Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel

 Akashic records are the records generated and kept for all souls who have embarked upon this plane of existence. Akashic records are also kept for souls who spend their time on other planes of existence or planets but most of those planes and even life forms on other planets do not generate karma as their energy levels and dimensional vibrations are different, and much higher as compared to Earth. Earth is the planet for which these akashic records are kept and maintained predominantly. And there are many earths in the universe. Time as you witness and experience on this plane of existence does not exist as you ascend from this plane. What you experience now has happened somewhere else and what you may experience in what you term as future is happening now in another plane and slumber state of mind that is creating all these realities and illusions that you term as life. But this illusion is necessary for the souls to evolve, for souls to ascend and move forward and continue further on their journey. So life on this plane is not your primary journey, it is yet another stop and transit point as the soul moves forward and spurs along.

 All souls are indeed divine sparks of light, some shine brighter and some are dimmer, they all have the same essence though but they still differ from each other. This difference is the mystery of the universe. So when souls descend upon this plane, they come with a set of lessons and tasks that are part of their plan. And this plan is influenced by what they have done during their earlier life times on this plane or any other plane. And even though they come with a plan, there is still freewill and freedom to choose and act. Usually the soul will act based on its proclivities but many a times, the lessons and experiences that a soul has gone through will cause the soul to act differently and thus, exercise its freedom to act and choose.

Akashic records are kept as a record of every soul’s life time and actions on this planet.

How about animals and plants? Do they have akashic records as well?

Not all of them have akashic records. Some, who have a strong purpose and action streams have akashic records. Akashic records are mainly for souls in human bodies. They carry the divine imprint of these souls’ life paths and purposes and soul histories through their many human life forms.

 Every soul has a record and all its actions are recorded and can be accessed. These records are kept in the memory of space at energetic level and certain angels or higher energy beings are keepers of these records. Archangel Metatron is in charge of akashic records for humans who have transmigrated from lower realms to human realms. He also keeps records of humans who descend upon this plane with strong karma and attachments towards material things. In other words Archangel Metatron is the keeper of records of humans who are not in an ascended state of being and are still in lower vibration frequency. There are other human souls that are sent on this plane or who decide to come on this plane with strong spiritual ascension in their plan. They are on higher frequency and their records are maintained separately. But these records can be accessed as well. However for these higher frequency human souls, these records serve a different purpose as these souls are more aware of what they are creating, they use these records as reminders of their ascension plans and their higher life purpose when the soul runs into a state of inner turmoil or state of disbelief or lack of faith.

 It is not uncommon for even higher frequency souls to forget their higher soul plan and life purpose as they try to adjust to the coarse energies of the planet. So sometimes they have dream visitations by ascended masters and angels who will guide them and lead them to their akashic records to revitalize their soul memory and instill confidence in them about their experiences on the earthly plane. Often the souls may not remember about these visitation or their own travels but they may wake up from their sleep feeling more confident, with new ideas and relaxed about their lives and experiences in general.

 As for human souls who are still in a lower frequency, they accumulate more karma, and akashic records lay an account of all their karma. These souls lead more earth-based lives and are more concerned with material things. Their life paths are often the result of their past life actions and their will and actions in current lifetime. Every thought and every emotion felt is also recorded. These souls usually would need the assistance of well-trained clairvoyant to get access to their akashic records. Or they may ask angels or ascended masters to show these to them through intuitive messages or during their meditations. However these lower frequency human beings may sometimes not be able to comprehend what is being presented to them. Often the challenges that a soul faces and its behavior patterns are carried forward from earlier life times and akashic records can shed light on these. They may also show the truth about relationships between two souls and their shared history.

 Akashic records contain the records of all human souls in the history of time, and souls often go through their records before they take birth in physical body on earth. Thus, the records are etched in their subtle memories and decide their choices, behavior patterns and certain actions. A soul may then make a certain choice even if it did not need to, just to be able to pay a karmic debt from a earlier life time or to fulfill on a promise. Although these past memories do influence soul’s choices in its current lifetime, it still has a free choice. Most often a sensitive and righteous soul may choose to act in a particular way based on what it may have recorded in its subtle and deep memories, even if it did not need to. So a vow of celibacy from a earlier life time as a monk or nun, may be carried forward in the soul’s subtle memories even if it has no reason to keep those vows in its current lifetime and actually has chosen and wishes to  have a married life and a partner with family and children. Sometimes, souls even take vows of secrecy or suffering as part of their spiritual training and those may be carried forward inadvertently. Some strong-willed souls may still be able to severe those vows and such cords from earlier life times but sensitive souls may find it hard to do so and may experience repeated unwanted patterns in their lives due to hidden memories of their past. These memories could be from an earlier age in current lifetime or substantially older memories from another life time. An access to akashic records then helps clearing such old patterns and even gives the soul a higher perspective and better understanding of its life purpose and life path if it is being called out to do something that may seem far fetched or disjointed from the soul’s conscious memory and current life experience. For example, if a certain soul suddenly feels intuitively guided to move to a place that it may have no apparent connection with, the truth of such guidance may be retrieved through an access to Akashic records.

 Akashic records also help the soul to gain a better understanding of a tragic or traumatic life experience and their karma with other people and if they could have avoided those experiences. These may also help the soul to understand various influences in its life such as influence of certain people, places or even events as seen on television or read in newspapers. A glimpse into akashic records can show certain challenges imprinted upon a soul’s life plan and thus may allow it to avoid them and tread with caution by undertaking some preventive measures. When you hurt some one, or do a negative action of any form, it is recorded and you may have to repay it. This is the cycle of life and accumulation of karma that human souls go through. And a high level of spiritual development, righteous thinking and action, and pursuit of ascension through persistent effort may eventually dissolve the soul’s accumulated karma and enable it to clear its karmic debts and disintegrate its cords with people, events, patterns and places.

 Now a days, when more people are being called into service, in preparation for their ascension and  to inspire others to do the same, it would be useful for souls to seek their akashic records to dissolve repeated patterns of behavior that do not serve them and even gain insights into their higher purpose and role in the overall scheme of things and earthly existence. You can sit in quiet contemplation and ask us, your angels to guide you and reveal to you what you may need to know about your akashic records and areas you can improve. As the earth goes through this process of evolution, human beings are getting increasingly intuitive and can tap into their innate intuitive capacity to get connected with the divine and their higher selves. You have to just ask for guidance and clear all fears, doubts, worry and anxiety related to this. Once you are centered in full knowingness that what is important will be revealed and with sincere and pure intentions towards fulfilling your highest purpose on the planet, you will get answers. They may not come immediately for some and may even take a few days or longer for a revelation but a revelation will occur. The revelation would also depend on the soul’s readiness to receive information and a clarity of mind that can enable it to have and appreciate its own divine connection and divine imprint. Revelation of important information may even occur through dreams in sleep-state, and sometimes you may not remember what was revealed but your subtle consciousness would know and the revelations would be stored in your deep inner most memory. At times the revelations may come in form of free energy and information flow, as a knowingness from highest source. Such information flow may come at an unexpected time and often when the mind is quiet, relaxed or emptied. Sometimes, you may hear voices in your head that are not yours and these voices may reveal something of importance to you. Thus, there are several ways in which information about akashic records may be revealed to you. All you have to do is ask for it as you move forward on your life path. You can call upon us, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel to seek guidance and counsel about your akashic records and you can call upon Archangel Michael to help remove all fears related to the same and to cut cords from previous life times that do not serve you in your current one and in your achievement of your life purpose. You can ask and call upon us to help you act in ways that are for your highest good and to perform actions in a way that enables you to clear your karmic debt and not to accumulate life karma through negative actions. The more your actions are rooted in love and compassion and aimed towards your highest truth and greatest good, better it would be for your akashic records. Do not make your earthly existence and material success the chief aim of your lives. Be cognizant of the overall impact of your thoughts and actions on your world and others, and thus you shall repay your past debts and be able to march forward towards your ascension.

 My note: This was one of the last few chapters that I felt guided to write and include in the book. Archangel Metatron guided me to do so while I mediated to prepare myself, to begin writing on another topic. This subject was not originally intended or planned and was the last topic to be added to the list of twenty five topics that are being covered in this book.

 I firmly believe that this is because Angels wish for us humans to be more and more mindful of our actions- gross and subtle. What we actually enact is a gross action and every thought or emotions we carry is a subtle action but it is action nevertheless. And angels wish to impress upon us the need to closely observe what we think or do. Angels also wish to impress upon us to break away from old behaviour patterns that are carried forward from the past and create the life we wish in the most positive way and through positive influences and energy of love and light. By reminding us of our akashic records, I feel angels would also like us to be aware of what we still sometimes believe to be seeped in mystery. So as we get aware of our akashic records, we may be able to wipe away some of our inner urges, dark tendencies of our mind and perhaps make sense of some of our life decisions, failures and successes. This may enable us to clear the energies of guilt, fear and even sorrow as it would be like having a glimpse into our lives or what we understand as our lives from a higher perspective akin to seeing it from the mountain-top. Angels also wish to remind us and be aware that many a times certain incidents and events take place in our lives and even on the planet as a form of clearing for dark energies, as collective lessons for all humanity, to balance out energy imbalance that has accumulated over centuries, and also to open the hearts of people in love and compassion towards others through a natural tragedy, accident or other such means.

 These incidents occur as a result of and in response to the energies that have accumulated, the karma that has been performed and the intentions with which such karma was performed.  A glimpse into akashic records will make us all aware of the hidden negative tendencies that reside in all of us. While we all are the divine sparks of light, there is a shadow and negative aspect within all of us that presents us the challenges we face and create, consciously or unconsciously. And as the time is now for us to really come into our full power and greatness through the force of love, gratitude, joy and compassion, it may also be an opportune time for us to meditate upon our akashic records, gain a better understanding of things as they are and perform actions with a knowingness and to clear out the energies that do not serve us any longer. This would enable us to prepare for a higher vibration existence and to take part in the earth’s overall ascension plan and process.

 A chapter from – Angel’s Wisdom for Your Life.

 Written By

Mani Goel

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The Secrets of The Akashic Records

My clients have given me permission to enter their Akashic Record for many different reasons.  Some of them are curious or have a nudging to delve into their soul group of origin.  They feel they embody specific characteristics or feel drawn to others of a specific group.  Some clients are drawn to look into their past lives, many have had insights into past lives and are truly surprised at the accuracy of their record.

For me I was ready to learn more about my soul group in relation to my soul gifts and how best to use them.  This was a fascinating insight into who I truly am and what my teacher told me felt like a coming home to myself.  Everything resonated so deeply with me and empowered me to move into my purpose, not only my purpose of living but of being fully alive and sharing my gifts with others.

Our record can also enlighten us to what unconscious beliefs, patterns and decisions we are running.  Those beliefs that cause us to move into fear or pain or guilt then cause us to behave in certain ways or not as it can be sometimes.  When we are unaware of our unconscious patterns we begin to believe things like ‘That’s just the way I am’, ‘It’s impossible’, and ‘That success is for others, not me!’.  Our unconscious mind is keeping us where we feel comfortable, it is looking after us in it’s own way.  When we begin to delve deep and look for those beliefs we can then consciously begin to release them.  We can ask for more empowering and supportive beliefs to be embedded.  This is what your higher self will do when those are uncovered from your soul record.  By having me enter your record you have at some level decided consciously that you are ready to shift and become more of your true self.

Your record can also offer awareness of your spirit guides and what they are here to help you do and achieve.  By releasing unconscious beliefs such as fear then your guides can more easily connect with you and you begin to  vibrate from a point where you can receive their guidance.  This is a wonderful way of tapping into your spirituality and grounding the guidance you receive and putting it into actions here in the third dimension.

Your record holds the secret to becoming more empowered, more connected and knowing yourself at soul level.  If you want to find out more then hop over to akashic record readings


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The Akashic Records: A Conscious Cosmic Network Where Everything Is Stored?

The word Akasha can be traced back to its Sumerianorigin where it was used to refer to aether, both in its elemental and metaphysicalsense.

Perhaps the person we need to turn to when speaking about the Akasha or ether is a man whose importance has not been truly appreciated: NikolaTesla—a genius polymath, inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer.

In an interview dubbed Man’s Greatest Achievement, Nikola Tesla said: “All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.”


However, even before Nikola Tesla, philosophers and ancient scholars wondered whether the so-called ether existed.

If we take a look at the ‘Indian Travels of Apollonius of Tyana,’ we will find further mention of the so-called ether.

If we take a look at ancient Hinduism, Akash is the fifth of the ‘five great elements’:

  • prthivi (earth)
  • apa (water)
  • agni (fire)
  • vaiu (air)
  • akashá (ether)

“And they allowed Apollonius to ask questions; and he asked them of what they thought the cosmos was composed”; but they replied; “Of elements.”


“Are there then four?” he asked. “Not four,” said Larchas, “but five.”

“And how can there be a fifth,” said Apollonius, “alongside water and air and earth and fire?”

There is the ether,” replied the other, “which we must regard as the stuff of which gods are made; for just as all mortal creatures inhale the wire, so do immortal and divine natures inhale the ether.”

“Am I,” said Apollonius, “to regard the universe as a living creature?” “Yes,” answered the other.


Akasha or ākāśa is a term for either space or æther in traditional Indian cosmology. In ancient Sanskrit, it is used to describe the ‘ether’ (æther), which is an impalpable, immaterial, subtle and intangible fluid, which the ancient Hindus believed exists across and ‘inside’ the entire universe and would be the vehicle of sound and life.

We come to understand that ether or Akasha is basically the fundament of all that exists in our material world.

In numerous ancient teachings, Akasha is considered the invisible force behind the creation of all matter.

Furthermore, in Vedantic Hinduism, Akasha is translated to as the basis and essence of all things in the material world; and is considered the first material element created from the astral world.

As noted by CE, it is the source of energy for material manifestation.

The enigma behind the Akashic Records

So what are the AkashicRecords?

Alice A. Bailey wrote in her book Light of the Soul on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Book 3 – Union achieved and its Results (1927):

The akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. Those who perceive it will see pictured thereon: The life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire.

The meaning of Akashic records can be summed up as the ‘data’ that in theory exists in a single place, in a non-physical way, outside of time and space.

In these, records we can discover the absolute knowledge and experience of our soul; almost as if it were part of a supercomputer of cosmic information where our past lives, the present and future possibilities (forming part of the theory of reincarnation), as well as the sense of our existence, reside.

The Akashic records (from Akasha, in Sanskrit: sky, space, ether), can also be summed up as a kind of memory (of everything that has happened since the beginning of time) that has become embedded and registered in the ether.

There, everything that has happened since the beginning of time and all the knowledge of the universe is found safely guarded since time immemorial.

If we take a look at their meaning from a Theosophical and  point of view, we find that the Akashic records are a summary of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.



My Book is Out! The Akashic Records: A Spiritual Tool for Healing Addiction

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you’re ready for a great year ahead. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been working on, I spent the last few months making quite a few life changes and…  

I’m super excited to announce that I published my book!

The Akashic Records: A Spiritual Tool for Healing Addiction is a beautifully printed book designedto guide you in finding the purpose behind all of your life experiences, while also teaching you how to heal yourself through the use of spiritual concepts and ideas, and more specifically, why the Akashic Records is a fantastic modality for healing addiction.

Addiction is one of our society’s biggest issues today and moving through it effectively and in a healthy way requires the use of spirituality. The reason why is simple…

There is a purpose in your life’s journey and this book explains it.

There is a reason you are here. Your Soul’s history is a part of you. It is stored within the Akashic Records, which tells the story of who you are.There is a purpose in your life’s journey and this book explains it.

“The Akashic Records is the center of everything. It is the flow of everything. It is truly limitless … there is no truth and no existence without the Akashic Records.”

Accessing your Soul History through the Akashic Records gives you the insight you need to understand your past and how you got to where you are now. This is essential to healing and preventing any negative patterns from being repeated again.

This book explains how.

Every bit of your journey in this life is for spiritual growth… even the negative experiences… even if they don’t make sense or feel like it at the time.

Understanding why you have experienced everything you have is precisely how you define your purpose and clarify your direction along your path, and that inner knowing of what you came here to do has the ability to propel you forward very quickly.

Currently, and as a very special offer to start the New Year off, my book is only available FREE with the purchase of any reading or session on ManifestAbundanceNow.com or PsynergyWellness.com.

Metasoul & Akashic Records Guided Meditation – DAY 10: 33 DAYS DEEPEN W/JELELLE AWEN (VIDEO) – SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

DAY TEN: DEEPEN 33 Day Video Series – Metasoul & Akashic Records Guided Meditation

This is day ten of my 33 day series called Deepen. In this video today, I talk about the Metasoul, which is your individuated soul source in a high ‘up there’ dimensional frequency that split off from the larger soul groups or monads who split off from Divine Source. Your Metasoul (which you do not share with any one else) then fragmented off into limitless timelines and lifetimes….from Ancient Egypt to Atlantis to galactic.

Connecting with your Metasoul aspects in these other timelines allows for quantum healing of karmic traumas and patterns and also receiving of activations and gifts from those aspects in higher timelines. Connecting through establishing relationships with these aspects goes deeper than just a past life regression feeling sense of dropping into the trauma in a one time session or soul retrieval. An ongoing relationship with the Metasoul aspects lead by YOU actually allows for a shifting of the outcome of their timeline as none are ‘set in stone’ or actually completed or finished.

In this video, Archangel Metatron and Goddess Sophia journey with you to the mid-fourth dimension where the akashic library is located, holding all experiences of all Metasouls across all timelines. You locate your Metasoul records and begin to get a sense for a timeline that may be currently ‘bleeding through’ to yours. This conscious sense of bleed through allows you to actually connect with and eventually heal this timeline in a conscious and compassionate way. Your Gatekeeper is an aspect of your Metasoul that provides direct access to these timelines as well and much easier navigation of them, which you will connect with soon in an upcoming video.

We then deepen this connection with your Metasoul aspects and create important bridges to them that lead to more unification of your Metasoul through 1:1 sessions (as I mention below).

Thank you for joining me on this tenth day of 33….as we move into Deepening energies together…..one beloved part of us at a time!

More about parts/Metasoul aspects here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

You can watch each video in the Deepen playlist on my SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

I will be hosting two group sessions over Zoom to digest your experience during this series for a $11 USD minimum donation per session. These will be on THIS Saturday January 12 and February 2nd at 11:00am PST. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2189383564650970/

You are welcome to share your experiences of this guided meditation here on FB and I will respond to your sharings.

Jelelle Awen
1:1 bridging and ongoing sessions available with me for women and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators (Gabriel and Raphael with women/men and Kalayna with woman 25 and under) to deepen this connection with your Protector and other precious aspects! More info here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

Gabriel Heartman​ Kalayna Colibri​ Raphael Awen​

What are the Akashic Records

I’ve always been a lover of libraries and books. Before my teenage years, I even dreamed of becoming a librarian. So, it’s no wonder that I’ve been drawn to the Akashic Records in my spiritual development journey.

The Akashic Records refers to a library that holds information about our soul journey. You can also think of it like a spiritual information highway or the internet of soul information.

But, the records can be visualized in very different ways.

When you visit the library, you can see the records like a tapestry thread that you can follow and explore to receive information. You can see the record like a book with different chapters.

You can also have an experience mediated by Akashic Records Guides who affect and filter the information in a way that is useful to the seeker.

The Akashic Records can also be experienced like a combination of these–a special room that you visit, a specific Guide that you can ask questions to, and a book that you can explore.

Some clients who I have worked with have the misconception that the Akashic Records only refer to past lives. And, even though, past lives is one of the areas that we can explore when we visit the Records, it is not the ONLY information available there.

In the next series of articles, I’ll be posting more details about what the Akashic Records are, what they are not, and how we can utilize them in our spiritual journey especially when part of that journey is expressing our divinity via a business.

Be on the lookout for more articles and subscribe to get alerted when they are published.

Debunking The Myths Of The Akashic Records

What are the akashic records?


Walking through a beaded curtain, you enter into a sacred space, fully equipped with humming and chanting. As the candles flicker, your eye catches the plethora of crystals that surround you, the incense ignites your senses. You join me in a cozy, dimly-lit room, filled with colorful drapery and fabrics from my wandering gypsy travels. You sit down expecting me to inherently know your past and wisely reveal to you all the answers to your life’s questions and concerns…

But the truth is, you are the one with all the answers. I simply show you how to tap in and understand them.

Akashic records are a full summary of our life events, thoughts, emotions, and words, that have occurred in the past, present, or future. They’re encoded in the etheric plane of existence, a non-physical one that exists in our realm of consciousness.


Chatting over a cup of tea, we’ll meet via phone, in the comfort of our own homes – preferably in pajamas. Deep-diving into helping you understand your soul’s purpose, together we’ll identify how to utilize your divine gifts. The coolest part is – we can look at past, present and future lives, even alternative realities to help us understand the complexity of your imprint. All-encompassing soul empowerment comes from a state of being a conscious co-creator. By accessing your Akashic Records you’re able to bend time and energy and create results beyond your wildest dreams.

Gain Access Wherever You Are

Once you know how to tap in, you can gain access wherever you are. There’s not a physical book outside of you, nor do you need to travel to India in order to access it. Although traveling to India would be fantastic and serve other purposes, and omg the food, but I digress…

Even though you don’t know it yet, you do hold the power to access, and with proper training you’ll be able to heal and actually create your Akashic Records.

Holding all the information about the cosmic truth of who you really are, Akashic Records are the energetic records of your soul. They record every word, thought, action, event, emotion and belief system.

By accessing your Akashic Records you will receive information through highlighting and understanding your inherent limiting patterns and blockages, offering you a greater understanding and connection to your soul’s growth by creating miracles in your life.


Every human being has the ability to access their Akashic Records. One of the biggest illusions is that you need to be a prophet or Queen Sheba to tap in.

Every single one of us is woven with the fabric of intuition, it’s just up to us to learn whether to exercise it or not, and to what depth. Think of working with your Akashic Records like riding a bike, the first day you have some training wheels, and when you are ready, the training wheels come off, and then you can ride your bike with confidence – remember that “I’m riding my bike on my own” joy you felt as a kid!?

A Word of Warning

But beware, if you’re addicted to being a victim, bringing in drama, not wanting to face your issues, etc., this isn’t for you. If Akashic Records had a warning label, it would read: until you’re ready to take personal responsibility for your own energy and how you show up in life, steer clear.

Life isn’t always easy to navigate, and Akashic Records offer us the understanding and ability to do the incredible work we were put here to do. The truth is when we show up from that place of understanding, we empower ourselves to fully access our unique gifts and talents, allowing a life of alignment with our soul’s purpose.

If you have any more myths or questions about the Akashic Records, drop them in the comments below!

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The Angelic Guides – The Akashic Records: What Are They and How You Can Use Them – Dr. Taryn Crimi

The Angelic Guides – The Akashic Records: What Are They and How You Can Use Them

Channeler:  Taryn Crimi


Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of the Akashic Records. There are many questions surrounding the Akashic records and it is our intention to share our perspective in hopes that it may help to answer some of these perplexing mysteries in this regard. We will be touching upon not only what the Akashic Records are as well as how one may access these records consciously.

Many more of you at this time are becoming aware of your infinite power to create all that you desire to experience. As you are evolving you are also regaining the knowledge that has remained “hidden” in plain view. The Akashic records are essentially the record of All That Is, all that ever “was” and all there will ever “be.” This is what many find so perplexing. How can there be a record of what will be if it has not happened yet? How can there still be free will? Ahhhh what an intriguing question and this is where our discussion will begin.

We will first request that you keep in mind that “time” as you know it is an illusion, it is not actually “real” it is only perceived in the reality which you currently exist. However, as we have expressed many times before, from our perspective time is simply a marker. It can be used much like you use the page numbers in a book. You are free to scroll back and forth in whatever manner you desire, the page numbers simply allow you to find the experience you are choosing to focus your attention on.

This is a sense is how we prefer to utilize time. With that analogy in mind, it may be easier to contemplate how all of existence is happening simultaneously, rather than in a linear line formed by a past, present and a future, therefore, from our perspective, the past, present and future are simply different perspectives of the same now moment; as now is the only “time” that actually exists.

Although the Akashic Records are a record of all that ever was, is, and will be, it is also continually changing, shifting, and evolving. We realize that this may be difficult to comprehend because of the agreed upon belief in linear time. We are attempting to simplify what seems to be a very complex topic into something that can still be understood with the agreed upon temporary limitations which you have taken on.

The understanding that the Akashic Records are changing, shifting and evolving with all of you is key to understanding how history, past events, future events and life paths can and are continually altered. We are using past and future tense in order to help you to better understand our explanation. When you change an ingrained belief, learn a life lesson, master a challenge or grow and evolve in consciousness you are essentially changing all other versions of “you” as well. This knowledge is then recorded in the Akashic Records for all others to then subconsciously access so they may also benefit from if they so choose.

These records are constantly changing and evolving with every choice that each being makes. The reality that would most likely have manifested can and often does change with the shift in choices, and decisions that are consistently being made.

From our perspective, the “past” is just as probable as the “future.” This may seem perplexing to you due to your perception of time, however, the choices that you make today do in fact affect the past, present, and future. It is just that your minds are not currently focused on perceiving any other “past” than the one you remember experiencing.

Upon the transition from the physical to the non-physical world, every soul is offered the opportunity to access the Akashic Records consciously to review the life which they “just” lived. In some sense it is similar to watching a holographic movie of your entire life; although this movie “recorded” every thought, person, belief, experience and decision that was ever made in your life to help you to better learn and grow from what you experienced.

Now imagine that these records are not recording just one of your lives, but all of them. Now imagine that these records record not only all of your lives but every soul in every one of their lives in every world. This is how immense these records are. It is the totality of all that is.

In a sense, the Akashic Records can be compared to a giant universal library, where all souls can gain access to the universal knowledge of every soul to further learn and grow from. As we stated earlier these records are continually being “updated” and evolving with the experiences that continually “upload” into the records.

When one being learns or creates something, the “recipe” is then available for all others to access and further build upon that knowledge. This is how All That Is continues to grow, learn and evolve. The Akashic record essentially allows every being the ability to consistently innovate upon what has already been discovered.

Many are now wondering where are these records stored? They are everywhere and yet they are nowhere. Let us explain. Space is yet another illusion which you have temporally agreed to perceive. However, like time, space also does not actually exist from our perspective.

We say that they are everywhere because these records are encoded in each one of your cells, each strand of DNA of every being, and yet it is not physical. It is not a place, but rather a state of mind or vibrational reality. All beings have access to these records, there are no exceptions. All that stands between you and gaining access to these records consciously is your vibration, resonance, and rate of frequency.

You may gain access to these records consciously by setting your intention to do so and being ready and open to receive it. This can be referred to as channeling the information from the higher realms. Certainly every being in existence has this ability, however many have allowed this “muscle” to atrophy and as a result, many find it difficult to connect with the higher realms.

A quiet mind and a focused state of receiving are essential to opening yourself up to channeling information from the higher realms. Through intention and practice, all beings can regain this ability. We encourage you to call upon us and we will gladly connect with you if it is your desire to do so.

We hope that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides”.

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065: Opening the Akashic Records, Soul Lessons & Trusting Your Abilities with Erin Gallagher

A month ago, Brian put Erin Gallagher to the test of reading his Akashic Records so that we could compare her reading to his first Akashic reading with Maureen St. Germain. Today you will hear Erin’s reading with the record keepers! As the skeptic who likes proof, Brian decided to ask the exact same questions he asked Maureen. So what happened?

Did Brian get similar readings or were they opposite? Were there any parallels? Were there any messages that were exactly the same? You’ll find out in this episode!

Also, after the reading we discuss the importance of trusting your gifts and following your guidance to strengthen them outside of typical institutions. One of the many systems of the matrix that is meant to enslave us is the institutionalization of learning. It forces us into a belief system that we must seek approval and worthiness outside of ourselves first. How do we break free of this? What are the benefits?

All of this and more in episode 065!

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