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Ascension Mastery Message for the True Doorway of 11:11 with the Elohim Councils of Light. Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee of Walking Terra Christa.

It is the year of 2018 and we are coming upon the opening of the Doorway of 11:11 (as 11:11:11) on November 11, 2018.  This year marks a very special moment in time as numerologically the year “2018” adds up to 11 so it truly brings forth the Divine dispensation of Mastery in a new and different way that is much more powerful for individuals than was the date of November 11, 2011, as this month it is a direct pure translation of the frequency.

I was very privileged and honored to enjoy these energies since 1992 through the messages of Solara and continuing into our present timeline. As we stand in the year of Mastery, we have seen duality occur in many different ways, but we are also seen progress little-by-little to become part of our reality.

As we step into this powerful awakening of light, it is important to reflect upon the pathway that we have walked upon that got us to this moment in time.

Mastery can be defined in many ways; those of us that are walking the Ascension Mastery Pathway know that there can be many moments of upheaval with great rewards to be experienced in various ways.

It is during the moments of great acceleration that helps each of us to grow and be better; to realize the road we have been traveling is not for naught, that we have the ability to allow the higher forces of light to assist us to feel the Divine Presence of Oneness.

This is what this 11:11 Doorway represents for each of us and humanity in 2018.

It is a time to connect to the Divine Consciousness, to bring forth the energetics of the Higher Realms of Light to become One within each of us. The power of these energies cannot be measured by the physical mind, only by the Spiritual Self of the Higher Mind and Heart.

It is a time to rejoice with Helios and Vesta of the Solar Light Energies, Melchoir of the Galactic dimensions, Lord Melchizedek of the Universal and Multi-Universal Levels, and the Office of the Christ, Lord Buddha, and Divine Mother/Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Cosmic Forces. We specially connect with the Councils of Light, the forces of the Angelic Realms bringing forth the 144th Dimensional Vibrations of the Source of Oneness into Gaia’s Crystalline Heart.

This time can be very transforming as the light energies become so strongly intertwined within the earth’s atmospheric pull. Each of us that are able to hold this light will assist the planet tremendously assisted by all others that are not yet able to do so within their consciousness.

Of course, it is not without its challenges, so the time is now to rid yourself of your old elements and habits; utilize the light energies to assist you to go deeper into yourself. We have a great gift at this time as the New Moon in Scorpio arrived on November 7th, 2018.

This moon helps us to get deeper into the core of our emotions, to clear away the debris and find the pathway to make the necessary changes that we may have been struggling with previously. It is a time of great passion while learning to be resourceful. Change is bound to occur during this cycle. It is a powerful time to see what is missing in our lives and allow the light energies to assist us to become more self-aware in our mastery pathway of light.

The Elohim Council of Light ~ The True Doorway of 11:11

Greetings My Fellow Light Angels,

We are so honored to be sharing our essence with each of you. We are the Elohim Council of Light representing the Cosmic Light Forces within the Seven Rays of God.

This 11:11 is more grounding than it has ever been previously. There are opportunities to allow the light energies to adjust your internal systems through your Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Mental bodies to allow them to adjust into the angelic presence that is deeply hidden within your Etheric Self.

We like to call this cycle an awakening of the angels on the earth. There are aspects that can occur for you if you allow them to become an integral part of your reality. It is important to allow the energies of this cycle to become YOU and not allow them to just go through your four-body system and then dissipate.

It is also important to realize within yourself what is your walk upon this life presently. Allow yourself to ponder before November 11th exactly what you desire to achieve and what doorway are you walking through? It is always crucial to understand physically what you desire to achieve spiritually so the two bodies can become ONE within you.

CHANGE IS OCCURRING, but you must allow yourself to FEEL it within and not so much THINKING ABOUT IT.

The Feminine Divine is very transparent and is bringing forth that essence through the exchange of energies. Become the Angel that you were – feel the flowing essence coming into you and around you. Dance with it in your heart and allow it to heal the elements that you think are too hard for you to accept or understand.

There is no reasoning through this light exchange. It is a moment in time to allow your physical essence to feel your spiritual essence and allow them to become ONE PURIFICATION OF LIGHT.

As your transformation occurs, then it is going to help you in all aspects of your existence upon this earth. Call upon your Higher Essence to help you. Walk the earth with the strength, courage, and Divine Love that you are becoming.

We are about to work together more fully than ever before. Allow your essence to feel ours walking the lands of Gaia to bring more fruition of light into this planet of transformation.

We are the Elohim of Light walking with you.

Blessings and Love in the Creative Source of Oneness!

Walking Terra Christa hold a special Audio Online ceremony with the Elohim Masters and Angelic Realm energies. The audio recording of the free online global gathering can be used frequently all month (and at any time to feel these higher Angelic Presence frequencies).

We urge everyone to join us to ground this energy. Please click the link for access to the audio conference link:
The ANGELIC LIGHT OF MASTERY – The True Doorway of 11:11

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The audio recording is available to listen and download. 

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11:11 Time Prompt Phenomenon

11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon

Is it happening to you? You wake up at night, look at the clock, and notice that it is 11:11 p.m. This happens again the next night, and the next. You think it is a coincidence, but what if you were to discover that it was happening to others–possibly millions of others–all over the world?

And that it meant something…something important?

The reports of people noticing strange and repeated associations with the number 11 are on the rise, prompting theories connecting this phenomenon with the coming Mayan calendar end date of 12/21/2012. But it’s not just the number 11 that is showing up in people’s lives, it is often accompanied by unusual events or profound insights.

Mysterious numbers and strange sequences appear throughout the history of human experience. What do they mean? What secrets do they keep? Are these wake-up calls to a higher state of consciousness, triggers of paranormal experiences, or the activation of what some scientists refer to as “junk DNA”?

In this fascinating new work, you’ll learn about:
* Number-based patterns in nature–such as the Fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, and DNA sequences–and the secrets of sacred geometry.
* Synchronicity: The science behind coincidences and what they might be trying to tell us.
* How the entire universe can be condensed into a handful of mathematical numbers and equations.
* The power of numerology in human lives.
* Is God a number? How numbers relate to the creative force behind all reality.

We live according to times, dates, and numbers, and 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon will explore the mysteries of 11:11 and the many other ways in which numbers compose the very foundation of our reality.

Spiritual Significance Of 11:11 And How It’s Connected With Twin Flames

The time 11:11 has been proved to be extremely compelling and effective day and time for unearthly and spiritual incitement of the 7 chakras like crown, third eye, heart, solar, throat, root, sacral chakras.

You must be wondering, what is significance of 11:11, as you see this number coming up everywhere (time, dates, coordinates). Well, I would like to discuss about its meaning and significance and what are the probable benefits that one could derive from it.

Each one of us is gifted with extra senses and clairvoyance but there are so many of us who have not developed it yet or have not been able to realize it. One very powerful 11:11 date is, of course, 11th of November which is an extremely enabling and enfranchising time as it brings extrasensory power vitality, genuine natural endowments, epiphanies and sacred gifts from heaven. All of this is heightened throughout the time 11:11.

The time 11:11 has a Point blank impact form the number 1 and it gets exaggerated by number 4. Now this has a spiritual vibrancy with number 1 and symbolizes new commencements and new incitements, particularly in the matters of love, romanticism and twin flame connection.

The numbers along with the sequence of numbers undergoes different changes in the patterns in addition to fresh messages from Almighty. It is extremely fascinating to observe the relative frequency of 11’s reiterating often times and you can find it occurring at different time intervals when you least expect it. This is indicative of the fact that your life is going to experience a prima spiritual incitement and awakening. You might not be ready for the awakening psychologically but you are spiritually all set for the shift to take place.

Very often, the moment you behold the numbers 1111 come out anywhere, they become the verification of the ideas or the thoughts that you were thinking of voicing out at that particular moment. This is indicative of your spiritual and unearthly reality.

For instance, the moment you begin to regard someone you adore and love, and you question yourself as to whether that person loves you, then you tend to experience a cathartic force of energy and right away behold the numbers 1111. This is a denotation that the person you were thinking about is also thinking about you.

11 is also a number which symbolizes twin flames association or the merging of two like spirits. The numbers 1111 is a gateway to energy that is sure to transform your aim and intent into reality by bringing two souls together.

First each one of us has to recognize the energy which we share with our soulmate. Then there comes a strong resonance that something is about to take place, but it has to borne in mind that there can be a difference with regard to time. The ultimate thing is to let the Universe work towards bringing everything in place in our lives as it is supposed to be.

So, the moment you come across the numbers 1111, 11,11’s or time 11:11, wish for something and it will certainly grant those wishes, fulfill you desires and will enable you to attain you goals. On 11th of November at 11:11 it will be a good thing to focus all your energies into positivity which will further enhance your optimism. This time is very favorable to get immersed in spirituality with a lot of optimism and love for oneself.

Live in the present and move ahead in your journey. A master design is in reserve for you with heavenly grace and accurate timing.

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Jesus-Related Information About the Number 910 | 11:11

This is a number ‘they’ have been showing me a lot lately and I was trying to figure out what it meant earlier this morning. With these numbers there is always a jackpot that it leads to and so far this has led to information pertaining to Jesus.

I was quite frustrated with this number because I couldn’t figure out what it meant. But the answer was already there the whole time. I figured out that it was a date, 9/10 or September 10th. And September 10th was the day the ‘planet-killer’ X8.2 solar flare occurred in 2017 which I have already written about previously. The flare occurred 6 minutes after our meditation began and this was the first time we had ever used my own voice in a mass meditation video:

If we look up the meaning of the number 910 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see it was posted at 9:46 AM:

946 is a number that appears occasionally throughout these works. It appeared on an electrical box near my old apartment:

The amount of days between April 10th, 1990 and the date of the solar flare September 10th, 2017 is 10015 days:

And if we plug 10015 into Pi we see it takes position right behind 888:

And we know the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ in Greek (Ιησούς) is 888:

The gematria value of ‘Nine Hundred Ten’ is 155:

And we know 155 takes position 314 (Pi) in Pi:

The gematria value of ‘X Class Solar Flare’ is 1611 and we know 1611 was the year the King James version of the bible was published, in addition to other amazing appearances:

And the gematria value of ‘September Tenth’ is 630:

630 (June 30th, 2015) was the day the Star of Bethlehem appeared in the sky for the first time in 2000 years:

(Elephant Journal) “Star Of Bethlehem” Visible for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

“Jupiter and Venus Dancing In The Sky Tonight: If you missed the “Star of Bethlehem” phenomenon last night it will still be possible to see this clear and spectacular display for the next few days as Jupiter and Venus dance in the night sky. The best time to view is just after dark, looking just above the horizon to the North/North-West.

‘Double star’ moment for Jupiter and Venus in the night sky (via CNN).

On June 30th, Jupiter and Venus merged into what is known as a super-star.

And the City of Prescott allowed a local church to organize a ‘Walk Through Bethlehem‘. After being guided to turn the car around and take a picture of the banner above the street I realized later on that I captured the photo at 6:30 PM on a spinning time/temperature sign:

More information about this number can be found at this link.

This is everything for now, much love all!

1111 number synchronicity and the Twin Flame Union – Awakening after the Dark Nght of the Soul.

The most surefire sign of twin flame reunion is the appearance of the twin flame number 1111.

This number can appear anywhere – on clocks, your phone, billboards, channel numbers, absolutely anything! Your attention is being drawn to these numbers because of synchronicity, which is the method by which the universe and your spirit guides deliver messages to you.

1111 means twin flames, unity, and new beginnings. It foretells the beginning of a journey with your twin flame, of unity and represents the split soul that will one day come together.

Work on yourself, prepare for the journey ahead and be patient. One of the signs of twin flames union is that you will just know deep inside you that this person is your twin flame. Trusting your intuition is the first step to meeting one’s twin flame, the twin flame energy will never make any sense in your physical mind, but intuitively you will just know.

2016 and well into 2017 there was massive support from the heavens for Twin Flames to come into physical reunion and in the Twin Flame Union of the soul. No matter how bad things have been between you and your twin, things are about to change with these new energies to support your Twin Flame union. Things will be getting easier.

Do you keep seeing 1122

The number 1122 is the carrier of an energetic blueprint that holds the secrets of your highest spiritual path. It tells you about your most important purpose in your life.

Seeing this number means you are now aligned to achieve your soul purpose, as twin flames are part of one soul, it indicates they are going to reach higher life goals together.

Number 11:22 could appear in any form in your life. To understand what it means, let’s check both numbers 11 and 22 separately.

The Master Number 11
The number 11 is the combination of two 1’s. It represents enlightenment and awakening.
This number delivers a message that you should connect with your light within you because now is the time. With your power, you can inspire others and in this case, your twin flame.
This number tells you that your soul is aligning with your true self which will help you attain love and joy in your life.
It is also an indicator that you should be bold to fulfil your desires instead of being afraid of the results.
Your intentions will play a part in how you are going to achieve your life goals. Aligning your thoughts positively will, in turn, create positivity not only for you but others as well.

The Master Number 22
The number 22 is the combination of two 2’s. It is a powerful number. This number indicates that you should work on your dreams to fulfil your desires.
Seeing this number assures you that you have the power to manifest your dreams.
You can achieve a higher balance in life by using your energy correctly. The number 22 says that your mind and heart have the right directions that will lead you towards your highest path.
For the twin flames, this number brings the invitation to work together to build the collective dream. It tells you that the time is right to create your own world.

11:22 number reminds you that you have met your twin flame. When together, you have the energy and power to achieve your higher life purpose. It indicates that you should leave your past behind and think about your future.

Twin flames vibrate at intense levels. Their connection is stronger than thunder and lighting, and all the forces of nature combined. Plato, Shakespeare and many others have all foretold the stories of the fated ones!

They feel guilt, anger, joy happiness and the whole spectrum of human emotions together, even if the experiences that evoked these feelings aren’t mutually shared.
They are mirror souls of each other, and this duality imparts in them similar mental and spiritual characteristics. They hardly feel indifferent.

Sure, they’re flawed, but even their imperfections are unbelievably similar. Twin flames can exhibit powerful telepathy that transcends human logic. Inconsistencies and spiritual variations mark twin flame relationships.

It is speculated that one of the twins is a psychic, and can pick up signals of its twin flame. They can know for sure what they are feeling, and what they are going through. Not only are they more spiritually ascended than their other half, but they are also in harmony with the universe. In the meantime, the other twin barely moves in their life.

They wear a façade, which drowns them in their self-inflicted pain. They can’t come to grips with the illusions of this deceptive world. They are still trying to seek a higher self. They don’t vibrate at the same spiritual level as their more spiritually enlightened counterpart.

When a man goes through the initial stages of twin flame awakening, he tends to do so from a position of ignorance and denial of anything other than the physical plane. This is perfectly natural. This is because the masculine energies with which men are more abundantly furnished with are particularly suited to life in the physical realm.

Men are just inherently less suited to spiritual life and have more trouble than women in accepting the existence of the spiritual plane.

Therefore, if our twin flame is a man and we are establishing that first connection, we might find that he is entirely ignorant of the whole concept of twin flames and the spiritual plane on which we all might exist. We have to introduce him to his spiritual self.

You would think that living side by side with your twin flame is the perfect fairy tale, but it rarely is. The phrase, ‘opposites attract’ is highly applicable when it comes to living with your twin flame. There is no balance, both energies fuse to even out with each other.

Everything is countered to the point of it becoming overpowering and suffocating. A twin flame relationship is magical – it’s spontaneous and destructive at the same time. You go from being on a pedestal to being so low you can’t even comprehend it. From sexual bliss to maddening chaos, you take on a universal life force of your own. Passion, pleasure and pain!

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Today’s Synchronistic Bible & Other Synchronicities (Second Coming) | 11:11

Today’s verse and date contain a nice amount of information that I would like to share here. Today’s verse is as follows:

Interestingly if we plug in the verse number into Pi we see that it takes position 365 which is how many days there are in a solar year:

The gematria value of this verse using two different ciphers are 802 and 288:

This number 802 appeared here and there for a while earlier this year and then it stopped. Interestingly the meaning of this number on the Angel’s Numbers website was posted on December 23rd (the date I had a QHHT hypnotherapy session where I was shown to be playing the role of Jesus). Also we see a sacred 369 in the view count in addition to 205 which is half of 410:

And we see that the meaning of this number was posted at 8:21 AM and 821 is a number with many metaphysical meanings and gematria values which you can find at this link.

And the next gematria value of the previous mentioned verse of the day was 288 and we know 288 takes position 33 in Pi (the number of years Jesus allegedly lived):

I have been guided to another verse which shares information about the second coming. This seems to possibly have an interesting connection to QAnon:

(King James Bible Online) Matthew 25:31

When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

The first value is 1214, which is today’s date (December 14th), the second is an 1111 and the last one is 384. 384 takes position 17 in Pi. And we know Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Not saying there is a connection here for sure, but it is interesting nonetheless:

Interestingly, the gematria value of ‘Seventeen’ is 820, which is the result of 410 + 410:

Seventeen is the 7th prime number:

And we know the number 7 has a great significance on our world (7 days of the week, 7 chakras, 7 notes in a musical scale, 7 visible colors of the rainbow and so on.) It is a number heavily emphasized in the bible as well.

And finally after researching Ascension on William Henry’s website I was guided to one page which featured a lot of Ascension art featuring Jesus and others and the rainbow body:

This article by William Henry was posted on June 11th:

And interestingly June 11th is the 162nd day of the year:

And we also know that 410 takes position 162 in Pi:

The gematria value of ‘Our Future is Bright’ is 1776 (year the Declaration of Independence was signed) and it contains 17 letters:

The gematria value of ‘The Prophecies are Coming True’ is also 1776:

The value of ‘The Prophecies are Coming to Fruition’ is the magic number 137 for two different ciphers:

This next one is a real doozy. This particular post number ends with 460:

The gematria value of ‘I Am The Son of Man’ is both 460 and 630:

Some might remember that 6/30 was the date that the Star of Bethlehem manifested after 2000 years:

(Elephant Journal) “Star Of Bethlehem” Visible for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

“Jupiter and Venus Dancing In The Sky Tonight: If you missed the “Star of Bethlehem” phenomenon last night it will still be possible to see this clear and spectacular display for the next few days as Jupiter and Venus dance in the night sky. The best time to view is just after dark, looking just above the horizon to the North/North-West.

‘Double star’ moment for Jupiter and Venus in the night sky (via CNN).

On June 30th, Jupiter and Venus merged into what is known as a super-star.

And the City of Prescott allowed a local church to organize a ‘Walk Through Bethlehem‘. After being guided to turn the car around and take a picture of the banner above the street I realized later on that I captured the photo at 6:30 PM on a spinning time/temperature sign:

The Greek word for ‘prepare’ (ητοιμασα) has a value of 630:

The Greek word for ‘nigh’ (παραπλήσιον), which means ‘close’ or ‘near-by’ or ‘soon’, is 630:

I would also reiterate that I found that an article about the Star of Bethlehem was published on on December 23rd. This was the date I had my QHHT session where I was shown to be Jesus, you can read more about that here if you feel guided:

If you feel guided you can read more of these signs and syncronicities here:

This is everything for now., much love all!

URGENT! Peace Meditations for Paris at 11:11 & 16:16 UTC on Saturday, December 8th | 11:11

Cobra has requested that a mass meditation take place for the situation in Paris for those who feel guided to participate. It will be Saturday December 8th at 11:11 AM UTC and 16:16 UTC.


“To prevent infiltrators from hijacking the movement and to ensure a peaceful transition, we have issued a peace meditation for Paris on Saturday”

For the automatic time zone conversion for your area please visit the links below:

And the voice-guided meditation video that will be used is the Buddhic Column meditation which you can find below:

For more information about this meditation please visit the link below:


1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a state of relaxation. Take a deep breath of brilliant white light. Breathe out all that no longer serves you. Repeat this breathing for a few more times. Then say this mantra, or a similar one, silently or out loud if you feel guided:

“I Am the Soul
I Am Divine Light
I Am Divine Will
I Am Divine Love
I Am fixed design by me, the Soul”

2. Visualize your soul star chakra light up with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down clearing your energy field.

3. Visualize a 5-pointed star being place high in the sky about 9 miles above Paris. See this star glistening high above Paris, shining brilliant white light.

4. Now visualize the White Fire of AN emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through all points of light within our solar system and through the 5-pointed star, through Paris and deep into the center of the Earth. Keep visualizing this pillar for a few minutes.

5. Visualize the tip of a brilliant vortex of white light spiraling down clockwise from the 5-pointed star, removing and transmuting all low vibrations, dark entities and dark energies and carrying them up to the 5-pointed star for transmutation. Visualize this vortex of spinning white light for a few minutes.

6. Visualize this Buddhic Column fully linked to all Buddhic Columns on the planet, to the planetary network of Light below, above and on the surface of the planet, and any point of Light as guided by the Ascended Beings, all connected together with this Buddic Column at the 5 pointed star in the network of brilliant white light.

7. Now, in the name of Source, in the name of I AM Presence of eternal light. We declare and command that the Buddhic Column at Paris is now complete on all planes as guided by Source.

Much love all!

Lots More Big Synchronicities (Law of One, Pi & Others) | 11:11

I apologize in advance for the length of this article. I’ve found a good handful of things that I think ‘they’ want documented. As always discernment is advised.

This is just going to be a random assortment of things I’ve found/been guided to.

The biggest thing was the number 115. This number has been appearing more lately and today I decided to dig deeper and see what could be found.

January 15th (1/15) was the day that the channelings from the group memory complex Ra began which we know of as being ‘The Law of One’:

There are many personal and Jesus connections to the Law of One that I documented previously, all of them appearing in the first book. The Ra group claims to have ‘thought’ the Great Pyramid into existence and we hear from the Cayce readings that Jesus was initiated in this pyramid. The Great Pyramid contains within the architecture of its hallways and passageways the years of the birth, baptism and death of Jesus and Cayce goes on to say there will be the return of the Great Initiate AKA Jesus. All of this and more can be found at this link.

Interestingly the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘Prepare’ (להכין) is 115:

The Greek word for ‘Master/Teacher’ (originally Hebrew) is ‘ραββι’ and this has a gematria value of 115 also:

I can’t prove this obviously because I am not in contact with my dad but his birthday is April 25th, and this is the 115th day of the year:

Interestingly if we plug 425 (April 25th) into Pi we see it takes position 821. This was a big number that I did an article on recently:

821 is the gematria value of the following words; ‘Lantern’ (in Greek, Phanos), ‘Carry the Light’, ‘Light is an Energy’, ‘Light Transformation’, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’, ‘Christ has Come to Earth’ and ‘Sunday’.

The index of the first Law of One book contains several interesting personal connections:

At the top left we see the first questions about Jesus starting on page 162. Then questions about the Second Coming start on page 165 and this is all on page 228.



The gematria value of the date that the Law of One channelings began spelled out ‘January Fifteenth Nineteen Eighty One’ is 377 and contains 33 letters (the number of years Jesus lived):

The amount of days between the date the Law of One channelings began (January 15th, 1981) and my birthday (April 10th, 1990) is 3373 (so here we see these magic numbers 3 and 7 appearing again):

So here we see another combination of the sacred 3s and 7s. As was previously mentioned the number 410 is well-connected to these numbers:

410 – 37 = 373
410 – 73 = 337

If we reverse the number we got from the date calculator above 3373 to 3733 we see that this is the 521st prime number:

And 521 is the gematria value of my name in Hebrew (יְהוֹנָתָן):

Some might remember that QAnon posted a bible verse with this number (Thessalonians 5:21) along with 410 in the signature of a post from last year:

The verse is as follows:

And the gematria value of this verse in Hebrew is the sacred 369:

(בחנו כל דבר ובטוב אחזו)

If we add 410 plus 521 we get 931, we even see a 115 in the amount of search results (see arrow):

This number 931 has been coming up more lately and I just documented this. The gematria value of the sentence ‘It’s the Most Important Time in the History of the Universe to be Alive’ is 931:

And 931 takes position 440 in Pi. 440 is the amount of cubits in each side of the Great Pyramid. See this link for more information about these numbers.

If we plug in 440 into Pi we see it takes position 511, which is 115 backwards:

Interestingly if we reverse 521 to 125 we can see that 125 meters is equal to 410 feet:

If we add 314 (Pi) plus 410 we get 724. When I decided to look up 724 as a date, this would be July 24th, I found that it was the 205th day of the year and 205 is half of 410:

And today’s synchronistic bible verse has some information in it as well:

The gematria value of this verse is 638:

And if we plug 638 into Pi we see it appears right after the magic number 628. (314 + 314 = 628):

And if we drop the zeros from my birthday 4/10/90 we are left with 419. And this number just appeared in a big way recently. 419 is the gematria value of ‘I Am Mashiach’ (אֲנִי מָּשִׁיחַ) (Mashiach = Hebrew word for ‘Messiah’), ‘Unity’ (אַחְדוּת), ‘Son of God has Returned to Earth’ and 4:19 was the length of the latest Final Battle VI video (after you click on it and open it):

Today is December 27th 2018 which is the 361st day of the year:

And if we multiply 115 times 3.14 (Pi) we get 361.1, the day of the year:

If we reverse the number of the day today 361 to 163 and plug it into Pi we see 410 appear:

And finally this particular post ends with 955:

And amazingly the meaning of this number was posted on 3/14 (Pi day). We even see a 419 in the view count (see previous gematria values for the number 419 in this article):

This is everything for now, much love all!

11-11-11 Heart-Center Gateway/Activation – Divinity In Us Blog – by Gabriel F. Duran

The “new consciousness” is really a “re-member” or return to living through a “heart-centered consciousness” perspective/awareness. And the difference is everything, as they say. For living through the High Heart is living from and through love, always, first and foremost. Which means what?

Well, when we are living through a “heart-centered” awareness in love, we are at the complete opposite end of the scale, with respect to fear. There can be no “fear” within the High Heart. For this is the center of love, Divine. So, anytime we experience “fear” we have left, our heart-center and have gone back to the brain/ego’s perception of separation and duality. This lowers our frequency, tremendously. As FEAR is (Forget Everything And React).

In reality, these frequencies of “love” or “fear” alone can ascend us to the higher frequencies of the 4th density of consciousness or drop us to the lower frequencies of 3rd density of consciousness. Where one allows for manifesting the reality very quickly. And the latter causes our creations to unfold throughout much space and time.

This shows us where we are at, within any particular point throughout our day. As the heart-center is the frequency of love, the first “positive” frequency that is inherent, within this “over-all” love frequency is “courage”. For the first positive attribute that “empowers” us, is the frequency of courage. And, once more, this is inherent when living from/through the heart-center.

As we come about another prime 11-11-11 gateway, we are given much expansion, with regards to our frequencies. For this gateway has been a “focal-point” in which much that has been requested of us, is being “released” for our betterment. Numerous frequencies that allow us easier access to the more spiritual “gifts” have been enabled.

All that we have available to us, now will be unfolding based on our desires to embody these frequencies, or to pass them on. For each of us has access to ALL of these frequencies. However, most will focus in on certain “gifts” or “attributes” that are inherent, within a chosen “mission” or “themed” directional life expression.

These energies are expanding within us ALL, the ability to commune more directly as we turn our attention/awareness, within. As many are expanding in their service to Gaia, we simultaneously “call forth” for assistance from those that are existing in numerous planes all about us. And these “calls” are being answered in greater frequency, as our abilities to “recognize” and work within these other realms, expands.

So, be ever desirous of Being an example in diplomacy and efficaciousness of expanding into these realms. As we ascend in frequency, we “unite” aspects of the subconscious and unconsciousness that we have been “unaware” of, for some time. And these realms truly give us access to All That Is. In the expansion of consciousness to the higher 4th density external reality, we simultaneously expand our “inward” access, to more of who we are.

The ability to be aware of and perceive these energetic “gateways” is the “activation” of the gateway, from within that is manifesting in the without. For all comes from within, firstly. Which shows us that we are indeed in the frequency of courage and love, Divine. As these higher frequency energies are very difficult to carry when we are in duality and separation. As these energies have a tendency to “magnify” our chosen expressions, good or otherwise.

Thus, the admonition to be ever harmonious. And this is achieved through living a heart-centered awareness/consciousness. To be “mindful” of all that unfolds, as these energies are “integrated”. The pace that one integrates these energies is wholly unique, per individual. So, focus on the progress and integrations in a positive way. Rather than attempting to “identify” every ascension symptom.

These energies are bringing about more synchronistic “timelines” together. Which means, we will see further separation of the timelines, again. Those that are in need of certain experiences that are “disharmonious” will be given their opportunities, rather quickly. And those that are “aligning” with the newer energies will see their efforts manifest harmonious expressions, rather quickly as well.

The energetic changes that are influencing our realm stem from beyond as well as throughout our solar system all the way to/through within us. From our “Central Galactic Sun”, Sol is bringing about more Divine prana that our Solar System will embody, reflect and integrate. Throughout all of the various planetary bodies. This means that Gaia will be ever mindful of what we must release. And as we chose to release what no longer serves, many will opt to transmute these energies through further “Earth changes”.

Each person is responsible for how they “integrate” and “reflect” these higher frequencies. Some chose to transmute and transcend a lot, rather quickly. Though this is not a “race” to completion. As these energies are better used, through a gradual integration. So as to avoid extremes of expression. Which may influence those that are rather zealous, in an effort to expand quickly. Remember, the journey is the “destination”.

Know that this transitional time is very important for us to “feel” our way through. More and more the feelings that one expresses are to be examined and reflected on. For they show us what we are still “holding onto”. As family and “home life” come into clear focus. We have an opportunity to grow into harmony throughout our home front. While many others determine if this is a “catalyst” for “great” change. Even within the household, itself.

The key is to keep in the forefront the fact that all of this unfolds in Divine timing. Knowing that we are at the proper place at the proper time. While expanding our awareness to include more of who we are and who we interact with. As the “inner” planes, reveal to us more of who we are. And reveal to us more that we have held in our awareness throughout various lifetimes. So we may decide if we need to “release” more or “embody” more, accordingly.

Many have been or will begin receiving more “re-membering” from their own Akasha. Realizing that we are a “composite” of our sojourns in “other” timelines that are occurring within our ever-present, now moment. There will be many who “tune-into” these other aspects of Self. As the “dream realm” begins to influence many, more viscerally.

Those that are “unaware” of their “stellar roots” will discover these aspects of Self. And those that are “aware” of some of their “stellar roots” will see these interactions expand. As these relationships come into alignment with the various timelines that are coming into the forefront. We each begin to align with our “future” stellar families and their/our various unique agendas.

Know that we each have “free will” to chose our direction of expansion. Even within our various life “missions” we have come to fulfill. So that we expand in freedom and liberty. Rather than feel like we are “trapped” into some future we would rather not express or experience.

Ascension brings forth more choices and greater freedoms, not less. So, if we are “feeling” “limited” by any teachings, messages or beliefs. We must choose to lose these from our reality. So that we are expanded and not limited further. So that we are expressing through liberty of freedom and not through conformity of society.

Empowering our creations through love, Divine. While expressing compassion and harmony all about our Being. Knowing that we have come to express the “new reality” into Being from within ourselves, firstly. Embodying the “new” consciousness. Which integrates more deeply with the whole of our Divine Being.

The LightWorker is the “Light Beacon” of these 11-11-11 gateway energies. The “lions gate” is the “heart-center” of our Being. The expansion stems from our “galactic-center” of the ascension waves to our “inner” center, our High Heart, which echoes these ascension waves from within. Each aspect being a “loop” of the infinity symbol. From the “galactic central sun” to our “inner central sun”. Completing the “infinite” loop that we are, from within to without.

Our “future” now moments are to be filled with much interaction and expansion of our Unity Consciousness. As we embody our stellar and cosmic seed codes of ascension. As we activate more of our DNA that is multidimensional. As we activate/integrate the “inner” portal, Merkabah, that is our own “personal” 11-11-11 gateway. As we perceive through unity, we simultaneously disable the “separation” programs of 3D “illusions”.

The integration of our stellar and cosmic codices proceeds at a record pace. Bringing online more of our multidimensionality. Expressing further through direct Soul experience, feeling and integration. Feeling these energies through our heart-center is more important than perceiving them through our conscious ego “intellect”. As this increases our “inner ego” perception, which is our true power. Otherwise known as our Christ Consciousness. Our Higher Self. The aspect of Self we embody as we are instructed throughout the night in our sojourns of “sleep”.

Expansion occurs, ever more. The new “normal” is that there is no “normal”, anymore. For we have “upped” our level of Creation. The “familiar” is replaced by the “unknown”. As we embody our newly expanded freedoms and liberties. Empowering the people. Integrating the diversity of the Oneness. Expanding into our stellar and cosmic families. As we integrate and include our ancestral energies. Expressing ever-more from the “inner” planes of our Divinity. Activation of the 11-11-11 gateways fulfills our expansion through and through, again. Transmuting, transcending and ascending. Here and now!

Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life

More HUGE Pi, 410, Other Synchronicities | 11:11

After yesterday’s report I was guided to dig some more into certain dates that important things had happened which included the date that the Jesus Synchronicities really began. This was October 7th (10/7) of 2017 and on that day I had a dream where I shown a bible verse, John 4:4 – 4:10. That was it. I was supposed to dig and find out more about what this verse was and what it meant, which I believe I might have. John 4:10 states, (410 also being my birthday and a KEY number in metaphysics):

(Bible Gateway) John 4:10

“…Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins…”

It turned out to be the beginning of an incredible series of synchronicities which I have been documenting one at a time and have been compiling onto one page:

This is the original screenshot from my sadly now dead iPod Touch of when the dream took place and the time I documented it. The time was 3:32 AM on October 7th:

Today, November 28th is the 332nd day (same as the time of the documentation of the dream) of the year with 33 days remaining:

And if we plug in 28 (today’s date and also my current age) into Pi we get 33:

107 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ the Son of God’:

107 (date the dream took place) is the 28th prime number:

137 is the 33rd prime number:

Today’s synchronistic bible verse is also very promising. It is the verse about how the meek shall inherit the Earth and everyone will live in peace (AKA The Event). And interestingly the magic digits of 137 appear within the number of this verse:

Pi (AKA God/Source/The All) appears in the gematria value of this verse:

The date that I began compiling the Jesus Synchronicities into one post was July 9th (7/09) earlier this year. I was guided to dig up information about this number and I found a few amazing things.

709 is the gematria value of ‘Christ the Master’. And Jesus was referred to as ‘The Master’ by Edgar Cayce in his readings:


“…For the Master, Jesus, even the Christ, is the pattern for every man in the earth, whether he be Gentile or Jew, Parthenian or Greek. For all have the pattern, whether they call on that name or not; but there is no other name given under heaven whereby men may be saved from themselves.

— Edgar Cayce reading 3528-1″

I found that 709 is the 127th prime number:

And 127 (and 410) is the gematria value of the question ‘Is Jonathan Patrick Carty the Son of God’?, which also contains 33 letters:

709 is also the gematria value of the Greek word for ‘beginning’ (αρχή), and 7/09 was the very beginning of the Jesus Synchronicities blog post compilation:

I was then guided to do research about the perfect numbers 6 and 28. These are defined as perfect numbers because their divisors add up to the same number. Some might recall that June 28th (6/28) was my last day of work at the hospital. 6/28 is also connected to Pi:


“…But perfect numbers aren’t common at all. There are only two more, 496 and 8,128, below a million.

The calendar numbers of June 28th — 6 and 28 — have some very special properties that are worthy of a celebration. Unless you were born in the year 496, or are a time-traveler back from the year 8128, the only perfect numbers that will ever appear on your calendar are 6 and 28.

While some may memorialize June 28th (6/28) as Tau Day, in celebration of the fact that τ = 2π, you simply can’t top a celebration of numbers that are truly perfect.

Pi, or 3.14159…, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Tau, which is the circumference-to-radius ratio, is twice as large [3.14 + 3.14 = 6.28]. But although 6.28… might seem like it deserves a June 28th celebration, perfect numbers are far more worthy…”

And some might remember that from the day I was born until my last day of work (at the hospital I was born and worked at), this resulted in a total of 10307 days, so here the magic number 137 appears again. And from my last day of work (6/28) until my apartment lease was up July 31st (7/31, sacred 137 appearing again) was 33 days:

And amazingly, my spirit animal, the wolf, appears within these synchronicities as well. This post number ends with 720:

And the Greek word for ‘wolf’ has a gematria value of 720:

I know that wherever the wolf appears, in any form, that is a sign that I am on the right path. Quick story, I don’t have any proof of this, but I went to the gas station the other day and ‘Hungry like the Wolf‘ was playing on the radio inside. All I could do was laugh to myself!

And one last piece of information, the phrase ‘Age of Aquarius’ has a gematria value of 720 also:

This is everything for now, much love all!

PS minus this sentence I realized I had typed 810 words in this particular post. And we know if we plug in 810 into Pi we get 205, which is half of 410:

PSS after typing out the previous 810 synchronicity I realized I had typed 839 words. And this number appears directly above 410 at the end of the first Matrix movie:

Adding this next part later on in the evening. The gematria value of ‘The Second Coming is Real’ is 839: