Reagan and Gorbachev Agreed to Pause the Cold War in Case of an Alien Invasion

At one point during the 1985 Geneva Summit, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev took a break from negotiations to take a walk. Only their private interpreters were present and for years, the details of what they talked about were kept secret from both the Russian and American public. But during a 2009 interview with Charlie Rose and Reagan’s Secretary of State George Shultz, Gorbachev revealed that Reagan asked him point-blank if they could set aside their differences in case the world was invaded by aliens.

Shultz was talking about the Lake Geneva summit and mentioned the two leaders ducked out of a meeting to take a walk to a nearby cabin.

“I wasn’t there…,” Shultz said before Gorbachev cut him off.

“From the fireside house, President Reagan suddenly said to me, ‘What would you do if the United States were suddenly attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?’

“I said, ‘No doubt about it.'”

“So that’s interesting,” Gorbachev said to much laughter.

As far as we know, aliens never tried to take over the planet during the 1980s, so Reagan and Gorbachev’s informal agreement wasn’t put to the test. But perhaps unsurprisingly for a president whose nuclear deterrent plan was nicknamed “Star Wars,” Reagan was a big science-fiction fan. He had grown up reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ epic science-fiction novels, whose characters included John Carter of Mars and Tarzan, Lauren Davis reports for io9.

Once in awhile, Davis continues, Reagan’s nerdy tastes in books influenced how he governed. During his tenure in the White House, Reagan relied on The Citizens’ Advisory Council on National Space Policy, a think tank made up of astronauts, engineers and even science-fiction writers like Robert Heinlein and Jerry Pournelle, for advice on future technology and the emerging importance of space policy. In fact, the Council even helped to draft parts of Reagan’s first speech introducing the “Star Wars” program.

It’s hard to say how serious Reagan was when he asked Gorbachev if the Soviets would help fight off an alien invasion, but he was far from the first government official to mull over out-of-this-world fighting tactics. During the 1950s and ‘60s, a group of U.S. Army engineers was tasked with thinking up theoretical weapons that could be used to defend non-existent lunar bases. And recently, Anatoly Zak reports for Popular Mechanics, the Russian government revealed that in the 1970s, the Soviet Almaz space station was not only armed with a top-secret space cannon, but it was also test-fired.

NASA Scientist Says Alien Lifeforms May Have Already Visited Earth – LADbible

A NASA scientist has said that he reckons aliens may have already visited planet Earth. I’m not going to lie – if he says it happened, I’m inclined to agree, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say that, I for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

Silvano P Colombano from the space agency’s intelligent systems division says that the current idea we have about aliens is too narrow and that if aliens have popped down, we’re not talking little green men or Paul but maybe something that looks wildly different to what we consider extra terrestrials.

In a report, he wrote: “I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us (if it hasn’t already) might not be at all be produced by carbon based organisms like us.”

He urged scientists to look past our ‘assumptions’ about alien life, writing: “We need to re-visit even our most cherished assumptions.

“How might that change the above assumptions about interstellar travel?

“Our typical life-spans would no longer be a limitation (although even these could be dealt with multi-generational missions or suspended animation), and the size of the ‘explorer’ might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity.

“Considering further that technological development in our civilisation started only about 10,000 years ago and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies only in the past 500 years, we can surmise that we might have a real problem in predicting technological evolution even for the next thousand years, let alone six million times that amount!”

NASA is currently searching the universe for signs of life through its Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – SETI – programme.

He also added that the current radio waves being analysed might be out of date, so has called for ‘speculative physics’ with roots in solid theories but with wriggle room to ‘stretch possibilities as to the nature of space-time and energy’ and to ‘consider the UFO phenomenon worthy of study’.

If all of this isn’t enough to fully melt your brain, then our pal Colombano said that not every UFO sighting is easily explained away.

The report continued: “In the very large amount of ‘noise’ in UFO reporting there may be ‘signals’, however small, that indicate some phenomena that cannot be explained or denied. If we adopt a new set of assumptions about what forms of higher intelligence and technology we might find, some of those phenomena might fit specific hypotheses, and we could start some serious enquiry.”

So, wait, what you’re saying, Colombano…. is it that… the truth is out there?

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Two ‘alien’ skulls discovered in Russia, a secret Nazi institution and the search for the origin of Mankind

In what sounds as a scene from an Indiana Jones movie, reports from Russian newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” indicate that a briefcase and two Alien-like skulls were discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya. Among the briefcase, its finders found two skulls belonging to an unknown creature. Ahnenerbe was probably the most secret society within the SS dedicated to the study of the occult and the supernatural forces on Earth. According to researchers, it is likely that members of the SS were interested in the mysteries of the ancient dolmens and the high amounts of radioactivity present in the region known as the Kishinski canyon.

However, researchers believe It is also possible that they were searching for the golden Kuban Rada, lost somewhere in the region during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923). (The Kuban Rada (Russian: Кубанская Рада; Ukrainian: Кубанська Рада) was the supreme organization of the Kuban Cossacks, that represented all the heads of the districts.) (source)

Among the items, researchers also discovered a German-made map of the territory of Adygeya believed to have been created in 1941. Experts have been left amazed by the accuracy and completeness of the map.

Historians know many details of operation Wehrmacht Edelweiss which took place at the peak of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, located in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Russian Caucasus. However, what the exact purpose of this mysterious organization in the mountains of Adygea was, remains a profound mystery, as does the connection between the mysterious briefcase, its contents, and the two anomalous skulls which do not have a humanoid aspect.

The Ahnenerbe: A mysterious institutions with mysterious goals

The Ahnenerbe was an institute in Nazi Germany purposed to research the archeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. The institute conducted experiments and launched numerous expeditions around the world attempting to prove that mythological Nordic populations ruled the world in the distant past. The name Ahnenerbe means “inherited from the forefathers.”

The Ahnenerbe wanted to know everything related to the mysterious and unknown on our planet, they made several expeditions traveling to Tibet, Antarctica and the Caucasus and had a huge interest in the UFO phenomenon, searching for the ultimate and absolute power.

It is well known to the world that Hitler’s Germany was actively engaged in developing new types of weapons believed to have been capable of changing the course of the war. This is why over 300 specialists from different sectors worked in the Ahnenerbe, all brilliant and well-educated minds with great scientific knowledge.

Interestingly, only a few know that, years before the war began, specialists in mountain roads from a German military construction organization offered to help the USSR to build a road between Pitsunda and Ritsa (from the coast of the Black Seanow in Abkhazia), as a mean of international cooperation.

After completing the work, the German specialists were discovered to have died mysteriously, their car plunged into the gap in a curve. Until today, tourists flock to Lake Ritsa through the tunnels built by the Germans.

Russian Water of Life

It was found out later that the construction of this strategic road had very mysterious reasons behind it. It turned out that hydrologists from Ahnenerbe established that the composition of the water taken from a source located in a cave under the lake Ritsa was ideal for making human blood plasma. “The” living water “from Abkhazia was transported in silver containers first to the coast, then by submarine to the bottom of Constance, and finally by plane to Germany,” explains Bormotov, professor of the department of economics and management from Maikop State Technological University. There were even plans to build tunnels for submarines, leading from the sea to Ritsa, but these plans were interrupted by the war.

It is well-known that the 49th Mountain Corps of the Wehrmacht, who made the ascent to Mount Elbrus stayed in the Adygeya region. In the valley of the Belaya River near the Cossack village of Dajóvskaya, stood  the Westland  SS regiment, and located  between the rivers Pshish and Psheja tank regiments of Germania were installed. In autumn 1942, the airport of Maikop was visited by the 3rd Squadron of the 14th reconnaissance group, which had twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft dubbed FW-189, which equipped with the most sophisticated spy instruments and were considered by many as flying secret laboratories.

“That was more than enough to protect the undercover investigations which were possibly performed by the Ahnenerbe in the mountains of Adygea,” says Bormotov. “Maikop was the city where the Wehrmacht had its headquarters. From there the command of all German military campaign in the Caucasus was organized.

In autumn of 1942, in the mountains of Adygea, there wasn’t any defined military defensive line, and there are reports of soldiers wondering deep into the mountains. It is not clear why troops were deployed on Mount Pshekish in August 1944 when the frontline had already moved far to the west. What was it that the Nazis did not have time to finish on Mount Pshekish? Can these mysterious movements be explained and related to the investigations of Ahnenerbe researchers?” asks himself Bormotov.

Many people assume that the Nazis were interested in the dolmens the prehistoric constructions attributed to the Atlantean builders located in the region, and “the gateway to parallel worlds.”

Even today people are still talking about unusual events in the area. Recently there was an article in the local press which spoke about the discovery of a giant skeleton of three meters in height which belonged to an unknown human race in the Borjomi canyon.

The skulls of the Gods

Russian media writes that the mysterious skulls were found in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach nearly two years ago by a group of explorers led by ethnographer Vladimir Melikov.

According to Melikov, the creature of one of the skulls was unlike anything known to man, and it walked on two legs. Melikov states that among the most mysterious features of the skulls is the absence of cranial vault and jaws. The eye sockets are unusually large having facial features resembling humans.

Even when compared with the skull of a bear, it’s hard to think that you do not have in your hands the remains of an alien creature, said Melikov.

Paleontologists in Moscow weren’t too excited when they received photographs of the mysterious skulls, they merely acknowledged that the skulls are unlike anything they had ever seen, suggesting that the skulls could have been submerged and exposed to sand for long periods of time, something that could have altered the shape of the skulls, but, if this were the case, how can we explain the nearly identical ‘deformations’ in both skulls which seem to follow similar patterns?

Speculations or reality? The Ancient Anunnaki in Russia

Some researchers went as far and made connections between the mysterious skulls to the Ancient Anunnaki. After looking at the images, many suggest that these mysterious skulls were sought by researchers from the Ahnenerbe since they belonged to the visitors from the Stars, the gods, and creators of the human race, and researchers from the Ahnenerbe knew exactly what they were looking for.

“We can build all kinds of versions and conjectures, but the truth is that the remains found in the mountains of Aguideya will force you to re-think everything you know,” he said Bormotov to Russian newspapers.

In conclusion, we can say that these mysterious findings are something that definitely makes you wonder what else is out there. It makes you think about other secret institutions that had similar ideas and plans as the Ahnenerbe. The skulls and items discovered in Russia will remain as some of the most mysterious findings made in the last decade, and the truth behind them seems far more mysterious than what we can imagine.

Source, reference and images:

Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Komsomolskaya Pravda

Nazca Alien mummy DNA results reveal ‘mummified remains are not human’ | Ancient Code

Harvey Weinstein paid bedroom being a nuisance Accusers for decades

modify: you see, the Weinstein carrier’s barrier provides fired Harvey Weinstein pursuing report ture of lustful pestering conditions towards your ex boyfriend.

Two a long time gone, The showmanship the manufacturer Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to qualify for the Peninsula Beverly inclines housing for what the immature presenter expected as a business lunch break webinar. instead, he’d your own forwarded significantly an individual’s bathroom, from where he got shown up during the shower robe furthermore sought after even if he could leave her with a stimulate also known as lousy follow the guy party, my mom remembered in a conversation.

throughout 2014, mr. Weinstein asked Emily Nestor, which are attained been effective plainly eventually as a temporary employees, To precisely the same conventional making another offer you: though my mom said michael’s sexual intimacies moves along, however rise your woman employment, based on info this presented to peers to whom placed the criminals to Weinstein corporate management. the next year, again together with the Peninsula, a female assistant replied mister. Weinstein badgered your girlfriend’s within granting your ex boyfriend a caress though he was considered bare-skinned, jumping out of your woman “crying and incredibly distraught, has written a co-worker, Lauren O’Connor, using agonizing memo saying libido and harassment along with misconduct near this special top dog.

an investigation by The ny minutes present formerly undisclosed allegations to protect against mister. Weinstein stretching about virtually three ages, recognized your way through interviews that includes today’s and as well as previous salespeople picture economy persons, let alone legal registers, electronic mails and as well as dimensions reports from the businesses brand-new areas such as carry out, Miramax plus the Weinstein organization.

during that time, immediately definitely confronted with suggestions mainly erotic pestering and then dangerous real reach for, mr. Weinstein may have got to more than eight debt settlements with women, to be able to two provider representatives communicating in on the health of anonymity. Among the recipients, the changing times found, appeared a fresh helper within manhattan 1990, a wonderful celebrity as 1997, An [url=]asiame review[/url] asst london in 1998, An italian language car as 2015 on top of that microsoft. O’Connor right after, based on record your ones acquainted with the agreements.

In your firm stand out to purchasing on monday evening, mister. Weinstein spoken: “I benefit from how to start off with well-socialized which has colleagues recently is mainly responsible for much suffering, and i good luck i am sorry recycle online. simple fact that i am thankful for trying to fare best, i’m aware I have a considerable way to go,

He put on your dog was already employing experienced therapist also interested in take a leave home related with don’t have to “cover this exactly,

He and his agents turned down on the way to touch upon associated with the townships, together with providing details about what person money these people. however mr. Weinstein revealed that in accosting personnel interests more or less company affairs, “a good motto is to helpful calm,

microsof company. flower, Who has guidance mister. Weinstein over the last year to regardless and so authority dynamics, known your ex to “a past old to learn contemporary simple ways, my girl stated that skilled “told your ex to just that hectic power difference between a major business start as though and some some around, any that factors, a few of the dog’s instructions as well proceedings can be perceived as inappropriate, perhaps even daunting,

despite the fact master of science. O’Connor seemed to be making just about a two year period of time, Her memo echoed supplementary women’s conditions. mister. Weinstein got your sweetheart’s to gather illuminating interactions that have future stars after they had personal meetings in their hotel, she or he suggested, Her criteria managing the ones from issues sales team. your girl assumed in which in addition to other women sales agents Weinstein, your girlfriend published, were being utilized to spark liaisons due to “open ladies who pray he will make them strive,

all of the suggestions accrued whilst simultaneously mr. Weinstein made it easier to specify popularly accepted modern culture. fresh received six best value photograph oscars in addition turned out a lot of touchstones, from the films “sex, is, and in addition video, “Pulp misinformation” with “really may search” To the tv series “endeavor Runway, in public areas, the man creates their self to become a generous lion, A success of as well as a victor of basically artsy despite the fact that relief awards.

using 2015, this particular year microsof company. O’Connor authored your sweetheart’s memo, the provider sold “our search blended, A written relating to university sexual intimacies offensive. that a longtime Democrcontributortic, the person located a finances raiser on Hillary Clinton in their ny residence last year. your boyfriend put to use Malia the president, some best little involved with ex- us president barack obama, becoming intern this important year, and therefore some time ago made it easier to endow a college reclining chair at just Rutgers university or near Gloria Stenameem’s. inside Sundance dvd competition in january, that when village green local, utah, kept its form related to nationally womens marches, mister. Weinstein started of the attend.

“from the outside, that will looked like great some sort of academy awards, generally great, one particular incredible ethnical crash, rumoured draw Gill, previously chief executive from Miramax indiana when the was formerly owned using disney. “yet behind the scenes, up to now a large number, so this was the actual confusion of the, or even she inserted, speaking about mr. Weinstein’s treating women.

a large number of mister. Weinstein’s numerous as well as recent candidates, using assistants to hottest operatives, discussed they realized including incompatible actions while they been concerning the pup. Only a couple acknowledged as they ever encountered the child.

mister. Weinstein forced the particular [url=]asiame[/url] procedure ture of silence; sales staff coming from Weinstein providers maintain plans trying to say they will not criticize it or it can be market leaders in a fashion that could deterioration “business concern good name” as “just about individual’s emotional brand, a freshly released insurance coverage movies. And almost all women getting payments from payouts endorsed secrecy conditions prohibiting them with speaking about the offers as well as holidays exactly who led to these people.

Charles more painful, legal counsel which represents mr. Weinstein, said hello weren’t unusual to initiate deals to prevent unique furthermore overpriced a lawsuit. so he other, “it’s proof almost anything,

interior wake akin to milliseconds. O’Connor’s 2015 memo, a little Weinstein group panel clients in addition middle management, like mr. Weinstein’s close friend and as well original wife, bob, 62, were concerned about the accusations, in order to several individuals who speech on the healthiness of privacy. at the conclusion, reality, deck workers happened to be assured there was no [url=][/url] need to look at. and after advertising a settlement through mr. Weinstein, milliseconds. O’Connor withdrew your spouse gripe together with thanked it for task options he’d supplied with.

“their individuals or groups released peacefulness before long, milliseconds. prosper celebrity fad.

by simply his legal counsel, Nicole information, microsoft. O’Connor diminished to get sat down with. in a memo, lindsay lohan gone over ways unnerved is with what perceived or came across when you are fictional scout a on top of that producing executive vehicle at. “i’m certainly only starting at in my occupational, And had been and for you to be afraid with regards to consulting through, microsoft. O’Connor submitted. “so enduring quiet is causing us all large problems,

In communicating in out for your darling regular occurrence, milliseconds. Judd said in a freshly released employment interview, “women have been posting on Harvey most likely yourself for several years, it really is obviously above time to own call openly,

the end NarrativeMs. Nestor, A legal requirement and therefore opportunity high school professor, agreed to mister. Weinstein’s breakfast party’s invitation at all the Peninsula due to the fact my wife did not need to overlook possibility, the lady afterwards on asked co-workers. pursuing the woman were only available in, He offered to help your ex career at the same time offering about a number of widley known stars he maintained having rested when it comes to, in order to reports why colleagues created subsequently, after case the lady’s novel after which they are routed on commercial business owners.

“your lady had to talk about he offers too relentless and therefore concentrating founded recorded saying no in almost an hour, One inner surface cardstock announced. microsoft. Nestor, exactly who decreased to allow them to brief review for this article, rejected that price, an court records observed. “the had become unsatisfied that he been aquainted with together furthermore just didn’t seem to thinking of her rsum and / or maybe expertise, our own early mum to be consider never to send out anxiety attack hr to staff, except the allegations found management’s interest associated with most other wage earners.

along side years and land masses, accounts behind mr. Weinstein’s carryout write a regular story: ladies stated to expensive hotels for the things they attention were originally accomplish the task answers, to discover that mr. Weinstein, Who to get married for many people of three tens of years, mostly did actually have varied benefits. her to your house foundation has been new jersey, truthfully or even going secret headquarters experienced luxury lodges: The Peninsula Beverly slopes the actual Savoy working in london, The Htel du level Eden Roc at the Cannes film celebration located in spain because Stesettle Eriksen Sundance.

earning a living for mister. Weinstein would certainly imply producing the pup to get up every as well as,while achieving “Turndown task” late into the evening, thinking about your own in order for rest. similar to the reduction friend quoted from master of science. O’Connor’s memo, some people frosh workers’ necessary to perform most people plans mentioned they were distressful.

In selection interviews, Eight womens reported differing activities after mister. Weinstein: going online well-nigh along with fully naked in advance of them, wanting it to be present whilst he washed or oftentimes seeking for a stimulate or commencing one very little. the women, primarily in their in plenty of time or possibly centre 20s and moreover hoping to obtain a toehold in the film market, said he could press button crse readily meetings and moreover clipboards one moment, passionate evaluations next. One female patient educated a fellow to wear a parka in cases where summoned just for task to become a finish among coverage within miserable innovations.

“i don’t know whatever at all about this, mr. Weinstein pointed out.

nearl all females who shared purchasing where did they witnessed first-hand misconduct and also by mr. Weinstein offered in no way seen one an additional. others wide selection in birthday age during unplanned 20s so as to not on time 40s so live in cities. a small number of believed they did not document the behaviour in view that had been no witnesses and they also dreaded retaliation via mr. Weinstein. still others mentioned they believed uncomfortable. but most confided living in people.

master of science. Madden afterwards on explained Karen Katz, a fellow worker and so co-worker interior purchases dept,system, in relation to mr. Weinstein’s overtures, consist of a period mother secured herself in the potty akin to or even dorm room, Sobbing. “we were so that developing at that time, being said milliseconds. Katz, nowadays a documentary filmmaker. “we now failed to know the way enirely wrong rrt had been alternatively how Laura require put up with it.

Shocking videos ‘show massive Alien Motherships’ near the sun claim ‘Experts’ | Ancient Code

Several videos which have been uploaded to YouTube—one of them has been watched over 1,300,000 times—promise to be the ultimate evidence proving Alien spaceships are common around our sun, and there’s something odd going on.

One of the videos—which according to many is beyond spectacular—depicts a mysterious massive object next to the sun that seems to be ‘refueling’.

The intriguing videos show what paranormal researchers and UFOlogists are referring to as a MASSIVE alien mothership ‘refueling’ at the sun. Skeptics disagree and suggest nothing in this video even suggests an alien presence.

An interesting comment posted on YouTube questions what if it is not an alien spaceship but something entirely different: “It could be a living creature that feeds off the stars imagine how big this would be our entire planet would be below its notice and it could destroy our solar system never realizing we were here the universe is beyond calculation so it’s quite possible there are entities of that size out there somewhere but what does that make us? Insignificant!”

In the distant past, numerous mysterious objects have been spotted around the Sun. Many ufologists claim that these objects are the ultimate proof that our Sun acts like a cosmic stargate and that extraterrestrial vehicles are anything but uncommon around it.

Some of the many objects seen near the sun include ‘angel-like’ UFOs, Massive Cube-shaped objects and even cigar-shaped UFOs.

Skeptics disagree pointing to the fact that the alleged ‘alien spaceships’ are in fact pixelation or image processing errors, and that our sun is not a GIANT ‘cosmic gas station’.

One interesting image related to the sun and strange objects is the one posted below. According to Ufologists: it clearly shows a massive alien spaceship ‘shooting’ out of the sun.

The video features countless comments from different perspectives. Some people agree we’re are looking at a massive alien spaceshipand the truth about aliens is being hidden from the public by governmentswhile others disagree and point to more rational explanations that could end the mystery behind these ‘massive’ objects around the sun.

One user wrote: “that ship may be bigger than our planet. Such technology can only be obtained by super intelligent species that have perhaps lived for billions of years.”

Others pondered about Aliens and whether or not they were hostile: “consider this…if they were hostile (presuming we are talking about extraterrestrials) they likely would have already made a move. What would be stopping them?”

But what if they (ET of course) is using the Sun as a giant portal? One user wrote: “They are not refueling. They travel through the sun’s core. Scientists have no real idea what kind of travel means you attain when you harness the power of the core of the sun.”

Many users agreed that if aliens are really here, they are most likely peaceful: “You do realize that if they wanted to cause us harm they would have already? Think about the level of existence that these beings would be living on, they wouldn’t give a crap about us, we’re probably just one of millions of other civilizations they’ve come across…We would mean nothing to them.”

What the object really is…

Metabunk seems to prove its nothing close to alien spaceships. An article titled “Explained: Giant Black Sphere Hovering Near the Sun [Coronal Prominence Cavity]” explains what UFOlogists misinterpreted as a massive UFO.

What this is though is just something that’s unfamiliar to most people, but something that solar scientists have been aware of for some time, a transitory cavity in the solar plasma field, known as a coronal prominence cavity, or polar crown cavity. Often associated with Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). This does appear to be a quite interesting one, with attached vortex. But that’s all it is. Not a giant space ship sucking fuel from the sun.

You see a lot of these types of “odd-thing-near-sun” things on YouTube, based off video feed from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. That’s basically because the SDO is new (just two years old), and people are not used to the amazing displays the sun puts on. Some of which will be new to science as this the the best view we’ve ever had of the sun. (Source)

What are your thoughts, do you agree with Metabunk? Or do you believe Advanced alien civilizations really exist and travel constantly through our solar system? Do you believe they even ‘stop by’ our Sun every once in a while? Or are these alleged spaceships nothing more than image processing errors and pixelations?

‘Alien’ Signals Are Finally Pinpointed to a Stellar Nursery 2.4 Billion Light Years Away

A new research has pinpointed a nursery of young stars some 2.4 billion light years away as the cause of strange fast radio bursts detected on Earth. These fast radio bursts – which each lived just a few milliseconds – come from thick neutron stars just 20 kilometers (12 miles) in size in the constellation Auriga.
Originally researchers were puzzled where these bizarre bursts of energy were originating from with some guessing it could be a sign of alien life trying to make contact.

Scientists now consider the young stars are 6,200 light years from the center of the small galaxy called FRB 121102.
Scientists from the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy in Dwingeloo have used the Hubble Space Telescope to sobserve the small galaxy in detail never seen before.
Astronomer Shriharsh Tendulkar of McGill University in Montreal told New Scientist. ‘The Hubble observations allow us to get a very sharp image. There is a very bright spot of star formation, and this FRB [fast radio burst] lies bang inside it.’
Astronomers consider the nursery of stars lies on the brink of the galaxy, which has a diameter of around 20,000 light years.
The massive nursery is itself 4,400 light years across, astronomers believe.
They think these FRBs are triggered by flares from the dense core of a young neutron star left behind when the mother star explodes.
In their paper, issued in The Astrophysical Journal, the astronomers, led by Paul Scholz, wrote: ‘We have detected six additional radio bursts from this source: five with the Green Bank Telescope at 2 GHz, and one at 1.4 GHz with the Arecibo Observatory, for a total of 17 bursts from this source.’
The previous 11 FRB’s are also believed to be coming from the same location in the small FRB 121102 galaxy.
Some researchers still believe that this repetitions could be something else probably aliens or something way beyond our understanding.

If there are any intelligent alien life forms out there, Stephen Hawking thinks we’re playing a dangerous game by trying to contact them. 

If You Have Rhesus (RH) Negative Blood, You Are Alien…

Studies conducted on rhesus negative blood types show that they are missing the Rhesus factor, a protein substance present in the red blood cells of other humans. Theories suggest that people with Rhesus (RH) negative blood may be from outside this world…

Others suggest they are fallen angels from the heavens above or they belong to an alien race from somewhere in the vast darkness of space. What is clear is that those who have with Rhesus (RH) negative blood are different and unique.A person who has RH negative O blood is able to serve as a donor to any person regardless of their blood type. But if they need blood, only their own type will suffice. They represent 15% of the human race and are mostly from northern Europe.

Truth Theory reports:

The four common blood types of today include A, B, AB and O. The differences between each blood type is dependent on the proteins in the blood, but when it comes to RH negative blood types, which make up about 10 to 15 percent of the population, they don’t have these proteins.

The question that is on the minds of scientists now, is where this group of RH negative blood type people originates from. Looking back about 35,000 years, scientists believe that the blood type is linked to specific tribes and groups. Europeans have the greatest incidence of this blood type, but only 3% of African-Americans have it, and only 1% of Asian people have it.

Some common characteristics of people with this blood type include having a higher IQ, having a lower body temperature, having more awareness (physically and emotionally), having red hair, being sensitive to heat, and having blue, green or hazel colored eyes.

This blood type is shrouded in even more mystery when we look at pregnant women. RH negative women who become pregnant have difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, as their bodies naturally attack and try to kill the fetus. Thus, they are given a special sterilized solution. (Anti-D or RHo (D)immunoglobulin)

But, why would the woman’s body attack the offspring it’s been helping give life to?

This is where a relatively new theory comes in and suggests that it’s possible alien life has influenced this blood type. What’s even stranger is that almost every person who has reported being abducted by (or interacted with) aliens has the RH negative blood type.

It’s certainly very possible that aliens visited our planet, as they’ve done for centuries, and somehow tooled around with the genetics of mankind. After all, history from all over the world has shown time and time again, through ancient texts and depictions, that we’ve been visited by beings not of this world.

What do you think about the blood type that is missing a key link to evolutionary humans? Could it be that some of us have alien blood running through our veins?

First Alien Object To Visit Solar System Is Protected By Strange Shield

First Alien Object To Visit Solar System Is Protected By Strange Shield Asteroid webNASA

The first ever alien object to visit our solar system is covered by a ‘strange shield’, scientists have revealed.

Oumuamua, which flew past Earth in October, has been fascinating scientists since it arrived in our solar system – but it’s hidden by a ‘layer of organic insulation’.

The ‘alien rock’ was the first ever known visitor to our solar system, which travelled here from another star, writes The Independent.

The asteroid’s name ‘Oumuamua’ means a messenger from afar arriving first in Hawaiian. It was spotted by a telescope in Hawaii on 18 October and was then seen 34 separate times in the week after.

While it’ s probably an icy body as expected, it appears to be wrapped in an organic coat, shielding the frozen water inside from being hit by the sun, according to the new research.

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington, said:

For decades we’ve theorised that such interstellar objects are out there and now – for the first time – we have direct evidence they exist.

This history-making discovery is opening a new window to study formation of solar systems beyond our own.

Still very little is known about what Oumuamua actually is, or even where it came from, and what it’s made of.

Scientists were only able to see the alien rock briefly before it passed through the other side of our solar system, which mean any kind of detailed work was limited.

First Alien Object To Visit Solar System Is Protected By Strange Shield HubbleNASA

Astronomer David Jewitt, of the University of California, Los Angeles, who led the observation team who reported on the characteristics said, according to PHYS:

I’m surprised by the elongated shape – nobody expected that.

Jewitt and his team observed the object for five nights in October, finding it to be about 100 ft by 100ft by 600 ft – the slightly red and pale pink hue are similar to asteroids from our own solar system.

Astronomer Jayadev Rajagopal said:

It’s exciting to point the Arizona telescope at such a tiny object which, for all we know, has been travelling through the vast emptiness of space for millions of years and then by luck, passes close enough for me to be able to see it that night!

First Alien Object To Visit Solar System Is Protected By Strange Shield WEBTHUMBNEW nasaNASA

On Thursday, NASA made a huge announcement about a discovery made in their Alien Hunting Project – a solar system exactly like our own, which is the first of its kind.

Two new planets found around the Kepler-90 star, which resembles our own sun, means the distant solar system has just as many planets as our own and could hold life.

​The space agency held a widely-anticipated press conference on Thursday at 6pm GMT to reveal the new discovery.

First Alien Object To Visit Solar System Is Protected By Strange Shield WEBTHUMBNEW NASA 3NASA

It was made by the Kepler telescope and people have been getting excited after NASA announced they were holding a press conference because they had some news, giving scarce details.

The announcement of the press conference on the NASA website read:

NASA hosts a media teleconference to announce the latest discovery made by its planet-hunting Kepler space telescope.

The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google.

Machine learning is an approach to artificial intelligence, and demonstrates new ways of analysing Kepler data.

Since becoming an integral part of the process of discovering other planets similar to Earth, it’s shown they share many things in common ‘indicating each star might have its own planet’.

Fascinating stuff.

This ice-filled crater on Mars looks like a huge alien skating rink

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By David Freeman

There’s no skating on Mars — not yet anyway — but a stunning new photograph of the Martian surface shows an ice-filled crater that looks a bit like a giant rink.

The photograph — taken by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter and released by the agency on Thursday — shows the Korolev Crater, a dish-shaped basin on the broad plain that surrounds the Martian north pole.

The impact crater is almost 51 miles wide and more than a mile deep. It holds roughly 530 cubic miles of perpetually frozen water ice, which is almost five times the volume of Lake Erie.

The photo was stitched together from five images captured by a high-resolution camera aboard the uncrewed orbiter, which has been circling the Red Planet for the past 15 years. Each of the five “strips” used to create the composite image was taken during a separate orbit.

Mars has seasons just as Earth does, but the ice never melts because of the location of the crater and its topography.

“This particular crater is very close to the polar ice cap, and the inside of the crater is at a lower elevation and more shadowed, so it creates a cold trap where the ice is stable,” Kirsten Siebach, a planetary geologist at Rice University in Houston, told NBC News MACH in an email.

Siebach said it was unusual to see ice-filled craters on Mars. But if the Martian landscape is notoriously dusty and barren, the pockmarked planet holds quite a bit of water. Just about all of it is frozen, although this year instruments aboard Mars Express revealed the existence of a large underground reservoir of liquid water near the planet’s south pole.

“There used to be liquid water in rivers and lakes on Mars, but it largely either froze as the atmosphere dissipated or was lost to space about 3 billion years ago,” Siebach said. “Ice still exists on Mars near the poles, and the Martian atmosphere has a tiny amount of water vapor.”

Korolev Crater is named after Sergei Korolev (1907-1966), a rocket engineer who is considered one of the leading architects of the Soviet space program. Korolev was involved in the Sputnik program, which in 1957 put the first artificial satellite into Earth orbit, and worked on precursors to the Soyuz rockets that now carry crews to the International Space Station.


David Freeman

David Freeman is the editorial director of NBC News MACH. He can be reached at @davyfreeman