Yogini Cult & Temples – A Tantric Tradition by Vidya Dehejia


Yogini Cult and Temples by Vidya Dehejia

Yogini – What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Those of us who follow Yoga may think of it as a female who pursues Yoga and that is right. Some of us may think of ancient female Rishis – that could be one meaning. Scriptures sometimes use this word for Yakshinis, sometimes for the women who service the great Devis, while sometimes they are the Devis. Candi Puran says the yoginis were born from various parts of the body of Chandi.

Dr. Vidya Dehejia starts the books by removing confusion over the meaning of the word Yogini. Once she gives you all possible meanings, she tells you the ones she is going to explore in the book. These are Goddesses or demi-Goddesses who are a part of Tantric practices. They are usually worshipped in a group of 64 and 64-Yogini is a commonly used name for them. Sometimes they are also in a group of 81 or 42 but those are special numbers. Once we know the basics, the exploration begins.

Yogini Temples

Dr. Dehejia takes us to various Yogini temples in the country. As of now they primarily lie in the central belt of India – in Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. You can also call this area South of Yamuna and North of Narmada. However, it can not be ruled out that Yoginis were worshipped elsewhere as well. Delhi, after all, was called Yoginipura and even today has a temple dedicated to Yogmaya. She takes us to all the existing temples, in whatever shape they exist and introduces us to the architecture of the temples along with the surviving sculptures.

She talks about the various scriptures that mention Yogini worship, sometimes even the lack of them. And she talks about the practices that continue to happen though away from the general public eye. Secrecy seems to be the cornerstone of this path of Yogini Cult whose practices would sound bizarre to most people. For example, the Yoginis are offered 5 Ms – Matsya or Fish, Mamsa or Meat, Mudra or Grain, Madya or alcohol and Maithuna or Sexual Intercourse. Devi Mahatmya, Kalika Puran, Kaulavalinirnaya, and Skanda Puran are often referred. There is a discussion of the geometric descriptions of the Devis.

There is a discussion of the Chakras or the geometric representation of the Devi. Chakra is an important part of the Yogini Rituals. This may be the reason that many Yogini temples are circular with 64 niches in the circle. Some Yogini paintings depict Yoginis’ body with a Chakra with complex formations. I wish I could learn to interpret these Chakras. Yoginis on various miniature paintings particularly from Rajasthan gives them a human form. You wonder if some people have seen them as a Yogini.


There is an elaborate discussion on whether the Matrikas that we often see in the panels of Sapta Matrikas at various temples, that are a part of Yoginis or not. There is no clear answer. Some lists of Yoginis have Matrikas as part of them while others not. The conclusion is that list of Yoginis that a temple followed was localized. There are some common ones, but most are local deities. Some yoginis could have been the Gram Devis.

Dr. Dehejia then takes us through various Yogini images. The names of the yoginis which she repeatedly tells us never match from one list to another are curious. The names depict some characteristic of the Yogini it belongs to. Each Yogini serves some purpose like Brahmi is worshiping to get a son, Kaumari to destroy the enemy etc. There are some ferocious ones like Narbhojini – the one who eats humans, Shav-Hasta – the one with a corpse in her hand, Garbhabhakshi – the one who eats the fetus.

My biggest discovery in this book on Yogini was Bhutalipi with 42 letters, with each letter depicted through Deities called Varneshwaris.

The book is full of images of Yoginis – all those who survived the ravages of time. Some are well carved and are masterpieces while others have given away to the weather and time. However, they all show Yoginis with their Vahanas, their name comes alive in the gestures. Some of the Yoginis are numbered – in fact, a text I am reading says they should be worshipped in a sequence. I particularly liked the one with two fingers in our mouth as if she is whistling loud. No wonder she is called Rauravi or the one who makes loud noises.

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What intrigued me while reading this book is the pure mathematics that is a part of Yogini Cult. It seems the followers of this cult were as much the mathematicians as they were Yogini worshippers. I wonder if the Chakras are a representation of the universe – outside and within us. Were they attempting to manipulate the world in some way? The Siddhis they were trying to achieve through Yogini worship would today fall in the realm of Science and Technology like the ability to fly or ability to change your body at will. There is a lot of mention of Rasayana which would roughly translate to Chemistry. Incidentally, there is a recipe for the drinks that should be offered to the Yoginis.

This is more of my learnings from the book Yogini Cult and Temples – A Tantric Tradition by Dr. Vidya Dehejia. The book is freely available at Archive.Org

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Twin Flame Video: Amazing Facts About The Twin Flame Connection

WHY ALL THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES TO BRING TWIN FLAMES TOGETHER And Other Amazing Facts… Did You Know in the Later Stages, New Shared Chakras Are “Unlocked”?

I’d like to take some time today to thank you for being part of Twin Flames 11:11! It’s been such a wonderful journey since I began almost 4 years ago – and I couldn’t have done it without you!

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So onto today’s post: it’s the next in my Twin Flame video series. I know many of you are on YouTube and have been asking me to put out videos – so this year I’m doing just that!

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7 Amazing Facts About Twin Flames:

Why You’re Not Just A “Pair” You Are Already One, Sharing Dreams, Stepping Out Of The Wheel Of Karma, and more… Plus, Did You Know that in the Later Stages of Union New Shared Chakras Are “Unlocked”?

Because so much of the content out there on Twin Flames focuses on the hardship and negativity of the connection, it’s time to flip the coin on this and remind ourselves of the gift of being a Twin Flame!

Not only can it be a wonderful reminder to shift our perspective, but focusing on the positives actually means our energy shifts to allow more of it in. This is how energy works. What we focus on, we get more of.

So allow this article to help you re-focus on the positive, amazing, miraculous aspects of the Twin Flame connection! This in itself will align you with more of the good.

And I would love to hear from you in the comment section below about your peak experiences with your Twin! What have been the most inspiring, happy, miraculous, mysterious experiences you’ve had together?

So often, we’re discouraged by “regular” people when it comes to the experiences we have with our Twin – so let’s show each other support and that “miracles” really do happen on this journey!

Please share in a clear, brief comment and help inspire other Twins!

So here are 7 Amazing Facts About The Twin Connection


When Twins meet, there’s a strange feeling in the pit of their being that this is something they’ve never experienced before…

The strange magnetic pull between them, maybe even physical heart palpitations. The surreal feeling that this is something completely out of the ordinary.

When Twin Souls meet and interact, our souls “click in” and our whole systems react to finding the “missing part” of our energy. For most Twins, there is nothing else like that feeling of “home” we get when we meet each other.

When Twin Flames meet, their hearts click into a feeling of “home” – the meeting of the only two beings in the universe who share the exact same frequency

Often, Twins live their lives feeling a bit subdued emotionally, like there’s something “missing” on a deep level they might not be able to put their finger on.

When you meet your Twin, this feeling is completely replaced by a sense of wholeness. There’s nothing quite like it. To feel the Unconditional Love of coming home to your mirror soul…

Most people on earth live whole lives without ever feeling that Unconditional Love of their heart connecting with another’s…

As a Twin Flame you get to experience this not just once, but to journey together toward this being ultimately your way of life. To get to live that love from the inside out. How amazing is that?

And if you’re not quite there yet it means you’re in the middle of the purge of negativity Twins go through – to smooth your experience and uplift into love download my free energy healing resources at twinflames1111.com


Nearly all Twin flames go through a rush of realization and excitement when they first begin to notice number sequences like 11:11 and 333 pop up wherever they go.

The feeling that something not of this world, or out of the ordinary is trying to communicate with them… The feeling that they are being guided.

The Twin Flame journey is full of significant symbols, messages, subtle indications that the physical reality is only a small part of existence.

The thrill of experiencing this for the first time, often after an early life of feeling that there was nothing “out there”, is incredible! For many Twins this is the first feeling ever of there being a deeper meaning to existence, and it can be a huge rush.

Seeing 11:11, 333, 777? The Twin Flame journey brings the knowing that there is an existence beyond physical reality!

Most people on earth live their lives feeling that the physical reality of everyday chores, bills, work, family is all there is.

Twin Flames get to live the adventure of this world and beyond. To live with the excitement of an unfolding journey into greater meaning and mystery.


Nearly all Twin Flames share significant experiences together in the form of dreams and sleep journeys. Many Twins actually dream the same dream, where both experience it the same way.

These dream experiences can be wonderful connections of emotions, physical love and joy, where the hassles of the daily physical world take a back seat and love becomes the focus once more.

Many Twins activate each others’ chakras and even heal each other in astral/dream experiences

Often, Twins wake up from these dreams with a feeling of being completely fulfilled and nourished by each other’s love.

Many Twins’ first encounter actually occurs in dreams, where their energies “activate” each other back to recognition through Unconditional Love heart to heart.

This often happens when Twins encounter each other remotely (like through the internet).

Some Twins carry on physical love relationships on the dream planes and in astral journeys for years – some without fully realizing or remembering it in the waking world.

Twins’ higher selves and guides use dreams to give indications, signs and information about blocks that need to be resolved, to trigger memories and move the journey forward.

When we go to sleep at night, the waking ego consciousness relaxes its control and the Twin Flames’ souls can come together peacefully in love no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

To remember more of these dreams and actively engage in lucid dreaming (where you are aware that you are dreaming, and can control your dreamscape) have a look at energy clearing.

When we remove congestion and others’ energies, we become more attuned to our inner dreamscapes and intuitive abilities.

Dreams and astral experiences are a common way for the Twins’ higher selves and guides to give indications, signs and information about ongoing energy work, blocks that need to be resolved, to trigger memories and help the journey move forward.


There’s nothing quite like the kick of realizing for the first time that you are “talking” to someone else in your mind, or sharing information with another in a conscious way.

Often, this begins as small phrases popping up here and there. Strange words or images or songs you suddenly realize are floating around in your mind, and didn’t come from you…

As time goes on, many Twins open their telepathic communication so fully that they can converse even when they are physically apart. And excitingly, Telepathy has now been scientifically proven to exist!

Telepathy of words/images/emotion/meaning is one of the hallmarks of The True Twin Flame connection – because Twins are two aspects of the same original consciousness, they are always “tuned into each other’s channel”!

Telepathy is one of the hallmarks of the True Twin Flame Connection! But some Twins are congested and their channel needs to be opened with energy healing…

However, some Twins are so congested with energy and others’ attachments, that their channel isn’t open. If this is you, don’t worry.

It can be remedied with energy clearing methods – the clearer our channel, the more communication can come through. ??Go to www.twinflames1111.com to get free energy healing downloads and guided meditations for Twin Flames!

You could actually be so mentally busy that you’ve not noticed the telepathic communication going on, so try quieting your mind a few minutes each day to open up the space to receive again.


One of the most wonderful aspects of the Twin journey, although challenging at times, is the awakening from “the sleep” of earthly life. ??The majority of humanity live in a tightly boxed off space of repeating the same actions, thoughts and experiences over and over.

Most people live on the wheel of karma – stuck in repeated experiences, where “free will” is more an expression than a reality.

Twin Flame Awakening and Ascension can be challenging – to be removed emotionally and intellectually from everything you’ve ever known and opening you to your divinity. ??This is why it’s done gradually. Peeling back layer by layer, so that we can adjust as we go along and awaken to our deeper soul selves.

Common to Twin Flame awakening is that our eyes are opened to a larger reality. Ascension usually happens gradually – to avoid overwhelming the system. You’re never brought more than you can handle as a soul. No matter how hard it seems you’re capable!

On the Twin Flame Journey we learn that we are not just human beings, but souls experiencing physical life.

That we are not just the small “ego self” we’ve been shown as we grew up, but that we are unlimited consciousness that does not conform to titles, gender, age, residence or any other earthly category.

We are the universe expressing itself, and our bodies are made of the same material as stars (you can even read about the science behind this here).

Twin Flames are part of a small but growing group of fortunate human beings who get to “awaken” while alive on earth, to get to experience the larger existence here in the physical reality. This is such a rare thing!

Twin Flames are among a small but growing group of people who get to “awaken” to the soul’s divine nature while living in physical reality. This is such a rare thing!

To open up more to this, you’ll benefit from clearing any ancestral “reality grids” you’ve inherited and been anchored into… and connecting up to the higher consciousness grids of 5D – where unconditional love and unity of souls exists.

We do this and much more in the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session… Click here to discover more and download.


Often there is a subtle undercurrent in Twins’ lives before meeting each other – to always be on the lookout for someone you’re not sure who is.

To be searching for one who is like you. To seek your “missing heart” in others as you journey through life. Until you finally find that one person.

When Twin Flames meet and events and synchronicities increase to the degree that many begin to question whether they’re “going crazy” or are making things up – the subtle soul reality tells us something different…

Twin Flames Are Not Just “Pairs” or “Couples” – We Are Already One. Once You Begin To Look For Oneness Everything Starts To Shift…

This initial awakening period is a challenging push and pull between intuitive knowing and the logical mind… In this period, we begin to realize more and more that we are not just meeting and interacting with a person who is like us. We are actually interacting with ourselves, in some deep way.

This is the crux of the difficulty and the beauty of the Twin Soul connection – that we are not just “pairs” or “couples” but that we are already one. Once you begin to look for this oneness – everything begins to shift.

Throughout the Twin Flame journey, our souls are constantly trying to show us this, and most Twins share significant similarities and early life experiences with each other. Mannerisms, preferences, feeling tendencies, family structures, interests, passions, dislikes and likes…

You are whole as yourself, and so is your Twin… but together you become a greater Whole. In your Twin Flame you are not just finding a “good fit” or a “partner for life” – you are meeting yourself mirrored.

These are not just signs that you have found a “good fit” but that you are meeting yourself mirrored. It can be an amazing and mind-blowing experience to realize this!

But for many Twins this aspect of the journey can also be understandably challenging as it goes against everything we’ve ever experienced.

If you are in a stage of finding this process difficult or “too much” – stretching you beyond your boundaries and stirring up turmoil in you,please try the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames at www.twinflames1111.com

When you clear your energy and funnel in new light, you’ll feel much more calm, settled and whole in yourself again.


When Twin Flames Reunite in the “Alchemical Union” or “Hieros Gamos”, their whole energetic systems are brought online with each other.

For myself and my Twin Soul this happened bit by bit, first in a ceremony where our Chakras were connected to each other with cords, then in increased reconnections of more of our systems, the unification of the Akashic Records of past/current lives and timelines and so forth.

Gradually more and more of our systems were integrated back together. After we reached Union I created the Vibrational Alignment Program to help other Twins do the same as well.

For some Twins Union happens on the soul planes without them being consciously aware of it – many are too mentally “busy” to be open to receiving information from their higher faculties on this.

Meditating and clearing congestion with energy tools is a great way to stay open to this kind of communication – you will be shown what’s happening, in some way.

To stay in touch with what’s happening on the non-physical planes of your journey, meditation is highly recommended. You’ll get signs and indications of what’s going on.

When Twins’ souls are “merging” we step deeper and deeper into Unification, and often Twins notice each others’ memories surfacing and an increase in sharing emotions and personality traits/mannerisms.

Unification opens up the channels more and more. On the soul planes we go from being “separately connected” to being “one whole”.

When the time comes that Twins are Reunited in Soul, this is a union of joy and love. In later stages of this Union process, not only the 7 main chakras are connected, but also the higher three chakras that extend up beyond the crown. Eventually, new collective chakras are activated and brought online.

Unlocking Higher Chakras Beyond The Crown – Unification Brings Twins From Being “Separately Connected” To Becoming “One Energetic Whole”.

The “new” unlocked Chakras are unified from the beginning – they are the first ones in the Twins’ system that are actually unified and shared to start with.

These are high vibratory, high dimensional Chakras that enable the Twin Flames to function more and more as a unit, bridging the gap between the earthly self and the higher self more and more…

This is ultimately how Twin souls unite to “bring about heaven on earth” – allowing high vibration energies to flow through both to their own joy and to assist all of existence into greater balance.

The Twin Flame Mission – “Bridging Heaven And Earth” With Unconditional Love… Creating A High Vibrational Gateway Through Their Hearts…

Integrating their high dimensional consciousness onto the earth planes more and more, allowing for an open flow of love and light.

Please always remember that you are on this journey because you are infinitely capable – you yourself know that you hold the key to returning to Unconditional Love and Union!

I hope you found this inspiring, and again, I would love to hear about your own experiences with the positives of the Twin Flame connection…

What have the most miraculous, mind-blowing moments been on your journey? Leave a comment with your positive “peak experiences” below!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Did you know most Twin Flames’ struggles are based in energy blocks and negative karma? For a step-by-step, high vibrational method to harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames

“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

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Click Below To Watch “22 Key Signs Of The True Twin Flame Connection”

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Spiritual Mysteries of Life, The Mystic’s Heart, and Chakra Sessions 04/25 by Star Nations Radio Network

April 25, 2017 This week enjoy the replays for Spiritual Mysteries of Life, The Mystic’s Heart, and Chakra Sessions Spiritual Mysteries of Life @ 9:30 AM EST Replay: I AM Presence Mini Series – Join Constance Scherer-Vawter as she continues the I AM Presence monthly mini series on the Spiritual Mysteries of Life. Connie continues to share insightful and practical wisdom as we move through times of change with grace and gratitude with our I AM presence. Be sure to tune in by phone or online. The Mystic’s Heart with Denise Iwaniw @ 10:00 AM EST Replay: Join Denise Iwaniw, author of The Mystic Angels and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empower Deck for another edition of The Mystic’s Heart Show. This 60 minute show is dedicated to the mystery teachings of the Ancients and the Angelics alike. Denise will spend a portion pulling Empowerment cards for listeners, the broader audience and chat room chatters. Chakra Sessions with Polly Jo Labbe @ 11 AM EST Replay: “Releasing Fear” – This week Polly Jo will discuss the energy that freezes us from moving forward in life. Each week Polly Jo will focus on the healing energy of the Chakra system. She will focus on the impact the chakras have on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Polly Jo will have a specific chakra each week that will be of emphasis and some weeks where we focus on the energy system as a whole. Polly Jo will take callers who would like an Essential Energy Evaluations. She will offer tips on how to remove those blockages and ways to support energy health.

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10 Things To Do To Cleanse Your Root Chakra

by Conscious Reminder

The world in the 21st century has become so increasingly tiring, that it is not uncommon for someone to feel like they have been crushed under the weight of a thousand bricks. This leads to anxiety, stress and other bodily illnesses, which harms the general growth of the individual.

It is very important that one realizes that it all leads to one’s chakras, and the need to cleanse them and keep them healthy. Only then, will the body be able to combat the anxieties that it has been put through. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is a fool-proof way.

What Are Chakras

Chakras are what constitute the energy body.  They are nothing but portals that connect our energy to the universe and signify our presence in the spiritual world. Chakras are associated with different bodily parts, and glands, and are based along the base of the spine, to the top of the head. They have a major role to play in one’s spiritual development and feature heavily in one’s connection to the universe.

What Is A Root Chakra

“The  ache  for  home  lives  in  all  of  us,  the  safe  place  where  we   can  go  as  we  are  and  not  be  questioned.”-  Maya Angelou

Also known as the Muladhara, the root chakra is located at the base of the spine, which is based on “survival”. It takes on itself the responsibility of maintaining the physical self by preserving it, and protecting it against all dangers. Its the main task is surviving, and that can only be possible, if one realizes the connection our body has with the earth, and the sense of security, and safety we derive from our grounding. It is related to the earth, and its colour is red.

Why Is There A Need For A Root Chakra Cleansing

One hardly ever knows, when their root chakra is imbalanced and in a bit of a bother. But, there is a way to differentiate between someone having an imbalanced chakra, and someone with a safe, and secure one.

A person with a safe and secure root chakra would be, in the deepest sense of the word “content”. It means, that they have everything under control. They are well-established and grounded under the notion that all is actually well, and they don’t have to go out of their way to worry about everything else that happens in their life. It signifies a bond of confidence in their abilities, to spend their life in a way they want to.

A person with a chakra imbalance would not be able to stop worrying about every single aspect of their life. Be it professional, personal, or spiritual. They need to constantly keep thinking about what would happen, or what could happen, and that leads them to a loss of security, and safety, for they are so anxious about everything, they have no clue, where salvation truly is.

Their chakras are completely blocked, and at times, it is associated with physical illnesses, and a weak constitution. This would be harmful to the individual, for the spiritual affects the physical, and if the spiritual isn’t well taken care of, the physical is inevitably damaged. This can also get polarly opposite, and a block in the first chakra might lead to an individual being a slave to habit, giving in to the monotony of life.

Here are some ways to clear one’s chakra

1. Take deep breaths

2. Take a walk through nature, without any shoes, or flip-flops. Enjoy nature as it feels beneath your skin.

3. Take recourse to dance.

4. Don’t eat junk food, and substitute it with healthy and clean eating. Eat vegetables and other products that not only satisfy your craving but also make you healthy.

5. Encourage your green thumb.

6. Create a system of cataloguing, where everything falls under a definite sector, and nothing goes unaccounted for. This would prevent last minute frantic searches for something that you kept somewhere else.

7. Wear red. Not garish, or dirty, but a nice shade of red.

8. “Repeat affirmations such as: “I am safe.” “I have a right to be here.” “I have a right to be me.” ” The universe is a good place.”  “Life is good.”  “Everything is going to work out just fine.”  “I belong.”  “I have all that I need.”  “The universe provides for me abundantly.” “All is well and I can let down my guard and rest.” ” I am.” (Nancy Hausauer)

9. Make sure that none of your belongings is out of place. If they are disorganized and distributed throughout the city, track them down, and bring them over to your place.

10. Smell matters. A healthy mind needs nice, pleasing fragrances that are not man-made, but natural. Surround yourself with such grassy smells, that would enhance your mood.

There should be a viable intention for you to work on your root chakra healing. This would make sure that you know what you want, and how you want it. That is the need of the day.

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5 Chakra Balancing Strategies to Soothe the Mind, Body and Spirit

If you’re visiting our page, you’ve likely become familiar with the Seven Primary Chakras. These energetic points begin at the base of the coccyx bone, traveling upwards along the spinal column and reaching the top of the head. When the chakras become distorted or imbalanced, emotional and physical ailments often result. However, there are a number of natural healing methods that can be utilized to help one clear the chakras while restoring their balance and natural vibrational resonance.

1. Chakra Meditation Practices

Meditation is an essential aspect to a healthy mind, body and spirit and may already be a part of your daily practices. The two faceted approach to  cleansing and restoring chakra meditations allow one to focus on both the cause and effects of imbalances and blockages amid these energy centers. Try to focus initial meditations on allowing yourself to enter into a state of full consciousness and awareness. This can assist in identifying any unaddressed ailments or unresolved emotional issues sourcing distress. With these in mind, utilize various meditation efforts that focus specifically on the type of healing being sought. There are thousands of guided chakra meditations freely available online addressing cleansing and restoring all types of specific chakra imbalances.

2. Chakra Balancing and Healing with Sound Frequencies

The seven main chakras have been associated with emotional states and physical wellness amid their assigned energy center, and sound is believed to have a profound effect on chakra balancing and cleansing. Each chakra responds to particular frequencies that can assist in replacing disharmonic vibrations with the proper frequencies to restore the healing ability of the energy center and the body as a whole. Popular chakra healing music includes Tibetan singing bowls and Solfeggio music frequencies that both create wonderful healing sounds. Check out some of these incredible chakra healing sounds and frequency apps and MP3s here.

3. Balancing the Chakras with Massage Therapy

Massage has long been a proven technique for relaxing the mind and body and alleviating pain. However, chakra massage techniques can allow a recipient to enjoy even greater benefits with a few additional strategic motions upon the energy centers.

Massaging the Root Chakra—The survival center of the chakra system harbors issues like fear and insecurity and can cause depression, low back pain, fatigue and other symptoms. Flush these out by massaging the legs, feet and gluteal muscles for relief.

Massaging the Sacral Chakra—Associated with feeling and intimacy issues, imbalances in the sacral chakra can result in depression, alcohol or drug abuse, allergies, urinary problems and sexual dysfunctions. Myfascial release techniques along the exterior and interior hip flexors helps free up tension and restore the flow to this energy center.

Massaging the Solar Plexus Chakra—Issues amid this energy center of personal power and intellect can source nervousness, insecurity, digestive system problems and toxicity. Massaging the abdomen clockwise around the navel promotes waste elimination and better organ function to normalize the solar plexus.

Massaging the Heart Chakra—The center of love, self-control, compassion and acceptance can easily become imbalanced and source breathing and heart disorders, passivity, tension and immune system problems. Massage gently in a clockwise motion around the heart itself, massage the upper back and shoulder joints along the arm, and then utilize myofascial release to address the pectoral muscles.

Massaging the Throat Chakra—The center of truthful expression and loyalty is vital to solid communication. Imbalances can cause swollen lymph nodes, thyroid problems fever, hormonal disorders and pain in the neck, head and throat regions. Using gentle neck traction can help release any tightness amid fascia tissues that can then be gently massaged out of the neck.

Massaging the Third Eye Chakra—Associated with intuition, self-realization and developing psychic abilities, blockages in the third eye chakra can result in repressed thoughts, sleep disorders, depression infections of the head, hormonal problems and thyroid imbalances. Using the brow stripping technique in massage helps release blockages in the temples, jaw and nasal passages to recenter the energy of the brow chakra.

Massaging the Crown Chakra—The center utilized to connect with divine consciousness, universal knowledge and spiritual essence of the universe, crown chakra imbalances can result in headaches, mental illness, epilepsy, photosensitivity and coordination problems. Scalp massages along with gentle hair pulls help release tissue adhesions in the cranial region to restore energy flow to the crown.

Consider using some chakra balancing affirmations to amplify massage sessions, and don’t forget the value of utilizing certain activating essential oils during treatments.

4. Essential Oils for Chakra Balancing

Let’s explore some specific chakra balancing essential oils that can be enjoyed as diluted massage oils, aromatic sprays, in diffusers or through direct inhalation. Many essential oils have proven benefits for the mind, body and spirit, and there is really no ‘wrong’ or right’ here. Explore various oils to find the right ones that provide the benefits you seek. Here are some chakra balancing essential oil suggestions.

Base Chakra Essential Oils: Red Amber, St. John’s Wort, Frankincense, Angelica, Patchouli
Sacral Chakra Essential Oils: Musk, Clove, Rosemary, Neroli, Juniper, Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oils: Jasmine, Marjoram, Peppermint, Lemon
Heart Chakra Essential Oils: Rose, Yarrow, Melissa, Basil, Rosewood
Throat Chakra Essential Oils: Amber Kashmir, Chamomile, Sage, Lemongrass
Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Lavender, Spruce, Clary Sage
Crown Chakra Essential Oils: Lotus, Gotu Kola, Myrrh, Sandalwood

5. Color Vibration and Chakra Healing

The primary 7 chakras have an associated color, and science has shown that colors are indeed vibrational and can have subtle or even profound effects on mood. By exposing your senses to a variety of colors through home decor choices, clothing and even the foods you consume, the chakra system is likely to respond positively. Another way to employ color healing is to utilize chakra stones during healing sessions. These can be purchased in sets or you can simply focus on using one stone at a time to clear stubborn blockages and imbalances.

Be sure to check out our extensive collection of Quantum Stones that have profound effects upon the chakra and auric systems.

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The city of jewels – Manipura

Manipura what is it?

Manipura is the sanskirt word for the Solar Plexus which is the third chakra represented by the colour yellow.  Yellow is the symbol of the mind, intellect and wisdom. It is a positive magnetic vibration that acts as a counterbalance for irritable conditions of the nervous system.

In earlier post’s I have written about The root (Survival), The Sacral (Creativity/passion) and after the aspects of understanding survival and feeling passion, come’s growth and nourishment which begins right from our Solar Plexus. Located in our midsection above our navel the solar plexus is the centre of willpower, the core of our personality and our identity. While the (2nd) Sacral chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment, the third chakra is all about the belief of who you are.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the fire element because fire provides warmth and comfort. The main function of this energy centre is to give real strength to move forward and realise personal desires and intentions in the world. This chakra spans a wide emotional area while it provides warmth and comfort it can also cause fear and terror. However, it plays a fundamental role in the development of personal power and it also feeds your direction in life and the actions you need to take to reach your goals.

The life lesson of the Solar Plexus is to develop your inner power by being honest and at peace with yourself . 

A Balanced Solar Plexus

A Strong third chakra reflects the ability to move forward in life with confidence and power. It reflects the ability to make conscious choices to choose and to act. The Solar Plexus chakra attributes to our diet and digestion, meaning if you have an unhealthy diet your bound to have an unbalanced Solar Plexus.

A balanced Solar Plexus is very beneficial for many reason’s some of my favourite are that you will notice progress within your personal and spiritual growth and development, you will feel the need to transform into the best version of yourself, your decision-making skills improve and you will feel more independent.

An unbalanced Solar Plexus on the other hand is not so nice with symptoms such as stubbornness, an overwhelming ego, poor health due to a poor diet, poor judgement, lack of confidence, Denial, fear of rejection, fears about physical appearance. In my opinion a Narcissist has an extremely closed, unbalanced Solar Plexus among other chakras.

On one side, a balanced solar plexus chakra makes it easy to find balance between your personal power and harmonious relationships with others; on the other side, an imbalanced third chakra could undermine your self-esteem and social life.

When your Solar Plexus becomes balanced you will show assertiveness, Exert your will in a way that leads to the expected results somewhat effortlessly and have harmonious relationships with whoever you are around.
A balanced Manipura also awakens your conscious mind into learning how to relate to your whole self mentally, physically and spiritually and makes you more conscious of your personal power and how to use your personal power in a balanced way.

Balancing your Solar Plexus

  • Meditate and take part in mindfulness activities: There are many meditations and mindfulness exercises for the solar plexus chakra, one in fact is listed below.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama is control of Breath. “Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body. On subtle levels prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and “ayama” means control. So Pranayama is “Control of Breath”. Another easy method to balance your solar plexus is by just breathing! Make each breath mindful focusing on breathing life into your solar plexus and any toxins out of your body.
  • Nutrition: Have a healthy balanced diet and you will have a health balance Solar Plexus Chakra. 
  • Wear yellow and eat naturally yellow foods: I have posted it many times when talking about how to balance your chakras because it is one of the most obvious, easiest and quickest way to give your chakra a quick energy boost.
  • Meditate after you eat: Because of the Manipura being attributed to the digestive system it helps clear blockages and balance your third chakra if you do a quick meditation after you eat focusing on your solar plexus.

Powerful Solar Plexus affirmations

  • I am great in my way.
  • I am positively empowered.
  • I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.
  • Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones
  • My self-esteem is healthy
  • I respect my body and lead a nutritious life.
  • I starve my ego and feed my soul with wisdom and integrity.
  • I am empowered
  • I am centred
  • I attract success
  • I have power bubbling within me.
  • I am successful in all my ventures.

Powerful Solar Plexus Chakra meditation

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WTF is a Chakra?! – It’s Her Journey

WTF is a Chakra?!

Chakras. Energy. Universal Life Force. WTF?

Here’s your simple guide to chakras and how understanding these golden nuggets can help you heal your life. Trust me, it will change everything.

Before we even touch on the chakras we need to get a basic understanding of Energy. Remember Grade 10 Science? Nah, me either. Well basically it tells us that the entire universe is energy. The chair you’re sitting on, the tree outside your window, the clip in your hair, the clouds, that annoying dog that keeps barking… And You.

Energy = life force = universal matter = prana (that’s yoga speak). Gazillions of neurons bouncing off each other. It’s teeny weeny and it’s everywhere. There is absolutely no escaping it.

Humans are made up of this universal life force and chakras are the energy centres (some say spiritual power centres) inside of us. Basically they regulate our energy. Picture little wheels (which is actually the Sanskrit translation of “chakra”) in different areas of your body. They spin and spin and distribute the energy. There are 100+ chakras in our bodies, but we are simple humans so we focus mainly on 7. We start at the base of our spine and work the way up to the top of our heads.

So the wheels turn in each of these 7 areas and distribute the energy throughout our bodies. Sometimes these wheels (the chakras) get blocked, spin too quickly or too slowly, or shut down completely. These have spiritual, emotional and physical impacts on us. When our chakras are balanced and the energy is free to move throughout our bodies we live a healthy and harmonious life. Rainbows and butterflies basically.

Don’t get too excited, no one can live on cloud 9 for long. Every day, several times a day, 1 or 7 of our chakras will become off balance. We carry too much crap for it to be any other way. The important thing is that we pay attention.

How Can Understanding Chakras Help Us Heal?

Anytime that we have a better understanding of what’s going on inside our bodies we have a greater chance of healing. Take a moment right now and focus your attention to your body. Close your eyes and feel the energy coursing through you. In which areas does the energy feel heavier? Blocked? Flowing freely? If the energy feels tight between your rib cage then you likely have some work to do with your Solar Plexus Chakra. Think about what’s been going on in your life. Is there something threatening your sense of belonging? Your personal identity? Have you been feeling less confident lately? Are you having issues digesting your meals?

Once you can understand chakras in general and then each chakra separately you can figure out exactly what needs to be addressed to bring yourself back to alignment and ultimately work towards healing. Working with your chakras can also be a preventative measure to avoid illness.

If you are curious, and just too darn lazy to try to figure it out yourself, have a practitioner do a Chakra Assessment and Balancing Technique for you.

I really enjoy getting a Reiki session, or doing it on myself to figure out where I’m off balance. When I first started understanding the chakras, I couldn’t get out of the house fast enough to join a course. I learned a Chakra Assessment and Balancing Technique and took Level 1 and 2 Reiki within one month. My body detoxed rather quickly and cleared old blockages so that the energy could move more freely.

But the real work is in addressing the core issues that are troubling us and throwing our chakras out of whack all the time. No matter how much we detox, if those core issues are still present we will always be dealing with stuck energy.

In my next few blogs ill go chakra by chakra and discuss what these issues are (spiritually, emotionally and physically) and how we can help to bring them back in to balance ✌️❤️

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The 7 Chakras for Beginners – Coven Life®

The 7 Chakras for Beginners

by mindbodygreen 

7 Chakras for Beginners: Healing, Balancing, Opening Chakras: Exercises, Foods, Colors

The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through.

Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. Here’s our quick summary:

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