What Vedic Astrology Taught Me About How To See The World


In 1978, a young engineer and an aspiring English teacher wed in Chennai, in southern India. They’d met only once before, for an hour, but everyone was convinced this was it—this was the match. Jōtiṭars—family astrologers—on both sides confirmed: The houses of their births were aligned; therefore, the union was extremely auspicious.

Twenty-six years, a move to Canada, and two children later, they’d divorce—as bitter a separation as any you can imagine, replete with hidden bank accounts and withholding alimony. When the not-so-young-anymore English teacher broke the news to her family in India, the phone filled with silence that was more than shocked: It was also offended. Even in the early 2000s, divorce remained relatively uncommon in India. And, more importantly, “the jōtiṭars had guaranteed it,” as the English teacher’s father said. Unfortunately, he said nothing more. The English teacher—my mother—hung up. After that, she would not return to India. “Why should I go back just to be shamed for not living up to the jōtiṭars’ predictions?” she asked. I didn’t blame her; I understood.

I was in high school when all of this unfolded, affording my first glimpse into the power these astrologers had wielded over my family, both then and now. I at once hated and was fascinated by these mysterious fortune-tellers. Every day after school, I started spending hours online, trying to decipher why so many Indians trusted them for decisions on something as crucial as marriage.

Quickly, I learned their power was even greater than I’d imagined: Astrologers in India are not only consulted on marriage, but also on business and financial decisions—everything from when to buy and sell stocks to branding and marketing campaigns. They’re also regularly asked to advise on home building and medical issues. Astrology is a multi-million dollar industry in India, with predictions even driving disaster preparations: In 2000, for example, Indian astrologers predicted catastrophic tidal waves, causing an entire sea-side village to abandon their houses. (No catastrophe occurred, except the houses were looted while empty.)

Where did this unquestioning loyalty come from? “From some Hindu God or another,” my mother shrugged. After the divorce, she’d taken down the small idols of Vishnu and Ganesha from the altar in the kitchen where she used to pray.

Practiced by 80 percent of India’s population, Hinduism, I learned, confers a sacred status to Jyotisha, also known as Vedic astrology. It differs from the Western system not only in its charts, the planetary placements, and the calculations, but also in the credentials its students can earn: In India, you can get a graduate degree in Vedic astrology. And despite continuing complaints by Indian scientists that this undermines India’s scientific credibility, it’s not uncommon to find former military, accountants, engineers and the like entering these programs.

All of this shed some light on my grandfather’s reaction, even if neither my mother nor I could forgive it. I’d always thought of my thatha, the dean of an engineering college, as a man of science. I hadn’t realized how important Jyotisha and the temple also were to him: sites of both refuge and revelation. And neither had I understood that the turns of my mother’s life—including, most recently, her sharp veering away from Hinduism—challenged the foundation of his.

Soon, my fixation on Vedic astrology faded. As I grew older, I developed the same vague interest in Western astrology common to millennials—the stressed-out, constantly online generation desperate for a spirituality that didn’t ascribe to any traditional religion. Like most women I knew in my twenties, I started following astrologers on social media as much for the memes and Mercury retrograde alerts as for the horoscopes hinting that next week could be better, fuller, holding less of that sinking feeling that nothing matters. Or maybe I was looking for signs that I could be(come) better. I can tell you this: In an age of endemic loneliness, the reassurance of my thought patterns and neuroses as a “typical Virgo” eased both my aloneness and my anxiety.


Towards the end of my twenties, I returned to India for the first time in nearly a decade. By then, my thatha had passed away; before that, he and my mother had reconciled—somewhat. They’d spoken on the phone occasionally, usually nothing more than pleasantries, but it was something. As he neared his end, she began telling me stories of her youth with him: him teaching her Sanskrit, the two of them debating themes in The Count of Monte Cristo—her favorite book, and his. And then there were the stories of him “screening” dozens of potential suitors with the jōtiṭar, determined to locate the best match for her, his beloved youngest daughter.

The arc of this difficult love replayed in my mind as I sipped chai in my aunt’s living room. Outside, the sinking Chennai sun was burnishing the sky gold.

“It’s all exactly how he predicted,” my aunt sighed.

“What is?”

“The jōtiṭar—I remember exactly—said your mother would eventually live far away, and only her daughter would return here. He said all that when we were still children.”

“Was this the same jōtiṭar who predicted the perfect match between my parents?”

“The very same,” she nodded miserably.

Stunned, I said nothing. We sat there for a while, the room silent except for the whirring of the ceiling fan. My mother had never mentioned this other prediction. Did she know about it? And how would she feel about it coming true, especially when the other one—the happier one—had collapsed ?

Despite the jet lag, I couldn’t sleep that night, my mind tracing over and over again the constellation of factors that had brought me here, and kept my mother away. Really, I was there mostly as a tourist: Like any other visitor, I wanted to experience the temples and beaches and food. Ideally, I would’ve experienced them with my mother, but we both knew she could never be only a tourist here, no matter how long she’d been away. How had the jōtiṭar known that things would unfold this way? And if he’d been right about this, why had he been so wrong about my parents’ compatibility?

Or had he? In so many ways, my parents had been a good match: They’d held the same political views, came from the same caste and socioeconomic class, parented and disciplined with the same strictness. They both enjoyed travel, classic Carnatic music, the same Bollywood movies and Indian comedians. They even looked good together, her heart-shaped face coming just below his square jaw. No dating service could have configured a more perfect pair. In the end, compatibility hadn’t translated into love or even like, and this, over time, soured into resentment: Both yearned for something more, even if imperfect.

Perhaps, I thought, the jōtiṭar’s original prediction wasn’t as wrong as I’d believed it to be after all. The thought of meeting him while I was here flickered briefly, before sleep put it out.


Two weeks and many temples and beaches and exquisite meals later, I was on a plane back to North America. I hadn’t met the jōtiṭar, despite my aunt’s repeated offers to take me.

“There’s many quack jōtiṭars,” my aunt said. “Many, many, many! But not him. The business with your parents’ marriage is the only time I’ve known him to be wrong, and that’s just, well…” she trailed off, shaking her head.

I imagined my mother having the same conversation here, a thousand times over with a hundred relatives. I understood again why she hadn’t come back. To my aunt, I said thank you, but no. Maybe I didn’t want to know exactly what lay ahead, or maybe I feared the jōtiṭar’s predictions would be overlaid with a degree of interpretation that I couldn’t decode.

I did, however, check my weekly horoscope on my phone before the plane took off. Next to me, an older Indian man, in his sixties or seventies, was doing the same, but on a Vedic astrology site. When he noticed me looking, he smiled and explained, “It calms my nerves before flying.”

“Me too,” I said.

And maybe this was at the core of why so many us, around the world, turn to astrology: for something to hang onto in the midst of turbulence. As we fly into the unknown—as we are all doing at every instant—the sense of our lives being stewarded by something divine is perhaps not necessary, but it is enormously calming. And as with religion and other matters of the divine, I’ve realized it’s okay to take what serves you—a weekly horoscope, or a reading of your charts in Vedic or Western traditions or both—and leave behind what doesn’t.

Learning Indian (Vedic) Astrology

I have been rather quiet on my various blogs recently. This has been a rather busy time for me. During the month of May, I took a course at Kepler College called Crash Course in Indian Astrology, which was taught by Kenneth Miller. The course proper is finished, but I still need to finish the final homework assignment.

I had wanted to study at Kepler College when it was still able to offer Master’s degrees, but at the time, it was not possible for me. I have also been curious about Indian Astrology for a long time. Unlike Western Astrology, Indian Astrology has a living tradition, so it did not seem fitting to attempt to learn it through self-study. It just so happened that I learned about this course at the same time that we got a nice-sized income tax refund, so I decided to go for it.

At the time, I had no intention of “converting” to Indian Astrology. I was only seeking to learn a little more about it so that I could talk intelligently when asked about the subject by friends or clients. A “crash course” seemed perfect for that purpose. Now that I am in the home stretch, I find that I am re-thinking the entire direction of my practice. Before I discuss this, however, I want to talk a little about the differences between Indian and Western Astrology.

Differences between Indian and Western Astrology

Indian Astrology, or Jyotish, is a different astrological language from Western astrology. It is a related language. Much of the vocabulary is recognizable, but it is used in different ways. Below are some of the main differences that I have learned so far.

Sidereal Zodiac(s)

Even beginning astrology students usually know that most practitioners of Western Astrology use the Tropical Zodiac, which is based on the Solstices and the Equinoxes.  When learning this, students also learn that Indian Astrology uses “the” Sidereal Zodiac which is based on the constellations.

As it turns out, this is not really accurate. To begin with, none of the Sidereal Zodiacs in use by practitioners of Indian Astrology truly correspond to the actual constellations. For one thing, the constellations are not all the same size.  The largest constellation, Virgo, is about 3 times the size of the smallest constellation, Capricorn. Just like the Tropical Zodiac, the Sidereal Zodiacs divide the ecliptic into 12 equal parts.

The difference is merely in where 0° Aries begins. In the Tropical Zodiac, 0° Aries begins at the Spring Equinox. In theory, the Sidereal Zodiacs begin at the first star of the constellation Aries in the sky. There is a problem, however. There is no bright star at the beginning of Aries to measure by.

As a result, various calculations of what is known as the Ayanamsa exist. The Ayanamsa is the difference between 0° Aries and the Spring Equinox. Apparently, historically, different almanacs were published in different villages with different Ayanamsas, most of which were calculated using one of the bright stars at the end of the constellation Pisces.

This became a problem not just for astrologers. In India, the dates of most of the major festivals are based on the position of the stars. The different Ayanamsas meant that different villages were celebrating their festivals at different times. To remedy the chaos that this could cause, in the 1950s, the Indian government standardized the Ayanamsa using modern scientific methods. This became known as the Lahiri Ayanamsa.

This did not settle the issue for astrologers, however. Apparently, rather than using stars at the beginning of Aries or the end of Pisces, Lahiri uses Spica, which is at the end of the constellation Virgo, and sets 0° Aries opposite to this fixed star. There is no traditional authority that allows the Ayanamsa to be calculated in this way, so there are quite a few astrologers that reject this calculation.

All in all, it seems like the calculation of the Ayanamsa in Indian Astrology is as chaotic as the quadrant House divisions are in Western, if not more so.

Other Technical Differences

Speaking of House divisions, practitioners of Indian Astrology, by and large, use the Whole Sign House system. This cuts down greatly on the amount of chaos that the different Ayanamsas would otherwise cause.

This brings me to a different issue. Even though most practitioners of Western Astrology use the Tropical Zodiac, there are some that do use one of the Sidereal Zodiacs. There was a time that I did not have an opinion on this, but now I do. My current opinion is that this is not a good idea.

There is some research that suggests that Vettius Valens, a renowned astrologer of the Hellenistic Era, used a sidereal zodiac along with or instead of the Tropical Zodiac. Even if this was the case, the methodology of Western Astrology has developed using the Tropical Zodiac for almost 2,000 years since that time. One of these developments has been quadrant-based House Systems, such as Placidus or Regiomontanus, and there is no real consensus between Western Astrologers as to which one to use. So, if you combine the uncertainty as to the Ayanamsa with the uncertainty of quadrant-based houses, you are increasing the chaos exponentially.

Even if you use a Whole Sign House System, the methodology of Indian Astrology is very different than Western. For example, Indian astrology does not use the five-tiered dignity system that Western Traditional/Classical Astrology uses. It does use exaltation and rulership. It also uses something that is known as debilitation, which corresponds to Fall in Western Astrology. Aside from that, dignity is based on a system of friendship and enmity between the planets and a complicated combination of other factors, many of which are not considered or are considered differently in Western Astrology. Also, Indian astrology does not use the Ptolemaic aspects. Instead, the only aspects it recognizes are planets that are in the same sign and opposite signs and special aspects for Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Given these differences, in my opinion, it does not seem wise to “mix and match” by using one of the sidereal zodiacs with Western astrological methodology.


Philosophical Differences

While there are major technical differences between these two astrological languages, the most profound differences are in their philosophy.  While people of other religions can and do practice Indian Astrology, by and large, it is rooted in Hindu beliefs and religious rituals. This gives it a rich philosophical and spiritual foundation that is mostly lacking in Western Astrology as it is practiced today.

For example, in Indian Astrology, the planets do not operate mechanically. They are governed by Intelligent deities. This means that if you are having trouble with a planet, one of the things that you can do about it is to appeal to the deity of that planet for relief. Hinduism also has rich teachings about karma that explain the interaction between Fate and Free Will in a very profound way.

It is also a common practice for Jyotishi (practitioner of Indian Astrology) to say prayers to the planetary deities before reading a chart. Our instructor began each class with one of these prayers.

My Dilemma

As I said, when I started the course, I did not intend to “convert” to Indian Astrology. Now, I am not so sure. Obviously, I do not know enough after a “crash course” to switch at this point in time. I will still be offering my services in Western Astrology for the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, I have been working on developing what I have been calling Essentialist Astrology. Essentialist Astrology is more of a philosophy of practice rather than a methodology. After learning about Indian Astrology, I wonder if this is not a fool’s errand.

Much of what I have been trying to do in Essentialist Astrology is a regular part of the practice of Indian Astrology. Indian Astrology is patriarchal, of course, but not as much as one might think. For example, the planetary deities are all masculine, but the stars and the deities of the Nakshaktras (the Indian version of Lunar Mansions) are all feminine.

Also, while Indian Astrology is mostly rooted in Hinduism, there are many practitioners of other faiths such as Buddhism and Jainism. This is one of the reasons that the instructor prefers the term Indian Astrology to Vedic Astrology.  When I asked what practitioners of other religions do, I was told that it was perfectly acceptable to substitute the angels or deities from one’s own tradition for the Hindu gods. Apparently, Buddhist practitioners use bodhisattvas or aspects of the Buddha, and Christian and Jewish practitioners use the Archangels.

So, substituting the planetary Janyati for the Hindu gods does not seem like it would be a problem either.

Given all of this, it seems like it may be more productive to study Indian Astrology than it would be to keep struggling with Western Astrology. I do not know yet, but it is something to seriously consider.

My New Shrine

One of the things that I have done is to make a new shrine, which is on the top shelf of the desk that I work at. In Filianism, it is encouraged to use images for Dea and the Janyati from living traditions rather than historical ones whenever possible. This is because with living traditions, we have more confidence that we are using the images correctly. I was able to stick to this practice with my new shrine, as you can see below.

From left to right: Sri Saraswati, Quan Yin, Green Tara, Uma, White Tara, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sri Durga

In this shrine, Our Lady of Guadalupe is Sai Raya (the Sun). Quan Yin is Sai Candre (the Moon). Sri Durga is Sai Vikhë (Mars).  According to the Chapel of Our Mother God, Sri Saraswati can represent either Sai Thamë (Jupiter) as the Divine Musician or Sai Mati (Mercury) as the goddess of Wisdom and learning. I chose to have Her represent Sai Thamë.

I had originally planned to use Sri Lakshmi for Sai Sushuri (Venus), but I could not find a statue that I liked. Instead, I found a lovely image of Green Tara. I had a difficult time with the image to use for Sai Rhavë (Saturn). Many of the images associated with Her, such as Kali, are rather difficult. In Filianism, She is loosely associated with the Dark Mother, who is God without Form, and thus has no images. In researching, though, I discovered that White Tara bestows longevity and compassion for earthly suffering. If nothing else, it seems like it is appropriate to go to White Tara for Rhavic difficulties.

Surprisingly enough, I had the most trouble with Sai Mati. I thought I might use an image of Sophia or even a historical image such as Athena, but I could not find one I liked. I found an image of Uma in a catalog, and I kept being drawn to it. I did some research, and I discovered that She is a mountain goddess of Wisdom. I found a story about Her that I really liked in which She taught Agni, the god of fire, and Vayu, the god of wind, about humility. This reminded me of The Sermon of the Apple Seed from the Feminine Scriptures, which I try to keep in mind in all of the work that I do.

Where Do I Go From Here?

So, the question is, now what? Where do I go from here? The answer to this is that I do not really know. I guess the first thing is to finish the last assignment from my class. There are a few books that the instructor recommended that I have not had the chance to read yet, so that will probably be the next step.

I guess after that, I will let the Janyati lead the way and see where that goes.

What Is A South Node In An Astrology Chart, And What Each Zodiac Sign Placement Means

What is a South Node and what does it mean for my zodiac sign? Come and find out.

What is a South Node in Astrology?

A South Node is an inherited part of your soul that now describes who you are.

The South Node is trying to persuade you to change your life because you are different from the past, which is trying to cling to you.

When you are born, you are given innate strengths and weaknesses, that’s why some things come naturally to you and others do not.

Your South Node is directly correlated with your North Node. Together, these nodes make up Lunar Nodes.

The North Node describes who you should be in this life, while the South Node informs you how to move past it. If you don’t, you won’t go anywhere in life.

Pertaining to each specific zodiac sign, you are striving to diversify yourself by obtaining the powerful traits of your North Node, while you are trying to move away from your negative traits of your South Node.

This can be super hard for anyone to accomplish because you feel much more comfortable with your South Node than it’s northern counterpart.

But remember, this is something that takes time. It’s not something that you can casually do and be done easily. It takes a good amount of effort to give up your negativity and incorporate more positivity into your life.

Do you not know what your South Node is?

Never fear because there is a site that you can use to calculate both of your nodes just by your birthday.

Once you plug in your birthday, it will tell you which zodiac signs are your North and South Nodes.

So, here are each zodiac signs South Nodes. What does your South Node mean for you?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

If your South Node is an Aries, it means that you have been a bit selfish. You always want to be the center of attention and the needs of others have no match for your own needs.

You are ruthless and you won’t stop for anything to get what you want. So, to improve yourself, you need to start cooperating with the people around you and put more effort into making friends than enemies.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus, your South Node tells us that you are way too materialistic. You love to live in luxury and haven’t given anything besides that much of a chance.

You need to start letting go of your materialistic side and seek out your spirituality. You need to also stop being held responsible for others because you haven’t given yourself much care.

Overall, you need to let go of materialistic pleasures and embrace something that is more personal to you.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The South Node of a Gemini to be dishonest and pretty much a liar. You can always find the reason behind something so you don’t hold yourself accountable or you can talk yourself out of anything.

As a Gemini, you are into gossiping, but you need to move past that. You need to start focusing your energy on your productivity and start being truthful to others and to yourself. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer, your South Node indicates that you put the needs of others over your own too much of the time. You do anything to not do anything by yourself, but it’s time to not be afraid of being alone.

Your South Node also means that you need to start being a bit more selfish and not give everything you have to help others.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo, you are the quickest person to take the blame of everything on yourself. You take things very personally and you have no place in other people’s problems because it has nothing to do with you.

Your South Node is telling you to stop focusing on the negatives and start letting other people’s problems go. You don’t need to take their problems on as your own.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo, your South Node indicates that you overanalyze everything. You focus on the little details that have no true meaning or you need to find a direct answer to whatever you are trying to figure out.

Virgo, you need to start healing yourself by letting go of your need for control because it’s given you so much anxiety. You need to find peace and stability.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your South Node tells us that you have been the person in the limelight for too long. You need to start putting yourself out there and be selfish by putting your needs above others this time.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio, your South Node suggests that you need to put an immediate end to being possessive and manipulative. You get what you want by relying on other people instead of yourself.

You need to start making your own way in life. You need to become self-sufficient.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius, your South Node indicates that you are very unrealistic. You run when times get tough from yourself and from others. It’s time to become grounded and put down roots.

Stop using your adventures as a way to escape and run from yourself. Try to start looking at yourself and others on equal footing. No one is better than you.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Your South Node is showing that you rely way too much on money and success to bring you happiness. This has left you alone.

You need to stop overworking yourself and put yourself on the same level as others. You aren’t better than them. Let your materialistic side go and focus on finding love and a place for yourself in society.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

You are super afraid of showing your emotions. You try to keep your feelings bottled up inside.

But this needs to stop, your South Node indicates that you need to start sharing your feelings even if it makes others uncomfortable.

You have feelings too, so you should be able to express them. Start letting your own feelings take precedence to others so you don’t let people continue to walk over your own needs.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces, your South Node is telling you to not let people walk all over you. You give yourself to others freely and without thought, but that isn’t fair to you.

You never put yourself first or take care of yourself. You need to stop letting others freely take advantage of you.

This was written by Emily Francos for YourTango.

Emily Francos is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.

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Mars Retrograde 2016, A First Look | O! LIGHTNING ASTROLOGY

You can’t stop now. They say teamwork makes the dream work, but that’s not it.
You do have connections, and people may help you, talk it through, talk it out.
All the same, each one of those kids staring up at the fox is you, and you only.

Does that make the fox also you, looking down at your potential selves?
Your possible solutions. A tiny army.
If you close your eyes will they ambush or disappear?

In someway, you are off on your own. It’s not that you are misunderstood, not at all.
It’s more simply that no one else feels what you feel and no one else has to take the fall, where and when you do.

Not that you are falling. Not yet.

It’s coming. Or is it?

Is there a way out that doesn’t involve your canoe over the waterfall?
Maybe. Maybe, if you play your cards right.

An awareness of the vast possibility of failure, and simultaneously some success lurking just around the corner.
Now where did you put those cards?!

Ah! Here, here they all are. But which ones to play?

On April 17th Mars begins a retrograde that will see him journey from Sagittarius to Scorpio.
From 8 degrees Sag. to 23 degrees Scorpio. Backwards motion lasts from April 17th to July 1st.

In July Mars re-marks his territory. Once again poking the bruises, I mean revitalizing the territory that Saturn in Scorpio affected not so long ago.

For the retrograde, Aries and Scorpio may feel a bit low energy, weak motivation.
Or even the opposite, revved engine, nowhere to go!
Don’t think it will last forever, because it won’t.
Come July, you are going to be fine.

It’s a chance for internal exploration.A moment to do things differently.
Do you need a Mantra?
Try this: I have nothing to prove.

All signs, but especially people with personal planets at 22-30 Fixed,
0-12 degrees Mutable, and 22-27 degrees Cardinal are about to receive both support and agitation.
Neptune plays an undefinable role, and that’s his superpower!

There isn’t one right answer, a series of improbable inevitabilities is likely! And you can’t guess which one wins!

It’s not a panic that’s going to work for you, neither is it a burst of superhuman strength.
Rather, the right word at the right time. The correct perspective. Taking the long view. Building to win. Endurance, not passive, instead heroic endurance. A compromise as a catalyst.

One of the strongest things Mars does on his journey is trine Chiron in Pisces while he is in Scorpio.
When Mars is trine Chiron all cardinals, but especially Mid-degree Crabs and Fishes and Scorpions that works double time for you!

(AND one of the craziest things Mars does is to Square Neptune in Pisces right off the bat!)
Don’t pretend. If you need a fantasy element, build it out of reality. A dream come true? Only for the very practical dreamer, but be sure you know where your hands are when the lights come on.

As you know, concepts change. & our understanding changes with them. You want to make a move, and indeed you have to.

Can we take some advise from a Jean-Luc Goddard review?

Apply everything he says in that video, not to movie making, but to your life!
I mean it! It’s the Mars we are looking for. Casual, real, improvisational, visionary and deep.

How about this?

~ beware the quicksand ~
rework, rethink, detour, discern.

~ Why ask art into a life at all, if not to be transformed and enlarged by its presence and mysterious means? Some hunger for more is in us – more range, more depth, more feeling; more associative freedom, more beauty. More perplexity and more friction of interest. More prismatic grief and unstunted delight, more longing, more darkness. More saturation and permeability in knowing our own existence as also the existence of others. More capacity to be astonished. Art adds to the sum of the lives we would have, were it possible to live without it. And by changing selves, one by one, art changes also the outer world that selves create and share.
– Jane Hirshfield ~ Via whiskey river

True Story:

Thanks SO MUCH to the people who joined, I look forward to thanking O! Lightning’s new supporters as soon as they appear!!!

Mars transit in Leo (August-September 2019), Effects – Astrology Predictions

Mars (Mangal/Kuja) will be transiting in its friendly sign Leo (Simha Rasi) during 9 August – 25 September 2019.
These 51 days will bring huge relief to people born under moon signs and ascendants of Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Libra and Scorpio.
Mars transit in Leo

Mars has been involved in Graha Yuddha, Rahu conjuncion, combustion due to close proximity with Sun during past 3 months while transiting Gemini and Cancer.
Also they were inimical and debilitated signs for Mars.
Now it is comfortably placed in Leo, but still combust through out August and September.
Due to combustion, effects will be reduced but masculine, fiery nature of Mars can be experienced in Leo.
The more you work, more you get paid is Mars sutra when in own or friendly sign.
Since the Mars sign shows how people respond when they are angry and how they react to the anger in others, Mars in Leo causes people to become angered and highly uncooperative due to pride and respect (the lack of) issues.
It is important to keep this in mind when interacting with others and cooperation is required.
Remember that respect, cooperation etc are two-way traffic.

Leo appreciates the dramatic! This is a great time to do something sensational and, with the fiery drive of Mars in this sign, it favors initiating new activities just for yourself. The need for attention can make people take risks, initiate action and go for the “big time.” This can be a very exciting time.
When angered or provoked, Mars in Leo will manifest as a disturbance in the biochemical cell salt of Magnesium Phosphate. This cell salt acts upon the motor nerves and these respond to any pain felt in the sensory nerves. Magnesium Phosphate is found inside the cells of muscles, nerves, bones, the brain and spine. Deficiency affects muscle fibers and nerve endings. This is known as the anti-pain cell salt. It helps us to let go and relax.

Mars in Leo aspects Jupiter in Scorpio, which can make people get violent for justice.
However, justice will be delivered for those who waited for ages. Mars also aspects Aquarius and Pisces, out of which Aquarians need to exercise anger management, self control.
Pisceans can find improved health, successful completion of technical projects, purchase or investments in electronics etc.
Monetary gains are also possible.

Mars in Leo (Simha Rasi), Effects on 12 Moon Signs

Aries (Mesha) : You will be insensitive to few relations. Less emotional and more physical will be your expression for next 7 weeks.
Financial adjustments will take more time than expected. Health of self will be good but an elder or kid at home needs more attention.
Control your thoughts and words while dealing with opposite gender. Good time for outdoor sports.

Taurus (Vrishabha) : Health of mother can cause some worry. Domestic environment can be disturbed. Avoid late night parties and self driving.
Also stay away from law enforcement.

Gemini (Mithuna) : Self confidence will increase but you need to be careful while dealing with elders and those in authority.
Avoid conflicts with neighbours, siblings and also control speech.

Cancer (Karkataka) : Unbalanced diet, untimely sleep, unplanned and unrealistic ambitions can ruin these 7 weeks.
Attempts for a new job or change in career path can backfire once again.
Your family needs time and dedication.

Leo (Simha) : Increased vitality and energy can misguide you. Need to understand difference between self confidence and over confidence.
Mars can make you head strong, selfish, self assertive, quarrelsome over triffles.

Virgo (Kanya) : You want to know secrets that happened behind your back. You will not ge given due credit and recognition.
Mars in 12th house creates secret enemies, insomnia, ill-health, trouble with authorities.
Refrain from all types of confrontations.

Libra (Thula) : This is best time to formulate goals and plan for tomorrow. Gemerally, Mars tends to work alone due to its ego centered nature, but 11th house is for group activities, team work.
You need to play the leader role and organize things.

Scorpio (Vrischik) : After some disappointing weeks, this will be finally some good time. Health of mother and delays in financial transactions can be the only bothering factors.
Brain works better during day, than in night.

Sagittarius (Dhanus) : There will be some hope and help from relatives or friends living abroad.
Good time for research, spiritual progress. Ego of partner can become an obstacle. Few will try to sell ancestral property.

Capricorn (Makara) : There will be multiple disappointments. Family members disagree on many issues.
Secret ailments, loss of money, indigestion can give you some sleepless nights. Few questions about future, life and death can cross your mind in loneliness.

Aquarius (Kumbha) : Disagreement with partner, joint or muscle pains, depression, useless communications, loose talk, gossips can happen without your control.
Do not invest money now.

Pisces (Meena) : Health will improve after long time. You will be back with fitness routine, timely diet and sleep.
Sudden inflow of money is also possible. Love life can also improve with a younger person from opposite gender expressing themselves openly.
But do not get physically involved as Venus, Mars are still combust.
Good time to resolve all legal issues.

Native American Zodiac & Astrology | Birth Signs & Totems

Native American Zodiac & Astrology

What is your soul supposed to learn in this trip around the Medicine Wheel? What contributions does your spirit want to make to Mother Earth and all her children? Click on your birth totem (below) to find out! Also, scroll down or click to learn more Native American Zodiac & Astrology.

The Bear birth totem is tied to the element of Earth and the cardinal direction of West. People born with this totem have manly characteristics, even among women. This provides bear with an inner strength that’s balanced with truthfulness, acceptance and sincerity.

If the Bear is your Native American birth totem, you are naturally curious. The more difficult the puzzle, the more it intrigues you. Once a mystery unravels your next action is sharing that information, but such a gift should be balanced with caution. You don’t want to spoil a surprise or an epiphany for someone else.

Bear people are practical and discrete. You like sitting back and gathering information for future use. Bear is also a very physical person who responds to sensual input strongly. One of the challenges for the Bear totem is understanding that there is more to this world than just what we encounter on the corporal level. Your spiritual self isn’t easily categorized in the tidy filing cabinet of your mind.

If the Bear is you, your personal space is very important to you. That cave is secure and welcoming. It is a place where you can safely explore all aspects of your inner world. You go to that sacred place for quiet revitalization.

Bear is not a creature of change. What others call same-old, same-old you find comfortable and assuring. Nonetheless Bear must learn how to handle transformations otherwise he will never truly grow into fullness.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Bear Totem.

The Beaver birth totem is tied to the element of Earth and the cardinal direction of East. People with the Beaver totem often seem anxious. Sitting still for long periods of time is enough to drive Beaver to distraction.

If you were born with the Beaver you have natural tenacity. There is very little that can keep you from finalizing any project. Better still, Beaver has pretty amazing talents. These people can create great beauty and strong foundations.

In the mundane world, Beaver people often worry over finances. As a result they work very hard creating security for themselves and those they love. Any excess from these efforts often go into charitable acts that make Beaver smile within.

A Beaver totem gives you the underlying sense of self-assurance. You are regarded as a home body who loves to entertain. In this setting you can show off the ambiance you carefully created within. “Hostess with the mostess” truly applies to Beaver.

While Beaver seems calm and collected on the surface, realize this person still has some pretty harsh uncertainties that eventually surface. You cannot run from these things. They are your lessons to resolve. Additionally, Beaver needs to take care not to become too focused on work, missing so much of life in the process. Bring play and relaxation into your dam for balance and joy.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Beaver Totem.

The Deer totem’s element is Earth and the cardinal direction is East. Those born with this totem are coy and whimsical, which endears them to many. There truly isn’t a mean bone in Deer’s body and they delight in socializing with others of a like mind.

If you are the Deer you have quite the gift of gab. Your smart mind and keen wit keeps conversations energetic and engaging. You have no problem with public speaking and would do well to find work where you can use this talent regularly.

In relationships Deer people are compassionate and nurturing. Nonetheless, some disquiet lies in your soul. The best way to deter that voice is finding a focused challenge. Just know that “turning on” that focus is easier than turning it off.

Deer is a peace maker. You do not like conflict, but will participate in it when you feel you have something good to offer toward a resolution. Bringing together dissimilar people positively makes Deer very happy. Deer also does not enjoy a sense of instability and will do everything possible to restore order.

By the way, if you were born under the sign of the Deer you can sneak with the best of them. Winning hide and seek is a breeze. Be aware, however, that you can scare the heck out of people if they don’t see you outright. Save that aptitude for Halloween!

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Deer Totem.

The Falcon totem’s element is fire and the cardinal direction is East. Those born under the sign of the Falcon keep their cool even in the midst of a whirlwind. Despite being a bird, Falcon is well grounded and has sound decision making skills. This is why Falcon often finds themselves in a leadership position, even unwittingly.

Falcon is not afraid of a challenge with a little good-natured rivalry. Falcon wants to make the next great discovery, win a world record in running and even perhaps go into space. Falcon is inspired by a desire for adventure that is not easily quenched.

If this is your totem, you have keen eyes and senses. If you convey an observation, it’s nearly often correct down to minute details. This creates a strong sense of self-confidence that some people interpret as being egotistical. Nothing could be further from the truth. You simply have a firm core of personal truth that rarely wobbles.

In relationships Falcon is a passionate partner. He or she will express their love and sensuality in very creative ways. You need a partner who likes to fly high, exploring where the winds take you. From this perspective you can see very clearly the Path you should take for fulfillment. Walk in prayerfulness.

One of the challenges for Falcon is getting in touch with your inner world. You tend to ignore it, preferring less complicated topics where you can easily see the fruit of your efforts. Alas, Falcon needs that deeper connection in order to discover their Medicine in all its glory.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Falcon Totem.

The Otter totem aligns with the element of Air and the cardinal direction of North-Northeast. People born under the sign of the Otter confuse the heck out of the rest of the Native American Zodiac. There is nothing predictable about Otter, nor does he feel the need to do things in a conventional manner. Even though people may not understand Otter’s approach, this sign if often quite adept at finishing tasks with great skill.

If this is your sign, you were born with creativity surging through your veins. You’re smart, intuitive and nurturing. Better still, honesty is Otter’s whole policy. You could not ask for a more tried and true friend than Otter.

The mind of the Otter is insatiably curious, particularly when it comes to people’s deep-seated beliefs and viewpoints. Exploring these concepts acts as brain food. You retain all that you learn in tidy mental files and look for any good excuse to share that data. In so doing Otter sometimes takes over conversations without realizing it. His enthusiasm literally sweeps him away.

The Otter birth totem is very playful and sometimes a little sly. These people enjoy frolicking and dancing under the moon, away from the daunting eyes of daily life. The challenge here is getting Otter to come back down to earth and re-focus. Overall Otter is very appealing and agreeable, making them a friend to many.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Otter Totem.

Owl totem is governed by the element of Fire and the cardinal direction of Northwest. Those with this birth sign are somewhat enegmatic. On one hand they have energy plus coupled with a very outgoing nature. On the other hand they often leap before looking and end up in a proverbial stew. The good outcome from this is that Owl learns to flex instead of break.

People in the Owls life appreciate her listening skills. Owl won’t interrupt, and processes everything they hear carefully. If asked for an opinion, it will be wholly honest (all be it sometimes without any cushioning).

If this is your birth totem you greet life with hope and optimism. You honor your spiritual nature and endeavor to integrate that into day-to-day experiences. Owl must stay true to their soul’s purpose, which can be a struggle in a chaotic society.

Owl people see things very clearly and prefer to observe before interacting. That way your eyes are open before going into a situation. Your upbeat attitude discovers beauty in the smallest of things. You are a seeker of knOWLedge that never ceases enjoying discovery.

The challenge for Owl is staying a restless soul. There is so much to do and see in life that they try to squeeze in 100 experiences rather than having one that’s truly transformational. This is the person speed-reading the book of life and missing the deeper message that could fulfill those inner desires.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Owl Totem.

The Raven totem is governed by the element of Air and the cardinal direction of West. Those born with a Raven totem have business as a middle name. They love to grow projects and companies, securing themselves financially in the process.

Raven is intensely charismatic, bright as the sun and highly principled. If you need someone to represent you in a sales deal, ask a Raven. They’ll get more than you asked for.

Despite Raven’s energetic commercial undertakings this bird is really easy going. The remain serene even in difficult dealings and have keen perceptiveness. Raven can be radically passionate about an idea or project, becoming demanding in the process. Once this faux paux comes to his attention, Raven calms down and asks for forgiveness in a wholly contrite manner.

If you are flying with the Raven totem you are likely constantly on the move toward a new exploit. Ravens don’t put down deep roots, preferring to follow the wind where it takes them. This can leave Raven feeling that they are on the outside of life, looking in until they’re ready to land and stay put for a while.

Ravens love pretty shiny things. They want to be surrounded by beauty. This propensity isn’t always practical, but it is very satisfying. Shiny things can also apply to a new project or idea. While it may seem very exciting, implementing it doesn’t always turn out to be easy.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Raven Totem.

The Salmon totem comes under the governance of the Fire element and the cardinal direction of South-Southwest. If you thought Beaver was a bundle of energy wait till you meet a Salmon person. They are so fast that Salmon seems to disappear in a moment’s notice. Driven by enthusiasm and passion, people are attracted to Salmon and often jump in the stream with him. The experience is wholly encompassing, filled with rapids of fun and usually ending as a success.

Those born under the sign of the Salmon must have meaningful objectives. Nothing is done without thought as to how to make it helpful, compassionate and responsive to a viable need. Greed has no place in Salmon’s world.

With partners, Salmon shows great zeal and creativity. Within the circle of that relationship deep understanding builds. Both Salmon and their partner are forever changed for the better for this experience.

If you are a Salmon you root for the little guy, sometimes to a fault because you feel things so deeply. You see those who serve, often without getting any real recognition. Salmon is ready and willing to provide just that with a refined stage manner.

Salmon’s connecton with water plays a role in this Totem’s characteristics. You are creative, artistic and refreshing. You are attracted to places with living water from which your mind and spirit can drink fully.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Salmon Totem.

Snake totem is associated with the element of Water and the cardinal direction of Northwest. In Native American traditions say that Snake is the most common totem among Shamans because they are the tribes’ healer and spiritual guide. Like the Snake, the Shaman remains unruffled by a little drama. They slide along cooly, and handle matters with a level head.

If Snake is your totem, you probably enjoy unraveling enigmas and secrets. You also honor secrets with due dilligence. People can trust you as a confidential listener.
In social settings Snake shows great humor, inventiveness and adaptability. Snake people can proverbially shed their skins not only for growth but also flexibility with their surroundings. Snake also enjoys supporting other people with deeply personal goals.

People with a Snake totem have busy minds. They think about 10 things at once, and make impressive multi-taskers. Ever outgoing and cunning, Snake takes life head-on. The challenge for Snake, however, is that releasing the past proves difficult. There are always the “what if” questions that create anxiety.

When you walk with Snake you have a natural affinity for mystical and spiritual matters. You may even decide to walk the Path of the Adept in order to serve a higher calling. Snake is well suited to this task, having strong focus and sensitivities without needing accolades.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Snake Totem.

Snow Goose comes under the realm of the Earth Element and the cardinal direction of North. When you are looking for someone with motivation and drive seek out a person with a Snow Goose totem. These unique birds have a play-by-play strategy for nearly every moment of any given day. This approach to life gives Snow Goose a greater sense of comfort and builds the confidence they sometimes lack.

If this is your Native American totem, you set the bar very high for yourself. This is part of Snow Goose’s challenge. Keep things realistic or you will fall short and disappoint yourself. The good news here is that you take even nasty setbacks with good-natured humor. You have learned the lesson of how to laugh at yourself, which is very healing.

Snow Goose people are lovers not fighters. You would rather give your energy to positive efforts for the greater good. This totem animal illustrates the meaning behind the phrase, “slow and steady wins the race”. Snow Goose always has an eye on the prize but also knows that sometimes the greatest successes cannot be rushed.

Inside their circle, Snow Goose people love creating a welcoming haven. Beauty shines in every part of the home. This radiance reflects the true soul of Snow Good that’s very genuine and faithful, particularly with close family members. When someone in that group hurts, Snow Goose contentiously observes progress and offers support.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Goose Totem.

In the Native American Zodiac, Wolf totem comes under the governance of the element of water and the cardinal direction of Northeast. The idea of a lone Wolf holds true to this animal zodiac sign in that Wolf people need solitude regularly. Balancing that they enjoy a very intimate relationship where their partner understands this propensity and gives space when necessary.

The heart of a Wolf is very generous. There seems to be no limit to what they are willing to give to those in need. Sadly some people take advantage of Wolf’s nature. In this Wolf must remain guarded and sniff out true intentions.

When among a group of trusted people, Wolf acts as a protector and guardian. People who have this totem have keen minds and loyal hearts. The Wolf totem runs by gut instinct, which is typically spot-on.

If the Wolf is your birth totem you are a natural seeker. As such others may follow you out of trust simply because you seem to know where you are going (and more importantly why). This trait shines particularly brightly when it comes to philosophy or spirituality. Wolf knows how to walk between worlds and balance them both in their daily life. Wolf teaches effortlessly, often not realizing that their “walk” speaks volumes.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Wolf Totem.

The musical Woodpecker pounds out her beat for the Element of Water and the cardinal direction of the South. In the realm of the Native American Animal Zodiac, Woodpecker is the nurturing force of the Sacred Mother. Woodpecker people know instinctively when to offer aid and what kind. They effectively “kiss boo boos and make them better”.

In relationships, Woodpecker shows great devotion. She takes her time finding just the right partner. Once committed, Woodpecker gives all her attention and energy toward making that person happy. The caution for Woodpecker is not collapsing yourself completely into your partner where your uniqueness gets lost.

If this is your birth totem, you have a way with money. You know your way around a check book and banking nearly as well as an accountant. There is a very valid reason for focusing your attention to budgeting – it provides security for your loved ones, which brings joy to your spirit.

Another characteristic of those born with a Woodpecker totem is a passion for nature. Many find themselves joyfully drawn to working in ecology or other environmental sciences. Staying connected to terra firma feeds the soul of Woodpecker with warm, welcome vibrations.

The biggest challenge for Woodpecker is balancing mind and heart. She is sensitive and easily overwhelmed by emotion. In this, Woodpecker must meter the love they give and make sure relationships stay balanced. Woodpecker also needs self love for fulfillment.

Click to read more about the Native American Zodiac Woodpecker Totem.

Native American Zodiac & Astrology Overview

The Native American Zodiac & Astrology ‘system’ bears many similarities to other celestial systems of predicting our present and future.

In its simplest form, Astrology looks to the placement of the stars, moon and sun at the time of your birth as a pattern that illustrates your unique, essential being including on a spiritual level. Metaphysical practitioners use the phrase, “as above, so below” to express this principle.

We are tied to the earth and the stars, and all living things in a sacred network. Native American Astrology helps us become more aware of those connections, supports learning to trust our instincts and acts as a system for personal growth.

The ultimate intention in this astrological system is giving people a greater understanding of their overall purpose and contracts that you accepted as a spiritual being in this world.

Birth is a very real type of initiation.

From that day forward knowing what you’re here to learn makes a great difference in decision making.

This original purpose is an archetype written in our DNA and it not only affects us personally but as a collective consciousness. In other words, the Native American Zodiac is a means of claiming your responsibility in this life while preparing for the next turn on the wheel of reincarnation.

That might at first sound a little sullen but its not. Native Americans see life as a never ending wheel that each soul travels to their destiny.

As some might say, when one door closes another opens along with yet more opportunities for self-actualization. In other words folks, it truly is the journey not the destination that matters.

How much influence your Native American Zodiac Sign has in your life and how it manifests depends heavily on the phase of the moon, the new moon bringing inspiration, the waxing moon exposes emotions, the full moon is spiritually energetic and the waning moon is one of release. Each animal totem has a color affinity, an elemental association and ties to the winds!

There are more correspondences that you can explore as you read the personality & characteristics of the 12 signs.

The practice of Native American Astrology is best taken in small bites. There’s a lot to learn and many layers of insight that peel back like an onion when you give it time and attention.

Those wanting a deep understanding of Nature’s rhythms and mysteries would do well to embark on this intricate journey. It will change your relationship with self, others, the Earth and the universe itself.

Hint: consider keeping a journal for those “ah ha” moments in your studies. As you grow and learn, you’ll find the lessons you integrate from the Native American Zodiac become more profound. Trust your Spirit Animal as a cherished friend and guide in the journey.

This astrological system is very detailed. You won’t learn everything overnight – and what I’ve provided here is a rather cursory overview just to give you a sense of the whole construct. So take a deep breath and keep reading!

Native American Zodiac & Astrology vs Western Astrology

Most people are familiar with traditional Western astrology, but Native American astrology is a far cry from what you see in the daily the newspaper.

Where Solar astrology generally focus on the 12 signs of the zodiac, in this system the whole of a person’s chart is considered. Yes, the sun plays a role but so do numerous other pieces of data that provides a 3 dimensional view of our soul’s intention.

Native American systems do not elevate one sign or archetype over another. They are all important to understanding the big picture.

These archetypes of human potential come in all sizes and colors with a full range of possibilities!

Your Native American Zodiac chart is, for all intent, akin to the script of your life. This in no way, however, limits the concept of free will. Don’t worry there is plenty of room for ad-libbing.

Think of your chart like the outlines in a coloring book – you bring the crayons you wish and can even scribble outside the lines!

Native American Zodiac & Astrology origins and history

In ancient times, people depended heavily on signs and omens from the world around them including the stars.

Often it fell to a Medicine Person or Shaman to interpret these signs, as is the role of wise people, healers, magicians and walkers between the worlds (psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, etc).

The ancients paid very close attention to the sky and land, trusting in repeated patterns to tell them when to plant, harvest, travel etc. In many ways this tradition is like a modern road map and Farmer’s Almanac blended together.

The pattern of the stars had significance in Native American myths and fables, which also connected to their culture and beliefs. By extension, the Zodiac also uses those stories to illustrate deeper truths.

Intuitive Astrology: May New Moon 2018

The May 15th New Moon falls in the earth sign of Taurus and is paving the way for some big cosmic shifts and changes.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, and this is one of the most potent new beginnings we will be experiencing all year. This is not just due to the New Moon energy, but also because Uranus shifts into Taurus on the same day.


Whenever we have a big planet like Uranus shifting signs, it brings a new energy to work with and this is especially true seeing as the New Moon is in the sign of Taurus as well.

Taurus energy is all about finding security and stability, especially when it comes to our health, family, and money.

While seeking security from external things is sometimes necessary, true security and safety comes from within, and it also comes through accepting that nothing is ever guaranteed to anyone.

You can love but still lose, you may eat healthy but still fall sick, you may play it safe but still somehow find yourself in danger.

In life, the only guarantee is change, and learning how to accept the changes that come your way is what this New Moon new beginning is all about.

Everything in life has its own start and its own end. Even you. Every day we experience birth and death, every moment we experience the constant flow of change.

Sometimes changes in life can be small and go unnoticed, and other times they can be big and rattle everything we once knew and believed. But this is life. And getting comfortable with change is the most powerful thing you can do.

Under this New Moon energy and under the shifting energy of Uranus, it is going to become more and more important to focus on creating stability in your life through the acceptance of change.

Essentially, feeling stable is about knowing that nothing is stable and learning how to be ok with this!

When we surrender to change, when we surrender the to death and rebirth energy of life, when we can understand that everything is temporary, that is when we can truly find our peace, and truly find security.

The shifts that come along with May’s New Moon may bring sudden changes into our lives, or if change has recently occurred, we may be guided to really reach a new level of acceptance and understanding.



The best way to navigate through this energy is to practice acceptance and to stay present in the moment.

When change comes it can be normal to worry about the future, or to get anxious about what is going to happen next, but by simply focusing on things moment to moment and surrendering to whatever comes your way, can help you to regain a sense of peace.

We are co-creators on this planet, and while we may not have control over everything that comes our way, we do have control over how we feel, think, and act.

By focusing on what is in our control, rather than what is not, and by becoming aware of our feelings, thoughts, and actions, we can feel more at peace with our lives and open up to new possibilities.

Fighting change is never going to work, instead opening to it and trying to accept it as best as you can is always going to lead to a more positive outcome.

Along with bringing changing energy, this New Moon also brings a wave of creativity too.

Whenever change is flowing in your life, it represents a time of heightened creativity, and a time where you can take this new information or new set of  life circumstances and create something new.

By focusing on the new instead of fighting for the old, you can open your heart and mind to things that you may have not noticed before and create a new reality for yourself.

Under the May New Moon and Uranus’ move into a new astrological sign, we are all going to be guided to activate and accept change in order to feel secure. We are also going to be able to tap into our creativity in order to open to the new possibilities that change brings.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like” –Lao Tzu

Uranus in Taurus 

The Rising of Gaia Consciousness 

Astrology Forecast May 2018


LUNAR ECLIPSE GUIDE FOR JULY 16TH – Applied Vedic Astrology


There is a partial eclipse of the moon on Tuesday, July 16th and it starts 18:42 GMT which is about 12:42 pm Chicago time and it is over at 12:20 am GMT the next day or about 6:30 pm Chicago time that night.   The eclipse is visible in Australia, Antarctica, Asia and Africa   and Europe and extreme eastern South America.   Because the eclipse is happening during the US day-time and is not visible from the US it will not have a major impact.

Eclipses are good for meditation and that is the best way to spend time during an eclipse as the meditations can be deeper. Outwardly the emotions and mind get a bit frazzled so never a good time to make major decisions during an eclipse. I usually do laundry or clean or meditate to pass the time.  Digestion can be affected so doing a juice fast or skipping meals 3 hours before an eclipse and a few hours afterwards helps.

This eclipse is close to Saturn and opposite Venus and is occurring at 29.53 Sagittarius.   With the opposition to Venus it may impact relationships. Always not good to make decisions during or after an eclipse as the mind’s energy is distorted.  It can lead to extreme fatigue and can bring up health.  The closeness to Saturn may increase anxiety.

If you are Cancer rising or Leo rising or Sagittarius rising, you will notice the impact most. The eclipse is happening at 29 degrees Sagittarius   so if you have your ascendent or Sun or key planets there within 10 degrees into Capricorn or as far back as 20-30 Sagittarius, it may impact you more put you would have to be running a Moon/Rahu or Moon/Ketu period or some combination like that it may have a more manifest impact.

Eclipses reveal our shadow side and we usually get secrets and scandals coming out after eclipses.  The US is in the process of cracking down on corruption and the sex scandals of politicians involving Epstein  and we wonder if the 2 weeks following the eclipse will lead to major corruption unfoldments in the Epstein case.







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People often want to understand their purpose on the planet, doing meaningful work and when their career will take off and what are their blocks.  Often what we do for a living is different from our purpose and this can create suffering.  Barry Rosen, with over 30 years in Vedic astrology, explores multiple ways of tackling this issue in multiple ways and the key is often in Jaimini astrology.  Two bonus lessons start the course and focus on understanding Jaimini and then we have to look a the 10th house in the D-9 chart, the Sun chart, and some of the Jamini charts like the Karakamsha Navamsha and Rashi charts and also the 10th house. The course then moves into three lessons on refining analysis is the D10 chart or Dashamsha and its connection to the deities involved.   Additional work on Nakshatras and Career,  The Moon Chart and Career,  the Purushartas and the Four Aims of Life and How to See that in a chart.   All this material together can help you synthesize your life purpose and your career.  Additional material on  career in the Navamsha Chart and career from the Arudha Lagna and the A10 or Arudha of the 10th House and material on moving for a better career.


Rotating The Chart Around Your Natal Sun: Correct Uses Of Sun Charts: Finding Our Eternal Soul’s Connection With The Physical World And Its Manifestation (2 Lessons)

Navamshas And Dharma: The Four Purushartas: Artha, Kama, Moksha, Dharmas– Wealth, Pleasure, Liberation And Duty–Finding Your Key Aim Of Life

Modernizing The Use Of Castes For Uncovering Our Purpose And Nakshatras And Career

Atmakaraka And The Soul’s Journey In The Navamsha Chart  –2 Classes

Navamsha And Dharma: Secrets Of Hidden Dharma In Jaimini Astrology.

Karakamsha Navamsha And Rashi Charts; Integrating The Soul’s Journey With The Material World.

 The 10th House And Career–How We Function At Work

Three Classes  On The D-10 Or Dashamasha Chart For Refining Career

The Moon Chart And Career And What Our Heart Desires

Understanding Relocation To Enhance Career

Arudha Lagna And Arudha For The 10th House And Career

Timing Career Advancement And Retirement

Nakshatras And Career

Basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is required. The class is being geared to benefit basic astrological students as well as those with a more advanced background. Please email questions directly to Barry Rosen at barry@appliedvedicastrology.com.



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March 23, 2019-Sept. 18 2020 True Node

March 7, 2019-Sept. 23, 2020 Mean Node

With the nodes now fully in their new signs, its time to revisit their influences.  Remember that Rahu still aspects the 2nd house from itself so Rahu in Cancer issues are still up through Sept. 2020.

Rahu has dignity in Gemini as it share’s Mercury’s love of business and expansion and Ketu is considered very strong in Sagittarius as it is dedicated to spiritual growth and wisdom and so this 1.5 adventure from March 2019-Sept. 2020 is powerful in very positive in many ways—but not without its afflictions—particularly in 2019.

Gemini is the natural 3rd sign of the zodiac connected to communication and primal energies like reproduction and protecting one’s territory (Mars) are up.    Sagittarius is naturally connected to the 9th sign of the zodiac to belief structures and spirituality so there is a natural dance integrating these two opposing poles.

The challenge with Rahu in Gemini is that you do not want malefics too strong as they can do more harm depending on other factors functioning in the chart.  Rahu hates ethics and rules and will find someway to undermine them to betray and cheat and will have more power to do so in Gemini.  Mithuna (Gemini in Sanskrit), means copulation and we forget that Mercury, in its lower adolescent energy, can charm its way into sexual conquest and betrayal and create difficult problems.   Strong malefics have stronger energy to create more harm. Certainly Rahu’s connection with Mars in May 7 to June 21, 2019 and then its opposition with Saturn during the same time in the true node system will bring out the darkest energies of the transit.  Mars/Rahu can bring out strong sexual predatory behavior   and sometimes violence  and to achieve it ends so May and June seem particularly vulnerable.   Rahu will be getting a strong Saturn oppositional energy from late March into early November increasing anxiety, impatience to understand one’s purpose  and a need to recognize one’s limitation.

Still Rahu in Gemini will increase creativity in business and technology and support creative writing and intellectual expression. It could lead to many new inventions and technological innovations which initially seem exciting but as we have seen there is always downside as Rahu’s obsessions have take us out of one on one relationship and made us addicted to our phones and computers.  Perhaps, Rahu in Gemini will be a culmination of this energy, we wonder if we will have a peak in cell phone addictions before the truth comes out about cell phone radiation dangers and the danger of 5G. Maybe we will finally get more awareness of this when Jupiter is conjunct Ketu in 2020 and , may finally this will move to the fore-front to heal. Too many people are  sacrificing  their  health for the latest, tweet, sound bit, video and continue to numb our emotions so that we do not have to feel pain.  Hopefully studies will come out showing the increase in brain tumors and nervousness from cell phone radiation and we will be forced to dial back a notch.  We forget the downside of technology from the sneak and shadowy side of Rahu that wants to move ahead and grow at all costs and certainly we are becoming more aware of this with the challenges of Chinese spying and stealing of American technology.  They are a Capricorn country and Rahu and Ketu are hitting their 6th/12 axis.

Ketu in Sagittarius wants to move beyond the animalistic urges of sex and violence in Gemini and the 3rd house and find meaning in world in quest of God.   He  can be a fierce spiritual warrior and Sagittarius will bring out its higher energy more in late 2019 when Jupiter enters Sagittarius and Saturn move into Capricorn.   Ketu in Sagittarius should foster a major movement toward finding a Guru, spiritual and religion and peace from the crazy technological world with Rahu in Gemini.

Rahu and Ketu can work well on this axis as Ketu can pass on its spiritual knowledge and depth to Rahu in Gemini who can express it in writing and speech.  Expression and moving to higher spiritual knowledge will be key to managing this transit in the more difficult period of March-Nov. 2019 but spiritual awakening has a better chance from Nov. 2019-Sept 2020.   End of Part 1

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Ketu in Sagittarius can bring in the fanatical and fundamentalist energy that we see in evangelists and those seeking to convert the world to their brand of religion.   The recent passage by Missouri and Alabama of anti-abortion legislation is a manifestation of Saturn/Ketu and fanatical legislation.

In this way, Ketu, as a malefic will be more powerful to create problems in its quest to convert the world and we always have to worry about Islam fundamentalism and have to remember the zeal of terrorists last time we had Rahu/Ketu in Gemini during 2001 and the fall of the twin towers.   It is always difficult to think that one is right and that one has the only way so remember that all paths lead to the center of the wheel of the zealot starts emerging for some religious or political cause.

Because of zeal and passion, Ketu in Sagittarius may lead to poor judgment and acting recklessly and rashly so remember to curb your enthusiasm. Saturn with Ketu in 2019 will naturally help this but when Saturn moves into Capricorn in Jan. 2020,  Ketu may become unchained  in its zeal and zest for conquest. One has to watch out for religious righteousness a self-righteous attitudes and this  can lead to the inability to think with common sense–  which is so typical of the headless Ketu.   We have to be concerned about political movement as the more radical liberal snowflakes are already out of balance and Ketu in Sagittarius may throw them into another irrational temper tantrum and lead to harming society.

Ketu in Sagittarius can easily get scattered into doing too many things and spreading oneself too thin so remember to focus on one thing at a time. Take the nervous energy and focus into one good cause or seva project.  Scattered energies will lead to social faux pas and missing the concrete practicalities of what needs to be done.

Ketu in Sagittarius needs to learn to listen and use the energy of Rahu in Gemini to see other perspectives and not get caught in zealous fundamentals or he will find people wanting to un-friend you in drove for limited and narrow thinking and perspectives.

Rahu in Gemini fosters an urge to taking writing and speaking classes.  Good time to go to Toastmasters or take a college writing course.  There is suddenly a great need to educate and communicate so that one can spread one’s radical or innovative thoughts.  Go with this energy. It is the positive side of this transit.

Rahu in Gemini will push more people into urban life with a craving for the excitement of society and community in the big city.  Gemini’s may feel this urge while Sagittarians will want to move to the country and be more alone to have richer and more isolated spiritual experiences.

Rahu in Gemini will create more charismatic leaders that can charm and persuade the world through their passion. Unfortunately, Hitler was born with Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius and he used the power of his language to inspire others in wrong ways and as always, with Rahu being a cheat and a liar, he quickly broke his word around treaties that he created.  This is how a more powerful malefic can do more harm than.  Rahu is always the wild stallion who has to roam and at the same time has to take his wisdom and spread it to the people.  There is danger here in new charismatic leaders and preachers swaying trouble masses that are likely going to hurt by a very changing world.

If you are born with Rahu in Gemini you are a good talker, but at the same time you may speak too much and others will not hear your message.  Beware of the trap of trying to impress others by lecturing or eloquence or technical jargon as you will lose your audience.  Short, simple and to the point is what people want.

Ketu in Sagittarius can be too flirtatious and flattering  and charming but will inevitably promise more than can be delivered.   In the end you have to be cautious about being too zealous.

Remedies for Rahu in Gemini may include keeping a journal to give creative expression to streams of thoughts that need to come out, taking writing and speaking and film classes, teaching and staying in better touch with other.  Short journey are something that Gemini is often fond of and may soothe the wanderlust of Rahin Gemini.   Find outlets for your creative expression with strategic planning.  Getting involved with blogging, fiction writing, reporting or studying the beauty of language.  Rahu always needs to be creative in order to be happy so find ways to break out of your routines.

Ketu in Sagittarius will require self-inquiry so you can look and modify your behavior before you blow people away with your passion.  Find away for expression your freedom and your beliefs without turning people off.  Join Toastmasters and deliver a speech so that you have a creative outlet and an active audience.  Gemini needs to interact and communicate with the world so find a positive way of doing this.  Rahu in Gemini will not find any peace unless it can share its knowledge.

Again, Saturn will color and hold back Ketu much of 2019 but then Ketu conjunct Jupiter in 2020 will foster deep spiritual growth and expansion and devotion toward one’s Guru and also expand your experience of foreign cultures and religions and philosophies.

So bottom-line, to manage the Gemini/Sagittarius energies, you will have to find need ways of communicating your spiritual wisdom through writing and speaking so that you do not blow people away with fundamentalist zeal.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton, Prash Trivedi for their insights and wisdom in aiding me to compile this article.

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Astrology: comments to questions re: 12th house – pt. 1 | Blazing Light, Love’s Song

Astrology is a complex subject, yet its purpose is simple truths. Like learning the alphabet in order to be literate throughout a  lifetime, the glyphs and layers of meaning of astrology take time – probably life times – to learn and have at one’s disposal. Only with some of the breadth or scope of the components in one’s mind can intuition come forward. Then the simplicity of underlying meaning and stark truths illustrated by the chart becomes obvious (positive/encouraging plus honesty about one’s self and one’s patterns of lifetimes).

Astrology is constantly illumining and fresh. If it is not for you, then you have more to learn about astrology and about yourself. What fun! All esoteric sciences should be revelatory and never stop being so. Each factor is its own deep contemplation and can be used as a threshold to the vast and profound nature that a person potentially is. Contemplation can then lead to the self-less-ness that underlies all habits of consciousness, karmic patterns, and things working out through the energetics described and objectified by a birth chart.

Three people have put questions in the comments section of the 12th House: Hidden Power post. My apologies for delayed response. This post will be long and contain much that goes beyond their questions. In this way, anyone with an interest in astrology might find the information of value and useful.

Daphne wrote that she has Mercury and Mars in Gemini, plus Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in Taurus all in the 12th house. North node is in Cancer, and rising sign is Gemini.

First, let’s rearrange the order so that it is true to the Wheel. Taurus comes first. Then Gemini, then Cancer. If Gemini is rising, then the Cancer North Node is in the first house. The spread of planets/signs in the 12th makes me wonder if your chart is intercepted, Daphne. Is that so? If yes, then, the interception is restating the theme of multiple personal planets in the 12 house.

Let’s unpack that statement (for all readers). A birth chart/horoscope has two or three primary themes that play and restate multiple times in the chart. As the chart is more fully and deeply understood, anyone’s chart will boil down to two or three themes; and this is regardless of point on the Path. Here the Buddha’s teaching of “the poison is the Wisdom” comes to bear. On the common/personality-centered level of interpreting and understanding a chart, we have karma, karmic patterns, emotional preferences and fears, we have pride or lack of self-esteem, confusion, the ways that we distract our self and limit our self, plus all the skills of the self. Each of these is a threshold to wisdom, to being clear with one’s self, each of these is a gateway to a fuller expression of Presence, understanding, empathy, and Being. “The poison is the Wisdom.”

So, on the common turn of the spiral, multiple personal planets in the 12 house can create the dynamic of not easily knowing one’s self. The 12th house is like the ocean; planets there (on the common/personality-based level of interpretation and living) are as if submerged. Their qualities are underwater. The native experiences that these planets are mitigated, their strengths not easily accessed or sustained once accessed, thus there is second-guessing of one’s self which can become self-criticism which can become hesitation to begin things or engage in projects or relationships, and so forth. An intercepted chart gives a similar dynamic. The planets that are intercepted as well as the two signs that are intercepted are, likewise, not readily accessible. Often, the native with an interception experiences an awkwardness with the planets and signs that are intercepted. So, we see a theme developing that is stated in multiple planets inclusive of a luminary in the 12th plus (by hypothesis) an intercepted chart.

Turn the spiral of interpretation and one’s point on the spiritual Path and things change! So, before writing that turn of the spiral, let us all must live from the best within us. Habits of consciousness, karmic patterns, behavioral tendencies, relational defaults, preferences that keep us mediocre at best and limited overall – all must be transcended and that is the spiritual Path. How one does it doesn’t matter, but do it we must or the same patterns and tendencies will follow us into the next life and the next and the next. Now is the only now, and our chart is blatantly telling us what to change and HOW to do so.

The 12th house is a karmic house. There are others. Karma is the relationship of causes-condions-and results. They are interlinked and interdependent. First, planets in the 12th house should be understood as placed in that house by your Higher Self, your Wisdom-Being nature, for important reasons. Negative or limiting karma is related to the planets in the 12th house AND positive karma or merit can be generated by living the same planets in a transformed, selfless, and genuine way. The 12th house is like reminding one’s self of a food allergy. Living the planets in the old ways that got us in trouble will only continue to get us in trouble. No matter who we are or what planet(s) are in the 12th, our higher self is saying “Yo, let’s do this wisely this time.”

From a spiritual point of view, everything in the chart has significance; some indications state a primary theme, and all of the chart’s energetics are what they are because – in our inner and detached wisdom and compassion – we know what will grow us. As such, the 12th house is basically stating that is vital that the personality not have easy access to the power or desire or self-referencing and self-importance that the planets in the 12th represent. This, alone, is a spiritual Path process because we have to live those planets in a fresh way, rather than an habitual karmic way. This placement helps us change how we live our Mars, Venus, Sun for example in your case, Daphne. This is exciting because such a forced process has the potential to substantially transform the planets thus psychological ways of being that they represent that are in that house. Spiritually, more of the range of the planet is being made available. By learning to live from a fuller range of the planet more of the power and spectrum of the planet’s sign is also accessible. Doing so is Path.

If you have Gemini rising, then you likely have Mars on the ASC. Any planet on the ASC is hugely significant. Yes, Mars is underwater (12th house) and, yes, you are being forced to live Mars in new and fresh ways – which means non-reactively and non-aggressively – but to use your mind (Mercury conjunct); but also Mars on the ASC indicates that you can. Mars is conviction, impetus, volition, commitment, daring, bravery, and in-the-zone truth of being. The ASC esoterically represents the agenda of the Soul or Higher Self. In your case, Daphne, with Gemini rising – understanding how you reinforce self-made duality is part of the purpose of this life. Not only getting a handle on Mars needs to happen (emotions, personalizing, and not being wise with the physical realities of life and body), but Mars is also a spiritual ally for you in this life. As you do “get a handle on Mars”, that will propel (Mars) you along your spiritual Path of Awareness/Wakefulness.

Venus conjunct the Sun signals that one’s desire nature, comfort zones, and getting what one wanted was a life pattern in previous lives. Relationships were important and probably still are. (Venus in strong aspect to the Sun would indicate these things as well.) But because they are in the 12th house, these patterns did not serve you well nor did you serve others well following your Venus. Okay, fair enough, this is another life and set of opportunities. First and foremost remember that beauty is not even skin deep. Outer beauty is fickle and fades quickly like a flower or the change of a mood. Inner beauty, inner peace and harmony lived authentically and lived with others is the true beautiful radiance (Venus/Sun) that matters. Get to know people for their depth and presence and let others get to know you. Yes, be vulnerable (Mars in the 12th), yes, get to know yourself. Strong Venus in the chart can spend a life posturing and trying to impress but ends up living mostly through a mask and on the surface relationally.

Spiritually, Venus in strong relationship with the Sun indicate that a deeper love is available is the person can break the old habits of comfort for its own sake, distractions, and ease that equates laziness. Venus liked things nice and easy! Astrologically, Venus often indicates this default in the personality. The spiritual Path does not have to hard, per se, but the personality tendencies must be transformed. Like working with a personal trainer, it’s hard work and one works hard to transform these old habits of consciousness.

* Response to the other two people will be in the next post tomorrow.

Pass it on!