing our chakras.

How it heals: Fluorite is the great emotional equalizer. When your life is off kilter, with much of your energy going toward fixing problems and none of it going into self-care or fulfillment, the impending spin out seems almost inevitable. To bring yourself back into balance and avoid a breakdown, connect with the re-cenetering energy of rainbow fluorite. Fluorite helps to calm the mind, so that instead of trying to address a thousand thoughts at once, you can take things one step at a time. The energy of fluorite gently guides you to sort through your mental clutter. By cleansing away unfounded worries, fluorite makes space for positivity to flow in. As you sit with fluorite energy, let the powerful energy cleanse your spirit. This stone is known to cleanse all the chakras, before connecting with the heart chakra for an infusion of confidence, relaxation, and compassion. When calming stability of fluorite takes over, it helps you to see situations from a state of deeper understanding. Rather than viewing your life through the lens of chaos, you can assess situations with clarity. This internal structure and support that fluorite helps to construct translates outward into other areas of your life. Because once you have a solid foundation of peace, focus, and balance, stressful situations can’t topple your sanity. This makes fluorite energy one of the best stones to have around in case of emotional emergencies. When things get tense or cluttered, sort out your spirit with the soothing energy of fluorite.

Where to keep it: By the bed, in the living room, or whatever you need soothing, recentering vibes to flood your space.

How to use it: This is the perfect stone to use in meditation. It will help you transition from a frantic or worried mind, into a tranquil and centered spirit. To use fluorite in meditation, find a peaceful area of your home, and either sit down or lay flat on the ground. Then hold a piece of fluorite in each hand. Visualize the gentle fluorite energy moving throughout your body, cleansing your chakras, and filling you with calming vibrations. Stay in meditation with the energy of fluorite for 11 minutes, or more if you need it.

You may also choose to use rainbow fluorite at work if often find yourself getting overwhelmed or stressed out by your workload. The energy of fluorite offers a quick reset for you to step out of your anxious mind, and get back in tune with stable energy of your body. Even a brief moment spent holding a fluorite stone in rejuvenating breathwork can dramatically improve your focus and attitude when you return to work. Find a calm area of your work, hold your fluorite, and take 10 deep breaths. If you feel comfortable, you can add a mantra to this practice. Choose whatever mantra suits you, but one I’d recommend for fluorite is: I am peace. I am balanced. I am realigned in my center.

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“Fitness In The City” @ Starhill Gallery

There’s nothing like a well-rested weekend, escape the chaos of the city and find my inner peace with yoga and qigong. Last weekend, we had the pleasure to join ‘Fitness In The City’, a fitness event organised by Starhill Gallery held at the swanky European bakery Le Petit Rococo Cafe. (Bintang Step) The event is free and open to the public was organised in line with the athleisure trends amongst millennials and to gather the fitness community in the heart of Bukit Bintang.

We were guided on the ways to invigorate the body and improve our overall health with Yoga and Qi Gong under the expert coaching of Olivier Di Tullio, a French-Malaysian Yoga and Qi Gong teacher. During the three hour session, we learnt about the flow of Qi within our body through the ancient mapping of its meridians, Eight Brocades of Qi Gong techniques to cultivate Qi and basic Hatha Yoga moves for light strengthening and deep stretching to up the body and free emotion, as well as some tips on how to keeps the body strong with internal energies and the seven chakras that affect our emotions.

Only when the mind is silent, can we know real peace, joy, love, and creativity to find the solution to our problems.

An engineer by profession, Olivier first started studying Tai Chi and Qi Gong in Singapore eight years ago. Upon his return to Malaysia, his thirst for knowing more about ancient holistic practices strengthened which led him to study Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

‘Fitness In The City’ is part of the series of upcoming unique events to be held along the Bintang Steps. To encourage participation from Starhill Gallery shoppers and visitors, Bedat & Co has extended a discount of 25% off for all their collections for the first 100 participants. Meanwhile, we can’t wait for the next session!

For more information and future events, please log on Starhill Gallery’s Facebook page 



How to Use the 7 Chakras to Get in Touch with Personal Vitality

We can use chakra meditation to help understand the nuances of our body, pinpoint our areas of weakness or overuse, and bring healing to those specific energetic centers.

Each of the chakras has traditional meanings that help us focus on tendencies that characterize the specific energy center.  If we meditate upon each center in a progressive fashion from bottom to top, we become acquainted with a more nuanced understanding of our deepest self.  By accessing each center or wheel, we activate its innate dynamism which propels us to a new level of vibrancy.

The first chakra, Muladhara or Root Chakra, originates from the base of our spine and governs down through the bottom of our feet.  Muladhara, which means “root-support,” is traditionally pictured as red.  By breathing deeply into this chakra with love and healing light, we both wash away any impurities and also strengthen our sense of stability and groundedness in our lives.  By focusing on the root chakra, we gain confidence and serenity and a foundation of security.

The second chakra, Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra, is situated just below the navel and the small of the back.  Svadhistana is translated as “one’s home,” “loveliness,” or “sweetness.”  It is conceived as an orange energy.  By nurturing the “sweetness” in our sacral chakra, we can heal sexual woundedness and cultivate our natural sensuality, creativity, and enthusiasm for life itself.  This home of “sweetness” is the wellspring of vitality.

The third chakra, Manipura or Stomach Chakra, oversees our will and is lit by the color yellow, like the sun.  Manipura is often translated as the “place of jewels.” Instead of overusing our will and willpower by pushing ourselves or others around, we can learn to breath in the yellow light of the sun to remind ourselves to release the will and willfulness.  When we relinquish our pushiness, we activate a subtle—more gracious and yet more effective—source of power.  Manipura is the cache of our life’s purpose and that is why it is called the “place of jewels.”  When we breath into this chakra, we allow our destiny to manifest easily instead of rushing around chaotically.

The fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra or Anahata, is visualized with the color green.  Green is the color of nature—its peacefulness, growth, and verdancy.  The word Anahata means “whole” or “unbroken.”  By breathing into our heart center, we can heal all brokenness, bitterness, and loneliness.  The heart chakra’s intrinsic “unbrokenness” promises us that whatever happens in this life, we can always return to the heart chakra to become whole again.  We can even regrow our innocence here.

The fifth chakra, Vishuddha or Throat Chakra, directs the voice and the breath with its sky-blue light.  Vishuddha means “pure,” so as we breath into this chakra, we purify our lives.  The throat chakra is the passageway from the central body to the head; therefore, when we heal the throat chakra, we become more cognizant of our bodies and the wisdom that is housed there—an embodied form of integrity.  Sending healing and loving breath to our throat chakra brings us into honesty as well as authenticity.  Through the breath, we clarify ourselves, which is why many meditation practices focus on the breath.  Vishuddha is the hall of purified communication.

Depicted as the blue violet of the night sky, the sixth chakra, Ajna, often called the Third Eye, is located on the forehead and between the eyebrows.  Ajna means “knowing” or “perception.”  Here is the seat of our imagistic eye.  By opening our third eye, we begin to see and know deeply into the lives of others and into the nature of reality itself.  Imagination and empathy are married in this chakra, showing us the real meaning of insight.  Our intuition and wisdom emerge when we allow our third eye to open.  By breathing light and love into Ajna, we activate an ability to perceive the inner workings of other humans, nonhuman animals, plants, and the material world.

On the crown of the head or slightly above the crown, the seventh chakra is called the Crown Chakra or SahasraraSahasrara means “thousand-petalled,” “thousand-spoked,” or “thousand.”  Thousand traditionally is the number of infinity: in other words, this chakra refers to our Infinite Nature.  The Crown Chakra is often experienced as infused with lavender or white light.  As we move up into our highest chakra, bringing lucidity and openness through our breath, we can clear our sense of confusion and awaken our awareness of what is sometimes called “cosmic consciousness,” “enlightenment,” or “knowledge of God.”  Regardless, the cleansing of our crown chakra brings a profound experience of serenity and even bliss.

As we practice chakra meditation, we will notice areas that we overuse or that feel weak.  By breathing gently into the particular chakra, we can ease the burden of that chakra and learn to balance our personalities.  Through balance and purification of the chakra energy centers, we access and increase our internal strength and health.


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Dr. Kaiya Ansorge.  Dr. Ansorge is academically trained in psychology, philosophical theology, and religion. She began practicing chakra meditation while living in India and found the practice transformative. She now leads chakra meditations regularly for groups and individuals in addition to other workshops, classes, and life coaching. You can find her and her free videos and audio pieces at www.kaiyaansorge.com. You can connect with her through Facebook or Twitter.

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Quantum Consciousness — Body Scan Meditations for Clarity and Clearing

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April 27th, 2018

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

There are many meditation practices and many reasons to meditate. Meditation comes in many variations because there many originations, many starting points, and many different phases of our spiritual journey — all of which can help us to reach peace and clarity. If we can reach our peaceful center, we can find more of it for longer periods, and this can lead to all sorts of profundity; to the destination of clarity, of unity expansion.

The processes of mindful meditations, including body scans, are no different than simple meditations. While meditation instruction as described by Osho ca be simply “just be, and drop all doing”, the processes of mindful meditations — which may be considered a form of “doing” — can be utilized to enhance clarity by providing a pathway for our mind, which is beneficial in innumerable ways, including initiating healing. Many different thought systems elaborate on the relationship between clearing and healing, because clarity is so essential to experience the meditative mind state, and because clearing imbalance and blockages is essential to resonate with entirety and unity expansion.


The following two similar body scan meditations are healing practices from Daoist and Buddhist traditions.

From my experience with Daoist and Tibetan Buddhist meditations specifically, as well as similar but less established ideas, there is a systematic approach to this kind of clearing. The ability to have a moment of clarity, of just being, can require a process, a trip. Clarity is likely not achieved by forcing away thoughts, but rather by a thought process itself.

Meditation in total, and body scans in particular, assist us in moving beyond embodied limitations and attachments, and in initiating healing. Meditation helps us to experience insubstantial and intangible energy as being more substantial than what we mostly perceive as substantial and tangible. Feeling subtle energy increases our sensitivity to stagnation and enables the power of our attention to move the energy of stagnation, or inflammation.

Some considerations before you begin the process…

The flow of energy

One of the main commonalities of any body scan processes for clarity is the flow of energy downward, beginning from the crown. When we imagine energy flowing from the crown of our head downward and out of the feet, we release energy, such as tension and stagnation. Alternatively if we practice a flow upward from the feet to the head, we obtain energy. I realized this fact through the process of practicing Tai Chi meditative movement, in which we warm up and cool down: when we begin with our crowns and proceed downwards we release energy, when we begin with our feet and proceed upwards we obtain energy. This is helpful to know, but don’t bother your mind with this too much, as it happens on its own due to the flow of the process itself.

The main difference between the Daoist and the Tibetan Buddhist body scan processes is that the Daoist process clears energy at specific physical locations such as the muscles, bones, organs, nerves and even cells whereas the Tibetan Buddhist process focuses on clearing the chakra systems or chakra layers through the regions of the body. The flow of both the process is of a clearing light moving through the system. The light is sparked in our imagination, intention and attention. Our imagination is the best way to engage with the spiritual world, the world of Emanation and creativity. Imagine the clearing light moves stagnancy and inflammation on physical, emotional and energetic levels.

Consciousness supersedes all else

Sacred geometry concepts, meditation practice, quantum physics, and even the Kabbalah and The Tarot all utilize and empower the idea that our consciousness supersedes space time limitations; that the spiritual realms of consciousness, nothingness and timelessness are not limited by the constraints and conditions of space and time. Sacred geometry concepts and meditation practices enable us to surpass the imposed limitations of space time, as revealed through quantum physics experiments.

As one conceptualizes the energetics of the body scan meditation process, keep in mind that the potential of the infinite universe is also within the finite individual, that the cosmic is found within the atomic.

As above, so below

Imagine that the life giving energy of the Sun, or your inner light, clears and enlightens each area of your body as you move the energy via your attention and imagination. Astrological influences, the Hermetic Principle of the micro reflecting the macro (or “as above so below”), as well as the feeling of unity expansion all point to the power of unity — of individual connection with the universal. Meditation enables the removal of the barriers between ego and unity consciousness.

We can see and sense some of the influence of the celestial bodies; the Moon’s influence on the oceanic tides for instance. This visible result of physical positioning changing situations is detectable with the basic senses and orientation, and the more subtle influences on situations require more subtle senses and orientation. So, just because astrology seems like energy that can be easily ruled out, it is more accurately energy which is highly difficult to determine. The effect of such subtle energy must be remembered and imagined as we clear our bodies with these processes.

Body Scan Meditations for Clarity and Clearing

Both the following Daoist and Tibetan Buddhist practises begin with simply breathing for a time to steady the system before beginning the process. These meditations operate on being thoughtful, mindful, but relaxed. In being thoughtful of the process we become less susceptible to be called like a monkey to swinging on vines of circling thoughts; thoughts that go back and forth, and do not have a process of progress. Mindful meditation processes keep the mind steadily directed toward the meditative state, creating opportunities for moments of just being.

The Daoist Body Scan Meditation

The Daoist healing process is normally done lying down as flat as possible on your back. Settle and relax and then begin to bring your attention to the golden starlight at the top of your head, concentrated into a single point.

The more one knows about biology the more one can apply the specifics of moving the light through the various parts of the body, stopping to enlighten the glands, organs, sinews, muscles, bones, nerves and cells, and especially wherever there might be a stagnation of chi, so to speak, or an injury or inflammation of some sort. But the process can also be as simple as imagining the warming, healing light, the inner smile, moving along through the areas of the body beginning with the crown of the head and unfolding opening simply in a downward and clearing manner. Imagining the simplest biological parts; head, neck, shoulders chest, heart, stomach, waist, etcetera is wonderful and anyone is capable of doing so, regardless of their knowledge of the body.

From there, refining our attention toward inner contemplation is simply like applying more mindfulness into the process. The more specific one’s attention is to the individual parts of the body, the more clearing can potentially take place.

After imagining enlightened awareness through the entirety of your body, bring the point of light to your center, your dantien. Imagine that point of light enlightens your entire body. To close this process, settle into the feeling of being and flowing in unity with entirety.

Tibetan Buddhist Body Scan Meditation

The Tibetan Buddhist practice is normally done sitting in a comfortable cross legged position, perhaps sitting on a pillow, though any meditative posture can be utilized if sitting is a strain. Settle and begin the process by imagining a lotus flower above one’s head and then a pure clear tigle of light above it; a single point of energy, that spark of life, a speck of the Sun, or your inner sun. The tigle (a Tibetan word, meaning “seminal point”) enlightens five main chakra wheels or layers in this process; the Crown, Throat, Heart, Sacrum and Root chakras.

(For more information on the chakra system, please read the article: Understanding the Chakras and How They Impact Our Outer Life.)

You can perform this meditation for as much time as you are comfortable, and be as deeply contemplative are you are comfortable. The essential aspect is to forgive and let go, and in doing open up yourself to clear more energetic blockages with the light and regain harmony and smoothness. This analytical healing meditation offers an effect opposite to the mind-state of those who take issue with, and purposefully do not think about, certain subjects. Therefore, proceed with caution, as this process may bring up deeply embedded blockages and stagnation.

As this process relates to the Crown, Throat, Heart, Sacrum and Root chakras, it unfolds in this five-fold manner.

First we bring light to our head region and we forgive and thereby clear the thoughts we had which were not compassionate in order to clear stagnation around the crown chakra. You can spend as much time considering each chakra as is comfortable.

Secondly, we bring light to our throat region and clear the Throat chakra when we forgive the words we spoke and clear the words which were not compassionate. Problems with the physical area of the throat are generally associated with the throat chakra. If one has inflammation, or injury, in an area near a certain chakra spend a moment or two longer there.

Thirdly we bring light to the heart and chest region and clear the emotions we felt which were not compassionate to clear the heart chakra.

Next we bring light the lower gut and clear the actions we took which were not compassionate to clear the sacral chakra.

Lastly, we bring light to the bottom of the spine and clear the energy which is not compassionate and the karma of the root chakra. Clearing this energy we bring attention to attachments from outside of ourselves, this can mean our families and ancestors, and those in our area presently, and who came before us and built what is now the status quo, or any energy being outside oneself that you conceive.

To close this meditation process, a healing mantra might be utilized, or your own personal affirmation, perhaps spoken or held internally. Then, conceptualize the entirety of the chakra energies coming together in one concentrated spark of light, representing our unified core self. Our concentrated individual point of light then dissolves and becomes one with the flow of the entirety of the universe, and thereby creates a seamless integration of entirety and the sensation of unity expansion. In this closing aspect of the practice, your point of concentration is the unification of the individual and universal.


Final Thoughts

Both of these healing meditations can be called versions of a ‘body scan’ meditation, and perhaps, more specifically, are actually the origins of the concept of body scan meditations.

When it comes to energy work, imagination and intention are everything; and these practices involve imagining enlightenment. That is to say, we imagine light coming in from head shining and moving down to our toes clearing us of blockages and obstructions to wellness and enlightenment. Being mindful of ourselves while practicing meditative movement, or when in still meditation, enhances mindfulness as well as offering us the benefits of meditation. We observe any energetic stagnation and move through it, or otherwise address it, to create flow.

Some meditation processes might seem complicated initially, but like any practice that at first seems abstract and complicated, it soon becomes sensible and simple. While meditation can offer us endless potential, to help us refine our reality and become more thoughtful, it is not the point of meditation to strain ourselves toward complexity, but rather to create a mindful path of thought so that the mind does not wonder off into some negative constructs.

Wherever there is a meditation practice with initially perplexing concepts, remember, the idea behind the initial complexity is to offer a positive path of thinking which prevents being caught up in mundane or negative cycles of thinking. A path or process actually quiets the chatter, whereas no process provides space for the chatter to come and go. Mindful meditation processes offer a pathway to more moments of simply being. Thoughtful processes enable clarity, especially when attention to clarity is part of the process itself, so that moments of simply being, totally unfettered, are attained, prolonged, and maintained.

The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate

A book by author Ethan Indigo Smith:

The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate’ explores meditation and meditative energies through the sacred dimensions of geometry. Simple and profound, it is an empowering four-step meditation designed to lead to individuation, self-development, and an enhanced understanding of energy and vibration.

Useful to meditation newcomers and longtime practitioners alike, ‘The Geometry of Energy’ provides insights into a variety of meditative processes for psychological and spiritual cleansing and enhancement.

‘The Geometry Of Energy: How To Meditate’ is available here on Amazon.

About the author:

Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humor.

You can connect with Ethan on Facebook, check out his author page on Amazon, or visit his websites, Geometry Of Energy and Meditation 108, where Ethan offers ideas  on individuation, meditation, the conceptualization of energy, and the metaphysical significance of 108.

Ethan’s books include:

Recommended articles by Ethan Indigo Smith:

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Mindful Monday Minute: Sensory Awareness – Transformation & Mindset Coach

We use our senses in most types of meditation. Those types of meditation include mindfulness, concentration, movement, etc. But we can also meditate on the senses themselves — their input & their means of perceiving “reality.”

We gain benefits from sensory awareness. These are generally the same benefits which we acquire from mindfulness meditation: we acquire more information; we perceive more accurately; we increase our understanding of the physical body; we learn to “live in the moment.”

Sensory Awareness is a mindfulness practice through which we connect with our own natural intelligence & vitality; we discover what responds in us in the midst of change, & we learn to rely on our sensations as guides to the fresh terrain of each moment. When we surrender to our own natural responsiveness, we do rise up rooted like trees, ready to meet what comes.

When we develop sensory awareness, our senses become more acute; we notice more details & nuances & the uniqueness of the individual objects around us. We experience more pleasure from the objects of perception & from the energized sense-organs themselves (a tingling sensation in the eyes or ears, for example). We become able to derive that pleasure from subtler stimuli, our preference might change from loud, thumping rock music to subtler classical music which requires greater attentiveness & perceptiveness but rewards us with a meditative serenity & a stimulation of our higher Chakras.

When our use our senses to connect more fully with our environment, we are establishing a warm, nourishing contact with our body, our human identity, & the physical world.

There is something very sacred about our nature & the nature of things—the nature of coming together, being together, getting in contact with each other & having a sensitive connection to what we are doing.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Mindful Minute, Sensory Awareness: Sense of Touch.

Love & light,

Why You Should Get Reiki Certified to Heal Yourself

Why You Should Get Reiki Certified to Heal Yourself

Posted on August 28, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I did not grow up with any clue about chakras, nor did I even know about . Before I understood Reiki, it seemed to be a very far-out concept that my mind could barely grasp and I doubted it was actually a real thing.

Then I got Reiki certified and it all changed. I felt energy through my hands, feeling as if they were buzzing, and started to sense the power of this healing modality. When I started doing as I was taught and offering Reiki to others, I experienced incredible things that surprised me.

Reiki is a loving, healing energy tool that allows the energy forcefield that connects all life to flow through you. If we have low energy, Reiki can pick us back up. There are very few limits to Reiki. Energy can be applied to yourself by yourself and can even be channelled and sent at a distance.

It can be expensive to constantly get Reiki sessions and that is why I highly recommend getting certified so you can do Reiki on yourself. Here’s how a Reiki certification can help your mind, body and spirit…

Physical Benefits

Reiki is now being used in hospitals to speed up recovery times during the healing process. It is used traditionally to help with wound recovery and chronic pain. Often, chronic pain is a combination of a physical issue and unresolved emotional energy stored in the body, or it is prolonged by a thought you have regularly that creates tension and blocks your energy flow in certain areas of the body.

As each chakra is restored to its optimal state with the assistance of Reiki, you will feel relief from pain and become more energized. Often, the behaviours people find themselves repeating that are not good for their body are released when they start doing Reiki on themselves because the energy is so loving and healing, they can perceive a better way to take care of themselves.

Emotional Benefits

Reiki can help you overcome depression, anxiety, and low energy that can contribute to negative thinking. It can help you to feel supported by the Universe and fill you with more energy to help you feel motivated. If you feel cloudy or off, this is a great way to help yourself get feeling yourself again.

Reiki can help you handle your heavier emotions so you can release and replace them. It’s like giving your emotional space a bath, a space that can get “dirty” when we spend time around negative people or go through something difficult. It’s like having a best friend who has great advice with you all the time.

Reiki healing raises your vibration by clearing away negativity so you can tap into higher streams of consciousness and start to be creative, optimistic, and vibrant again. By clearing and cleansing the aura and allowing energy to flow, we can have healthier relationships, speak our truth, and be more balanced in all areas of our life.

Spiritual Benefits

As Reiki helps you release stored energetic imprints that may be from long ago, you’ll develop healthier thought patterns by being in a higher vibrational state. This can help you manifest more positive people and experiences into your life by activating the law of attraction to work in your favour. As you raise your vibration, your intuition will strengthen and you’ll begin to understand your higher purpose so you can make the best decisions to align with the greater good.

There are new perspectives available to us on how to approach work, social life, health, love and spirituality when our energy is balanced and flowing. We may be standing on uneven ground, unable to see the full picture of who we are because we have blocked chakras. When those clouds break and we see the Sun, we can find new avenues to share our love through and feel satisfied with our lives.

Concluding Thoughts…

I highly recommend reading the story about how Reiki was found and started; here’s a great article that gives a brief history of Reiki. Look for Reiki certification classes near you or even online! Most of the time you can become attuned in a day to level one energy.

Once you understand how Reiki works in your chakra system, you can decide if you want to grow your practice. I recommend working in each level for a while to allow the changes to take effect. Level 2 includes more symbols to help you understand how to move energy. Level 1 is mostly just about adding energy or removing blocks. Anyone can do it and it’s not hard! Eventually, you may love Reiki so much that you too will become a Reiki Healing Master.

About The Author

Shannon Yrizarry has taught metaphysical subjects since 2013 including the deeply esoteric lineage of kundalini yoga. She has worked as a healer, clairvoyant and card reader and be…

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Cho Ku Rei – Power Symbol Explained

Reiki symbols are basically Sanskrit derived Japanese forms that help improve the flow of Life Force Energy (see this article for details). These symbols are an essential part of Reiki practice and they used to be secret and revealed only to Reiki students who are initiated into the advance or master level. However, with the technology available today it’s hard to keep anything secret :), so information about them can easily be found on the internet.

Although these symbols do not have any special power in and of themselves, using them after attunement helps a practitioner focus the Reiki energies. The primary three symbols used in traditional Reiki are Cho ku Rei or the Reiki Power SymbolSei He Ki or the Emotional and Mental Healing Symbol and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the Distance Healing Symbol.

Meaning of Cho Ku Rei or the Reiki Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei, which is considered one of the first symbols used in Usui Reiki essentially means “Placing all the powers of the universe here”. The Reiki power symbol basically works as a “switch” that helps to instantly increase Reiki practitioner’s ability to channel the energies. The main purpose of using it is to enhance the power of Reiki and draw the energy around and concentrate it on the required purpose. The power symbol looks like a coil.

The symbol can be drawn in both counter and spiral clockwise directions. Some Reiki masters draw it counter clockwise when applied in areas or places where there is excess energy – but others believe that the Reiki energy always works for the highest good and there is no need for us to try to influence it by telling it what to do.

How to Use the Reiki Power Symbol

The Reiki power symbol is used primarily to connect with Reiki energy at the start of a session and also to help boost the Reiki power whenever it is required during a session.

Some practitioners use it on their own palms and chakras before treating others, to help clear the channels and empower their hands. Using the power symbol over the client’s crown chakra helps create positive energy around them, while using it on the lower back and behind the heart chakra helps seal the energy at the end of the treatment.

Example Uses of the Reiki Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei is an all purpose symbol that can be used anywhere and everywhere for anything. Here are a few ways that it can be used.

Empower other Reiki Symbols

Using the Reiki power symbol before other Reiki symbols such as Mental or Emotional Symbol or the Distance Healing Symbol has an empowering effect on those symbols and boosts their effectiveness.

Helps in Spot Treatment

Drawing Cho Ku Rei on a specific part of the body helps in focusing the Reiki energies on that particular spot, helping cure or heal especially acute injuries, but also chronic conditions that have localized effects in the body.

Clears Negative Energies

Using this symbol mentally is useful in clearing all the stagnated energies during a Reiki session. Similarly, drawing it on the walls of a room clears the negative energy in the room, and drawing it in the atmosphere around a physical space aids in cleansing the area. Drawing can be physical, such as with paint or a pen, or symbolic with the hand in the air.

Provide Protection

Drawing a large Power Symbol in front of a person or on each of their chakras works as a shield and protects the person from negative energies. Reiki works on different levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually) and Cho Ku Rei will naturally provide protection on all levels.

Using this symbol over your meals before you start eating helps remove the negative energies present in the food, thereby making it more healthy and nutritious.

Increase Effectiveness and Reduce Side Effects of Medication

Drawing the Reiki power symbol on your medication goes a long way in reducing the side effects of the drugs. It also helps them work in a more effective manner.

Improve Relationships

Empowering greetings, gifts and business cards with Cho Ku Rei will enhance both personal and professional relationships, bringing about the highest good for all the involved parties.

Prevent Misfortunes

The Reiki power symbol helps in connecting to the universal energy instantly, and using it can help prevent misfortunes or a bad events. Misfortunes essentially happen because of the inharmonious energies around; using Cho Ku Rei helps purify the energy system, making accidents or bad events less likely to occur.

Activating the Law of Attraction

Cho Ku Rei proves to be an amazing law of attraction focusing tool. Empower your affirmations with it, and to make it even more effective, end all your affirmations with for the highest good of all. Doing so will help ensure that you don’t get attached to a particular outcome and remain open to new, creative solutions and experiences.

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The Goetic Mass of Shugara – V.K. Jehannum

I have not edited this post yet; I posted it early for my own future convenience (I’m moving, sue me)

Shugara, being one of the divinities venerated by the Order of the Nine Angles, is a Japanese death goddess and witch-matron venerated in obscure traditions of often generational witchcraft. She (or he at times) is variously referred to as Shugara, Shagura, or Shugra depending upon the culture. A witch I know channeled the name variate “Shugara-a” (pronounced “Shugara Ah”) from Shugara as a more magickally suitable moniker. The root word for the name is Shigare, meaning “Autumn Rain” in Japanese.

Someone wanted to compare the potency of my publicly available rites to those of the O9A, so I have constructed a rite to Shugara which consists almost entirely of my own chants (apart from the Enochian and the WoP “Zorabia,” which originates from the Church of Lucifer or whatever that Nagash fellow’s temple is called). I channeled seven secret names for Shugara and two secret chants and used a lot of numerology in my article– we’ll see how this turns out.

In the O9A’s initiation rite, the Niner offers her blood on the sigil of the Nekalah or “Dark Gods,” but there’s something a little fishy about that sigil. For one thing, orthodox O9A grimoires variously portray the ‘sigil of the Nekalah’ as the sigil of Vindex and the sigil of Hebdomadry itself. That is to say, the sigil represents the O9A’s magickal current. You meant to sacrifice your blood to the Dark Gods, but unfortunately, you got duped into offering your own blood to a magickal current. I don’t trick people to get the power that my chants carry. If my rite to summon Shugara winds up being more powerful than the O9A’s approach to calling upon her, someone has to buy me a drink. The O9A’s current appears to cause their deities to manifest in strange ways– different ways from the way those entities would manifest when summoned without using the O9A’s current. This ritual doesn’t use the O9A’s current at all– none of their chants, sigils, etc. This is a test to see if I can independently create a more powerful approach to Shugara than the movement which introduced me to her– no current, no deceiving the audience, and no one helping me construct the ritual.

The rite serves to empower and increase the open-ness of all the celebrant’s major chakras, and increase the open-ness of all the tiny chakras most of us don’t pay any mind to. The celebrant’s magickal power is holistically increased, and her Inner Nexion or Black Flame is empowered. The witch furthers her integration of her Alternate Self or Jungian Shadow as well as her Higher Self and furthers her attunement to her True Will (note: “True Will” and “True Self” are synonyms). The rite also improves the magickian’s character– Shugara imparts determination and courage. The rite also diminishes the mental barriers which inhibit the witch’s spiritual faculties.

Optimally, things like candles, a chalice or glass of water to drink at the end of the rite, incense, magickally-charged music, etc. can all be incorporated into this rite. Here’s all I’m going to say is necessary: Google “V.K. Jehannum Shugara” and read my article about the goddess. While facing the northeast, slowly draw my original sigil for Shugara in one of the colors I attributed to her (I always use printer paper– I don’t even know the point of parchment). Write the names Shugara, Shagura, and Shugra along with the numbers 87, 75, 96, 94, 64, 158, and 781 around the sigil. The whole time you’re drawing and writing, rhythmically chant (you can whisper out loud or just repeat the name in your head) “Shugara-a.” If you’re willing, charge the sigil with your blood (this act only constitutes offering your own blood to Shugara if you intend to do so– otherwise you’re just charging a sigil). Shit, while you’re at it, bleed on the fuckin candle wicks. Within a few hours to a day of the rite ending, burn the sigil.

This ritual is going to be very, very intense. You will be overwhelmed by the energy– that is, unless the channeled sacred-space raising chant is way more powerful than I would’ve guessed. In my defense, I’ve more or less been told to show off. Nonetheless, my guides told me when to stop dialing up the pressure, so while it will overwhelm you, it will do so in a productive way, rather than to a harmful extent.

The rite contains two channeled magickal chants and seven secret names for Shugara. I spelled these chants and names in the way that their pronunciation would be as easy as possible to deduce. For example, when trying to correctly pronounce the name Yallaggor, simply sound it out the way that an illiterate hillbilly would. The name RAY-guh-TOUR is a slightly different case. Two of the three syllables of the name RAY-guh-TOUR are equivalent in sound to an English word. Those syllables are written in all caps– you know how to pronounce the word “tour.” The syllable “guh” did not resemble an English word, so to pronounce it correctly, once again, sound it out the way an illiterate hillbilly would. The channeled chants are very long and, despite my use of conveniently understandable spelling, will be a pain in the ass to sound out and recite repeatedly. It will be annoying, but remember, it’s better than having to learn Sinister Chant.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! Io Shagura-Khaosophoros! Subrige Mater Shagura! Salve Shugara Matercula Nex! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Shugara! Arcesso Praevalidum Agenti Smola– Invito Shuagara-a!
[Numinous is the Force Underlying All Demon Magick and its Quest for Alchemy! Arise, Mother Shugara! Hail Shugara, Mother of Death! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Shugara! I Summon the Mighty-Emissary of the Left Hand– I Call Shugara]

Rattiggorrraggallattor Yaggattorriggal Mathiggorragallittor Rattillaggittorriggal Laggittarrammaggittorra Laggittarra Larrittal (x6)
[(This Channeled Chant Calls On Shugara to Make a Sacred Space Out of the Primordial Energy of Chaos– Or As We Call It, the Black Light of the Qliphoth]

I call unto the shapeshifting goddess Shugara whose nature is both nurturing and slaughterous. I enter the rite of my abyssic matron the Beast, everlasting witch-goddess of chaos and purification. I conjure the deity of the black caverns of multiplicity, the sempiternal initiator of the Pillar of the Black Planets! I call unto you that I might witness your demonry! Oh hear the names!

Shugara-a + Laggarrittal + RAY-CALL-UH-TOUR + Waw-TOUR-UH-GOTH + RAY-guh-TOUR + Yallaggor + WHERE-ih-TALL + Lakkattall

Beast, destructrix, devourer, come! Primal initiatrix of Mavethol! Deathly-abyssal divinity of the Nightside! Embark from your station in the Black Plane of Chaos unto my arena of ritual! Stimulate my septenary wheeling centers and minor chakras alike! Fill me with courage, determination, and power! Arise from your place of dwelling to make your Saturnine-Neptunian demonry known through baptismal torrents of autumnal rain.

Shagura Gohed Gah De Mavethol Yolci Zorabia Od Phaos Abussos
Ol Zodameta Shugara-a Ds Baltim Sa Ivonph
Niiso Micalzo Shugara Drilpa Paxcomb De E-Helatore
Velucorsapax Od Momar Beranusaji De A Adhassyth
Goholor Azulakashoth Ar A Vep De Nanaeel Restil Omicaolz A Ors
Ol Um Isli Shugra Micalzo Gah Ds Gmicalzoma Cicale De Telocahe
Zacare Sa Zacar Momar Od Oxiayal Shugara
Od Yolcam A Shigare Phaos Abussos Zorabia Od Azulakashoth
[Shagura, Everlasting Spirit of the Qliphoth, Bring Forth Azoth and Abyssal Light/ I Conjure Shugara-a Who Is Furious Justice and Wrath/ Come Forth Mighty Shugara Great Governor of Purgatory/ Enthroned and Crowned Guard of the Abyss/  Raise the Black Light so that the Flame of My Power May Be Mighty with Darkness/ I Call You Shugra, Mighty Spirit with a Power Understanding the Mysteries of Death/ Move and Appear Crowned and Mighty Shugara/ Bring Forth the Autumn Rain, Abyssal Light, Azoth, and Black Light]

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Shugra!Shagura Liftoach Qliphoth! Gnosis De Solis Atricolor Peto– Et Obtestor Alogos Ex Abyssus! Invoco Shagura In Nomine Qliphoth! Subrige Mater Shagura! Salve Shugara Matercula Nex! Shagura Liftoach Qliphoth! Provinite Sam, Akasha, Alogos, Et She-Ein Bo Mashavah! In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Shagura! Arcesso She-Ein Bo Mashavah– Megist Pyros De Phosophorsophia! Arcesso Praevalidum Agenti Smola– Invito Shugra! Invoco Shugara In Nomine Qliphoth! Agios o Sitra Ahra– Drakosophia Gloria!
[In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Shugra! Shagura, Open the Qliphoth! I Reach for the Spiritual Knowledge/Revelation of the Black Sun– and I Call for the Unwritten Gnosis of the Abyss! I Call Shagura in the Name of the Qliphoth! Arise, Mother Shagura! Hail Shugara, Mother of Death! Shagura, Open the Qliphoth! Provide the Venom of the Adversary, the Fifth Element, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Black Light of the Qliphoth! In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Shagura! I Send for the Black Light of the Qliphoth– the Great Fire of the Black Flame! I Summon the Mighty-Emissary of the Left Hand– I Call Shugra! I Call Shugara in the Name of the Qliphoth! Numinous is the Other Side– Glory to the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick]

[(Channeled Chant for Calling on Shugara)]

Iolcam Azulakashoth Drilpa Shugara(x13)
[Bring Forth the Black Light, Great Shugara (This Chant Calls on Shugara to Strengthen the Black Flame as well as Increase the Open-ness of and Strengthen All Major Chakras)]

Sammitrakashah Shaloazoth Chasheinphos Shagura Gashar-Abyllo-Kresh
Shugara Xuliphazoth Saphorozos Shugara Aeonifer Goessabim Khaosophoros Diabalachara Shagura Mavethol Artorzozam Manifestos
[(This a List of WoP’s, Names for Shugara, and Invented Magickal Names Which Can be Used to Refer to Any Demon)]

Shagura Gohed Gah De Mavethol Yolci Zorabia Od Phaos Abussos
Ol Zodameta Shugara-a Ds Baltim Sa Ivonph
Niiso Micalzo Shugara Drilpa Paxcomb De E-Helatore
Velucorsapax Od Momar Beranusaji De A Adhassyth
Goholor Azulakashoth Ar A Vep De Nanaeel Restil Omicaolz A Ors
Ol Um Isli Shugra Micalzo Gah Ds Gmicalzoma Cicale De Telocahe
Zacare Sa Zacar Momar Od Oxiayal Shugara
Od Yolcam A Shigare Phaos Abussos Zorabia Od Azulakashoth

Advoco Te Lapis Philosophicus(x13)
[I Call to the Philosopher’s Stone! (This Magickal Chant Integrates Both the Alternate Self/Shadow and Higher Self or HGA)]

Obtestor Aur Chashakh
Ecce She-Ein Bo Mashavah
Per Aur Chashakh Ascendam Insuper Arduum
Ero Similis Edom Belial
Per Sum Veridicus Adamas Ater
Ecce Phosphorosophia
Pyros Anabaino Etz Ha-Daath
Ego Sum Sincerus Lapis Exilis
Obtestor Xul– Ecce Aur Chashakh
[I Call the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ Behold the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ By the Black Light of the Qliphoth, I Will Ascend Above the Greatest Heights/ I Will Become Like Unto Edom Belial*/ For I am the True Philosopher’s Stone/ Behold the Black Light of the Qliphoth/ The Flame from the Tree of Daath/ I Am the True Philosopher’s Stone/ I Call the Black Light of the Qliphoth– Behold the Black Light of the Qliphoth (This Hymn Weakens Mental Blocks to Spiritual Proficiency, Strengthens the Seven Chakras of Sushuma, Strengthens the Black Flame, & Aligns the Witch to Her True Self)]

Obtestor Xul De Tohu, Bohu, Et Chasek– Infernalia Fundam Anados! Shagura Liftoach Qliphoth! Agios o Sitra Ahra– Drakosophia Gloria! Gnosis De Solis Atricolor Peto– Et Obtestor Alogos Ex Abyssus! Salve Shugara Matercula Nex! Io Shagura-Khaosophoros! Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat! Ho Drakon Ho Megas!
[I Call the Black Light of Tohu, Bohu, and Chasek– the Infernal Fundaments of Magickal/Alchemical Ascent! Shagura, Open the Qliphoth! Numinous is the Other Side– Glory to the Force Underlying All Demon Magick! I Reach for the Spiritual Knowledge/Revelation of the Black Sun– and I Call for the Unwritten Gnosis of the Abyss! Hail Shugara, Mother of Death! Hail Shagura, Bearer of Chaos! In the Name of the Sinister Left Side (Qliphoth), the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick, It is So! The Great Dragon! (HDHM is a Name for the Entirety of the Universe & the Inner Nexion)]

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