Some More 410/Golden Ratio/Other Synchronicities | 11:11

As I go about my day I am guided to type in certain things at certain times on the internet. This has manifested some very interesting synchronicities, some of which I will be sharing here.

Let us not forget that 410 is a magic number and continues to appear in major historic events and is a key number in metaphysics and numerology.

While looking into the Golden Ratio = 1.618 AKA the Fibonacci Sequence I discovered a few interesting connections. We see this combination of numbers (1618) when we multiply 410 times 410 = 168100. So minus the 2 zeros we get a root number of 1681 which is close to 1618.

When one types in ‘1.618’ into Google one of the results on the front page is from a site asking why the 1.618 is called the Golden Ratio. This question was posted on April 10th (410):

If we look up the meaning of the number 1618 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see that the time this was posted was 7:04 AM:

And we know the meaning of the number 704 was posted on 11/11/11:

Okay after doing a little more research just now I have found what I believe to be some interesting connections here.

The gematria value of The Golden Ratio (1.618) using the simplest cipher is 153:

I wish I had photo of it but one of the ambulances at the hospital I worked at had 153 on it and this was the one that was always coming and going, among others. I always wondered why that one kept appearing. Now I think I know why.

So the Hebrew gematria value of the words ‘I Am God’ (אני אלוהים) is 153:

And the meaning of the number 153 on the Angel’s Numbers website was posted at 12:23 PM:

For those who are not familiar, December 23rd (12/23) was the day I had a QHHT hypnotherapy session:

I wanted answers about all the Jesus Synchronicities that were manifesting. In reality, I think I already knew what the answers were, I just needed help coming to terms with them. I am still somewhat still in a state of denial about them. It seems that ‘they’ are trying to tell me that I am supposed to play the role of Jesus. Of course I don’t expect anyone to believe this, as I really don’t. Surely there is someone better who could fill such a pair of epic shoes (or sandals).

But I was shown Jesus over and over again while under hypnosis. It was not something I was manifesting, but was being repeatedly visually drilled into my consciousness automatically. I fought these images the entire time and wouldn’t tell the hypnotherapist what I was seeing.  Surely it was a mistake. I told her I didn’t want another session. And that was that. But the synchronicities continue, even though I tell ‘them’ I don’t want them sometimes.

Interestingly, the verse John 12:23 reads as follows:

The above verse contains 71 letters and 17 words and has a gematria value of 916 using Francis Bacon’s cipher and another cipher which assigns a number to every 11th letter:

9/16 was the issue date on my driver’s license:

And 9/16 was the air date for the 44th and last episode of the show ‘The 4400’ where the leader of the 4400, Jordan Collier, who is depicted as Jesus, leads the 4400 (people endowed with abilities to help defeat evil and bring paradise to Earth). We also see Pi here as this episode was the 13th episode of season 4 = 413:

The other gematria value listed above is 297. If we enter this into Pi we get 737, which is the last three digits of my debit card:

Anyways, this number 153 also appears in a few other places. 153 is the gematria value of the name ‘Betzalel’ (בצלאל) who constructed the Tabernacle (Mishkan in Hebrew), which was the first mobile Jewish temple:

And amazingly, the gematria value of Mishkan (the name of the mobile temple) (משכן) is 410, which allegedly stood for 410 years:


“…Moreover the gematria of Mishkan (410) hints to the number of years during which there was evidence that the Shechinah dwelled among the Jewish people, in the first Temple which stood for 410 years…”

(Mayima Chronim)

“…After their sojourn in the Wilderness, the Israelites continued to use the Mishkan within the borders of Israel for hundreds of years, throughout the period of Judges. It was only in the time of Kings David and Solomon that the Beit HaMikdash, the permanent Temple in Jerusalem, was constructed, and the Mishkan was no longer necessary. Its holy vessels were transplanted to the Temple, where they stood for 410 years (according to tradition) until the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, led by Nebuchadnezzar…”


“…The gematria of “Mishkan” equals 410, the number of years that the First Temple stood…”

And if I may reference a recent post, the Hebrew word for ‘I Am God’ also has a gematria value of 713 using a slightly different cipher:


“…And I was guided to go and watch ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ just a little bit ago and while I was scanning through season 7 I noticed an episode which corresponded to today’s date. It was season 7 episode 13 titled ‘Prophecy’ which had to do with a group of old Klingons who thought one of Voyager’s crew member’s baby was the Klingon Messiah:

This is everything for now, much love all.

Have You Started Seeing 11:11 Everywhere?

“It’s 11:11, make a wish!”- we’ve all heard it before. Those who accepted the idea that 11:11 is the time when he should make a wish start noticing these numbers more often even on a daily basis. It serves as a reminder to send their good intentions to the universe. some even believe that that’s the moment when we receive a deep spiritual message from our spiritual leaders, angels and higher self.

They say that this numerological phenomenon happens to remind us of the synchronicity between our inner consciousness and our outer world. This occurrence of the law of attraction helps us stay present and conscious of our thoughts and feelings in these times of cosmic shift  here on Earth. These numbers can also serve as a reminder that there is something or someone greater than us, where we can ask for directions and wisdom every time we feel life hasn’t been easy on u, or when we feel scared or lost.

Doreen Virtue, a renown angelic therapist and alleged medium between our and the spiritual world, says that noticing repeating numbers, especially 11:11, means that, in that moment you should focus on creating positive thoughts, because there is a bigger probability the angels will reward you by helping you manifest those intentions. She supports her statement with an example from the history: “The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first to establish that numbers hold vibrational properties”

According to some interpretation of the Mayan calendar, 21st of December 2012 at 11:11 started a shift in the world from the dark into the golden era ( the year of the Aquarius). Many healers and spiritual leaders on Earth believe that this important set of numbers presents a message of the higher forces telling us we should reconnect and harmonize with the Earth; get our balance back.

In these times of changes maybe the universe is sending sound phenomenon like the 11:11 numbers as a reminder to be present and send out as many healing thoughts as possible for the higher good of all beings on Earth. The more we notice signs like these the more positive vibrations we can send out to the universe. A few small positive affirmations can make a huge difference. Do you notice the synchronicities in your life?


The full moon of November 14 marks the second of a trilogy of full moons happening over October, November & December 2016. The Full Moon on 14 November presents the closest of the year. The moon hasn’t been this close to earth since January 26, 1948 and will not come this close again until the Full Moon of November 25, 2034.

With this huge amplification of supermoon energy drawing 2016 to a close, we can expect the last three months of the year to bring about huge changes within our lives. Energy runs high during a supermoon; you may feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances or have expressive dreams. You may also find your intuition is heightened, synchronicity more pronounced and you become more aware or sensitive to the energy of the environment, people, plants and animals. The best way to balance with this highly charged energy is to Earth yourself by connecting with nature like walking bare foot on the ground, hiking in nature or swimming in a lake or the ocean. 

How to make the most of the moon vibrations? 

  • REFLECT: Reflect on your lessons and learnings this year, embracing the wisdom of the journey, then taking on board those learnings in order to prepare for a new cycle.
  • LET GO: Let it come and let it go… these last three supermoons of the year are signally the ‘death’ before a cycle of ‘rebirth’ as we enter 2017
  • FORGIVE: Forgive yourself, forgive others… holding grudges only keeps you as the victim.  
  • DETOX: Be gentle with yourself and set aside time to care and nurture your body each day.  After a huge year of letting go, it is time to renew and refresh yourself and release the last remnants of emotional stagnation deep within you.
  • EMOTIONS: Emotions will be amplified this full moon and dramas could run rampant. It is a time to take a deep look within yourself.  What do you feel ?  Could what is happening outside of yourself have anything to do with something you are holding on to, fearing or hiding within yourself?
  • TRANSFORMATION:  But the Sun in impatient Scorpio is PUSHING for change, for growth and for us to take a good hard look below the surface and move us out of our comfort zones.  Ouch!  On a poignant note transformation is going to happen… so you may as well surrender and evolve with grace and ease.

11:11: Synchronicity or Inflated Ego? – Our Beautiful Lies

Alternatively, your ego inflates. Inflation is another term Jung wrote about, though it’s far less spoken about then repeating numbers. Inflation is when you serve your ego as your God. Or really, you create your God in the image/projection of you.


Synchronicity is a connection to something/someone greater than you

Jung’s divine, AA’s Higher Power, Christian’s God, Hindu’s Gods, Addict’s Heroin, iPhones/Androids…

Who or what do you defer to?

Your time, money, and attention = God.

Synchronicity is: the universe works with you when you work with it. Free of ego, the truth shines: the universe works with you whether or not you go along with it.

Spirituality frees you to be present and be love. When you are present, you are free of the ties that bind – guilt from the past, worry about the future, wanting for the have not’s, guilty for the haves, and on and on. You are here now.

Jung proposed as you embraced your Dark Side/Shadow/inner Vader, you will be able to become whole (holy), and you will then work with the force as opposed to against the force (Universe/God/Higher Power). (He did not throw Star Wars references in) He used the term synchronicity to help explain coincidence is not coincidence.

“God does not play dice” – Einstein

Look at the natural patterns in nature – repeating within and without each of us. Where one can observe chaos, at another level, it is perfect order. We lack the God’s eye view of our existence. We have no way of knowing if something good is actually good, or if something bad is truly bad.

Duality (good vs. bad, light vs. dark) is more lies of ego. Our ego is conscious attention: our problem solver and scanning device. Its whole purpose is to organize our lives between the chaos of the Id and the seeming order of the Superego. It’s not an enemy; it’s a lower state of consciousness. Spirituality expands your consciousness to see the world without the filter of ego.

As your ego becomes quieter, you begin to notice the harmony of life. In becoming more aware, you begin to see patterns in your own life naturally repeating.

Synchronicity is described as being in the right place at the right time.

It’s seeing karma in action – you see a cause and an effect that means something to you and you alone, and it’s appreciated.  Without the illusion of duality, there is never a good or bad. There is a process to life and no fate.

If there is a butterfly effect, it exists as one thought flaps its wings in your mind leading to a tsunami of thoughts within your mind. As you understand yourself, your shadows, and your cycles, you begin to see reality versus the illusion of the ego. You understand your mind creates your life.

Synchronicity doesn’t happen with awakening, or ascribing to any spiritual or religious path. It does not happen as a karmic reward or lesson. The Universe and God are not bookkeepers. They don’t dish out punishment. They’re not bizarre sado-masochistic all seeing eyes of fairy dust and ball gags.

We are the judge and jury. We are the ones who create the pain or pleasure. Our thoughts lead to words and actions. Duality lies and gives labels, but truth (not repeating numbers on a digital clock) says you are always on your path.

Awareness of Synchronicity is a measure of awareness.

It’s from a level our egos do not like to exist – can’t exist really. The notion of a higher power than I? More confusingly, the power is in me and not in me? In reality, there is no me, only an idea of me?

There is too much writing about “fighting” the ego, “killing” the ego. If you go to war with yourself, you go to war. Spirituality shows you the ego does not exist, inflation shows you the ego can change. It depends on who or what that God is.

Synchronicity can help guide you back home to yourself. Here and now – you are perfect. You are always on the right path, because you are alive.

Are you checking in or checking the time?

So many articles have been written on the repeating numbers – do you see 11:11? 1:11? 2:22? I don’t mean to stick my tongue out and wag my ass, but this is a shrewd, limited, fragment of the reality of synchronicity, yet it is touted AS synchronicity.

Carl Jung died 7 years before a digital clock was invented. At the time of his death, you couldn’t look at a clock and see 11:11. 

This is not synchronicity. This is not anything but a fabrication of confirmation bias. If you put a positive association with seeing 11:11, you will see 11:11 more.

Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning.

New Age spirituality can easily turn into a higher form of ego

Seeing repeating numbers on a digital clock is not significant. Taking a screen shot of these numbers and posting them on social media disconnects you from the here and now – the very purpose of connecting with self and freeing yourself of ego.

Screen shots and social media disconnect from the here and now and cling to something as impermanent as minutes on the clock. Time itself is a creation of our egos to organize our lives.

With confirmation bias, you naturally check a clock more often to see repeating numbers, reaffirming an illusion you are trying to break free of. Your ego has moved up a level. Is that bad? I don’t believe in bad, especially since the flip side is: hey you moved up. In a video game, the villains always grow harder.

In life, the villain and protagonist are the same verb: You. You’re either -ing up, -ing down, or -ing in place.

Jung’s concept of synchronicity has been placed on something as common as a clock. There are 24 opportunities in a day to see repeating numbers on a clock. That’s not significant. In checking phones and taking screen shots, illusion remains as does disconnection. In the minute of 11:11, a glance at the sky could have shown an animal that inspired you, a smile that changed your day, or an answer you had been overlooking.

A synchronicity is an every day miracle. It’s the little things you come to appreciate when you finally see how grand life is in a moment by moment basis. I find, if I’m using technology, the first post on my YouTube, the first thing I see on Social Media, etc. are far more serendipitous and productive than seeing numbers on a clock 7 years after the man who invented the term died.

Is your God above, within, or a rectangle in your palm? 

Synchronicity is a term used by Jung fans and New Age Spiritualists. For Jung and spirituality, self-awareness transcends the ego to find your true self (all roads point to love) which leads to co-creating with the universe.  Synchronicity is an example of the connection of true self and God. In transcending the illusion of ego, you see that there is no separation between you and everything around you – including God.

11.11 – A Wake Up Call From The 5th Dimension

by Morag;

11.11 is the Wake Up call. 11.11 is the cosmic codebreaker. It wakes us up from our matrix induced trance with quiet persistence. 11.11 is the calling card of quantum existence. We are evolving as energetic beings of frequency, of light, of dimensional fluidity. Seeing above, beyond, behind the holographic walls of the matrix. Deprogramming. Unplugging.

Learning to ride waves of higher consciousness, embracing awareness of the non physical world, of other worlds and dimensions.

Do we choose the blue pill? Trumpocalypse, war, poverty and predators? Or do we choose the red pill and let the rabbit hole show us how deep the cosmic truth is? More and more people are being pushed to the tipping point of choice. Red or blue pill? Believe peace is possible or refuse to break the internal chains of conformity and fear?

Change or accept the status quo. To give up is to check out, exit this lifetime and welcome the next, or surrender to the matrix. To fight is to breathe deep, seek stillness, release karma and connect to those other worlds.

Quantum existence is a vibration, a knowing, an expansion of consciousness. It is a state of being. Of fluctuation and slippage, highs and lows. It is being more than a matrix avatar, a yes man, a service to self slave. It is rising above polarity, hate and fear. Speaking frequency as a language.

Conscious awareness of energy as a living, breathing force, as everything. To tune into universal love frequency we seek inner stillness. Finding a quiet space for meditation, reflection, energetic expansion. Embracing a new perspective on the world, the universe and everything.

We practice mindfulness. We are present. We are grateful. We disengage from other people’s dramas. We manifest joy by experiencing joy. We heal and heal others. We commune with and in nature. We open our minds to intergalactic communities, politics and technology. We open our hearts to love frequency. Heart led living is the effect of heart chakra activation. Of being in the love frequency. To reach this vibration fear must be let go, anger and hate released. Stillness acquired. Balance and alignment sought.

11.11 is the ‘wake up’ activation code. It is also our welcome hug from the fifth dimension. There is reassurance in the code, love and hope in the number sequence. There is more to the world than meets the eye, so much more. And this is a wonderful thing, a beautiful thing to be part of. Embrace the wake up call. Surrender to higher vibrations of love. Release fear. Learn to surf waves of quantum evolution.

Is it not better to be surfing than drowning? To be riding waves of recalibration, upgrades to a better way of being than risking stagnation by treading water, going backwards not forwards? It’s okay. 1111 is not scary. Being in the matrix forever is the scary. Come online and join the fun. Be loving, be kind, be grateful. Step out of fear and into love.

Sending love and light to you x

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I am grateful for all that is true, beautiful and magical in my life.

I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at . Much love and light beautiful people.

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More Base-8 Math Synchronicities (The Matrix, The Numbers 2117 and 3221) | 11:11

This will be a continuation of the things I am being guided to in regards to the conversion of numbers from base-10 to a base-8 counting system using the numbers ‘they’ have been giving me over the years.

The first is the number that manifests when entering my birth time 11:03 into this converter:

After analyzing this number 2117 I found some interesting things. When we plug the number 2117 into the converter we see a 410 in the resulting number:

And the digits of 2117 can be seen as a jumbled version of Euler’s Constant which is 2.71 which is an important mathematical formula dealing with compound interest and growth and appears as ‘e’ on scientific calculators.

This number 2.71 is connected to 410 quite well. If we multiply 410 x 2.71 we get 1111.1:

If we look up the meaning of the number 2117 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see it was posted on July 21st, which if seen in number form and the day/month format would be the same digits 21/7:

And we see a 925 in the view count and we know 925 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:

And the 2117th prime number is 18481 which is 184 mirrored into itself. This combination of numbers has been appearing more lately and I am sure that will be my next set of numbers to analyze:

For instance, the time I archived a previous post was at 1:48, in addition to this number appearing elsewhere while completing these works:

The next number of interest resulted when I plugged in the number 1681 into the converter. 1681 is the root number of the result of 410 x 410 = 168100 and is a number that appears frequently:

The result is the number 3221. There are a few interesting pieces of information we can pull from this number.

If we look up the meaning of the number 3221 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see a 946 in the view count and 946 as the posting time:

The number 946 appears occasionally throughout these reports including on an electrical box near my old apartment:

Another thing to note is that the number 3221 is the number 1223 backwards and if seen as a date this would be 12/23 or December 23rd and this was the date I had the QHHT session where I was shown to be playing the role of Jesus:

The gematria value of ‘God Will Never Leave You’ is 3221:

If we multiply the digits of this number 3221 together (32 x 21) we get 672:

These digits can be jumbled to be 726 and this is a number that has appeared recently in pretty big ways:

726 takes position 288 in Pi:

And we know 288 in Pi takes position 33, the amount of years Jesus allegedly lived:

And 726 is the gematria value of ‘The Messiah’ in Greek (ο Μεσσιας):

If we divide the number 726 in half we get 363 which is the Hebrew gematria value of ‘The Messiah’ (המשיח):

If we subtract 1223 from 3221 we get 1998:

And 1998 was part of a date/time stamp given in the beginning of the first Matrix movie. Additionally, if we look up the amount of weeks between April 10th, 1990 and the date provided in that beginning scene, which is February 19th, 1998, we see it is 410 weeks:

I wasn’t going to add this part because I only like to include things that are right on the money and not things that get ‘close’ to the values I find here AKA ‘almost synchronicities’ but in this case it was so close I think I should.

If we subtract 2117 from 3221 we get 1104, which is one digit away from my birth time of 11:03 (another combination of the digits 1104, 4110 can be found in another recently article, perhaps that was the synchronicity):

The gematria value of the phrase ‘The Window of Opportunity’ is both 331 and 3221:

And the time the meaning of the number 2117 was posted was at 3:31:

And 3/31 (March 31st) was the date that the first Matrix movie premiered:

3221 is the 456th prime number:

And the gematria value of ‘King Messiah came’ (מלך המשיח בא) is 456:

If we plug in the number 456 into the converter we get 710, which, if seen as a date in day/month format would be October 7th which was the date I was shown the bible verse John 4:4 – 4:10 in a dream where the verse 4:10 talks about God sending Jesus to Earth:

And this particular post number ends in 682 which are the digits 628 in a different order and we know 628 is the result of 314 + 314 (the numbers of this post number are also all even numbers, so here we see this interesting phenomenon happening again):

And I would also add that today is 1/9/19. This number 19 has a special place throughout these works and I just did a post about this number recently. It is strongly connected to information and verses of the Qur’an:

This is everything for now, much love all!

PS After being guided to plug in the above sentence I use to end these posts I found it had a gematria value of 432 (sacred geometric number)and contained 33 letters:


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Even More Huge Base-8 Number Synchronicities | 11:11

This is a continuation of the research that has been sparked by the episode of Stargate SG-1 called ‘The Fifth Race’:

After plugging in the amount of years in a Great Year (as Plato termed it) into the converter, which is 25,920:

(Riding the Beast)

“Number of terrestrial years of the Great Cosmic Year. It is the number of years that takes the Earth to cross the twelve eras of 2160 years (each one being symbolized by a sign of the zodiac), that is to say the time that takes our solar system to cover once on its orbit the path around the great Central sun…”

(Divine Cosmos)

“…25920-year cycle: Grand Solar / Precessional Cycle, marking out great ages of human civilization…”

(Divine Cosmos)

“…The man who made the theory famous and gave it all its value was Plato, for he set the true golden number at 25920 years; and this number, as we shall see, contains all the others. These 25920 years correspond to the complete precessional cycle which we discussed earlier…”

We get the number 62500:

If we analyze this number further we see that the square root of 62500 is 250, or simply put 62500 is the result of 250 x 250:

This number 250 just made a big appearance in a previous article which one can find at this link.

If we plug in the number 1111 into the converter we get the number 2127:

And if we look up the details of this number 2127 we see that one of its few divisors is 709:

7090.pngAnd we know July 9th (7/09) was the date I began compiling these synchronicity reports onto one page:

709 is also the gematria value of the Greek word for ‘beginning’ (αρχή),:

709 is also the gematria value of ‘Christ the Master’. And Jesus was referred to as ‘The Master’ by Edgar Cayce in his readings:

If we plug in 112 (the amount of days remaining after September 10th) into Pi we get 709 (September 10th was the day the massive X8.2 solar flare occurred):

If we subtract 1111 from 2127 we get 1016, which are also the digits of 1610 which is military time for 410:

If we plug in the number 585 into the converter we get 1111:

If we subtract 585 from 1111 we get 526, which is the reverse of the original 62500 we just got earlier from plugging in 1111 into the converter:

We we plug in the number 138 into the converter we get 212:

And I lived right off of Thunderbird Road (same as the hospital I worked and was born at) which was identified with the number 138 and I lived in apartment 212 before moving:

Since we are looking into the number 1111 here I thought it would be good to mention that if you plugged in the number 1111 into Pi you found the above apartment address 11 digits over to the right and right after the address is another 11:

We see a combination of 2s and 6s in this particular post number:

And we know the gematria value of the Hebrew name for the God of Israel ‘YHWH’ (יהוה) is 26 and is also known as the Tetragrammaton:

The first three digits of this post number is 266 and this is the position of the number 486 in Pi which was just found the other day as the result of the digits of the air date of a special Stargate SG-1 episode (February 3rd, 1999 or 2/3/99):

This number 486 (even numbers appearing again) also appears right before 104 which are the digits of 410:

This is everything for now, much love all!

More Stargate: Atlantis Ascension Episode Synchronicities | 11:11

So ‘they’ are having me go back and look further into these ascension episodes from the Stargate: Atlantis series. One such episode is where a team of scientists are sent through the stargate to study ‘The Ancients’ or the ones who built the stargate systems AKA The Atlantians.

They discover an ascension machine and accidentally turn it on. One of the main characters Dr. Rodney McKay goes through a rapid transformation leading towards ascension which included ascended abilities (telekenesis, levitation, mind-reading, etc.).

Interestingly, this would be Season 3 Episode 14 = 314 (Pi):

The air date December 11th, 2006 is significant and hides some interesting information including the magic number 410. The amount of time between April 10th, 1990 and December 11th, 2006 is 16 years, 8 months and 1 day:

If we look at these numbers as a single number it would be 1681, and we know this is the root number which is the result of 410 x 410 = 168100:

And we find some interesting sacred information with the amount of days between those dates = 6089. If we multiply these numbers (minus the zero) together we get 432, a sacred metaphysical number:

December 11th is the 345th day of the year:

And the gematria value of ‘God Almighty’ (literally ‘El Shaddai’) (אל שדי) in Hebrew is 345:

The gematria value of ‘I Am That I Am’ (אהיה אשר אהיה) in Hebrew is 543, the mirror of 345:

If we add 345 and 543 together we get 888 and 888 is the gematria value of Jesus’ name in Greek (Ιησούς):

And 888 + 888 = 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed:

If we subtract 314 from 345 we get 31:

And we know 31 takes position 137 (another magic number) in Pi:

If we plug the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (888) (Ιησούς) into Pi we get 4751:

If we multiply these digits together we get 140 (the digits of 410 in a different order):

4751 is the 640th prime number:

640640.pngAnd if we plug in 640 into Pi we see it takes position 69 which are reflective/mirror/flipped numbers. We also see 628 right after 640 and we know 628 is the result of 314 + 314:

640 is the gematria value of ‘God’s Begotten Son’, ‘The Eye of God’ and ‘The Morning Star’ (another name used to identify Jesus, it is not always a title associated with Lucifer):

The gematria value of ‘Six Four Zero’ is 2120:

And we know 314 takes position 2120 in Pi:

So the whole thing ‘circled’ around back to Pi AKA Source/God.

And this particular post ends in 391:

The mirror of 391 = 193 has made an interesting appearance recently and it goes along perfectly with these Stargate-related synchronicities:

This is everything for now, much love all!

Some More Synchronicities Related to the Solar Flash, Jesus & Others | 11:11

I was going to type these up tomorrow but I am being guided to do this now. There are several more synchronicities that ‘they’ want documented that are related to the Solar Flash and other topics.

The first was the gematria value of the phrase ‘Fire from the Circle’ (from the other day) which is what the Solar Flash will be, is 411:

Using the same cipher we got the same number 411 for the value of ‘Conflagration’ which has a similar meaning: “An extensive fire that destroys a great deal of land or property.” In this context this word is used to illustrate the Solar Flash, there is no need for fear here:

It is also the gematria value of the phrase “I Am Going to Transform into Light Soon” (of course the word soon has been used to death, but I am still being guided to include it, and this could apply to anyone who is ready to begin the Ascension process when The Event happens):

The gematria value of ‘No Coincidences’ is also 411:

And the gematria value of the words ‘Explosion of Light’ happens to be 410 using Francis Bacon’s cipher in reverse:

The number 103 has been appearing for many months as far as I can remember. And it is coming up once again within these works. The gematria value of ‘Christ’ in Greek ‘Kristos’ (Χριστός) is 1480:

1480 takes position 103 in Pi:

103 is the gematria value of the following words:

‘The Liberation of Earth’:

‘The Magic Number Four Ten’:

‘The Stars’ (הכוכבים):

‘Love You’ (αγαπηι):

‘Transformation into a Light Body’:

‘The End of Darkness Forever’:

And it is also the value of the phrase ‘Do You Believe in Coincidences?’:

The above Chaldean cipher is one of the oldest known ciphers. These people were known to be highly educated and very skilled in astrology, astronomy and the occult. They lived south of Babylonia centuries before the birth of Christ. They would possibly be known as the people who were the wise-men who came to find baby Jesus that most of might know of.

(Professional Numerology)

“The Chaldean Numerology approach is very an­cient and accurate. Chaldean Numerology was developed by the Chaldeans long time ago, who once occupied the southern part of Babylonia. Because of their long and diligent study of the occult, the people of Chaldea became well known for their contributions to astronomy, mathematics, and other sciences, particularly Astrology and Numerology. So adept were these Chaldean people in the metaphysical arts, that their name became synonymous with such studies…”

The value of ‘Do You Believe in Coincidences?’ in Greek (Πιστεύετε σε συμπτώσεις;) is 3745:

If we reverse this number 3745 (5473) we see that is appears just after Pi in Pi. We also see the number 1661 which is the gematria value of ‘What are the Odds of That?’:

This number appeared on a rest stop wall that I stopped at the other day:

If we multiply the digits of the number 5473 (gematria value of ‘Do you believe in coincidences’ in Greek) together it equals 420:

And 420 takes position 701 in Pi:

And we know 701 plus 410 equals 1111:

Interestingly the phrase ‘A Blast from the Sun’ has a value of 628 which is composed of the perfect numbers 6 and 28. 628 is also the result of 314 + 314:

This particular post number ends in 312:

And the gematria value of ‘Angel’ (αγγελος) in Greek is 312:

312 is also the value of the word ‘Fire/And the Fire’ (והאש) in Hebrew:

These two words ‘Angel’ and ‘Fire’ could be a reference to the Seraphim which are beings that are of the highest order in the hierarchy of angels which are closest to Source/God/The Universe. The name Seraph means ‘The Burning One’. They are often described as appearing to ‘burn’ with the love of the creator:

St. Francis’ vision of a seraph

I’ve just found that the gematria value of ‘Seraph’ is 213, or 312 backwards:

Amazingly, I’ve also found that the Hebrew gematria value of ‘Seraphim’ (Plural) (שְׂרָפִים) is 630:

This number has appeared in the most amazing ways recently. June 30th 2015 (6/30) was the day the Star of Bethlehem reappeared in the sky for the first time in 2000 years:

(Elephant Journal) “Star Of Bethlehem” Visible for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

“Jupiter and Venus Dancing In The Sky Tonight: If you missed the “Star of Bethlehem” phenomenon last night it will still be possible to see this clear and spectacular display for the next few days as Jupiter and Venus dance in the night sky. The best time to view is just after dark, looking just above the horizon to the North/North-West.

‘Double star’ moment for Jupiter and Venus in the night sky (via CNN).

On June 30th, Jupiter and Venus merged into what is known as a super-star.

And the City of Prescott allowed a local church to organize a ‘Walk Through Bethlehem‘. After being guided to turn the car around and take a picture of the banner above the street I realized later on that I captured the photo at 6:30 PM on a spinning time/temperature sign:

The Greek word for ‘prepare’ (ητοιμασα) has a value of 630:

The Greek word for ‘nigh’ (παραπλήσιον), which means ‘close’ or ‘near-by’ or ‘soon’, is 630:

And interestingly the phrase “The Seraphim are Helping with These Synchronicities” happens to be 3144 and 410. So here we see these magic number appearing together once again:

This is everything I am being guided to add at this time, much love all.

PS In the previous post before this one I was guided to add the song ‘Burn’ by Ellie Goulding. Another Seraphim sign?