The 11/11 Portal Is Here!

Welcome to 11/11!  What an amazing energy day it is! 

I woke up this morning with an energy headache! It’s really important, if you get these, to do your best not to medicate them! It only makes it worse in the long run! Allow the energy and the pain to flow through. The more you can let this happen, the better off you will be!

This is such an amazing day for creative energy! I hope all of you are taking the opportunity to create something special for yourselves. Stay focused on what you want to create and do that! This is setting us up for 2019. What happens here is following you into 2019. Make it special!

2018 has been so much about beginnings and endings. As humans, we get stuck on the endings. They are hard to handle sometimes. For many, 2018 has been nothing short of painful and traumatic. This is necessary. It can be hard to see when it’s in your face, but the endings are necessary to make way for the beginnings.

Many souls chose to transition away from their human forms this year. We aren’t quite done with that yet. Why was that such a thing this year? Because the energy made it easy to do. Souls were realizing that they could be more helpful to their human friends in spirit form, so they transitioned back. 

As I’ve spoken about before, we are transitioning to a 5D earth. On this new planet, the negative energy won’t be available. None of us will be able to take our baggage with us. This requires healing. The reality will be two very distinct variations of our planet. There will be those of us that have done the work, done the healing and transition to 5D successfully. There will be those that dig their heels in and stay stuck. They will stay in the 3D we currently all reside in. 

Those of us in 5D will be in a very different reality from those in 3D. We can’t make people transition however. We can’t force anybody to heal and move forward. They have to do it in their own space and time. The trick is, we all have to be offering our help to those just waking up. People are waking up by the thousands right now. They will need support. They will need help. Those of us that are already making our way down the path need to extend the offer of help. Do your thing! Put your services out there! They are needed! They are wanted! You are necessary!

Spend today, 11/11, creating what you want to see in the world. Spend today offering to help others. Spend today shining your light just as brightly as you can. It’s important and it’s necessary.

Today, I’ve decided to take my own advice and create a Personalized Tarot Energy Reading for 2019!  The reading will allow you to see where your energy is in terms of your spirituality, home and family, career, money and romance.  I’ll use my tarot cards and intuition to help show you where your energy is and give you a path forward for 2019. This is not a predictive reading. There is no doom and gloom here, only an opportunity for you to recognize where your energy is, where it’s going and make the effort to change it if you wish to. 

Check out the Personalized Tarot Energy Reading if you feel like this is something that might help you in 2019!

Happy 11/11! Make the most of today!

Love to all!


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      I remember when I was younger, whenever I looked at the clock and the numbers read 11:11, I made a wish.

Usually it was something grand, but toddler temporary: a trip to the fairgrounds with my father, asking my sister to let me borrow something of hers, or my mother coming home early from work.

Now that I am older I still look at the time and wish my life was as easy as it was so many years ago. That I could ask for anything and in my whole being believe that it would come true.

It took me awhile to realize that we still have that power even as we get older. Our wishing can be called praying. Our waiting can be called faith. And we aren’t talking to some gods of time or the universe.

We are talking to the One who created the universe.

     Now when I see the time 11:11, I ask myself: Did I pray today? Have I talked to God in honesty and hope?

     God isn’t our personal genie; He didn’t create our wished in life, but He wants to know our wants and needs. He loves to listen to us.

      But with our praying also comes the waiting, and that is where we lose ourselves. When we have to wait, our faith can dwindle and waver.

      Hebrews 11:1 states, “Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance in what we do not see.” 

       Now Hebrews 11 is known for being the Great Faith Chapter of the Old Testament. It is a great list of how people like Abraham and Noah trusted God and let Him follow through on His promises on divine time.

        Out of only two women listed in this chapter is the character of Sarah.

Her given verse is Hebrews 11:11, “And by faith, even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered Him faithful who made the promise.”   

         Sarah was Abraham’s wife. She had been unable to have children for many years. Because of this, she gave her handmaid to her husband, saying that it was the only way Abraham would produce an heir. This was not how God intended Abraham and Sarah to become the makers of a nation.

       This is a clear picture of what we sometimes choose to do in our own lives. We know what God has promised us, but we don’t want to wait for it. So we take His plans into our own hands and that’s when our lives get messy.

       My God is one of perfect timing.

He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. If we rush His plans, it can hurt us more than help us.

      This decision by Sarah and her husband to create God’s heir led to distrust and anger between Sarah and the maid. It also led to a reason for God to work an even greater miracle in their lives. Even though we mess up, God can still use those mistakes for His glory.

       Years passed, and Sarah was still childless. Her faith was waning. When Sarah was 90 years old, God finally promised her son.

        And she laughed!

        Maybe I’ve never laughed at the Lord, but sometimes I choose to think that His promises won’t come true because they feel too far out of reach for me.

However, His promises aren’t about only me—they are about me and my relationship Him.

         So God answered Sarah in this way. Genesis 18:13, “Then the Lord said to Abraham, ‘Why did Sarah laugh and say, ‘Will I really have a child, now that I am old?’ Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return to you at the appointed time next year, and Sarah will have a son.”

       Sarah chose to believe this promise. She conceived a son by the name of Isaac, a man who produced countless nations and kings.

Genesis 21: 1-2, “Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised. Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the very time God had promised him.”

        The numbers 11:11 used to remind me of simple wishful thinking, but now it is an expression of faith. With God truly the impossible becomes possible. When I worry about my circumstances or feel stuck in temptation or sin, I know that God will allow that mess-up or mistake to become part of a greater story for Jesus and his love for the world and for us.

About the Author: 

Ellie Zumbach is currently a student at Malone University studying Creative Writing and Theatre. From a very young age, she has loved stories and their power to encourage, teach, and inspire. She is a proud member of a drama ministry team known as the Chancel Players and a co-director of the Writers Guild on campus.  Welcome Ellie as she shares her words with “Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman” readers as an intern for Fall 2017.

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Shine a Light on 1111 – litebeing chronicles

New Update: Welcome to 11-11-11! Yes using 11-11-2018 adds up to 3 11s! I learned recently that the WWI Armistice took place at 11:00 AM on 11-11-1918. I wonder if it was exactly at 11:00 AM or maybe 11:11 AM? I have to wonder how this numerology fits in with ending the war? Perhaps ET guidance supported it to prevent further destruction, don’t know. What I do know is that I have been seeing sequences for about 10 years now and that this continues along with many welcome and uncomfortable energetic experiences. Please enjoy this re-post from 2014.

Before you scroll down: Please visit here to check out the new challenge posts on the schedule and to sign up to post a blog of your own! The entries are really poignant and uplifting this go round , so please consider joining our challenge circle of love. ❤

Old Update: Yesterday ( 11/23/14) I took a trip to meet up with a friend that I have not seen in about 20 years. We were looking at art and I had to go to the bathroom. We were headed towards the restrooms when I noticed a room filled with beguiling paintings that we may have missed. So we made a quick detour and lo and behold, what did I find staring right in front of me? This masterpiece by Monet which is the image for my 1111 blog post!

Seeing Poplars, Four Trees in person for the first time was exciting and we both were taken with it. The meeting of the physical world with the cyberworld was intensely gratifying. Seems the Elevens are always waiting for me to discover them and remind me that all is well.

Guess what, it is 1111 time once more. For myself, every day is 1111 time.  I cannot remember even one day going by that I do not see this sequence. I researched to see if I could discover some new information on this phenomenon and stumbled upon a very powerful truth.

Eleven is the number of Light.

I could just end the post now and call it a day. What could possibly follow such a profound statement?

Well, remember when I mentioned that I changed my original blog name from lightbeing to litebeing ? Well Renate over at Pisces looked into the numerology and uncovered that litebeing equals 11.

How about that for a little synchronicity? I wonder if my habitual attention to all things 11 had somehow influenced my decision to alter the name? We know so much more than we can ever consciously access at any one time. In fact, I still believe that we spend our life here continuously uncovering what our soul holds for us eternally. Imagine a cosmic storage bin with your name on it.

So if eleven equals light, than double eleven is the duality of light, or light in relationship perhaps? It is interesting that November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the US. Where is the light in combat? What is the point of violence and destruction? Maybe the duality resides in the sacrifice that those in the military make to defend the lives of others. Or perhaps it shows up in the throes of darkness, emerging as bravery and loyalty to country and freedom at any price. I abhor war, but am no stranger to conflict in my own life. Whatever lies within is projected without. Until conflict is eradicated from humankind, war will prevail on the world stage.

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” This is one of my favorite Quaker sayings. It stops me in my tracks and gives me great pause.

Peace IS the way. I hope that I shined a huge spotlight on this truth today for all to take to heart. It is interesting that I did not intend to write about Veteran’s day or peace. I am grateful that my writing is often orchestrated by intuition. I hope that readers will consider their positions on the nature of darkness and light. Many wise individuals have said that the dark is necessary for contrast so that we can truly understand the light. Others assert that light cannot exist without dark. I recently read that the universal ideal of Peace on Earth is just the beginning of a New Earth. Apparently, when permanent peace prevails,  the party really gets rolling. I have attempted visualizing what life would look like at this juncture. What do you see at the rainbow’s end? Tell me all about it in the comments section.

I wish you PEACE and LIGHT.

Master Numbers: The Magic of 11/11 Numerology

The Psychic Awareness Number

Discovering the magic and mystery surrounding master numbers in numerology is like learning a new language that also expands your consciousness. Numerology provides awareness, like decoding a dream or lifting a veil. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind today’s date, November 11 or 11/11.

In numerology, numbers are often reduced to a single digit as a way of finding the deeper meaning of things and getting to the heart of a matter. Single-digit numbers can help us answer questions we have about all parts of life and ourselves. There are meanings in double-digit numbers as well, but there are three double-digit numbers that are special. They’re called master numbers and they are simply magical.

The master numbers in numerology are 11, 22, and 33, but of all the master numbers, 11 is considered the most intuitive. It’s often called the psychic awareness number. The number 11 also represents duality—recognizing both the conscious and subconscious. However, the challenge of this number is to combine the subconscious and the conscious into one rational thought. It’s like yin and yang energy; you can’t have one or the other. You have to have both!

Those with a Life Path of 11 are highly intuitive, possess amazing energy and have the potential to achieve great things in life. Isn’t that magical? They can also be extremely self-critical and even self-conscious, causing them to hold back and not reach their true potential. That is why an 11 Life Path must first work at understanding and mastering their own gifts in order to later share them with others and help others reach their own greatness and potential. For more information on how to calculate your Life Path number, read this article.

When you see the time 11:11, the date 11/11, or even the number 1111, you’re receiving a message from the Universe. It’s reminding you of your connectedness to all things both spiritual and physical. It’s also the bridge that represents your duality as beings of the Universe as well as being of the earth. We are magic!

The next time you see 11:11 or 11/11, just pause for a moment and think about what you’re doing. Were you thinking of something or someone? Were you on your way somewhere? Or were you about to do something specific or maybe even give up on doing something? Seeing 11:11 or 11/11 could also be a sign that you should be doing something else. Instead of just thinking about a person, maybe you should be calling them. Instead of thinking about going somewhere, maybe you should be somewhere else?

Seeing 11:11 could also be a kudos from the Universe, acknowledging something you’ve done or are about to do. This master number combination may be confirming that whatever you’re doing or thinking at that moment, you’re acting in line with your life’s purpose, and that can certainly be very comforting.

Another way 11:11 or 11/11 may show up is when you’re on the fence about something. This is similar to what can happen to a Life Path 11. In this instance, the 11:11 is saying, “Get off the fence and get out of your own way. Just do it!” It’s a sign that you could be holding yourself back from living your life’s true purpose if you don’t continue moving forward. Maybe you should start taking the necessary steps to complete your journey?

Lastly, Veteran’s Day falls on November 11, which is enough to make this day a special one.

It’s a good idea to stop and pay attention to things today. From your thoughts to your actions, this is your chance to clean out any old cosmic cobwebs that may be present in your life. This master number day asks you to make sure you’re living in line with your life’s purpose. Know that today, like every other day, you are supported by the Universe. Dream big and dare greatly!

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Top 5 benefits of yoga therapy for cancer care

By Laura Kupperman

Ample scientific literature supports the benefits of yoga for cancer care, pointing toward improvements in quality of life, well-being, sleep, strength, and energy. Studies also show diminished anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD symptoms, heart rate, and more. (If you’re interested in the research, this is a great place to start, and lists relevant studies, too.)

What I’d like to share with you here, though, are the benefits I’ve witnessed, and experienced, personally. Since 2005, I’ve offered yoga to hundreds of women and men diagnosed with cancer, as well as trained other teachers how to do so safely. Over and over, I’ve been awed and humbled by the positive effects of integrating yoga therapy into cancer care. And as a 15+ year cancer survivor myself, I’ve also been on the receiving end of everything I’m sharing with you.

Here then, are my top five benefits of incorporating yoga therapy into cancer care.

  1. Befriending and supporting your post-diagnosis body. The physical side of cancer treatment may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, transplant, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. Even under the best of circumstances, your body likely will have been poked, prodded, and cut, resulting in asymmetries, imbalances, weakness, and tightness. Yoga therapy can help you gently explore your body’s “new normal” so you can safely begin to address these side-effects.
  2. Breathing deeply. Breath is a central pillar of yoga therapy, and the breath is never more important than when you’ve received a life-changing diagnosis. When you breathe deeply you massage your internal organs, improve lymphatic flow, and help calm your nervous system, among other benefits.
  3. Standing up straight. This one sounds basic, but think about it: If you’ve ever had a bad cold, all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position and lie on the couch. Multiply that by 20 with a cancer diagnosis and by 100 if you’ve had surgery in your chest, and you may end up walking around like Quasimodo. Adopting a slumped, heart-protective posture is totally normal under the circumstances, but your organs and glands function best when they’re not mushed together. Chemotherapy and other treatments exact quite a toll on many body parts, and we need to support their health by giving the
    m the space to work. There’s a reason the “Wonder Woman Power Pose” (shown to increase confidence and pain tolerance) involves standing up straight, and yoga therapy can you help experience this power for yourself.
  4. Paying attention to the present moment. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer you may be spending a lot of time in your head. Pondering treatment options and incessantly thinking about “what if” can both create stress and rob you of the present moments that are still yours to enjoy. Yoga therapy can teach you how to mindfully engage with what is actually happening in the present moment, and take a vacation from mind chatter. Doesn’t that sound great?
  5. Making peace with whatever is, or isn’t. Yogic philosophy is rooted in helping practitioners find peace of mind. One of the best definitions of yoga I’ve heard is “the ability to make peace with whatever is or isn’t happening in your life.” Let’s face it—cancer sucks. Nobody asks to be dealt that hand of cards. But it’s also true that there are ways of experiencing an illness that can increase suffering, and other paths that can help decrease suffering. Yoga therapy is a terrific path for learning how to decrease suffering.

Many students I’ve worked with over the years began their yoga practices after completing chemotherapy or other treatment, and the one comment I repeatedly hear is, “Why didn’t I start this sooner?!” So regardless of whether you’ve tried yoga before, my encouragement to you is DON’T WAIT. If you want individualized support from a caring professional who has the tools to help you start feeling better now, it’s time to check out yoga therapy.

Laura Kupperman, MA, C-IAYT, is a yoga therapist specializing in yoga for people with cancer. She also trains others to work with cancer survivors, presents at medical conferences on the benefits of yoga for cancer wellness, and serves as a business coach for other wellness professionals.

Guide Spirits Free Angel Cards

People can now easily connect angels or spirits through Free Angel Cards. In fact, these cards are special as it helps people to know their guardian angels. People might not feel their presence in their life. But, they are quite able to provide guidance in some way in time of need. People spend lot of time in free angel reading sessions where they get refreshing messages. Then, individuals always possess a wish to know their future related to various matters. Earlier people were desirable to go out to visit the readers or healers.

They had to spend a lot of time as well as money for this. But, now they can enjoy any of the free fortune telling services sitting from home only. Internet has helped people to find out any kind of fortune tellers online available on numerous websites. In general, there are uncountable readers in the websites who can be connected at any time. People would definitely find out such excellent readers whom they never thought of getting connected. As individuals have become more consciousness about their life, the need for readers has raised more. They seek for advices from them to take every steps of life successfully.

Free Angel Cards are available to the wide number of people who need their spiritual guide. However, there are also some facts which many of them might not know. Therefore, the following are some of these facts you should notice:

  • Hence, people can get love messages and predictions from free angel love cards. The messages are sent by the guardian angels which is quite refreshing.
  • However, people can learn the way to connect the loved ones in heaven or spirits by angel messenger.
  • Finally, people can access free tarot cards used by the tarot readers to know their future.

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Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for Lent -Aleteia



Begin Lent with this powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

This prayer reminds us of the great spiritual battle that occurs in our own Lenten desert.

The holy season of Lent is chiefly inspired by the decision of Jesus to prepare for his public ministry by first going into the desert for 40 days. While there, he engaged in a great spiritual battle with the devil, as it is narrated in the Gospels (cf. Matthew 4:1-11). The reality of Jesus’ encounter reminds us that we also have a battle to fight, and this battle is often heightened during the penitential season of Lent.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church confirms that “We are engaged in the battle ‘between flesh and spirit’” and “[s]uch a battle and such a victory become possible only through prayer. It is by his prayer that Jesus vanquishes the tempter, both at the outset of his public mission and in the ultimate struggle of his agony.”

One prayer that emphasizes these spiritual truths is a prayer from St. Aloysius Gonzaga. It is a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, asking the angelic being for assistance in this daily struggle against the Evil One. It also references a tradition that St. Michael led the Jewish people through the desert during their 40 years of wandering before reaching the Promised Land. In this way it is fitting for St. Michael to accompany us in our own Lenten journey through the desert.

O Victorious Prince, most humble guardian of the Church of God and of faithful souls, who with such charity and zeal took part in so many conflicts and gained such great victories over the enemy; for the conservation and protection of the honor and glory we all owe to God, as well as for the promotion of our salvation, come, we pray Thee, to our assistance, for we are continually besieged with such great perils by Thy enemies: the flesh, the world, and the devil; and as Thou wast a leader for the people of God through the desert, so also be our faithful leader and companion through the desert of this world, until Thou conduct us safely into the happy land of the living, in that blessed fatherland from which we are all exiles. Amen.


Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ The End of Days & The Illusion of Judgement

Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ The End of Days & The Illusion of Judgement

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to assist the human collective in these times of great energetic upheavals and transformations. You are now through the energies of the 12:12 Portal followed by Full moon and the Winter Solstice energies. Lots of Rainbow Energies for all to Flourish and Thrive in. These are the Final Event energies at play Dear Ones. Some would call these moments “The End of Days” or “Judgement Day” Let us clarify these notions and set those energies to rest. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness. In Truth, you are all in the End of a New Beginning. The Return of The Bird Tribe… the New Heart Human. We are starting a New Age of Love Everywhere Present and the end of Fear, Pain and Suffering Forever. Those in the programmed ego mind are in Ignorance of this Truth. 

In 3D or the Illusion, there are a plethora of things that do not exist in 5D or Heaven. Only what is Truth, can exist in Heaven. Some of these illusions are Belief Systems, such as religion. The Mind created these concepts to have a label and understanding that supersedes it’s comprehension, such as the existence of angels. We Archangels and Angels predate religion and The Planet Earth. Therefore, we have nothing to do with religion. The mind is a lower dimensional construct or program meant to function in lower realities and energies. It was created to keep Humanity locked in the lower realms, use them as an energy food source and give their power away to the “old controllers”. They are responsible for the creation of the mind as they chose to separate themselves from Source, Prime Creator, Our Mother of All Creation. They wanted to be God without God. A concept even much of humanity and the Lightworkers have adopted. A deep form of arrogance and ignorance, even more so the disrespect to your Mother Earth, Gaia.

They in turn, created lower thoughts and poured them into the collective grid for humanity to play out. Such thoughts are as follows; Blame, Shame, Guilt, Superiority, Delusions, Fantasies, Hatred, Anger, Fear, Judgement and so much more… Judgement was excessively used by Religion to instill Fear upon the Human Collective, especially so during these Moments…. The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity. Fear repels the energies of Love and therefore, keeps all those in the lower dimensions. Judgement stems from unworthiness. Unworthy to be Love… to be God. The ego mind uses this tactic to make itself feel better, because those in the mind do not wish to look or feel into their own darkness. They think they are not worthy of Love and prefer Power. The only True Power in all of Creation is Love… Unconditional Love… Something the mind can never comprehend or ever BE.

Let us clarify, if someone is acting Foolish, childish, arrogant… and they are called out on their actions, this is not Judgement. This is observation. You are observing a behavior and calling it out. Those in the heart call such behaviors out, as Love calls a Spade a Spade. Unconsciousness or ego simply cannot see itself and must be called out. We would like to Re~Heart everyone, Awareness = Consciousness. Egos calling egos out on behaviors is simply a taking of energies. You may see this through drama tactics such as: interrogation, intimidation and self pity. These are beings continuing the old paradigm of energy theft.

Those who have reached a great deal of transformation in these energies know and Feel LOVE as Balanced, Compassionate, Beautiful, All Encompassing, Powerful and a Totality of Wholeness. Therefore, all these concepts the mind has developed are not real. Prime Creator, The Holy Spirit creates only out of Pure Unconditional Love… which is All of YOU. If you have difficulty with this Truth, look at the state of the Planet and Humanity… Is There Balance? Is There Wholeness?

(Book your incredible Twin Flame Spiritual Session, Spiritual Healing Session or Personal Ascension Assessment, to uncover your blocks, get your surprises, get unstuck, discover your mission and unlock who you really, truly are! Book your Spiritual Intuitive Session Here)

Judgement is an illusion. There is only Choice. Whatever choice is made, unconsciously or consciously, it is Honored. The constant choices in all Moments is, LOVE or FEAR. Primer Creator never judges… It is the mind that does so. You are all Spiritual Beings having a physical experience… a Human Experience. Your Choices are always Honored by the angels and many guides. Blaming your actions or outcomes on someone else, grants you no experience, wisdom or knowledge. All of which you are for…. Growth and Expansion. To gain experience, knowledge and wisdom, one must take responsibility for everything in the experience.

The concept of the “End of Days” was created to instill fear. To promote wanting to be saved. Many in Spiritual Ego created fantasies around this concept. Those that boost “follow me” or separation, are such examples. Your Hearts feels Truth, therefore knows the Truth. You are all Gods and Goddesses, Mirrors of Our Divine Mother & Father, more than capable of saving yourselves. Your Power is within your Hearts. The treasures of Heaven have always been there. It is the mind, that has kept you all away from your Birthrights… your True Divinity.

Dear Ones, everything is energy. Your Thoughts, intentions, words and touch. 3D, 4D, 5D and the many other dimensions function at a particular frequency. The energies the planet and humanity are experiencing and integrating, is to prepare all for Ascension… Heaven on Earth. It is through the heart, that these energies are processed and integrated. You have to be in higher frequency for the crystalline cells to activate within the body as this is a Physical Ascension. Holding on to any part of the mind, makes the Ascension Process extremely difficult. This is why many are experiencing a variety of symptoms in these moments. We Re-Heart All, use your Golden Rainbow sword to cut any lower thoughts or energies that does not resonate with LOVE.

Heaven is an experience… Joy in all Moments. Thinking your in higher dimensions as appose to Feeling this, are two different extremes. One of which is a mind trap. God=Love is a Feeling. If you are not in Joy, in unconditional Love in all moments, you are not in 5D frequencies. All that is Truth can exist in Heaven. Therefore, the ego mind can never BE in higher Frequencies.

All whom are incarnated on Planet Gaia, came in by contract to assist in the Ascension and evolution of Gaia and Humanity. Ask yourselves today, “What have You Chose?” Whatever choices made, they will be honored. One must continue to BE Love and do their Ascension responsibilities to move forward. Do you choose Love? Do you choose Fear? Not everyone chose to Ascend. Many souls are choosing or have chosen to leave the planet, as the energies are too high for them to continue their journey. We Honor their choice. The energies are here for the New Age of Aquarius, the Great Human Potential Movement. Unity Consciousness together with the Unified Heart of All Creation. We will be All Connected again, as We Are All One. Support those that support Unity Consciousness, as they are the Co-Creators of the New Earth. Enjoy these Golden, Violet, Emerald, Rainbow energies and the gifts to come. We Honor and are so in Joy to all those who have anchored the Eternal Light of Heaven on to Our Beloved Gaia and support her in the Mission of Ascension. We, the Archangels, Angels and the many Benevolent Beings throughout Creation are at your Call. We Love You All Unconditionally. We Are You, You Are We, We Are One… As Above, so Below.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,



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Some Truth About Ashtanga Yoga

By: Jessica Lynne Trese (Moore)

Sometimes Ashtanga Yoga can get a bad reputation in the yoga community. It’s called the ‘fitness yoga’ and all the students are closed-minded because they practice the same ‘routine’ everyday. And Ashtangis are known for being a little over the top with our adherence to ‘the rules of Ashtanga.’

Is Ashtanga Yoga ‘fitness yoga?’

No, not the way most people think of fitness routines. Our asana practice (postures) is meant to heat up the body, to cleanse, purify and enliven the physical body from the inside out.

A more fitting description would be ‘body healing yoga’ because we find balance, ease and health throughout the physical body from the physical asana practice.

Are we closed-minded because we practice the same ‘routine’ everyday?

Not even close! We open our minds, and hearts up to the subtle nuances of in-depth study. Ashtanga Yoga is used as a tool to turn inward and by taking the same ‘route’ inward each day we can start to notice the more subtle changes in the body. We can start to notice the more subtle changes in our hearts.

Taking a different route inward everyday you can miss the subtle changes in YOU!

Are we over the top in following ‘the rules of Ashtanga’?

Not really. Yes, there are some rules/guidelines that we stick to. Ashtanga Yoga is a tool for Self-transformation, and the rules/guidelines show us how to use this tool.

Simply by surrendering to the ‘rules’ of Ashtanga Yoga our transformation begins. The ‘rules’ show us what to do and when we let the mind surrender to this method, it can finally rest and stop trying to control every single thing. Then we can start to truly experience the present moment; the moment is no longer colored by the mind’s wish to have it be something else.  Presence and stillness can reside within the mind.

All those who practice the Ashtanga Yoga method for a long time, without break and with devotion have experienced the way the practice allows the light in our hearts to shine. Illuminating the present moment with acceptance, peace, gratitude and joy.

And the most amazing part of this practice is the Ashtanga Yoga Community. Our community spans the globe, and no matter how far one of us travels, if we find another Ashtanga student, we will have found a piece of our heart. Even if we don’t speak the same language, we can speak to each other through the language of our practice. A global community of people, each one dedicated to working on being the best version of their own Self as possible.


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Lest we forget, we’re also in the middle of Venus in Retrograde in Scorpio, and how could we? Our relationships have been intense AF lately because of it. Unexpected conflicts, exes, confusion, jealousy, you name it, and we’ve been dealing with it. Now, in Scorpio land, we’re going to feel our emotions on levels we didn’t even know existed as we sort and sift through everything that’s been happening. The Full Hunter’s Moon will bring changes and excitement as well as feelings of uncertainty and doubt. In short, we’re in for one humdinger of a week when it comes to our relationships.

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Just when you didn’t think you could go any deeper, Scorpio, think again. You’re ruminating on all sorts of stuff right now, from the professional to the personal. As you reflect on what—or who—needs to stay or go, try to keep your decisions as balanced as possible. It’s easy to set everything on fire now, but there’s some things you should keep.


You’re looking at life differently, Sag. What seemed exciting before might not shine as bright now. While it’s difficult to give up something that you wanted, sometimes it’s in the letting go that we realize what we should hold onto.


This girl is on fire, Capricorn. Your passionate side has been reignited, and let’s be real: it feels weird. However, instead of overanalyzing what’s going on with your heart (and your loins), try to just…feel it. Feeling feelings is scary sometimes, but not acknowledging them is even scarier.


While your reflex is to run from intimacy, Aquarius, you’re being asked to stay put. Vulnerability is not only a form of strength, but it’s also the key to human connection. And as the humanitarian of the zodiac, connection is your jam. Open your heart.


You’re deep in your emotions, Pisces. What else is new? However, this week you’re being asked how to feel your feelings without letting them control you. Managing your emotions isn’t the same as suppressing them; it’s just knowing that waking up on the wrong side of the bed doesn’t have to reroute your entire day.


Don’t force the changes, Aries, let the changes happen to you. As much as you want to move ahead with a situation, it bodes well for you to put on the brakes. See how going with the flow can make things easier in your world. And when your infamous temper flares up? Take a breath. This is the new you.


Expect some big changes this week, Taurus. Yes, I know, you hate change. So this week will feel tough. However, change is necessary for growth, and once you get used to the idea of this transformation, you’ll soon realize how you should’ve made this change, like, yesterday.


It’s time to move out of your head and into your feels, Gemini. This is a big ask for you. You’d rather think your way out of your feelings, but you’re being asked to feel your way through them. It’s going to feel super awkward, and that’s a good thing.


It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, Cancer. While your default is to retreat when life gets messy, the stars are urging you to move forward in spite of the yuckiness. Own the part you’ve played, and don’t be afraid to get a little dirt on you. That’s how we learn to lean into our integrity.


While you’d like to move forward already, Leo, the stars want you to feel your feelings a bit more. You’re in the midst of a life shake-up, and while it feels disorientating right now, it’ll eventually point you in the right direction as a fully evolved and enlightened.


Don’t criticize yourself for feeling the way you feel, Virgo. Everyone has the right to feel their feelings, including you. Your go-to is to brush your emotions aside, rationalizing your actions and decisions. But now you need to know that it’s okay to feel so deeply and, more importantly, that it’s totally okay to feel this way again.


You are feeling out of balance lately, Libra, which is freaking you out. However, as the quote goes, “If you do not create change, change will create you.” Your life is being shaken up right now—because it needs to be. The irony of it is once you make the decision to be fine with it, things will smooth out.

Well, don’t say you haven’t been warned, bbs. While this week will be tough AF, it’ll also open us up to new ways of being and feeling, which can only bode well for our future relationships—with others and with ourselves.